Royal Global Vampire Government

The vampire government is a Transylvania-based monarchy ruled by the First Generation pure blood vampires King Dagan (Over 68,000 years old) and Queen Gula (Over 66,000 years old). The King & Queen, their twin children the Crown Grand Prince and Crown Grand Princess, and the other first-generation vampires who are still alive compromise the upper royal tier known as the Grand Vampire Royalty. Various other generations down to the 13th generation are given lesser royal titles. Although human royalty who become vampires often get to keep their titles or are given different ones. The Vampire Kingdom is made up of sub-kingdoms. Some of which were past human empires that had faded away.

The vampire royalty exists not only to indulge themselves but also to prevent the exposure of vampires to the world along with serving their Dark Master The Devil. They have the self-proclaimed right to rule over all vampires although a number of vampires reject that and consider themselves beyond any government authority of any type. Certainly, a small number of good vampires choose to not deal with the royals. Those who want to be free outside the system are usually left alone as long as they don’t violate Vampire Law or offend a powerful vampire. The royals also deal with a variety of other supernatural beings and situations. They are the most powerful evil paranormal organization to exist on Earth. They are also in league with human royals who compose the so-called Illuminati and collude in the New World Order conspiracy to take over humankind.

The secret demonically cloaked Vampire Capital is Diavol City located in the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania. The royal castle lies atop a mountain with a waterfall of bloody red water running out of the side of the castle. It is said that it runs from a cave that leads to the Underworld. Its source is called the River Of Lost Sanguine Souls.

King Dagan

A statue in Transylvania of Vampire King Dagan.

King Dagan is known to be the most powerful vampire in existence. Before becoming King he was the Crown Prince to another ancient First Generation vampire King named Validus. Validus was 100,000 years old when Dagan ascended to the throne. He was brought into existence by a demon other than Sanguis. Dagan could only become King if Validus abdicated, died, or directly ascended to demonhood. Dark Prophesy stated that Dagan would become King 13 years after he brought across “The Chosen One“. That being the second-generation vampire known as Dracula. This happened in 1477 and sure enough in 1490, the Devil manifested to great Validus a living dead ascension to demonhood. Since 1490 King Dagan has ruled over the global vampire empire with Validus acting as a dark saint ambassador to Hell. It’s said Dagan will ascend to higher dimensional Hell at age 100,000 as well. Sometime around the year 34000 AD! In the Vampire Kingdom, there are a handful of direct demon-born First Generation vamps waiting to take their turn on the throne. Only once they’re gone will their offspring have a shot to be King.

Like all of his top-tier kind, Dagan displays four fangs, two within the upper teeth and two on the bottom. Most vamps simply have the top two. Due to his generational status and time on Earth, he is able to stand in full sunlight for limited periods of time with little ill effect. He also has the power of levitating flight, pyrokinesis(fire manipulation), electrokinesis(electrical manipulation), telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, and others that are merely rumors. Some he was born with while others developed over several millennia.

There is at least one recorded instance of him being beheaded and placing his animated head back on! Normally a beheading kills all vampires! He’s even been set ablaze in holy fire and survived! Theoretically, he may be the closest thing to an invincible vampire!  This level of vampire power is the exception and it’s the reason he became King. Despite there being other First Generation vampires born from a demonic parent, he won the battles against the others to earn his position as King of all Vampires on Earth! Naturally, he had an advantage since his Demon Father is Sanguis who’s known to be a Dark Prince and Anti-Saint of Hell! Sanguis has the most powerful vampire line and leads the Demon Counsel Of Vampires which consists of the top vampire-siring demons.

There are some Demi-Demons who walk the Earth including The Anti-Claus. Each one theoretically outranks him but King Dagan has the blessing and authority of Hell. A Demi-Demon is always an honored guest in Dagan and Gula’s royal court. They sometimes deliver messages and orders from Hell. Only in that capacity can they supersede Dagan. That being said, Demi-ArchDemon Darktanian is The Emperor Of The Vampires & Grand Emissary Of Hell. He’s the only one who could actually directly order the King to do his bidding. However, the title of Emperor is Universal in nature. Darktanian has dominion over all vampire species on all humanoid-inhabited planets. Indeed he spends quite a bit of time traveling to alien worlds and their equivalent of vampire governments!

Queen Gula

His wife Queen Gula could have been a potential opponent for the crown since gender rarely has any sway over one’s vampirical powers. She took the easy route to power and married Dagan. Although she had already defeated a number of other First Generational opponents. Her powers are more of a mystery than the Kings since she has rarely displayed them over the last several thousands of years! We do know she carries tiny flasks of her husband’s blood hidden upon different spots on her person. One swig and she can temporarily have all his powers!

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