What Is Non-Corporeal Energy?

Non-Physical-EnergyThe ultimate source of Non-Corporeal Energy is the pure consciousness of the Macroverse God.  This energy is passed on to his sapient creations that include us humans who reside in his mind.  Non-Corporeal Energy is intellectual, and emotional information sent forth from Gods to create the vast infinite dimensions, Universes, and worlds of the Macroverse. It is the ultimate programing language from the Master Programmers of reality itself!  All forms of energy, whether physical, metaphysical, or Non-Corporeal, are dynamic vibrating energy fields, and streams that act as the foundation for all Universes, and planes of existence. Non-Corporeal Energy, or Pure Information, was thought to theoretically exist even before the Macroverse God as an infinite ocean of random data that evolved into a coherent program that then created said God.  Others believe that they someone created each other simultaneously through an ultra inexplicably incomprehensible infinite dimensional Causal Loop Paradox! Non-Corporeal Energy is the source of everything including us! Someday through the Afterlife higher dimensional ascension process we will return to the source!

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