March 21, 2023

51 thoughts on “Does The Vampire Dracula Actually Exist?

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  2. I also know our currency in America has the mark of the eye of Horus. Does the Illuminati know that Isis and Horus have been reborn? Also the Virgin Queen has been reborn. I know this because they have shown me allot! The other side. Only explanation I can give. Truth is they showed me the past! And also told me I was the Virgin in another life time. As well as Isis. Osiris is living next to me. He is the one who also showed me my Egyptian past. It was painful. 🙁 Admin you must think I am crazy now! Why I came here. To ask if anyone has answers. I need to talk to someone about my experiences. It does get to be to much for me to bottle up! Do I believe I was Isis & the Virgin. Yes I do. Since Dudley also has come to me. As I said before. Nothing really shocks me anymore! I’m just here to learn more! And share with you all, my own personal experiences. I do care what the Royal Vampires think of me. I feel I have amnesia. Sincerely grateful.

  3. I apologize. I put this in the wrong section! I was just in the Illuminati section. Very sorry! If you wish to move this there. Please do so. I’ll try not to make another mistake! Good night.

    1. Well most vampires are on an eternal vacation because they don’t have to work. Usually they live a jet set life of luxury, and riches because the Earth is their oyster full of pearls for the taking. Naturally our resident vampire Drake Alexander likes to feel productive, and wants to help humankind by fighting the forces of evil that infest the very bowels of this paranormal planet.

      Dracula is the very quintessence of evil. However he has extremely strong psychic powers, and actively radiates vibes of goodness around him to fool people. That coupled with his extremely hypnotic charms, and good looks lures in unsuspecting innocent women, and even men as well. Although lately he’s been enjoying the bloodthirsty violence of all the wars in the middle east. He was seen a few months ago in Libya single handedly taking out an entire village. Wars are an evil vampires dream because they can have free reign to do as they please among the death, and destruction with it all being blamed on humans. A private paranormal mercenary group had tracked him there, and attempted to take him down but only two escaped with their lives to tell the terrifying tale. We got that information on the global Paranormal Activity Network where investigators keep in contact with each other.

      Drake Alexander actually met Dracula once a few centuries ago, and was helpless to stop his madness. In fact Drake still can’t shake his hypnotic power. He still has fond memories of being with Dracula at a mansion in Leon, France where an aristocratic party turned into a blood bath that Drake was forced to partake of. The horrific carnage should disgust him but his mind sees it as a pleasant memory. That’s the raw awesome power that Dracula wields. In fact a month later he apparently convinced Napoleon to invade Russia.

      Drake really lets the stories flow forth if you stop by his mansion in the dead of the night for an impromptu visit. Once in a while I can’t sleep so I go out for a drive in the Mystical Forest, and stop by Drake’s. He’s always got something interesting to tell about his past that stretches seven centuries long.

  4. Hello Xavier, I apologize for my late response. I sometimes get lost in this site. 😉 Wondering where I wrote etc. I love this site. Thank you all. What I was saying. That is very scary. But believable. I know Dracula is very powerful. That is so sad he did this to Drake. 🙁 To me a good human who turns into a vampire will always in his heart be good. I sense Drake is very sweet hearted. Why I have opened up so much!

    Not to long ago! A very old vampire came to me. He showed me the past. I was sitting in a dark room with him. He amused me very much! In younger form. It was as if he were only 19 or 20yrs old. We were best friends. What I was saying he amused me with his ability to wield magick. I sat there in amazement. As he could bring fire into his hands and it would levitate in circular motion. I laughed and said how are you doing this? He then would tackle me and tickle me. As if we were almost more than friends. I had the feeling we had grown up together.

    In this vision. My family and the town did not like him. Since he was different. They did not want me to spend any time alone with him etc. I snuck out & met with him in the shed. From the feeling I got. We did this allot! I am a free spirit.. When someone says I can’t do this or that. I don’t normally obey well. Especially if I like someone. I’ll continue with what I saw. We then left the shack. Following a trail the led out of town up the rolling hills. It was a beautiful full moon. We could see the stars. We wanted to lay onto of the hill to watch and gaze at them together. As we walked up the path almost to the top.. I said I have a bad feeling. Somethings going to happen. He looked back at me. No more than I uttered those words, we saw a huge yellow comet hurling towards earth. Not too far from us!

