Vampire Royalty Rank Titles

Vampires are the only supernatural beings to have a true global government. Although, Lycan Werewolves are working on forming their own. The Vampire Kingdom rules out of their Royal Capital hidden in Transylvania. It is called Diavol City. Every single place on Earth has an official vampire in charge of a given territory. Yes at this moment you are technically living under the rule of a royal vampire without even knowing it!  Not all vampires and other Supernaturals recognize their authority. However, they have no problem enforcing their living dead laws to keep their supernatural species a secret along with marshaling their kind in preparation for Armageddon.

Vampires Connection To The Devil

In this great paranormal war for the final fate of Earth & Humanity, the vampires will fight under the banner of the Archdemon & Emperor Of Hell known as The Devil. The vampires consider him to be their Unholy Lord Master and Dark God that they actually pray to. This is the case since vampires are ultimately derived from demonic lineage. The current King Of Hell Human Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo wasn’t originally recognized by the Vampires in any way, shape, or form! Now that he has allied with the Devil, vampires reluctantly recognize his unholy authority. On Earth, it’s said that the Devil’s son, the Anti-Christ, will be their final Vampire Emperor along with his wife the Dark Empress. Until installed the Demi-Demon Darktanian, a Demon-Human Hybrid, is the current Vampire Emperor & Devil’s direct Emissary of evil. He is more or less a messenger of Hell and passes on any orders from Satan while leaving the Vampire King and Queen to rule over their malevolent minions. Upon the Anti-Christ claiming the Emperor title Darktanian will then be the Vice-Emperor.

The Royal Titles Of Vampire Peerage

Below are the royal titles bestowed upon each generation of vampires who recognizes the royal hierarchy. Generally, only the first 13 Vampire Generations are considered royalty. In some cases, special vampires of later generations may be recognized by the Transylvanian King & Queen as deserving a higher title outside their generation. Most often brave vampires can become Dark Knights. When vampires enter into unholy matrimony the couple must adhere to the male and female forms of their given rank. Otherwise, a single female can hold a male title. Higher generational vampires may hold a variety of lower titles in addition to their official titles. The larger the collection of royal ranks the more prestigious one is considered in the dark kingdom. Any offenses against superior royals may result in demotion and even punishment!

First Generation
Those considered First Generation can have one of two origins. The first is the result of a demon completely possessing a human to the point of altering their DNA, and then mating with a human. These pure blood beasts are known as the First Vampires. Those upper echelon royals of direct demonic descent include King Dagan and Queen Gula along with the various Grand Princes & Princesses. The First Generation are the only ones who can give birth in the same way humans can.  Although they can only give birth once in their immortal lives. Those born vampires are Princes & Princesses. The only exception is the King, and Queen’s twin son & daughter who are titled the Crown Grand Prince & Crown Grand Princess. Each successive generation below is the result of the generation above transforming a human into a vampire. This is accomplished by nearly draining a human of blood to the brink of death, and then introducing paranormal vampire blood into the pre-vampires body to complete the process.

Second Generation
Archdukes, Archduchesses, Grand Dukes, and Grand Duchesses brought into the dark immortal shadows by elite First Generation Royalty. The infamous Vampire Dracula is 2nd Generation yet holds the title of Prince since King Dagan turned him into a vampire. One may become a Prince or Princess by direct bestowment from the King Or Queen. Dark unholy matrimony is another way to gain princely peerage.

Third Generation
Dukes, and Duchesses

Fourth Generation
Marquess’s, and Marchioness’s

Fifth Generation
Counts & Countesses. Theoretically, if Mystic Investigations very own Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander recognized vampire authority he would be a Count. Most likely with ruling authority over his birthplace in Scotland. Place of human birth or region where one became a vampire is a measure for rule over a territory. Although vampires can challenge another for authority in royal sanctioned battle whether directly or via a chosen champion. Anything outside the official claim process can be grounds for execution as an escalated war could expose the secret of vampires to the world!

