Remember That Time Dracula Attacked Santa Claus?

‘Twas Christmas Eve of 1888 when Santa Claus found himself delivering gifts to the good little boys and girls of Transylvania, Romania. Santa landed his sleigh upon the roof of a modest home with smoke billowing from the chimney at the Witching Hour. He teleported down right into the flames of the hearth that kept the home warm on this especially chilly night.  Santa walked out of the flames without so much as a spark touching his suit and boots. He strolled over to the Christmas tree with his four-dimensional bag of toys. Two for the little boy and girl who slept soundly down the hallway. Also one for the recently widowed mother in need of much cheer.

Just as Santa was about to go back up the chimney he felt a dark presence afoot. His Angelic senses told him there was something unholy in the bedroom at the end of the hall. He crept away from the lit heart into the darkness cautiously. The door to the bedroom opened with a creak as Santa witnessed a well-dressed vampire hypnotizing the mother lying in bed. The vamp turned around with surprise as his eyes glowed red with anger. His hypnotic gaze swept away from the woman causing her to scream in terror. Santa stomped toward them and demanded, “Unhand that woman, you filthy fiend!” The vampire rose forth and exclaimed, “You shall die this night sir for you have disturbed my meal!” Read The Rest On Our Christmas Blog…

Does The Vampire Dracula Actually Exist?

Is Dracula Real?

Yes, indeed the infamous Vampire Dracula is real and to our knowledge still alive somewhere on Earth. Although the stories written about him, including Bram Stoker’s Dracula, are fictional for the most part.  Dracula was born in 1431 Transylvania within the Kingdom Of Hungary.  His full name was Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia.  As a human, he’s historically remembered as Vlad the Impaler.  His bloody sadistic reign as Prince included the horrifying impaling of 40,000 to 100,000 innocent Europeans! However, this torture was just one of many atrocities he ordered upon his own people in the name of power gone mad. The insane lust to see blood painting the landscape of his daily life. The Human Vlad died on the battlefield during a fight with the Ottomans at Bucharest, Wallachia in 1477 at the age of 45.

Dracula’s Ancient Royal Father And Vampire Sire

Vlad Dracula as he appeared in human form.

That day Vlad The Impaler not only died but was unfortunately born again into a sinister supernatural form that would maximize his dastardly deeds.  For years an extremely ancient royal vampire named, Crown Prince Dagan, had been observing Vlad.  He was impressed by his violent blood lust and charismatic intensity even in a limited mortal human form.  In fact, Dagan was a pure-blood first-generation vampire with the intent of making Dracula an extremely powerful second-generation vampire.  Dagan was one of the first of his kind on the advanced lost human civilization known as Lemuria which existed in the Pacific Ocean some 78,000 years ago.  He was actually born a vampire on this Earth 68,849 years ago. His human father was 100% possessed by the Demon Sanguis which caused DNA Demonization to occur. Sanquis is said to be the dark patron Saint of vampires whose blood-sucking line is the most powerful out of any demon progenitor. The possessing Sanguis biologically mated with Dagan’s human mother to create a pure breed vampire. This is how the first vampires came to exist on Earth.  Dagan is now King Of The Vampire Kingdom headquartered in Diavol City, Transylvania, Romania.

The Blasphemous Birth Of A Vicious Vampire

King Dagan felt that Vlad was a perfect candidate to become a member of the immortal living dead. It’s been said Dagan had a premonition that Vlad would die that day as he watched the grand battle from afar.  Since he was a first-generation vampire he was able to withstand the sun with adequate clothing and cover of brush.  When he observed Vlad ironically die by being impaled by an Ottoman Turk sword he casually strolled onto the bloody battlefield. He arrived just in time to stop Vlad’s head from being taken as a war trophy.  Dagan quickly dispatched eight warriors before whisking Vlad’s corpse away at light speed into the wilderness.  Dagan drained the remaining blood from Vlad and then introduced some of his own.  This brought him across into eternal supernatural darkness.

The Rise Of Dracula

Upon Vlad awakening as a vampire for the first time, Dagan declared he would be forever known as Dracula. He decreed it was time for Dracula to begin a new immortal chapter of his bloody life. Oddly enough becoming a vampire calmed Dracula down and he relished in the sadistic systematic hunting of his chosen human prey rather than mass murder.  Realistically though it would be insanity to bring the same attention to himself as he did when he was a human royal.  Human governments would investigate, and the vampire community would be exposed to potential eradication. In addition, Dracula had all the time in the world to enjoy the seduction of humans who caught his eye in a positive way.  However, they were merely meals for his blood lust!