    I looked down the hill.. and I seen cars. And we were not in that era. I grabbed him by his hand and we ran as fast as we could run. Through a worm hole or warp. Whatever it was. (Rip in time.) There was like a garden shed We ran into for shelter.. just as the shock wave hit us. I was trying hard to keep the door shut. Whatever it was got him. He was covered in like an ash’. More exposure to whatever it was. Once it was over we ran back up the hill where we came.

    Trying to get back home before it closed. The comet effected that time and this time. He showed me this. It some how altered his DNA. We didn’t know what to do. But I heard his voice now. He said Angela remember. I love you! I woke up! Was this a trick? To me it was as real as now. Lucid. And he was my best friend. We were almost close to become lovers. I don’t remember it all. I don’t know if we ended up together. He wanted me to know who he was before it all began. What do you think of this?

    1. I know Dracula is evil, and what he forced me to do was horrific yet I remember it fondly, and think of him as my friend on a sub-conscious level. It’s very disturbing. Not even Duanna could free me of this brainwashing, and she’s thousands of years older than Dracula. However he has more power due to being a second generation vampire in comparison to Duanna being a fourth generation. He was also brought across by the ultra powerful King Dagan. Those factor trump Duanna’s power that comes with age. However she’s never actually fought him. She has to pretend she likes Dracula to stay within the vampires royal inner circle. Luckily she seems to be immune to Dracula’s hypnotic brainwashing when she concentrates hard enough. Although she has to pretend to be under his spell, and sleep with him if they ever see each other. That’s why she avoids going anywhere near Transylvania.

  5. My theory about this if it is true! What if he was the first vampire? He already had great powers of magick abilities. Such as (Criss Angel). Do you suppose it could be possible for him to heal through his magic? Altering his DNA. I’m sure there has to be a scientific explanation. Where Science met the paranormal. Maybe they came together as one! I don’t know if I was exposed the same. In this vision he was showing me how he became what he is today! He didn’t ask for it.

    Sorry Father Tom-I do believe in -“Darwin’s Evolution”. Perhaps in his human form, already’ -he was of something of the darker side if he wielded magick so easily. This all happened approximately a few weeks before I found your website. As a matter of fact, this dream was why I searched online for more answers. I felt a strong urge to learn more about Vampires. I couldn’t help but think…”what if”?

    Don’t think I wasn’t or am not- skeptical, I do have a scientific mind as well. Drake do you know how the vampire race began? Perhaps it’s not all control d by daemonic.sources. As everyone believes. I don’t believe Vampires are evil. I think they have a place here to do greater good. If only they believe they are here for such a purpose. Seems many religions have cast them as evil. So they believe themselves to be this way. It’s not true! I don’t believe that at all.

  6. I also have many other reasons as I have stated in the other parts of this site. But that vision was the jump start for me to end up here. I have wanted to talk about my experiences for a long time. Not sure anyone had any of the answers. Or people would think I am crazy etc. I assure you I am not. Since I am not the only person who has witnessed such occurrences around me. If it is all true about Dracula. And everything he’s shown me is true.. I wish I could tell him what I said above. he’s only as evil as he allows himself to become.

  7. Also, I will include. If I was with Vlad and he did those evil things. I probably would have killed myself. I do not stand for evil or killing the innocent. What if the Turks murdered his wife! This would explain why he went A-wall. That would drive anyone over the edge. What if stories were twisted about what really happened? It’s only a thought. I have no idea. But for someone to become so evil. I would have say’ if they killed my love. I would show no mercy’.

  8. I see. The Vampire who showed me all these things. He never told me his name. I don’t know if he really was Dracula. All I know is I felt his anguish. Before it happened, he had blondish brown hair and blue eyes. I’m trying to think of someone he resembles. Here’s a link to a man I picked out who resembled the man I saw. Close but it’s not perfect!

