How Do You Repel A Zombie?

Zombie Protection Herbs

We’ve heard about a plethora of ways to repel vampires and werewolves. These include various herbs such as garlic, vervain, and wolfsbane. However, we’ve never heard anything about how to keep Zombies away. Naturally, since zombies are non-demonic religious artifacts have no effect on them, unlike the aforementioned vampires & werewolves. Like most metaphysical menaces Mother Nature provides a defense for humans to balance the supernatural scales. After extensive research, we are proud to present our findings that will finally protect you, and your family against the rotting corpses of the Walking Dead.  Not surprisingly both protective plants have a noxious stink just as zombies themselves smell like living hell itself!  Zombies use their sense of smell to tell the difference between tasty humans, and their animated corpse brothers since zombies ironically loathe dead flesh. Unlike living or freshly dead flesh, it doesn’t quell the hunger of the zombie virus. When the virus is well fed it rewards the zombie by delaying its inevitable decay. No longer do you have to hope you can take down every approaching zombie with a gun, a sharp implement, fire, or even strong industrial acid. Here are the plants that will save your life during a zombie apocalypse:🌺

Stinking Nightshade, also known as Henbane. (Hyoscyamus Niger).  This herb has been known for its use in magical potions over the centuries. It’s an excellent herb to grow around your home or zombie bunker.  The herb can be worn on your clothing or crushed in a satchel for personal protection.  You can also hang cut plants over your windows, and doors. Stinking Nightshade has even been used in incense form to infuse the air with its protective vapors. Just be aware it can cause hallucinations if smoked!

Purple Passion, also known as Velvet Plant. (Gynura Aurantiaca)This is an excellent house plant that can be placed near windows, and doorways for home zombie defense. You can also wear the plant leaves on your clothing to act as a personal deterrent for the dead rising from their graves. Purple Passion will easily grow outside as ground cover.  In a post-apocalyptic zombie scenario grow this around your fortified compound since it can spread all about leaving no open spots for zombies to stagger through.  In this case, you’d want to live somewhere without winter. Of course, thankfully zombies will literally freeze in place when the temperature drops to below freezing.  This is due to the fact that they have zero body heat so the water in their tissues freezes solid. Unfortunately, arid desert regions give us desiccated zombies without any moisture. If they manage to wander into a below-freezing zone they won’t freeze in such cases!

Keeping The Walking Dead At Arms Length

When using these plants on yourself prepare to smell and repel both zombies, and humans. The point is to stay alive and worry about your social life later on.  Odds are you will have none in the midst of a zombie virus pandemic!  All the plants listed above are poisonous to humans and shouldn’t be ingested or placed directly on skin unless magically prepared by a certified witch, wizard, warlock, or sorcerer.  The only way to know if they’re for real is to watch them prepare the potion and witness an inexplicable shimmering luminescence take place in the solution for at least a few seconds. This is evidence of a metaphysical energy exchange that is the heart of magic. Naturally to be safe have them drink a sample first!🧪

Now you can enter a well-deserved slumber after a day of slaying living dead drones with your Purple Passion plant on your nightstand, and a bunch of Stinking Nightshade tied together hanging over your windows, and doors.  This is a lot more pleasant than smearing yourself with rotted zombie parts, or weeks old human corpse remains.  Yes if you have nothing else this works as well, and will allow you to walk among the walking dead without the worry of being eaten alive! Of course, there’s a chance the zombie virus might be passed on to you!🧟‍♂️

Crystals & Gemstones That Protect Against Living Dead Zombies!

Besides plants Mother Earth often provides us with crystals and gemstones for use as paranormal protection.  These are generally not as potent as herbal solutions but can get the job done under the right circumstances. Even if that means a combination of stones used in unison. Our zombie research has field-tested limited success with wearing a combination of Granite (From A Gravestone Only!), Apatite, and Malachite. Most likely worn as a necklace or bracelet.  The more you can wear the better! Each must be in equal proportions to work. Granite is the bedrock of Mother Earth, and stuff that mighty mountains are made of. When made into gravestones, and planted at the site of a deceased person it acquires mystical properties related to the dead. Apatite has properties related to the mind, and ironically weight loss since zombies are all about gorging on humans! Malachite is a stone known to ease the transition between life, and death. Especially if a person has had a hellish life, and ghost formation is a real possibility.💎

