What Is The Difference Between Lucifer, Satan, And The Devil?

Satan The DevilAll three evil entities are technically the same supernatural being of darkness who is said to be the progenitor of all evil in our Omniverse. Some have said Satan The Devil is the very personification of evil in the Omniverse. However, an entity out of paranormal play, The Darkness, has that role. The Devil is a higher dimensional creature originally born directly by the hand of God as an Archangel of the light named Lucifer. His pride and ego eventually caused him to question if his Father, God of the Omniverse, deserved to hold dominion over all things.

Lucifer Rebels Against God

Lucifer’s major disagreement with God sprung from humans being granted Angelic ascension to Heaven. This included eventual Godhood thereby trumping the natural born Angels such as himself. Lucifer attempted to possess the very mind of God and take over all dimensions of Heaven. He failed and fell from grace. He became the first fallen Angel, and took 1/3 of God’s original Angels with him. They were those who had jealousy toward humanity surpassing their power. Since this was outside of time as we know it he, and his dark lot actually fell to Earth during the time of the dinosaurs before humans even existed! There the Devil played God and created his own race of dinosauroids, aka reptilian humanoids.

The Descent From Archangel To Archdemon

Fallen Angels eventually transform into demons via a natural paranormal process caused by being cut off from the grace of God. Lucifer transformed into a diabolical Arch-Demon who renamed himself Satan. Satan literally means adversary since he thinks of himself as God’s equal. 
His official title is Satan The Devil: Chief Archdemon Of The Omniverse. Devil is the highest title a demon can hold, and it is held by the Emperor Of Hell.  Hell being the fifth-dimensional dominion of demonhood.  This means that some other entity of evil could potentially hold the title of Devil.  The title is honorable among demons but God chose to have its meaning be that of slanderer.  Armageddon, the final battle of good vs evil, will feature Satan as a major player vying for rule of the Omniverse. This among others who wish to oust God from power to enact their own brand of regime change. Although as impossible as it sounds the only way to do this is by possessing the mind of God which is the very Omniverse within which we all live!

The Blasphemous Business Of Mining Human Souls

The Devil and his demons work to corrupt humankind in order to embarrass God and prove him wrong. They also buy human souls wherever they can by granting wishes to humans willing to sell. These souls have immense power since they are destined to be Gods someday. They provide major metaphysical energy fuel for Hell and its minions! Those who sell their souls are usually transformed into demons just as most humans became angels in Heaven. This process involves gradually replacing the human soul with a growing dark demonic spirit. The soul is then stored in Hell as an enchanted energy reserve.

Does The Angel Lucifer Still Exist?

AngelIn the tradition of humans living out a simultaneous plethora of lives in Parallel Universes, there are rumors that Archangels who fall from grace actually split into two entities. One good, and one bad. The reason for keeping this a secret would be to keep the two from interfering with each other. Plausibly recombining into one entity. Minor metaphysical evidence indicates that Lucifer still exists in Heaven but has kept an extremely low profile. The Omniverse is about playing out mathematical probabilities while maintaining balance between good, and light. Therefore it would make sense that the Archangel Lucifer might still exist. In fact, there are cults who worship him and deny the existence of the Devil.

One thing we know is that the Devil does have parallel selves in other Multiverses, aka conglomerate of related parallel Universes, he doesn’t have access to. The complex multidimensional nature of his Archangel form dictated that he be split into a wide array of Multiverses as a five-dimensional being. So it’s thought that Lucifer, his good twin, would manifest in a wide array of adjacent Multiverses. This Lucifer would probably regret his decision, and see his exile as something he deserves. A chance to redeem himself in God’s eyes so he may return to Heaven someday.

He would retain rare Fallen Angel status without descending into demonhood. Eventually, his good deeds would earn him the lowest Angel status. Yet his admission to Heaven would be denied until he’s deemed worthy of reentry.  It’s plausible he might work to redeem Ice Demons, and help them get back their Angel status. Little else is known about this hypothetical Lucifer.