The Paranormal Power Of Dracula

Even in the present Dracula is considered the most famous and one of the most powerful vampires alive!  Not only due to his high-ranking generational status, and centuries of existence but also due to his dabbling in the dark demonic magics. Something most vampires can’t partake of unless there’s something extra evil about them!  An element known as “The Gift“. This affords him additional powers not seen in the average vampire. In turn, it makes him more powerful than many first-generation pure breed vampires. He has crossed a few and they tend to not do anything about it. He considers himself invincible with his wide range of magical, psychokinetic, and telepathic powers that have destroyed many a Vampire Slayer! It’s also said he can walk in direct sunlight for limited periods of time while laughing in the face of crosses, holy water, and other religious artifacts! He’s also impervious to various magics used against him. This includes the Global Vampire Invitation Spell that stops vampires from entering homes without being invited in. Dracula can enter almost any residence he so pleases unless extra special power spells are put in place.🧛‍♂️

The Royal Titles Of The Vampire Dracula

Dracula’s Castle in Diavol City, Transylvania, Romania.

Since Dracula is an indirect offspring of a first-generation vampire, who are considered vampire royalty, he kept his title of Prince. King Dagan considers Dracula to be his finest creation, and a perfect model of vampirical darkness.  For this reason, Dracula has the honor of holding many royal titles that include the following:

  • Blood Prince Of Romania
  • Grand Duke Of Transylvania
  • Count Of Wallachia (A Transylvanian region of The Vampire Kingdom)
  • Prince of Wallachia (Former Human royal title still recognized by Human royalty)
  • Earl Of Diavol City (The secret dark Capital Of The Vampire Kingdom in Transylvania)
  • Dark Lord Master Of The Carpathian Mountains
  • Dark Knight Of King Dagan’s Royal Court

Dracula also holds the title of Royal Transylvanian Ambassador on some of his global jaunts. Often when someone has deeply offended the royals they send Dracula, and his dark minions after them with a vengeance!  Once Dracula has been sent forth to pursue you there is no place on Earth you can hide….well except perhaps North Pole City! 🙂

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Who Is The Blood Bather?

The Blood Bather is a monstrous immortal shapeshifter killing machine composed of the blood of virtually every species on Earth. It is the physical personification of blood in our world. Blood representing both the gift of life and the loss of death. The Blood Bather rose from the spilled blood of mass extinction 252.28 million years ago during Permian–Triassic Extinction Event. Interestingly enough, this catastrophic loss of life on Earth was inadvertently caused by the spontaneous birth of its Spirit, Goddess Gaia, aka Mother Earth. Her introduction into the equation altered our planet’s evolutionary path for the better in most cases since it spawned humans. Unfortunately, it is thought that her emerging consciousness along with a Natural Nuclear Reactor at the right place birthed forth the blasphemous Blood Bather!

The Blood Of The Dead Creates A New Heinous Life!

Within the natural radiation field, a massive pool of blood swirled with the lost hopes and dreams of innocent animal life. As the planet-wide consciousness of Mother Earth took shape it sparked the birth of Blood Bather. It is a giant blob of blood that absorbs all life-giving fluid it runs across on its journey across the planet. In the early days, the creature was only instinctual with very little intelligence. It only knew it wanted more blood. Eventually, it realized animals, and later on, people had blood within them. It had its fill of dinosaur blood until they went extinct! The Bather also goes after all supernatural beings who enter its perplexing path! Like an apex predator, it drained all of blood by enveloping them within its form and siphoning their vital fluids until death is achieved! The Bather may be the greatest serial killer in history due to the sheer number of deaths amassed over millions of years!

The Blood Bather Is The First And Only Of Its Kind

It’s possible The Bloody One is the first Shape-Shifter on Earth. In this way, it is also the first vampire as the monster subsists only from blood. However, the despicable blob has nothing to do with the creation of vampires nor is it affiliated with them. Some tried to form a cult around The Blood Bather as they dreamed of partaking of its blood and bathing within the sanguine monster. Naturally, big Bloody drained the vampire cultists and was disappointed they only desiccated into a dormant state. So it simultaneously beheaded them by twisting the blood body around their necks! It seems over the centuries other Blood Bathers started to spontaneously form in places where blood, radiation, and strong consciousness exist. Sometimes on battlefields. The Bather psychically senses the first embers of new Bathers globally and gets to them within hours or a few days at the most. He then overwhelms and absorbs them. The Blood Bather tolerates no others of its kind on its Earthly territory!

The Bather Of Bloods Natural State

The Blood Bather most likely never had a name until early humans branded the abomination. The name came from the bloody one literally bathing in the blood of itself and countless once-living beings. Although a blob up to 20 feet tall millions of years ago it eventually preferred a snake-like form thousands of feet long. Later the beast flattened it like that of a gargantuan tapeworm or red ribbon of swirling blood. Its ideal state is to slither and slide across the land and even into the dark depths of the ocean as the entire world is Blood Bathers hunting grounds. Gravity and environmental constraints caused the beast to compress the blood it collected into the smallest packages possible.