When placed together these three stones create an anti-zombie trinity!  It’s not as potent as the plants mentioned above but it can be good enough to delay the zombies so you can make your escape!  Certainly adding these stones to your other zombie countermeasures will amplify your efforts, and support your survival in a dark damned apocalyptic world of zombie despair! Feel free to reply to this article with a comment if you know of any other zombie repellents!🧟‍♀️

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Mystic Investigations has never run across a Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid but there are ancient anecdotes of such entities existing. It seems they could hold the same power as their vampire sire and possibly even the generation above that of a sire. This potentially means a First Generation Royal Vampire created Hybrid would be as powerful as a Demi-Demon! If they still exist then they are quite rare. They are sometimes referred to as Vaewolf, Vampwolves or Wolfpires. Such beings are Vampires most of the time as the Werewolf DNA lies latent until full Moon nights. Although the amazing will power of the vampire would allow it to transform any time it so chooses, or even to resist transforming on long lunar nights.  The Hybrid could create a new vampire anytime while only being able to transform someone into a Werewolf when in full wolfed out form on the night of the 100% full Moon.  In addition, it seems they would have no ability to transform anyone into a hybrid at will or through monumental magics.

Despite Demonic Assimilates Vampire And Werewolf Are incompatible

Both vampires and werewolves are the product of powerful paranormal viruses which are demonic in nature. They enter the human body and alter the DNA supernaturally.  The vampire virus is more powerful than the werewolf, aka Lycanthrope virus.   In cryptozoological lab studies, the vampire virus always eradicates the Lycanthrope. A Werewolf biting a vampire causes the Lycanthrope Virus to pass into the bloodsucker. The vampire will experience temporary increased aggression, and an odd aversion to the Moon while their body fights the virus. A Werewolf partaking of vampire blood will weaken, have hallucinations, and other random symptoms which will last up to two days and nights. A vampire attempting to bring a Werewolf across into its dark sanguine shadows will most likely produce a dead Werewolf. A vampire transforms someone by draining them of nearly all their blood to the brink of death and then introducing their own blood to the subject. The Werewolf might survive the blood drain but it would not live through the introduction of vampire blood.

If Werewolf Vampire Hybrids Do Exist Then How Are They Formed?

Despite the supernatural incompatibility, there are various ancient scrolls, books of magic, and anecdotal evidence of the Hybrids. A Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid might be created with the right timing and some magical intervention. Apparently, the vampire must drain the Werewolf of blood taking it to the brink of death in its diurnal human form at the stroke of Noon on the day of the New Moon. Then a magical potion must be administered containing the following ingredients:

  • A bit of vervain
  • A bit of wolfsbane
  • A drop of quicksilver, aka mercury
  • A pinch of 24K gold dust
  • Three pinches of Dragon’s Blood from the Daemonorops draco plant
  • A bit of Sage
  • A drop of the vampire’s blood
  • A drop of the Werewolf’s blood from it’s fully wolfed out form

All of these items must be mixed within 13 ounces of unholy water blessed by a Dark Priest, or Priestess. The final malevolent mix should be a pitch-black goo. The entire 13 ounces must be poured down the Werewolf’s throat immediately after their blood is drained. Then they should lie seemingly dead until the New Moon is at exactly 0% of full.  At that point, the vampire is to introduce generous quantities of its own blood into the Werewolf. Theoretically, within 24 hours you should have a VaeWolf.  The two demonic based viruses find common ground together and strike an unholy balance. The Hybrid themselves, as mentioned previously, could not transform others into hybrids at will, or even with the method above. This would account for the rarity of this hybrid creature.  Not to mention the fact that no Werewolf wants to test this, and risk death!

Interesting Fact: Evidence indicates a Hybrid can only be killed through beheading and a silver stake to the heart. It seems to have great immunity to holy flames, paranormal poisons, and other normal methods of vampire eradication.

The Most Famous Hybrid In Fiction Is Klaus Mikaelson As Seen On The TV Show The Originals. Their take on the Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid differs from our reality.