September 27, 2022

9 thoughts on “Are Vampire Slayers Real?

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    1. What’s funny is that Father Tom stopped by the office today, and was totally red faced when he ran into me. He was all nervous, stuttering, and couldn’t look me in the eye. I was wearing a white blouse without a bra, and “accidentally” spilled water all over my chest. Would you believe it became see through? Tom totally stopped talking, and stared at my breasts for a number of seconds before running away. 😆

      Then Zack Powers comes in straight from high school, and is staring at me like this 😯 Xavier walks past just then looking at Zack, and saying,”Get to work perv!” Then Xavier says to me,”For the love of God would you stop exposing your breasts to everybody!” I just laughed, and put on a sweater I had in my office.

      I heard later on that Father Tom was asking Xavier if he personally knew the Vampire Slayer Amanda Liberty because he wanted to “bless” her in her fight against evil. Yeah right Father! We don’t know her but we could run into her at various paranormal investigator conferences. I know Hunter Jackson, our ex-Navy Seal, thinks she’s cool, and wants to meet her since he’s usually the only member of our team to use guns.

    2. Like Rebecca said Father Tom seemed very interested in Amanda. He wanted to help her utilize the Lords power rather than guns in the battle against supernatural evil. Clearly he has a thing for Amanda. I think he’s coming unwrapped at the seams, and is lusting for several women at the moment.

  2. Hi you two! 🙂 LOL Well.. Seems father Tom might have to find a love of his very own. I really don’t see any sin in that. He should know that. It’s in his human nature to desire beautiful women when he see’s em. 😉 Rebecca you could probably tempt the pants off the gods and Devil. (Sorry Xavier) But she’s beautiful. You’re a very lucky man to have her. And she’s lucky to have you as well.

    Father Tom if you read this. God would easily forgive you for wanting to be loved and to give your love to another. 🙂

    1. Tom truly believes in the Catholic religion, and feels he can only be married to Jesus. Yeah it sounds kind of deranged. 🙂 We can’t offend him, and let him know that these religions are man made, and that their real power comes from the human collective consciousness that believes in them. Still they’re based on some truth like Jesus is the son of God. The whole Priests can’t marry thing is totally made up. God isn’t sadistic, and wouldn’t give someone urges they have to deny their whole life. I stopped by the Church the other day after hours, and the confessional was rocking around. I got in, and said “Father forgive me for I have sinned.” He was clearly startled as he stuttered, “Yes my child” and then I heard the sound of a zipper. I can’t imagine what he was doing in there. LOL! I then went into detail about how I touch myself at night, and fantasize about fornication. I swear I heard the zipper sound again after that. 😀 He gave me some hail Mary’s, and some Lords prayers to say. I pretended to leave with some fake footsteps, and then the confessional started rocking again. LOL!

    2. Xavier knows my charms come in handy in our cases. I’ve lulled a number of evil men into submission so they can be taken down easily. I’ve never met a God so who knows. I sure wouldn’t want to meet the Devil!

  3. Is Amanda a superhuman vampire slayer, or a human? Where can I contact or meet her? I live in florida and I want to help her (and anyone) fighting supernatural evil.

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