An actual quote from the Devil when he was on Earth in 2013…😈“I questioned the Holy Lord as to why humans should eventually ascend to Godhood? Why their spirits should burn brighter than an Archangels?👼His response was to eject me from my home and brand me as a rebellious villain! So I played the part he gave me and the rest is history! Humans only have him to blame for my wrath upon them!”👿

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    • We believe that only the Omniverse God, and the highest dimensional beings, including Archangels, know the secret of leaving this Omniverse. Not even the greatest sorcerers on Earth, Ian McTavish & Dimitri Diablo, know how to do that. We also have no knowledge of anyone figuring out how to leave this particular Multiverse. Although it stands to reason anyone living in the dimension beyond this, such as the Devil, would know how to travel to other Multiverses.

  2. I am Luke, Andarga’s guardian angel. I’m one of the highest archangels to exist. he came to ask you this: Am I worthy of Jesus Christ’s presence?

    • I’m going to assume Luke is the name of AnDagra’s soul because it’s common knowledge that our higher dimensional selves act as our own guardian angels. Also none of us can speak for Jesus here. Not even I despite meeting him during a time travel excursion back to 25 AD. He was a great man who taught me to be a master carpenter, and turned me human while in his presence. However I reverted to vampire form once I returned to my own time. I guess you can’t know for sure if you’re worthy of Jesus presence unless you attempt to physically be in his presence. When I spoke to him he said he gets millions of people time traveling to visit him from every time period past his own either through magics, or technology. Naturally this level of temporal incursion would deeply contaminate the timeline. However he was speaking from a five dimensional perspective since he lived as the Earthy Jesus Christ across a mind boggling number of parallel Universes. In several cases Angels have prevented the time travelers from meeting Jesus as they were not considered worthy. I’m honored that I was allowed to approach the son of our Holy Omniversal God, and get to know him over the course of a week. It was at a point in my life where I was doubting my existence in my unholy vampire form. I had contemplated ending my life but I thank Michael Remington for acting quickly, and sending me back to seek counsel with Jesus Christ. I’ve been told that just about any other vampire would have burst into flames in his presence as he is the holiest artifact to ever exist on Earth.

      • i heard that Jesus Christ have a alien dad or something maybe or not but i also heard that he fake his death is that possible?
        there was many book about Jesus Christ fake his death or something..like marry to mary the hooker..or something anyway sorry for my bad English so do you know what i mean.
        write back.

        • Drake swears he felt an immense indescribable supernatural aura coming from Jesus Christ. Although rumors have swirled for centuries that Jesus was simply a gifted human born with amazing telekinetic, and psychic powers. An extraterrestrial, or hybrid, and some have even indicated he was an Earthly God somewhat like the Greek or Roman Gods. Others have said he was just a clever human who was an amazing magician who used illusion to fake his powers to form a cult following.

  3. holy smoke I need to ask Luke about Jesus Christ I want to meet him.
    Andgra I want to meet Jesus Christ can you contact him or not? just wonder.

  4. what kind of a supernatural being am I if I was one because I actually want to become a supernatural being like a Demigoddess but I need to know some clues in figuring out who I am.

  5. Lucifer was the most highly evolved if god’s spiritual creations, discovered god-consciousness and taught it to his fellow spiritual creatures, the god was mad and kicked them out of heaven. Lucifer started to try to teach man god-consciousness in order to free us from ignorance and god’s control. Lucifer I believe is a good character…

    • He was the Omniverse Gods favorite son next to Jesus himself. They obviously had a major disagreement on the course of humankind destiny. Even if Lucifer’s original intent was good he’s now the Devil of evil. If you want to hang with him in Hell that’s fine but I doubt you’d have much fun there. I’ve been there, and it’s hell!

    • Diablo has been building up power for centuries through Sorcery along with consolidating his parallel selves in other Universes, and Multiverses. He caught the Devil in a vulnerable moment. He descended to a biological form, and then was met with a large force of magical warriors. Diablo stepped in at the perfect moment, and took the Devil down several pegs. Despite him being evil we do reluctantly admire the fact that a human was able to beat the Devil.

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  7. i have a another Question is this Xavier Remington about the caught up the (Rapture) in the holy bible is that about Alien Return and Took True Christian to heaven??
    or Jesus Christ himself took Christian to heaven??? write back thank you

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