Mystic Investigations Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander

Code Name: Dark Knight

Corporate Titles: Executive Vice-President, COO (Chief Operations Officer) & CLO (Chief Legal Officer), Chief Vampirologist, 25% Shareholder.

Profession Title: Attorney At Law

Executive Assistant: Mrs. Finch

Supernatural ID: Vampire

Areas Of Expertise: Law (Lawyer who got his American legal degree in the 1930’s but also has been involved in the law for centuries.  He is not only an expert at Human Law but also Supernatural Law as well.  He is also familiar with law in various countries around the world), Vampirology, Supernatural & Human History, Martial Arts, and much more.

Lineage: Vampire.  Pre-Vampire was born in Scotland as a human.

Biography: Drake Alexander was born in the Highlands of Scotland in the 13th century AD.  His father was a serf murdered by his feudal Lord when Drake was in his teens.  Drake later murdered the unjust Lord out of revenge.  Drake became very passionate about the cause of Scottish independence and fought in some of the battles of the First War of Scottish Independence.  He was wounded during the Battle Of Dunbar.  Drake later died in the famous Battle Of Stirling Bridge where he fought alongside William “Braveheart” Wallace who was a friend of his. Drake’s death would in no way end his life on this Earth. A beautiful ancient female vampire named Enheduanna brought him back across the great expanse of death and turned him into a living dead being of the night. She resurrected him as the vampire he is today. 

Drake is extremely powerful due to being a fifth-generation vampire. Four generations removed from the first vampires to exist on this Earth.  For seven centuries he has explored the Earth and experienced extraordinary things that the average person could never hope to fathom.  Now he resides at his stately manor, Alexander Manor, in Woodland Springs, Colorado. He recently suffered complete amnesia to the point of not even exhibiting the symptoms of being a vampire thereby proving the power of mind over matter.  This amnesia occurred when he was literally blown up along with an alien vessel somewhere in the high-altitude skies over Kentucky.  His vampire mother, Enheduanna, helped him regain his memories of the past centuries.

Timeline Of Drake Alexander’s Life (Work In Progress)

Powers:  Super strength, speed, agility, intelligence, cunning, extraordinary charm, hypnotic powers, greatly enhanced sight (including night vision), hearing, smell, touch, and taste.  Minor mind-reading abilities.

Residences: Alexander Manor aka Drake’s Lair in the Mystical Forest. | Beach house near Honolulu, Hawaii with private beach. | Various other vacation homes, and hideouts around the world.

Vehicle: Silver Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Description: Age 742. Appears to be thirty-something with dark blue eyes, dark raven hair, and a Scottish accent.  6′ 2″ tall.  Medium-Heavy build. His Net Worth is possibly 325 Million?  He’d be a billionaire had he not given away so much money to charity and people in need since his wealth has amassed over 7 centuries.  Compound interest over the last few hundred years has accounted for a lot of it.  There’s also unknown amounts of gold, silver and other treasures he’s stashed around the world over the ages.  Naturally, he can’t have too large a net worth as it would attract media attention to him.

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