    Drake I am so sorry what Dracula did to you!! 🙁 I have no doubt he’s evil. I wish I knew who it was that showed me this. I can understand why Duanna is worried. He’s powerful. I guess I don’t really understand how any Royal could be so evil. Very sad. She’s smart to stay clear of that area. I have also seen another Vampire. I felt his evil. He didn’t even look human anymore! He had me at a dark place such as a castle. There were others standing around me. He stood over me. He was very large. Bat like.. Do the royals ever change there appearance to more of this form?

    He then bit me. His teeth were so long they went through my should and out my back. He then pulled out and bit my neck. Felt like electricity shot through my body. I dropped and was weak. I don’t know what it meant. Ever since that happened. I would astral as a werewolve. I am able to shape shift in that shape. Only when someone attacks me. (This happened approximately 7yrs ago! Since that werewolves started to come to me physically. Who or what am I? I don’t know anymore! I am sorry I brought back some bad memories.

  9. I also astrally became a Vampire’s shortly after I was bitten by him. Drake, I was so out of control. I know what it truly feels like to be a Vampire! I was breathing super fast.. Like my adrenalin was kicked way up! I felt like I was starving to death. I could barely take it anymore! I was flying through the air.. searching for someone to bite. I remember how bad it was.. I was using my psychic ability to find a evil person. I hated this feeling. Since I could barely keep myself from losing control. I finally came upon a jail.. I went through the walls like nothing. I got to the man I read. He raped and murdered a little girl named Mallissa. I also seen he killed many other children. I was crawling so fast upside down upon the ceiling.

    I dropped down in front of his bed. He jumped up and he was a big boy. About 6’4. He said’ “WHO The FRACK! Are you?” I walked closer to him. I grabbed him by his through t and lifted him up off the ground. I said this is for Mallissa. I then sank my teeth into him. As I did.. I had a feeling he wanted me to do this to him. 🙁 The blood sprayed all over the white sing and toilet.. everything was white. I got rather grossed out that I was doing this. I can’t get it out of my head. Even though he had it coming. I still feel bad.

    This was the most lucid astral I ever had. I’ve never Vamped out astrally since that. Because I don’t want to. I was way out of control and so hungry it about drove me mad. 🙁 Probably why I wolf out instead. In my werewolve form I also can move through walls easily. Probably because I am Vampire.. Maybe because he bit me. Since he did this I have been doing some extraordinarily things. He also told me he wanted me to stay with the Vampires and leave my family. I told him I can’t leave my kids. Begged him to not make me do that. I have not seen him since. The bat like Vampire. I have seen a vampire in person. I get the feeling he’s waiting for my kids to grow up and leave. Then he’ll be back for me. Why I am here. Drake I’m sure you have more answers than anyone I know. I appreciate all you’ve done so far. (Just by reading this).

    1. You are a vampire right? I red all your conversation with Drake. I believe in everything you said. How do you survive? Can you go out with the sunlight? Or the sunlight may burn your skin? I have so many questions about vampires. I have no one to talk to. I hope to have a chat with you.

      1. She’s referring to being an Astral Vampire. If someone runs across the spirit of the vampire in the Astral Plane, either through dreaming, or Astral Projection, they can be brought across into the dark shadows in only that place between life, and death. They may possibly see some minor physical effects in real life but otherwise they’re not really a vampire.

    1. We need to help humanity by eradicating the paranormal threats it can’t handle on it’s own. With your amazing powers you probably don’t have to kill. Perhaps you could conjure up a porthole, and send evil entities directly to hell or even a barren planet in another galaxy far far away.

  10. Hi Drake, Yes I have battled the most evil daemons as well. I am a shape-shifter. Drake.. I showed up at this very old house. There were ghosts there who were killed by a daemon. He was a big one! His victims were stuck there in that house. As new people would come live there he would eventually kill them. When I showed up! He there were so many ghosts. Children, parents etc. Then this daemon attacked me. He frightened me because I could sense the fear of all those victims. They rather showed me there deaths and how brutal it was. I pick up on others emotions.

