Do Wicked Witches Have Green Skin?

Are there witches with green, or grey skin along with warts, insanely long hook noses, facial deformations, glowing eyes, and even claws?  Yes it’s true that such witches exist.  When anyone delves deep into the dark magics they are almost always calling upon demons for power.  This infuses the body with demonic energy which begins to warp the human form that is a gift from holy beings.  The longer a witch or warlock practices their devilish darkness the more their appearance leans toward the demonic in form.  Those witches of nefarious intent who are able to prolong their lives past the normal human lifespan are usually the ones who appear the most hideous.  This is the price one pays for dealing with the Devil, and his demonic minions for the purposes of unholy power.  However they can magically Glamour themselves to appear strikingly beautiful.  This temporary illusion has fooled many into undesirable situations with these despicable creatures.

As a witch or warlock heads down the dark road to Hell their hair will turn jet black, if not already gray from old age.  The hair will always retain some black, and will never go fully free of melanin.  The evil ones skin will grow quite pale in color.   If they have darker ethnic skin then we don’t see much change at this stage.  Next their skin will begin to grey signifying the death of their soul. A green skin tint indicates full servitude to the dark lord of the netherworld in the dark dimensions beyond our own.  By this time the warts, and other skin conditions, will start to appear as the hook nose forms, and the face becomes gradually deformed.  These hideous features extend throughout the body.  One of the final traits is the growing of claws in place of their fingernails, and toenails.  In addition eyes glow on all witches, good or evil, when they are in the midst of conjuring up some major magics.

There can be a wide variation on the combination of these physical features based on genetics, especially if they’re a hereditary witch, what they choose to hide through Glamour spells, and what other efforts they might partake of if they don’t want to evolve into a disgusting wretch of a witch.  Clearly the first image on the left is of an old hag who could care less about her appearance.  The second one on the right has managed to magically keep her beauty while sporting the tell tale sign of demonic green skin.  Also black hair doesn’t always mean evil.  Someone could naturally have black hair, and be into the white magics.

Hot White WitchI myself am a good witch, or at least I fancy myself one, and we generally get more beautiful so as long as we don’t over do it, and wear out our bodies.  Of course there’s also the fact that our magic tends to not be as powerful as those deep into black magic.  Who would subject themselves to deformation of body, and soul without the promise of great power?  Those who practice the white arts for a long time with moderation tend to look very healthy.  They usually have excellent figures despite eating what they please due to the healing energies that infuse within them along with a high metabolism.  Due to the magical metabolism even the evil witches will not grow to obese levels.  The lovely locks of the white witch will tend to gravitate away from the darker shades.  Many good witches have blond, or red hair even if they’re of non-Caucasian decent.  However some might magically dye their hair.  Practicing magic for the purposes of goodness, and fighting the forces of supernatural evil can bring many rewards including the gift of Goddess like beauty of a bewitching nature.  Those choosing to serve evil will find the punishment of being repelled by ones own mirror image.  No matter what steps they take to appear alluring the mirror will never lie to them or anyone else.  So if you’re suddenly the center of attention for a lusciously lovely individual please check out their image in a mirror before proceeding into intimate territories with them. 😉

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    • She’s a Gemini like Xavier. Drake was born on March 15 so he’s a Pisces or was. Technically he was re-born as a vampire on Sept 12, 1297 so he would be a Virgo. That being said however Astrology tends to be far less accurate for those transformed into supernatural creatures.

  2. Hello Rebecca, 🙂 That was cool. You are right about the appearance of evil witches. I have met more than one! And I’ll tell you they are what they look like. The warts and hooked nose.. chin sticking out. Not nice at all. You’re also correct about the lighter hair color and red. I’m a strawberry blonde. I’m a white witch! My eyes change from a bright yellow to a dark green. Sometimes they also reach full black when the pupils dilate when I get upset! Freaks people out! The women who fit the wicked witch description have such black hearts. They were even wicked to there own children. I’m not going to go into great detail. But I stay away from anyone who fits those nasty descriptions of women. The women in my family are beautiful blondes. I’m the only red head in both sides. My fathers side, the women have dark hair. This is a very interesting subject! Thank you for this Rebecca. You made me realize how many wicked witches I know. wow. Scary.. No wonder why I have bad luck! 😉

    • How in the everlasting deep blue sea did I miss your comment? 🙂 I admit I don’t reply to things a lot due to my mind being in sensual place much of the time which is putting it mildly. That is when I’m not fighting the forces of evil. I use my Mermaid side coupled with the magics that mingle within me as an excuse but perhaps it’s all over the top. My witch friends have the same problem to a lesser extent, and based on the sounds I heard as a child coming from my parents bedroom day, and night my Mother might have been even worse…LOL! 😉 The evil witches become so ugly that they can’t even satisfy such urges but they tend to use their demonic magic to shut themselves off as it were. Dimitri Diablo does the same thing, or that’s what I’ve heard.

      Those wicked witches can’t give you bad luck unless you believe in they have the power to alter your luck. Now Clurichaun’s are a different story. Those little bastards really know how to wield the power of bad luck.

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