March 25, 2023

17 thoughts on “What’s The Difference Between Witches, Warlocks, Wizards & Sorcerers?

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  2. Eclipse9222:
    How do you bulid up power within without gods and goddess?

    Some use other higher dimensional beings such as demons, or in rare cases Angels. Sorcerers are at the highest level of magic, and they don’t call upon anyone. They marshal the pure energy, and even thought that is the foundation of our reality. You also have a powerful soul in Heaven that can theoretically be accessed.

  3. After reading this.. I’m a little frightened. My magic is likely that which Sorcerers use. I’m a bit worried about my teacher now because he never really explained it, his reasoning was to avoid me knowing if I had any limitations and so I could further experiment. I wouldn’t mind some help learning more from people who know though.

  4. What do sorcerers practice? I’ve heard they practice Ceremonial Magick, like Crowley; from the Occult. I’m not sure what to believe. Do they practice Psionics?

    1. By the time ones becomes a Sorcerer they’ve practiced just about every magic with the goal of tapping into the core mystical energies, and pure thought of the Universe including their own pure thought magic. Sorcerers can activate latent DNA for psionic powers or even genetically engineer such powers within them.

  5. I am beginning to have an interest in various types of magic mainly Wizardry, where could I learn actual Wizardry? By the way this is very informative. Could you get back to me as to where I could learn Real Wizardry?

  6. Why is Dimitri Diablo So much stronger than most other sorcerers? Also does Sorcery affect the Body’s appearance like Witchcraft and Wizardry Does?

    1. Sorcery centers on power coming from within, and channeling it directly from the Universe free of higher dimensional entities. So generally there’s no deterioration of appearance even if they work for demonic forces. Diablo simply had a natural talent. A perfect genetic makeup to be a magical master. Then later on he began tapping into his parallel Universe selves. He even killed himself in other Universes to absorb entire parallel essences. This allowed him to bank exponential powers.

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