    Well once this squealing black daemon with red eyes grabbed me in my human form. He thought I was only a human ghost. Once I feel pain I snap! I then transformed into some creature that was dragon snake like. I had tallons and my lower half was a giant snake. I wrapped myself around him he couldn’t escape. And once I transformed I felt as if I had done this many times before! I dragged him down through the floors down inside the earth. He was trying hard to escape I squeezed him harder. Then as I licked him I had this long tongue.. and it burned him. I enjoyed doing this to him. lol My saliva is like holy water. I don’t know but they don’t like it. It’s like acid to them. Drake , Xavier and Rebecca.. if ur reading.

    This was very freaky to me..(Still is.) -Yet I felt as if I had done it so often before. I knew where I was taking him. Yes a place like hell… A prison. I’ve taken many evil daemons there. I wasn’t sure how to tell you about this. I wake up thinking what the heck!!! Was that!!!! Am I gong crazy? I also woke with bruises where he was biting me. I thought how could this all be happening? For years I have been trying to cope with it. At first I thought I was evil but I know I’m not. I control myself in the other forms. I am only protecting the innocent. That is all I am here to do. Now I know what it feels like to be Medusa. That’s what I felt like I became. What the heck am I? Just a holy shape-shifter?

    1. If you’re some relation to the Universal demigod Jesus then you’re powers could encompass just about everything. Just having Angelic or Archangelic DNA would give you an amazing plethora of powers. Perhaps it was fate that a person like you should exist someday. A being who could be a combination of all supernatural entities. Maybe a unique crossing of genetic lines has occurred to create you.

  11. I assume this is why some daemons have been coming to me in peace. They try to repent and tell me what there lives were like when they had become reborn as humans. They told me they were burned alive etc. And when they crossed over. They hated religious people for what they had done to there kind. One told me he was only trying to be normal. But he was born with magic gifts like Criss Angel so the religious leaders said they were of the devil. Perhaps they are. But He told me that is why they seek out innocent church going families. For revenge. I told him. To spread the word to all of his buddies and kind. That I won’t tolerate anymore torturing of any church people anymore! What’s been done is done! They better stop or I’ll come for them. He told me the reason I never die. Is because they are afraid of me on the other side. I will punish them all. So they have caused me to be reborn right after another.. so I keep forgetting what or who I am. He told me allot! I told him I just want peace. Why can’t we all just try to get along. I don’t like being a punisher now. But in those forms I seem to change and enjoy it. So I am very Evil to the wicked. I am more like there Devil. To the devils. This is what he’s told me. I have almost died 11 times now. Miraculously I recover. Probably true! They don’t want me on the other side. Perhaps I should be. Maybe there would be more peace in this world if I were there. Again the burning question.. What the or who am I?

  12. I guess I am what I am. No one has all the answers. I’m probably expecting way too much of you guys. If you would know what I am. I’m sorry if I ask for too much! I’ve come to some terms with this thought the years. Accepting what I am. I only want peace and harmony for our world and universe’s. Like I said before. an -Ultimate Peace Keeper. That’s the conclusion I’ve come up with. I stand for the light!

  13. Also.. I have already sent some evil entities to planets that resemble mars. I’ve ended up there. A possessed little girl came up to me.. very evil. Grabbed me by my arm. I immediately wolfed out at it. It screamed and ran off. lol These daemons are wicked. They have been a host to us for centuries. They want all humans to die and destroy this planet. I know what they are. I just didn’t want to believe it! It scared me too much! I kept telling myself I’m like everyone else. I’m normal.. And it’s a nightmare.. all in my imagination. But they have shown themselves to me in person. And others have witnessed the same as me. Standing next to me. So now I can’t deny it. I don’t really know what to do about it. I just act when I am there and do what I feel needs to be done. But lately I try not to fight werewolves or vampires. I figured daemons are enough! I wish there were others like me. I feel so alone.

