Can You Become A Vampire?

Theoretically, anyone can become a Vampire. Although the odds of this happening to you are beyond astronomical. Seriously you would be more likely to get struck by lightning! Either you have to find a vampire or one has to target you. Frequenting various venues of numerous nocturnal social gatherings is your best bet at locating a vampire. On top of that, it isn’t very often vampires find someone they judge worthy enough to share an eternal blood bond. Indeed you will have a psychic bond with your vampire sire and be indebted to them forever. Most vampires who bring humans across into the dark sanguine shadows feel a responsibility to mentor their creation in the way of being a living dead predator. They wish to mold themselves an everlasting companion and minion who will back them up in all situations. Ultimately, the only way you can choose to be a vampire is to first be chosen by one.

The Powerful Pros Of Being A Vampire

If you’re hell-bent on joining the ever-living dead blood-sucking set then you should carefully weigh the pros and cons before taking the paranormal plunge. On the positive side, you will have immortality that frees you from the ravages of aging and the pain of disease. Although you can be temporarily weakened or injured by various means you will enjoy miraculously rapid restoration! Once you attain dark immortality you will become physically beautiful in every way if you aren’t already. Enhanced strength, speed, senses, and intelligence are additional gifts granted to the vampire. There are other telepathic abilities and hypnotic powers as well. Your high IQ intelligence and longevity should allow you to accumulate great wealth both legitimately and illegally with ease! Most vamps have no issue with living in the lap of luxury as they globe-trot around the world! Especially with the additional advantage of the wisdom and connections of your sire and their nefarious associates.

Paranormal Power Lies In The Generation Of Your Vampire Sire

The extent of these prolific powers is based on the generation of the vampire who sires you. The top prize is to become a second-generation vampire by the fangs of the royal elite first generation. The odds are astronomical this will happen as they are often in the circles of the rich and famous! If you did achieve such a feat then you would join the prestigious ranks of the infamous Dracula! You’ll also have the loyalty, and protection of your father or mother vampire along with any sired siblings who share your blood bond. Whatever generation you become you will see your powers increase with every century of life. However, do avoid being brought across into the living dead by the nasty Nosferatu. They are the lowest of the vampire community and your life will be pure hell for sure! At least you won’t live beyond 1000 years in that case since these ugly creepers aren’t immortal.

The Cons Of Vampirehood

On the negative side, you should expect a change in your personality. Your DNA will become demonic in nature as you’re cut off from your human soul. Instead, you will have a dark metaphysical spirit linked to the demon who created your vampire bloodline. Only people of exceptional character and strong will are able to transform into a vampire and remain in touch with their humanity. This is extremely rare in the vampire community. Your undying loyalty will lie with your new vampire family rather than your human one. You will regard them as a different species and easily leave them behind along with friends. You will care not for them or humankind in general as you think of them as meals or jesters to amuse your evil urges. Various atrocities could easily be committed by your hands. Things you may only regret if you die and enter the afterlife. There you will face a choice to be made demon in Hell or go to Purgatory to begin redemption so you may enter Heaven as a human.

The Dangers Of Being A Member Of The Living Dead

Food will no longer have much taste nor will it satisfy you in any way. You will only hunger for blood with humans being your number one craving for sustenance and power. You shall find it sweet-tasting and not disgusting as most humans would. Although you will be monstrously strong you can be weakened and killed. The death of a vampire results in the body spontaneously combusting into unholy flames and then turning to instant ash. The process is short yet seriously painful! The most common deaths are a wooden stake to the heart or exposure to the holy sun. A sun you can never again bask in without literally burning alive! Although you can enjoy sunrises and sunsets when the sun is below the horizon. You can only go outside at night and will be confined indoors all day long! No fun in the summer sun for the vexing vampire!

The Risk Of Public Exposure

Entering a church and being in the presence of holy religious artifacts is painful for vampires. It weakens them and can lead to death when exposure is prolonged. This includes holy water. If any of these things are present you could easily be exposed as a vampire. This could put your life in danger from various forces of righteousness or even Royal Transylvanian Vampires who you must obey. If you reveal your vampire nature to a crowd or the media they will send Enforcers to eradicate you and clean up the mess! Even if it wasn’t intentional you’re still dead or worse they’ll torture you for centuries to make an example out of you! As a vampire expect to be the target of Vampire Slayers who live only to hunt your kind down every day and night! Especially as you sleep during the day and are vulnerable to attack! Contemplate every aspect of being a vampire before making the commitment to enter the blasphemous bloody eternal darkness!🧛

What Happens When Vampires Die?

