Why Do Vampires Burst Into Flames In Sunlight?

Vampires are repelled and injured by all things blessed holy. This is their plight as unholy demonic based entities of evil! Holy water is one example of a blessed religious artifact. That being water blessed by a Priest of any religion. These holy artifacts are often the tools used by those looking to repel and destroy the immortal blood suckers of the night. The light of the sun is also Holy because its light is the one thing directly blessed by God himself. Naturally, its holy rays are paranormally powerful! They cause the combustion of living dead vampire cells within seconds to a few minutes. The timing is dependent on their age. The older the vampire the more resistant they are to sunlight. A First Generation Royal Vampire might be able to withstand direct sunlight for several minutes. However, the sinister steam rising from their skin would give them away to the general public.๐Ÿง›โ€โ™€๏ธ

The Incredible Holy Photon

In humans, sunlight, or more precisely the Ultraviolet B Light, results in the production of Vitamin D. In vampires, they react to the entire spectrum of the sunlight in a negative way. No specific component of the light causes them to be repelled by it. These devils of the dark shadows fall prey to spontaneous solar combustion due to a high concentration of holy photons bombarding their unholy cells. Within these cells, the vampire virus flourishes around and intertwined with their former human DNA. When the photons come into contact with the demonic virus, and dark DNA it, in essence, cleanses it from the system. One would think this could be a cure for a return to human status. Unfortunately, the key problem is the deep intertwining of the vexing virus with the DNA. The holy cleansing eradicates the virus, and takes all the DNA with it!

Spontaneous Supernatural Solar Combustion

The entire cellular structure of the skin cells is destroyed first. This then exposes the next layer of their blasphemous body which in turn blasts into unholy fire. For brief moments the flames appear with familiar orange and yellow hues. Quickly beyond this, it becomes a mesmerizing fire with an eerie violet glow similar to a UV Black Light. Like a domino effect, the blessed light keeps taking out each successive biological living dead layer all the way down to the skeleton. As ashes of gray or black swirl about the dark skeleton lights up brightly to almost a blinding extent. In the end, nothing is left but a pile of unholy ash. Some cases of supposed Spontaneous Human Combustion are actually vampire’s accidentally exposed to sunlight or killed by a Vampire Slayer! The only exceptions to the complete combustion rule are those older First Generation royal vamps that can leave a skeleton behind with teeth and fangs intact. Every so often the media reports such a find but it is quickly dismissed as a hoax or given some logical explanation.

A Vampire Has Precious Little Time To Get Out Of The Sun!

The supernatural solar incineration process can happen very quickly once the average vampire is exposed to direct sunlight. They can withstand cloudy days to varying extents but most don’t risk it! Most vampires stay indoors or within the protective dark shadows of forests. When sunlight presents itself they have precious few seconds to find shelter as their skin burns, and unholy vapors rise from their body. Once they burst into flames the chain reaction happens rapidly as they transform into a pile of ash. Varying degrees of heavy clothing can provide temporary protection as they seek shelter. Although photons are still bouncing about everywhere. Naturally, someone wearing winter arctic gear with complete facial covering and dark UV googles will stick out in warms months. Thankfully, within such heavy clothing, they can’t move in a way that would allow them to effectively attack people.

The Safety Of Sunlight Reflected Off The Moon

Interestingly enough, Moonlight is safe, and even soothing to vampires despite being a reflection of sunlight. The Moon has the unique paranormal property of neutralizing the holy sunlight so it is harmless to virtually all demonic creatures of the night. Some even consider it unholy light. This is especially so during the times of the Blood Moon. No matter what the official unholy status of the Moon is it always has the infamous property of setting off the transformation of Werewolves. Their unique demonic DNA reacts to the Moons metaphysical energies more than the light itself.