  14. Also I have seen Jesus. I wondered growing up! Weather or not he even exists. The sad part. When I met him. He was so sad. He was crying so much! I couldn’t believe it. I felt his sadness. I thought he was crying because of me.. Maybe I let him down. Because I was nice enough to the evil entities. I heard them out! Or maybe he was crying because he died for nothing? If they are winning. I don’t know. I woke up crying. It was not the way I ever wanted to meet him. I’ve seen him twice. The second time was judgment day. I seen that I was there. The daemons and angels were all battling in the sky over California. I thought it was CA. Not positive. The mega God was on a chair. He resurrected humans one by one. Said do you plead innocent or guilty. They said Innocent. He pointed his finger at them and tossed them to the abyss in the ocean. It was horrific. 🙁 I was outraged!!!!! I skipped the part as how I got into the sky with them. I was on the ground. I looked up and seen the flying daemons and angels battling. Some of the angels were lions with human like faces and wings. They also blew fire at the daemons. One of the daemons picked me up and threw me at an angel. The angel had a shield and I bounced off of it in mid air. Hurt like Heck! I screamed in pain and terror as I felt my doom as I approached the concrete. Just before I hit the ground. Another daemon swooped down and saved me. Hurt like hell I could feel everything.. there claws dug deep into my flesh.

    Then he flung me right by God and Jesus .. that is when I witnessed God judging men. The next was a priest and he said you served you not me. And flung him to the abyss. I pointed my finger at him. I said HOW DARE YOU!!! Judge these innocent children. He said WHAT!!! I said who do you think you are? He lifted his hand and pointed his finger. I said do you have any idea how hard life is on Earth? How can you judge these humans when they were tempted by evil on a daily basis? He was so mad….at me. He said “HOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME!!!!” You will join them into the abbys. Guys he was going to kill all humans. None of us were going to be spared. Just as we was going to zap me into the fire abbys Jesus wrapped his arms around God and had him in a lock! So he couldn’t move. Once the angels and daemons seen this they all stopped fighting. They all didn’t know what to think or what to do next. Jesus was taking his power away! Then that same flaying daemon who saved me from the fall. He landed next to me and said. I knew I saved you for a reason. I then woke up in wet sheets. Very lucid. I know this is long. But when I seen Jesus crying.. What does it really mean? Is this all going to happen or is it really my imagination? I’ve been telling myself it’s my imagination. Since I adore God. I hope he’s not going to destroy everyone and start over.

    1. Jesus is real. In fact I met him when I traveled back in time once. He taught me carpentry. I sensed his immense power, and was able to remain in full sunlight within his presence. In fact his touch turned me into a human. However when I returned to my own time I was a vampire again. He told me I had a plethora of good works to perform in my vampirical form. He didn’t specifically say it but many of us deep in the supernatural community know that he is the son of the Omniversal God, aka the Omniverse itself. The Omniverse is a collection of several parallel Multiverses. Multiverses are a collection of several parallel Universes. The entire Universe or everything there is would be the Macroverse or the entire mind of the one original God who always existed. The first thing to ever exist in all of reality. We don’t know much about him but the Macroverse is made up of near infinite Omniverses. Most of which are Gods who were former biological beings who ascended to Godhood after death. So Jesus is the most powerful Demigod in the Omniverse. Certainly far more powerful than common demigods who came from the Earthly Gods of the Greeks, Romans, Pagans, etc.

  15. Maybe Jesus knows Gods true plan for humans. So he cries because he wanted to save us. 🙁 I will save all humans, werewolves and Vampires.. I forgot to add what else I said to him. I told him put everyone including daemons who repent.. in a world full of peace no wars no death no disease. If they rebel then judge them. But not now when they are in an imperfect world! God did not like the idea. Perhaps Jesus does. Who knows.

  16. If I have to. I will offer my very soul for the safety of all who resume in this universe. I believe in peace. And I am willing to die for it!

  17. I’m very happy to hear from you! I was worried. (Not that I expect you to write so often.) I know you have a life too! But last night, I had a bad feeling about you.. that something was wrong! I was thinking what if I caused you to burn in the sun. Or the evil bat like vampire attacked you. (or the bad vampires I saw.) I was really letting my mind run away! I was thinking what if something really bad happened to you! Would anyone ever tell me? I know we are only on here. I do care! I really do appreciate all your advise and replies.

    That is terrible what happened with the illuminate. Drake are you alright? Will they leave you alone now? I had a bad feeling something was going on. I sent you energy last night. Hoping you were okay. I know you don’t want to get attached to humans. Seems I should try harder to not get attached to you as well. Too late! 🙂 I do enjoy our online friendship that we have here. It’s sweet of all of you to help others on this site.