Sixth Generation
Earls & Earlchess (a term created solely by vampire royals. In the human world there is no female equivalent to Earl.)

Seventh Generation
Viscounts & Viscountesses

Eighth Generation
Baron’s & Baronesses

Ninth Generation
Lord & Lordess

Tenth Generation
Knights (Both Male & Female). However males can be called Sir, and females Dame.  Knight is the most common secondary title held by the other generations of vampires. Often used as enforcers against those violating vampire law. However higher generations come into play if dealing with a powerful vampire fugitive, or a large group of lawbreakers. Those with special abilities and an impressive record are called Dark Knights.

Eleventh Generation
Esquire (Both Male & Female). Often high-paid professionals who hold prestigious jobs at human corporations and other organizations. They may be high-level executives, lawyers, doctors, and other professions that may be used to insinuate themselves into the human world to perpetuate plots for higher generations of vampires. They usually live in affluent gated communities among humans who haven’t a clue who their seemingly normal neighbors are.

Twelfth Generation
Gentleman & Lady. Some temporarily serve as Pages, aka servants, to currying favor, and gain higher ranking. Sometimes it’s just something to show loyalty early on in their immortal lives. They may also train with an Esquire and join them in their corporate job.

Thirteenth Generation
The Thirteenth Generation holds the simple title of Vampire. All generations after this are considered too impure for royalty, and the bloodline is too diluted with humanity. In fact, 13th Generation vampires are deeply discouraged from transforming humans into vampires. Fourteenth Generation and lower can usually beg their way into being Pages or servants of the minor royals. That is if they’re even deemed worthy! In that respect, they can attain higher titles of servitude in any given Vampire House. Those who prove themselves worthy may be able to attain a royal title after hundreds of years. Length of life brings ever-increasing powers and more probability of performing deeds that will impress the royals.

If a 13th Generation senses a special human they deem worthy to bring across the demarcation of death into the dark eternal shadows then they are urged to contact higher royals to do this. The same goes for human royals, billionaires, and upper echelon government officials who cooperate with the vampires. Such humans are essential for vampires to infiltrate the governments of the world! Those human royals who become vampires usually gain equivalent titles in the Vampire Kingdom as a reward for their loyalty.

Complete Example Of Vampire Royal Hierarchy
– Emperor Of Hell ArchDemon Devil😈
– ArchDemon Counsel Of Vampires (All ArchDemon’s who created vampire lines, including the Devil. All such ArchVampires have been wiped out furiously by Angelic forces as they posed an insanely monstrous threat to humankind! They are too wild to ever be a true royal! They generally let the lower Demon Counsel handle most vampire business as they are the sires of the vast majority of living vamps.)
– King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo
– Dark Prince Of Hell Sanguis (Dark Saint Of Vampires Sanguis) – Leads the Vampire Counsel. His Dark Prince & Saint status makes vampires who descended from his sire line the most powerful non-ArchVampire types.
– Demon Counsel Of Vampires (All Demons who created vampires lines.)
– Emperor Of The Vampires & Grand Emissary Of Hell – Demi-Demon Darktanian (Anti-Christ To Be Promoted When He Comes Of Age)
– King Dagan, and Queen Gula Of The Vampire Kingdom
– Crown Grand Prince & Crown Grand Princess Of The Western And Eastern Hemisphere’s
– Grand Prince & Princess Of North America
– Prince & Princess Of The United States Of America
– Archduke Of The US West
– Grand Duke Of The US Southwest
– Duke Of California
– Marquess Of Southern California
– Countess Of Los Angeles County
– Earl Of Los Angeles
– Viscount Of Westside LA
– Baroness Of Bel-Air
– Lord Of Upper Bel-Air
– Knights Of Bel-Air (Under the direct authority of the Baroness but they may take orders from the Lord as well.)
– Esquires (Knight Apprentices or those in professional trades who happen to live in the Lord Of Upper Bel-Air’s domain. Their services are at the disposal of all royals.)
– Gentlemen & Ladies are expected to show up at social engagements when invited or to supplement any missions, or battles on behalf of all royals above. They may also assist Esquires if they are training in a particular professional trade.
– 13th Generation Vampires who pledge loyalty to a particular royal are expected to always follow orders, and go where they are told.  Whether to assist royals or infiltrate corporations and human governments in key positions.

