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Mystic Investigations Team Member Profile: Seth Morgan

Code Name: Dark Wolf
Corporate Title: Research Assistant
Profession Title: Research Assistant
Supernatural ID: Werewolf
Areas Of Expertise: As Werewolf he has personal knowledge of Lycanthropy. 
Lineage: Originally Human.  Now Lycantrope.
Biography: Seth came from a poor single parent family.  His deadbeat father left before he was born, and his mother worked two jobs to support him, and his twin sister Susanna.  Right out of high school Seth started working as a gravedigger down at the Woodland Springs Cemetery which sits on the grounds of Father Tom Davis's Church Of Light and is run by Woodland Funeral & Mortuary.  At age 24 he rose to Chief Graveyard Groundskeeper. A title he still holds since he only works for Mystic Investigations part time.

Seth became a Werewolf on the night of the full Lightening Moon on August 2nd, 2012 as he dug a grave at about 2:00 AM.  There was a thunderstorm most of the night so he went out to dig graves after it cleared up.  As he worked he suddenly heard an unholy snarl from behind him as a huge horrific hairy monster ran toward him. It was a Werewolf with a set of sharp fangs drooling over the prospect of a human meal.  Seth was so shocked that he froze with fear as he witnessed the glowing red eyes of the hellish hulked out hound inches away from his face.  The Werewolf's claws pushed Seth into the grave he had been digging. The wolf now on top of him began cutting into his flesh causing screams of terror.  Seth used all his strength to try, and stop the beast from ripping his face off but it managed to bite a large chunk from his shoulder.  It then sunk it's razor sharp teeth into his throat but the Werewolf suddenly shrieked in pain.  Steam rose from the creatures back, and he leaped off him.  The Werewolf had been attacked by our resident white witch Rebecca Abernathy who had launched a potion vile of Wolfsbane at him.  The angry Werewolf attempted to attack her but she launched another vile while the rest of the team fired off their own defenses including squirt guns full of holy water, and wolfsbane.  Soldier Hunter Jackson stood nearby with a silver bullet loaded machine gun as a last deadly resort.  Thankfully the wolf was lured to a Werewolf trap, aka an extreme bear trap, so it could be taken back to headquarters until it returned to human form.  Unfortunately this Werewolf was especially nasty, and ripped his own foot off, and shot away into the night.

Seth was mortally wounded but a combination of his new Lycanthrope virus, and our mystical remedies healed him within three days.  He was in deep denial about what had happened.  He refused to let us lock him away on the next full Moon on August 31st which was coincidentally a blue Moon.  Our Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie, and Demi-Zombie, went to his house to bring him in since the rest of our team was busy dealing with other Werewolves running loose around town.  He transformed, and severely mauled Ashley who appeared dead.  The Werewolf Seth hungrily bit a huge chunk of flesh from Ashley's chest, and was immediately poisoned by her zombie half.  Generally full zombie flesh will knock a Werewolf out cold the rest of the night.  In this case Seth was merely incapacitated, and lie weak making low guttural sounds the rest of the night until dawn reformed his humanity.  He thought he had killed Ashley who appeared bloody dead with no heartbeat or breath.  He started to call 911 but she stopped him, and said she was in a state of healing.  He was relieved, and finally realized he had to be locked away in Mystic Investigations basement on full Moon nights for his safety, and that of the public.  Some months later he started dating Ashley.

Powers: Transforms into a Werewolf on full Moon nights which include that of at least 82% of Full.  In human form has enhanced strength, speed, agility, injury healing, disease immunity, and senses.  
Age: 24



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