    Perhaps you are right. If I have those power maybe I am something. All I really care about is being there for the innocent. I believe you are good Drake! 🙂 Yes. Jesus also sees good within you. So do I. I believe I am one with all or nature. We all are one. I find it very interesting what you said above about the Omniverses & Macroverse. What you said makes allot of sense. Hopefully if I touch you.. the same won’t happen. You turn human. I like you the way you are. 🙂 Thank you Drake!

    1. Yes I’m going to be fine. This happens every so often, and it’s always low level Illuminati trying to impress the people above them along with their fellow lackeys. I don’t think I’m on the radar of the 13 families that make up the upper echelon of the Illuminati.

      I’m sure someone here would tell you if something happened to me. Certainly if I died Xavier would at least tell the tale in our main blog. However I survived the pure energy explosion of a matter-anti-matter annihilation engine within an extraterrestrial vessel so I’m not too worried about dying anytime in the next millennium. In fact my only worries of death lie 500 million years in the future as life begins to die on Earth due to the sun beginning it’s inevitable rise to red giant. 600 million years from now 99% of life on Earth will die. Although supernatural beings, including myself, could still survive in a weakened state since there won’t be any blood left. It would be a mad hunt to get hold of the blood of paranormal beings which can be hard to find. By 1.5 billion years the oceans will have boiled away, and 100% of life will be gone including microscopic forms. Of course I assume humans will have left Earth long before then. So I like to think I’ll be on some distant planet in another star system or galaxy. Naturally some beings like Gods, including Mother Nature Gaia, are permanently attacked to Earth. After humans leave the Supernatural Secrecy Pact will be null, and void. Certainly supernatural beings had free reign in prehistoric times but were limited by the wishes of the Omniversal God. At that time will the paranormal community retake, and remake the planet as their own? Will the Gods utilize their magical powers to defy the sun, and create a new lush paradise? Will the sun Gods stabilize the sun for eternity to save themselves as well? If that happens maybe the entire solar system will be magically cloaked so space dwelling humans, and aliens don’t happen upon the new magical Earth.

  18. Seems like the Illuminati are very arrogant people. -They sure need a good kick in the rear.. I’m sure if anything did happen. You would come to me astrally and let me know right? My father came to me right away! He took me fishing I felt as if I were a child again. We’d go allot when I was growing up! This is how I found out. I was devastated when I woke and found out it was true! He always told me’ Angela I love you! He was a good man.

    Yeah if you can be blown up from an advanced technology’. (& Survive it!) -Surely you are very durable! 😉 I have a question for you! -Are you ticklish? lol I hope so! I’m so bad.. If we were to ever meet.. I am the annoying type who loves to tickle. K I’ll try to behave. 😉

    Drake don’t worry about the Earth.. As long as I am in existence here or in the astral worlds. I will protect our Earth. I will beg the gods and goddess’s to help me save everyone! If we all do blow up or seas to exist. Our souls won’t ever die.. We will indeed be reborn to another planet or galaxy that inhibits life! I strongly believe in evolution. I am a Darwin. It’s in my blood. But don’t tell anyone I said that. It’s a secret. There is allot I have to tell you. I can tell you here.. too bad it’s all public. I’ve said so much already.

    If the Supernatural Secrecy Pact ever becomes null. I don’t think it would be so bad to have a supernatural world. Basically we are already living in this sort of world .. Most just don’t know it. or they don’t wish to believe. For a good reason I know. I’m really glad I know the truth. I don’t ever want to live in a bubble as most humans do. I prefer it straight up or not at all lol… All or nothing! Drake maybe one day we could have some moon shine. I have a friend who give me a bottle of his moonshine. I drink this every new years eve. It’s awesome. Hits me pretty hard! 🙂 Cheers to eternity! Sweet Drake.

  19. I just read about your link above (Supernatural Secrecy Pact). Yeah for the daemons it should remain locked. I don’t believe they should have a right to pray on the innocent at there own will. I guess I’ll never understand how anything or anyone could ever be so wickedly evil. 🙁 I never will understand. I guess. Just wish everyone would just get along..