Do Vampires Have An Afterlife? Do They Go To Hell?

Whatever method by which a Vampire is extinguished they always burst into unholy flames until nothing is left but a pile of ash. Unholy ash is often used by practitioners of magic in various spells. Instead of floating into the white light of Heaven their dark demonic energy body or vampire spirit enters a portal of flames that ejects them into a dark void. Their vampire spirit is the equivalent of the human astral body or the lowest dimensional soul we have. This demonic spirit finds itself in the astral plane between life, and death.

A New Life In Hell As A Demon?

The demon who originated their line of vampires is linked to them, and will directly try to claim their disconnected human soul. Certainly, when their vampire sire brought them across into the dark bloody shadows they sub-consciously gave their soul over to him and the patron demon. Many make this choice out of fear or the promise of power and freedom. Most vampires are evil so they willingly go with the demonic progenitor to Hell to begin a new immortal life as a low-level demon with the hope of working their way up the ranks of damnation. Those who committed the most heinous acts are rewarded with higher-level demon status. Once their evil energy form is made demon in Hell that particular incarnation is cut off from their human soul permanently. They now vibrate at a different metaphysical frequency from their former human soul, and are considered a totally new person born of pure evil! The dormant disconnected soul itself is claimed by the Devil and Hell as a valuable everlasting metaphysical energy source.

Afterlife Redemption For Vampires?

There are a number of vampires who are evil in life but once within the Astral Plane facing the final death they are in more direct contact with their human soul. They start to regret the atrocities they committed over the centuries. There is a battle within themselves to make a final decision on their eternal status. In fact, this fight can manifest into a literal battle between their vampire spirit and human soul within a bubble Universe of sorts. Think of the Superman III fight between Dark Superman and Clark Kent. The venue created is often a place that meant something to them both as a human and vampire.

The Patron Vampire Demon vs The Human Soul

The malevolent demon judging them will get quite angry that they dare contemplate rejecting the generous offer of becoming a fellow demon. When the inner battle with themself resolves they could very well face a fight with the demon. If they don’t change their mind then the white light of their Guardian Angel intervenes and whisks them away to safety as the demon could take them straight to hell for torture! In the end, it’s estimated that 50% of the time the vampire chooses to join his human soul to begin the afterlife ascension process into the higher Heavenly dimensions. This may include a stay with Ice Demons in Purgatory before going to Heaven. There is often a punishment and delayed demon status for vamps who put up a fight before agreeing to go to Hell. They may languish in Hell for thousands of years as a mere dark soul used a plaything for Demons wicked delight.

Hope For The Benevolent Vampire

Those vampires who were good throughout their life are more gently charmed by the Demon. They know the vampire is more connected with his human soul and therefore Angelic intervention could take place if he attempts to force the vampire to join him in Hell. When the Demon ultimately fails to convince the good vampire to join him he will make some last-minute threats toward those they care about. In some cases, a vampire might sacrifice himself to Hell in order to save someone else if he thinks the threats are serious. Any type of coercion has the potential to draw in a Guardian Angel to take the vampire to the afterlife. Often when the demon doesn’t win they enter a blinding rage that sends the vampire flying across the Astral Plane. As he or she reaches the other side their human Astral body returns to them as the dark demonic energy form fades away. Quite a few benevolent vampires already had half their human astral body beforehand since the dark demonic energy didn’t take complete hold. Those types of vampires are the guilty angst-ridden ones who suffer in a hell of their own making while alive on Earth. Once out of the astral plane they are fully human again becoming one with their four-dimensional soul in the Heavenly dimensions of 5-D, and beyond!

Why Do Vampires Burst Into Flames In Sunlight?