The Master Shape Shifter Of Molded Blood

The Blood Bather eventually honed its shapeshifting and compression powers to imitate any creature on Earth. Although when it gets too small it is said that it sheds a great deal of its bulk only to rejoin it later. Some have also suggested it’s begun transferring to a metaphysical matter form while still remaining a biological entity. This could explain how it can carry the blood of millions within a relatively small form that can remain hidden from humankind. At this point, it could spread into a huge river or seas of blood! Even with its dark crimson coloring, it can appear as a normal human being since it can utilize the light refraction properties of deeply compressed and molded blood globs. It could be someone right next to you. Possible clues are bloody sweat and bloodshot eyes with a slight crimsons glow. You can also expect they won’t say very much as conversation isn’t strong in this one. Also, the voice will sound odd as creating the right shape and density to approximate a human voice isn’t easy.

The Power Of The Blood Bather

Like vampires, The Blood Bather acquires the memories and skills of the individuals whose blood it absorbs. When humans came into existence The Bather had a great increase in intelligence and finally learned to speak. This along with the mastery of shapeshifting made it much more stealthy in hunting prey within our society. The Blood Bather has absorbed many psychics and saw its own defeat if it was too blatant in killing too many living things at a time. The Bather seems to enjoy human and supernatural being blood the most. Any human found drained of blood was either attacked by The Bather, a vampire, or some other blood-sucking beast! It’s thought The Blood Bathers absorption of natural-born witches and other magicians granted it the senses of sight, sound, and scent despite no face, eyes, ears, or nose. These things come from a metaphysical place of magic as seen in the faint red glow coming from it at night in its blob or snake form. So far it is unable to actually practice magic but it can cast a Curse and is immune to all forms of magic. Even the great Sorcerer Ian McTavish gave up battling The Blood Bather within a few minutes during a 17th-century battle that resulted in three dragons being drained of blood!

The Invincible Blood Bather

Possibly due to its metaphorical toes in the metaphysical energy realm Goddess Gaia, nature deities, and demons have been unable to eradicate it. Of course, demons, including The Devil himself, along with dark deities, tried to ally with the Bather. Thankfully, the Bloody one is a serious loner! There’s a suggestion it has begun assimilating the metaphysical program for blood in our reality. Apart of the very blueprints higher dimensional Gods used to manifest our world. To kill it could kill every being with blood coursing through their veins! So far no paranormal hunters have come close to taking down this bloody horror! Access to this program could also mean eventual ascension to Godhood as some type of Blood Diety! Hopefully, The Powers That Be will halt that insanity!

The Stuff That Nightmares Are Made Of!

The Blood Bather could theoretically be one of the most powerful paranormal entities on Earth. It has the power to destroy all life as we know it but something unknown holds it back. It could be a higher power or it fears if it went all out then we would launch all the nukes at it? Not that even thousands of nukes could kill it! An armada of higher-dimensional beings could probably take it down. With its amazing psychic power and connection to the human collective consciousness via blood who knows what future it sees. On a related note, this psychic connection has granted it access to our dreams thus creating another playground to spread its nightmarish existence upon! If you spot The Blood Bather then you’re already dead! That includes waking up from a nightmare about The Bather and then finding yourself lying in a pool of blood. Blood not coming from you or anyone else that you know of! It can spread itself out or move at insane speeds so running or even speeding away in a vehicle is useless! There are no known repellents or ways to terminate it. The Blood Bather is here to stay until the forces of righteousness win Armageddon thus bringing Earth under new holy management!🩸

The Blood Bather Was Last Seen In Florida

The US Paranormal Defense Agency classifies The Blood Bather as a paranormal phenomenon rather than a sinister sentient being. Therefore the genderless Bather doesn’t appear on their secret supernatural most wanted list. They certainly covered up the last verified report of its appearance in a woman’s bathtub in Miami, Florida on June 21st, 2020. She slipped into her tub and suddenly the water went blood red. She was in shock for the first moments as the experience was beyond surreal. The woman then screamed in terror as she was pulled under the bloody waters. As soon as the crimson tide shot out a nearby window the crystal clear water left a corpse devoid of even one drop of blood!

The Only Known Recording Of The Blood Bather

The mp3 recording below came from the tape recorder of a brave supernatural investigator in 2004. He had been on the trail of the Bather for a solid decade before running into him in the Amazon Rainforest. The man’s last words can be heard along with the Blood Bather! The Bather always has an odd voice since it comes from the shape-shifting voice box that sends its thoughts forth as sound waves. It also has very little conversational experience along with speaking of itself in the third person.

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  • The Blood Bather is not radioactive despite a Natural Nuclear Reactor being apart of its birth. In its early days, it might have had a good amount of radiation. However, the constant influx of fresh blood cleansed it as the radiation isn’t essential to its continued existence.
  • Top-flight psychics, seers, and mystics indicate that The Blood Bather ran across Jason Voorhees back in the 1980’s. The Bather spared Jason’s life as he had very little decent blood in his rotting corpse. It also noted that Jason killed many but always left the blood behind for The Bather. It respected that and left Jason to his murderous work.
  • The Blood Bather is privately being blamed for the rapid unexplainable color change in Lonar Lake located within India during June 2020. It’s thought the Bather slid through the lake on its way to parts unknown. Its chemistry reacted with the wonderous waters thus causing it to go from a brilliant blue to a sickly pink.[Twitter]