Interesting to note that all Princes and Princesses are expected to enter into dark marriages. Most other royals are expected to eventually tie the knot as it is thought their significant other will keep them in check and prevent any silly ideas of royal overthrow! This despite the fact that it is in a vampire’s nature to be free in their dark immortal trek into the never-ending threads of eternity!

All Vampires Fall Under The Rule Of Royals Whether They Like It Or Not!

All this being said a great many vampires simply choose to never enter royal circles and remain free agents. After all, they’re immortals with superpowers so why be shackled? Even if brought across by a royal they can declare their intent to remain free. Yet they must submit to a rudimentary pledge or face serious repercussions! They are also expected to do occasional favors for royals if they are in the position to do so.  Those who have accepted full titles can never leave under any circumstance. Their pledge of loyal service is eternal! All who incur the wrath of any royal faces execution from said royals, or their Knights! Vampires who have previously never touched royal circles who finally come into contact with one often end up dead since they have no knowledge of this. They tend to defy the royal who they simply see as just another vampire adversary. Quite a few low-generation vampires think that the Transylvanian royals are a myth. Unfortunately, if they live long enough they will realize the dangerous reality of the secret world of the royal vampires!

Additional Note: Woodland Springs, Colorado…home of Mystic Investigations Headquarters & Employees….is supposedly under the rule of the Vampire Countess of Comanche County named Saphiranza.  However, we’ve never seen her nor had anyone enforcing her rule thus far.  Certainly, our vampire Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander would have been contacted by now.  Although he’s made it clear to the world he doesn’t recognize the royals, and has said Woodland Springs is “his town”!

What Happens To The Human Parents Of First Generation Vampires?

The first vampires came from a demon completely possessing a human to the DNA level and then mating with a normal human. This first generation of royal vampires are the only vampires to be born along with the ability to give birth themselves. Otherwise, the rest of the vampires on Earth are simply transformed humans. The product of a paranormal process that involves draining their blood to the point of near-death before introducing vampire blood into their system. Blood containing the demonic-based vampire virus that permanently transmutes their DNA into an immortal living dead form. A frightening entity of darkness that subsists off supernatural sanguine blood energy!

What Happens To The Mortal Human Parents Of The First Royal Vampires?

This first generation of vampires born from humans has immortal lives that never end.  So what becomes of their mortal parents? The male participant almost always gets the shaft in this dark deal! Mainly because they’re seen as merely a necessary tool that can easily be disposed of! Whether the mortal male parent was the one being possessed or simply the human DNA donor, the end result is almost always death! If he was the possessed one then he dies not long after the non-corporeal demon leaves his body. Such a complete biological possession greatly degrades the fragile human body. The demon eventually has no choice but to leave the unlucky human host. Once the diabolical life force leaves the vessel then it’s a matter of hours before the human dies. The only exceptions are prolific demonic worshipers who asked for the honor of possession, and who are deep into dark protective magics.

The Non-Possessed Surrogate Father Of The Royal Vampire

If the male wasn’t the possessed party then he can stick around to raise his vampire spawn until it’s time for his mortal death. And that is only if he is completely down with it while obeying the orders of the Mother and the real demon Father. He will most likely be expected to sell his soul to show how invested he is in raising the vampire child in the ways of demonic darkness. In special cases, the Dad could prove his usefulness over time and possibly score immortal superhuman status just shy of rare Dark Immortal status. Generally, this requires the Devil himself to do some Archdemon alterations on the male’s DNA. If the surrogate father isn’t down with any of this or the actual Demon Father takes issue with them then the demon-possessed Mother sacrifices him to herself and Satan! When no Father is left alive then a Devilfather, aka dark Godfather, is often appointed to aid in raising the royal vampire.