  20. Vlad is not however “royal blood” (though his children were by virtue of his marriage to the sister of the King of Hungary.) He was a Warlord. A Prince by conquest.
    Who is Dagan? Are you refering to the Assyro-Babylonian fertility god?
    A vampire kingdom headquartered in Transylvania, Romania? That’s quite the NEWS!!
    Where in Transylvania this vampire kingdom is located exactly?
    I don’t know how foreign people see Vlad, but here in Romania, he is not the Blood Prince neither a Romanian Count! He is just…..VLAD, a national hero.

    1. Vlad, aka Dracula, became of royal blood once he was transformed into a vampire by a first generation vampire.

      King Dagan is a 68,849 year old first generation pure blood vampire who rules over the global vampire kingdom with his Queen Gula. He is Dracula’s vampire father.

      The royal castle of the vampire kingdom is said to lie deep in a forest within the Western Carpathian Mountains. Most likely in the Apuseni Mountains. It’s rumored to be in an area with numerous caverns which have secret tunnels leading to the castle. The caverns are how they get about in the daytime.

  21. Yes, Xavier I know Dagan is Dracula’s father! I can read (I read your post above)…. and I am sure you noticed that :))…
    If Dagan is the oldest vampire.. then who made him?
    Has Dagan something to do with the Assyro-Babylonian fertility god?
    Have you ever been to the Western Carpathian Mountains?

  22. Hi. I want to know more about vampires. I really do believe in them but I never seen a vampire. How can a human be a vampire? What are they powers? How do they live on earth? And where can I found them? I’m from Philippines, I always read about vampires, mermaids, and everything. But I don’t have proofs and I have no one to talk to about this. I’m glad that I found this site.

    1. We’ve had a number of people ask this question, and the fact is it’s something that must visit it you. You can’t choose for it to happen in your life. A vampire must find you worthy of becoming a member of his or her eternal family. You can learn more about vampires on our webpage at: As for proof, like most supernatural beings, vampires are secretive for their own protection. There’s also the Supernatural Secrecy Pact to contend with. That is why our site provides no tangible proof to anything we’ve said. We would all become targets of vampire royalty, and even higher dimensional entities as well. More or less it’s up to fate, and destiny as to whether you’re brought into the supernatural fold.

    1. Yes there should be at least hundreds of vampires in the Philippines. There’s thousands of vampires on every continent, and in every nation around the world. Most large cities have at least a few dozen vampires living there.

  23. I have some questions.If a vampire buys an entire apartment building would they be able to go into their tenants homes,or would they have to hunt in the hallway? Also If I were renting somewhere could the landlord invite a vampire in while I wasn’t home enabling them to get back in later.

  24. Okay. Thanks for answering my questions Drake and Xavier. I’m from Philippines, and I really believe on vampires. Most of the people here doesn’t believe in them. They will also find me weird if I tell them about my curiosity. I’m looking for someone to talk to and finally I had to find a site knowing more about vampires. Thanks for letting me to be a member of your site.

    1. No matter what a person looked like as a human they always transform into beautiful people as a vampire. However when angered or feeding their faces can turn quite monstrous. In essence displaying their true nature. Those vampires who strive to be good don’t generally look that bad. New vampires who are poor can quickly acquire wealth via nefarious means, or via the vampire who sired them. Robbing a bank, or a wealthy persons home is as easy as hypnotizing everyone. The older the vampire the more wealthy they are since they can have centuries to accumulate wealth, and also enjoy the compound interest of various banking accounts.

        1. You will definitely find vampire in all the major urban centers of the Earth. It’s almost like going to the grocery store for a vampire. The best place to find them are any venues that are crowded at night. Night clubs, concerts, carnivals, etc.

    1. Yes but he’s very selective about who he brings across into the dark shadows. He has a select inner circle of loyal vampire sons, and daughters who do his bidding with pleasure. However one did defy him, and he toyed with them until they saw the error of their ways.

  25. Is it possible that “The Gift” is just the fact that the person’s soul was already “born” in Hell, and when they are turned into a vampire they just have access to their soul?

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