Ingenious Unholy Solar Countermeasures

Some vampires have come up with ways to walk and even bask temporarily in the sunlight. These include Royal Vampires and others who have lived long enough to acquire great wealth along with making the right supernatural connections. Virtually every method of solar protection involves magic. All except Gnomes Blood. When ingested and smeared on a vampire-like suntan lotion Gnomes Blood provides comfortable protection for a few hours or so. Unholy Glass can light up a castle or mansion for a vamp to get rid of the usual dark doom and gloom. A dark witch, warlock, wizard, or sorcerer, in conjunction with a demonic priest, can create this special glass. In a way, it duplicates the neutralization power of the Moon. Some variations actually include moon dust. Vampires have been known to have car customized with this glass so they can drive about during the day. Daylights Rings and other unholy jewelry are another form of magical creation that repels holy solar light by simply wearing it. Fortunately, they explode and fail after too much usage. They also require extremely powerful magics to manifest. Overall humans are virtually always safe in the sunlight!๐ŸŒž


Can Nature Deities Cure Vampirism, Lycanthropy, And Zombification?

Could a variety of nature deities, including Mother Earth Goddess Gaia, cure a plethora of paranormal phenomena? Whether demonic afflictions that cause humans to become vampires and werewolves or even non-demonic conditions that result in zombies. The answer is indeed Gods, and Goddesses could cure such things and have in the past. Even Nymphs and Fairies have pooled power to aid in restoring humanity to those lost in the supernatural shadows against their will! In turn, the demons of Hell corrupted the Underworld and interbred with Dark Gods and Goddesses. They also created demonic breeds of Nymphs, Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns, and other servants of Mother Nature. In the face of mutually assured destruction, an agreement was reached between Gods and Demons to cause no further incursions into each others territory until the final battles of Armageddon commenced.

In addition, various agreements with the Angels Of Heaven as seen in The Supernatural Secrecy Pact prevent major interventions into the affairs of humankind and the denizens of darkness that put them to the test. However, Practitioners Of Magic calling upon Nature Deities in their respective wars of good vs evil are allowed to heed calls for help. More or less it takes a powerful witch, warlock, wizard, sorcerer, priest, or other true believers to get the attention of deities. Despite the obstacles of paranormal pacts the disciples of Mother Nature have been known to aid supernaturally afflicted humans in need. Whether indirectly through a humans magical practice or directly by their holy hand.

Other higher dimensional beings, including Jinn, can also reverse the vampire, werewolf, and zombie scourge along with other various supernatural states. Most commonly through Genies wishes. Of course, Angels could easily reverse just about anything but they are tightly bound by the non-interference policy of the Archangel hierarchy under the guidance of the Omniverse Lord. At the end of the day, it seems the highest level Lords want to play out every scenario possible in the various Parallel Universes to grant humans a wealth of knowledge and experience to prepare them for eventual afterlife Godhood. More Vampire Cures…

Can Silver Harm Or Kill Vampires?

Yes, 100% pure silver is a Kryptonite of sorts for vampires just as it is for werewolves. A pure 100% silver bullet or silver stake to the heart will cause instant death. Hitting them elsewhere will cause prolonged agony before their eventual death. However, if they can remove the silver from their body in time they can recover. Silver has a negative effect on a variety of paranormal beings with demonic DNA due to its ancient roots as a curative for various ailments. Just as all things demonic have been a plague on humankind from day one! The most common form of use in human maladies is colloidal silver. When injected with enough colloidal silver a vampire will get very sick and die. Silver essentially kills the demonic vampire virus that infects every vamp who was a former human. Natural born first-generation royal vampires have true demonic DNA while also carrying the virus so they can turn humans into their own kind. Unfortunately killing off the virus doesn’t revert the subject back to human form but rather a pile of ash!

Absolute pure silver is required or it will only make them sick, and they’ll recover. This is unlike Werewolves who are very sensitive to any amount of silver and can die from a silver-plated bullet hitting them anywhere. In addition, werewolves are going to die even if they remove the silver bullet rather quickly. Another important fact is that merely possessing silver will not repel a vampire as it does with werewolves who get deep negative energy vibes from the metal. Making contact with silver on a vampire’s skin will only cause minor burns. You can also take two bars of silver to form a cross which would repel a vampire with a bit more authority than a wooden cross.