The Mother’s Are Handsomely Rewarded For Bearing The Vampire Baby

Unlike the surrogate Father, the female gets a far better deal since she’s the one actually giving birth to a supernatural being. Whether she’s the possessed party or not, the conception of a vampire child grants her immortality status along with enhanced physical, and mental abilities. If she’s not the demonically possessed one then the pregnancy transforms here into a rare Dark Immortal. Something necessary for her to have the strength to bring the vampire baby to term. During the pregnancy, she will display temporary vampire traits such as glowing eyes, fangs, and cravings for blood.  As a Dark Immortal, she can never give birth again but she will have the abilities of a vampire without the weaknesses. Enhanced strength, speed, agility, senses, and more without the need to consume blood or anything else for that matter. She can also walk in the sunlight and be around religious artifacts.

The Dark Immortal Vampire Mother

Still, technically human her new superhuman DNA sustains her by directly taking enchanted energy from her soul. The Mother is encouraged to not commit murder or any especially heinous acts in order to keep her soul from going so dark that it transitions to demonhood or gets sent to Purgatory. She pledges her soul to the Father Demon but doesn’t officially authorize the sale of her soul until death to protects its integrity and power. That reward of royal demonhood in Hell is what awaits if Satan forbid the Mother falls prey to an unnatural death! In the meantime, her rich power-filled healing blood is a royal delicacy she offers up willingly on special occasions to those she deems deserving. Of course, offending the wrong royals could be a bad strategic move on her part. She usually listens to the counsel of her son or daughter. A child that could be the Vampire King or Queen someday thus making her King Mother or Queen Mother. The Mother will be treated as a living God for the rest of her days!

What Happens If The Vampire Mother Was The Possessed Party?

If the female was demon-possessed then the combination of the dark DNA transformation combined with the immortal alterations of the unholy pregnancy grants her permanent eternal Demi-Demon status. Although be it weaker than a true Demi-Demon birthed by a demon taking their own pure biological form, and mating with a human. Demons are actively prevented from taking pure biological form as Archangels and Angels can usually detect the Earthly incursion from Hell! The vampire baby growing within them stabilizes their new immortally transformed DNA and heals any damage their bodies may have suffered from the paranormal possession. As a Demidemon they will now not only crave human blood but also the entirety of their flesh! Although it isn’t necessary for their continued survival as they have the properties of the aforementioned Dark Immortal. However, consuming humans is considered a sacrifice to the possessing demon once they leave. It grants the demi-demon more power. The Demi-Demon mother is given a far higher status than the Dark Immortal mother. Demi-Demons have official dominion over first-generation royal vampires and are direct liaisons to Hell!

When Does The Demon End The Possession Of The Mother’s Mind And Body?

The demon who possessed them generally leaves as they have no urge to experience pregnancy and childbirth. Most of the time the mother is specially chosen as someone who already worshipped the Devil or had darkness in her heart. Sometimes those who are into dark magic. Even if she didn’t the combination of the possession and the vampire baby within changes her personality to the Satanic side. Her mind and body will welcome back the demon parent for temporary possession so they may spend time with their spawn. The rest of the time the demon parent remains in contact with their child telepathically or appearing in apparition form.🧛

Can You Become A Vampire?

Theoretically, anyone can become a Vampire. Although the odds of this happening to you are beyond astronomical. Seriously you would be more likely to get struck by lightning! Either you have to find a vampire or one has to target you. Frequenting various venues of numerous nocturnal social gatherings is your best bet at locating a vampire. On top of that, it isn’t very often vampires find someone they judge worthy enough to share an eternal blood bond. Indeed you will have a psychic bond with your vampire sire and be indebted to them forever. Most vampires who bring humans across into the dark sanguine shadows feel a responsibility to mentor their creation in the way of being a living dead predator. They wish to mold themselves an everlasting companion and minion who will back them up in all situations. Ultimately, the only way you can choose to be a vampire is to first be chosen by one.

