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Mystic Investigations Team Member Profile: Elizabeth Weatherly

Code Name: Sleuth
Corporate Title: Treasurer, Shareholder 1%
Profession Title: Corporate Treasurer & Investigator
Supernatural ID: Human
Areas Of Expertise: Investigative Research, Solving mysteries, and writing mysteries. History
Age: Born in 1888 so technically she's 124 although biologically she's now 24.
Biography: She was born in Southampton England in 1888 to a life of poverty.  Her parents died and she was placed in an orphanage at age 4 where she lived until her 6th birthday.  She was then adopted by a rich but cruel family that used her as a cheap servant.   At age 8 she finally ran away and lived on the street begging and even stealing to survive.  She ended up in a gang of thieving children but police raided the warehouse they lived in and she ended up back in the orphanage at age 12.   By age 13 another family had adopted her but the man of the house was a pervert and she ran away again at age 15.  She survived alone for quite some time until running across the leader of a gang of homeless teenagers who were a lot smarter and ruthless than her previous gang.  They trained her how to fight and survive on the streets.  With some level of stability living in an abandoned house they fixed up, she was able to educate herself with stolen books.   She had a vivid imagination and loved reading mystery novels.  Elizabeth eventually began writing stories for fun.  She developed some keen investigation skills and eventually discovered that her boyfriend, the gang leader, was in fact a murderer.  When confronted he revealed his dad as none other than Jack The Ripper.  She escaped him and managed to stow away on the Titanic.  She borrowed a wealthy socialites clothing and mingled among the passengers in first class.

She was about to die on the sinking Titanic in the frigid Atlantic on April 14, 1912 when my time traveling brother, Michael Remington, saved her after they had gotten to know each other a few days on board.  She will sometimes time travel with my brother otherwise she works here as an investigator while at the same time writing her mystery novels.

Vehicle: Never learned to drive since it wasn't common for women to drive in 1912.

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