Super Thunder Moon Werewolf Warning

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The month of July often brings us the Lightning Moon or Thunder Moon. This is due to it being controlled by a coalition of Thunder and Lightning Gods. This includes Zeus, King Of The Greek Gods, and Emperor of the largest faction of nature deities. Under a joint higher dimensional agreement, he shares lunar control with the other Gods Of Thunder such as the legendary Thor! When Deities gain control of A Full Moon they can mine its metaphysical energy reserves to an enchanted extent as sanctioned by the core Moon Gods and Goddesses themselves. One of many factors that keeps the Earthly Gods going despite receiving very little worship from Humans in modern times. Such worship allowed deities to tap into the awesome power of human souls.

This month happens to be the 2001st anniversary of the amended supernatural lunar treaty that added Thor to the list of Gods and Goddesses. 22 AD was the year his father Odin, King Of The Norse Gods, officially named him Crown Prince Of Asgard. Thus, this Full Moon is specifically the Thunder Moon in honor of The God Of Thunder himself! It’s rather fitting that such a Norse Titan is gifted with a Supermoon on this momentous occasion. This is the second year in a row he’s received this honor. Zeus realizes he needs the raw power of the Norse Gods in his battle against demons and angels in the coming Battles Of Armageddon!

This Super Thunder Moon will grant Werewolves a greatly increased physical form along with at least double the strength, speed, agility, and senses. They will have a greater urge to hunt down humans and animal prey with a monstrous vengeance. The aggression will be greatest amid thunderstorms that will charge them up electrically making their fur stand up. You may even see electrical sparks crackling about them. Indeed, they could electrocute and bake you as they eat you alive! Werewolf Hunters will find it quite difficult to capture and contain these electrically charged monsters! During the days in human form, some werewolves may also gain electrokinetic powers that will wane as the month of July comes to an end.

Normal Werewolf Repellents will work to a lesser extent so compensate by doubling your efforts. You may add a Thor’s Hammer Charm[Ad] as a repellent along with praying to the Norse God if you find yourself in grave danger. If an attacking werewolf is directly struck by lightning, then your prayers have been answered. The blasphemous beast should be knocked out cold or bolt away into the night squealing. Weaker werewolves may be roasted alive but then they would immediately revert to human form. Stay alert and ready for battle from dusk to dawn until the Moon is below 80% of Full!🐺

📝Interesting Note: The metaphysical power of the July 3rd Full Moon being July 3rd will carry into July 6th since Thursday is Thor’s Day! Despite falling below the 80% of Full threshold, the Moon will still cause transformation in some younger Werewolves. The threat will end on dawn Friday The 7th. Within the United States on July 4th Independence Day the spirits of The Founding Fathers will infuse an aura of independent rebellion into the demonic werewolf DNA. Depending on the person it could cause more docile or more ferocious werewolves.

🔨Prayer Of Protection To Thor

Oh, Mighty Thor,
Judge me worthy even as a stranger,
Save me from the werewolf danger,
Please strike it with all your thunder,
Tear the blasphemous beast asunder,
Oh Mighty Thor!⚡️

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