The Powerful Pros Of Being A Vampire

If you’re hell-bent on joining the ever-living dead blood-sucking set then you should carefully weigh the pros and cons before taking the paranormal plunge. On the positive side, you will have immortality that frees you from the ravages of aging and the pain of disease. Although you can be temporarily weakened or injured by various means you will enjoy miraculously rapid restoration! Once you attain dark immortality you will become physically beautiful in every way if you aren’t already. Enhanced strength, speed, senses, and intelligence are additional gifts granted to the vampire. There are other telepathic abilities and hypnotic powers as well. Your high IQ intelligence and longevity should allow you to accumulate great wealth both legitimately and illegally with ease! Most vamps have no issue with living in the lap of luxury as they globe-trot around the world! Especially with the additional advantage of the wisdom and connections of your sire and their nefarious associates.

Paranormal Power Lies In The Generation Of Your Vampire Sire

The extent of these prolific powers is based on the generation of the vampire who sires you. The top prize is to become a second-generation vampire by the fangs of the royal elite first generation. The odds are astronomical this will happen as they are often in the circles of the rich and famous! If you did achieve such a feat then you would join the prestigious ranks of the infamous Dracula! You’ll also have the loyalty, and protection of your father or mother vampire along with any sired siblings who share your blood bond. Whatever generation you become you will see your powers increase with every century of life. However, do avoid being brought across into the living dead by the nasty Nosferatu. They are the lowest of the vampire community and your life will be pure hell for sure! At least you won’t live beyond 1000 years in that case since these ugly creepers aren’t immortal.

The Cons Of Vampirehood

On the negative side, you should expect a change in your personality. Your DNA will become demonic in nature as you’re cut off from your human soul. Instead, you will have a dark metaphysical spirit linked to the demon who created your vampire bloodline. Only people of exceptional character and strong will are able to transform into a vampire and remain in touch with their humanity. This is extremely rare in the vampire community. Your undying loyalty will lie with your new vampire family rather than your human one. You will regard them as a different species and easily leave them behind along with friends. You will care not for them or humankind in general as you think of them as meals or jesters to amuse your evil urges. Various atrocities could easily be committed by your hands. Things you may only regret if you die and enter the afterlife. There you will face a choice to be made demon in Hell or go to Purgatory to begin redemption so you may enter Heaven as a human.

The Dangers Of Being A Member Of The Living Dead

Food will no longer have much taste nor will it satisfy you in any way. You will only hunger for blood with humans being your number one craving for sustenance and power. You shall find it sweet-tasting and not disgusting as most humans would. Although you will be monstrously strong you can be weakened and killed. The death of a vampire results in the body spontaneously combusting into unholy flames and then turning to instant ash. The process is short yet seriously painful! The most common deaths are a wooden stake to the heart or exposure to the holy sun. A sun you can never again bask in without literally burning alive! Although you can enjoy sunrises and sunsets when the sun is below the horizon. You can only go outside at night and will be confined indoors all day long! No fun in the summer sun for the vexing vampire!

The Risk Of Public Exposure

Entering a church and being in the presence of holy religious artifacts is painful for vampires. It weakens them and can lead to death when exposure is prolonged. This includes holy water. If any of these things are present you could easily be exposed as a vampire. This could put your life in danger from various forces of righteousness or even Royal Transylvanian Vampires who you must obey. If you reveal your vampire nature to a crowd or the media they will send Enforcers to eradicate you and clean up the mess! Even if it wasn’t intentional you’re still dead or worse they’ll torture you for centuries to make an example out of you! As a vampire expect to be the target of Vampire Slayers who live only to hunt your kind down every day and night! Especially as you sleep during the day and are vulnerable to attack! Contemplate every aspect of being a vampire before making the commitment to enter the blasphemous bloody eternal darkness!🧛