Does Telekinesis Exist?

TelekinesisYes Telekinesis, also called Psychokinesis, does indeed exist. In the supernatural world we often refer to Psychokinesis as the full range of mind based powers that can interact with our physical world. Telekinesis is often reserved for the ability to move physical objects with one’s mind. All these powers are latently contained in everyone’s Junk DNA courtesy of our higher dimensional Afterlife souls.  However with each passing generation evolution is granting more people telekinetic powers as the DNA becomes active. Humankind’s destiny is to evolve the full complement of psychokinetic powers, and ascend to Godhood as a society.

Superhuman DNA is the catalyst that programs one’s mind to easily access telekinesis, or other powers, but it’s theoretically possible for some to acquire such talents through continued repetitive practice. It’s said that everyone displays all powers to an extremely minute unnoticeable extent. Something that could only be measured at a microscopic level. This is due to the true source of paranormal powers such as telekinesis. At the most fundamental level our reality is composed of Non-Corporeal Energy, also known as pure thought, or information, programmed by higher dimensional deities. At the highest levels we know of the Omniverse God, and the Macroverse God, who may simply be a collective of all our living souls forming one being. This programming of our reality is carried down through the metaphysical energy, and energy string levels. That pure energy level of our Universe lies just below the sub-atomic level which composes the atomic structures of matter in everything we see around us.

Since our conscious, and subconscious minds possess sentient thought we should theoretically be able to cause the motion of objects without physical contact by accessing the informational foundations of reality. A deep concentration of thought directed at any given object you’d like to move by interfacing your consciousness at its fundamental energy framework. In essence pulling its strings like a puppet master. This of course seems impossible for most since our minds are trapped in a biological brain that’s governed by a programmed process. However one must realize that the physical brain itself is actually an illusion composed of pure energy, and thought. Some are born with the talent of Telekinesis, via active DNA, to see through that ruse on various levels, and others acquire the talent from years of paranormal practice.

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12 thoughts on “Does Telekinesis Exist?

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  2. Hi Admin, I will tell you a secret! How I open my Telekinesis. I closed it since I don’t like silverware and objects sticking to me in public places. To open this I start by focusing on a standard votive candle. I light it and gently set my hands around the glass holder. The candle attracts to me. Like a magnet. It gets so strong that I get burned. I somehow can draw in the fire. I can also put the flame out with my thoughts. I move the flame around without my hands there as well. That’s when I know it is fully open. I’m sure everyone has this ability. My father could move objects from great distances. He freaked me out. He’d levitate my toys. etc. That is how I slowly open it. Good luck! Let me know if anyone else can do this.

  3. When I practice kinesis should I Visualize atoms to move objects or get a mental image of it moving?
    also would psiwiki be trustworthy of learn electrokinesis from?

    • Of course in ancient times nobody knew about atomic, and quantum levels of reality. Except in a few lost civilizations. Many who were in the world of the supernatural did have some idea that energy and/or pure thought was the foundation of their existence. So they would focus on that to activate their various kinetic powers. Some just focused on the whole object itself. The ones who tended to visualize the underlying foundation of the object they wanted to move had better results. My own natural telekinetic powers were strengthened by focusing on the unseen building blocks of the items I wanted to move, or even break. I started out with the atoms, and worked down to the quarks. Later I focused on the energy strings sewn upon the dark fabric of space-time. After doing that for some time I was able to levitate myself. I think of it as a puppet pulling their own strings. When moving objects besides myself I’m the Puppet Master pulling the energy strings of reality to make anything my personal puppet. It sounds a bit sinister but it gets the job done for me!

    • You must be psychic because months ago Drake told me of an opening down at the Colorado College Of Paranormal Studies where Drake is a Professor Of Vampirology. He teaches a few special classes every week. I decided to give it a try, and now I’m the Professor Of Psionics. The College doesn’t actually show proof of real paranormal beings or phenomenon as it is not an official school of the paranormal community. It therefore falls under the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. So we teach all manner of supernatural studies but as far as the average person knows it’s all fake. I can’t use my telekinetic powers, and Drake can’t manifest his vampire self. Many paranormal investigators train here, and it’s the college Xavier attended. Rebecca attended with him after her studies at the McTavish Academy in Scotland.

      As for teaching real PSI powers Rebecca has told me I should start a private workshop for those with abilities who aren’t sure what to do. Perhaps I will in the Mystic Investigations conference hall. We do need to get more allies as we near the ultimate battle of the human governments vs the people, and the evil supernatural entities vs all of us who fight on the side of good.

    • On the record yes I had to compete for the job. Off the record Drake may have secured the position for me. He may have also used his hypnotic powers on the Dean. All of which is hypothetical of course. We’re honest people! 🙂

      Psionics is a term for Psychokinetic powers. Psi can be a term for Parapsychology,under which Psychokinesis falls under. I actually work under the Professor of Parapsychology who is the head of the Parapsychology Department. Drake is under the Professor Of Cryptozoology whose kind of an ass. Drake wanted Ashley, our Cryptozoologist, to get that job but she’s too busy to take on the duties. Psi can also refer to psychic energy which is why energy vampires are usually called Psi Vampires.

  4. I was listening to a binural beats video that helps focus on telekinesis. I used a small price of paper and it wobbled and moved a bit. This is my first time. I hope to be able to do better telekinesis later. What do you think?

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