Vampires are repelled and injured by all things blessed holy. This is their plight as unholy demonic based entities of evil! Holy water is one example of a blessed religious artifact. That being water blessed by a Priest of any religion. These holy artifacts are often the tools used by those looking to repel and destroy the immortal blood suckers of the night. The light of the sun is also Holy because its light is the one thing directly blessed by God himself. Naturally, its holy rays are paranormally powerful! They cause the combustion of living dead vampire cells within seconds to a few minutes. The timing is dependent on their age. The older the vampire the more resistant they are to sunlight. A First Generation Royal Vampire might be able to withstand direct sunlight for several minutes. However, the sinister steam rising from their skin would give them away to the general public.🧛‍♀️

The Incredible Holy Photon

In humans, sunlight, or more precisely the Ultraviolet B Light, results in the production of Vitamin D. In vampires, they react to the entire spectrum of the sunlight in a negative way. No specific component of the light causes them to be repelled by it. These devils of the dark shadows fall prey to spontaneous solar combustion due to a high concentration of holy photons bombarding their unholy cells. Within these cells, the vampire virus flourishes around and intertwined with their former human DNA. When the photons come into contact with the demonic virus, and dark DNA it, in essence, cleanses it from the system. One would think this could be a cure for a return to human status. Unfortunately, the key problem is the deep intertwining of the vexing virus with the DNA. The holy cleansing eradicates the virus, and takes all the DNA with it!

Spontaneous Supernatural Solar Combustion

The entire cellular structure of the skin cells is destroyed first. This then exposes the next layer of their blasphemous body which in turn blasts into unholy fire. For brief moments the flames appear with familiar orange and yellow hues. Quickly beyond this, it becomes a mesmerizing fire with an eerie violet glow similar to a UV Black Light. Like a domino effect, the blessed light keeps taking out each successive biological living dead layer all the way down to the skeleton. As ashes of gray or black swirl about the dark skeleton lights up brightly to almost a blinding extent. In the end, nothing is left but a pile of unholy ash. Some cases of supposed Spontaneous Human Combustion are actually vampire’s accidentally exposed to sunlight or killed by a Vampire Slayer! The only exceptions to the complete combustion rule are those older First Generation royal vamps that can leave a skeleton behind with teeth and fangs intact. Every so often the media reports such a find but it is quickly dismissed as a hoax or given some logical explanation.

A Vampire Has Precious Little Time To Get Out Of The Sun!

The supernatural solar incineration process can happen very quickly once the average vampire is exposed to direct sunlight. They can withstand cloudy days to varying extents but most don’t risk it! Most vampires stay indoors or within the protective dark shadows of forests. When sunlight presents itself they have precious few seconds to find shelter as their skin burns, and unholy vapors rise from their body. Once they burst into flames the chain reaction happens rapidly as they transform into a pile of ash. Varying degrees of heavy clothing can provide temporary protection as they seek shelter. Although photons are still bouncing about everywhere. Naturally, someone wearing winter arctic gear with complete facial covering and dark UV googles will stick out in warms months. Thankfully, within such heavy clothing, they can’t move in a way that would allow them to effectively attack people.

The Safety Of Sunlight Reflected Off The Moon

Interestingly enough, Moonlight is safe, and even soothing to vampires despite being a reflection of sunlight. The Moon has the unique paranormal property of neutralizing the holy sunlight so it is harmless to virtually all demonic creatures of the night. Some even consider it unholy light. This is especially so during the times of the Blood Moon. No matter what the official unholy status of the Moon is it always has the infamous property of setting off the transformation of Werewolves. Their unique demonic DNA reacts to the Moons metaphysical energies more than the light itself.

Ingenious Unholy Solar Countermeasures

Some vampires have come up with ways to walk and even bask temporarily in the sunlight. These include Royal Vampires and others who have lived long enough to acquire great wealth along with making the right supernatural connections. Virtually every method of solar protection involves magic. All except Gnomes Blood. When ingested and smeared on a vampire-like suntan lotion Gnomes Blood provides comfortable protection for a few hours or so. Unholy Glass can light up a castle or mansion for a vamp to get rid of the usual dark doom and gloom. A dark witch, warlock, wizard, or sorcerer, in conjunction with a demonic priest, can create this special glass. In a way, it duplicates the neutralization power of the Moon. Some variations actually include moon dust. Vampires have been known to have car customized with this glass so they can drive about during the day. Daylights Rings and other unholy jewelry are another form of magical creation that repels holy solar light by simply wearing it. Fortunately, they explode and fail after too much usage. They also require extremely powerful magics to manifest. Overall humans are virtually always safe in the sunlight!🌞