January 30, 2023

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We’re a paranormal investigations firm that not only deals in the world of the supernatural but also in the nefarious underworld of human evil.  We also delve into various conspiracy theories that beg to be solved.  Luckily our wealthy clients allow us to partake of plenty of pro-bono work on behalf of those seeking help or to simply satisfy our own curiosity.  We are a force of good in a cold world filled with darkness as we fight for truth, justice, and the ultimate freedom of humankind.  This blog was created for those who wish to have answers to paranormal questions they never thought answerable before.  Simply reply to this post or any other post with your questions via Facebook Comments. Click here to see some of our past questions.

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33 thoughts on “About Us

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  2. Xavier Remington:
    No unfortunately Drake received hundreds of requests a day, and cannot personally reply to everyone.He wouldn’t have time to get any work done here at Mystic Investigations, or have a personal life.

    Okie dokie. Well I think there is something going on in the Denver CO area. I have some more information. I would like to discuss with you all, but the number on your card doesn’t work.
    The thing I have seen; I’m not sure what it is, or what it could be. Though I have seen it twice. Not sure if just by coincidence? Or if it might be tracking/hunting me? I’m a whimpy mortal. So I stand little to no chance to whatever is out there.

  3. Hello Xavier.. 🙂 I love the new look in here. Yeah I can vouch for how busy you all get! 😉 I check in every so often to see how you’re doing. I’m getting ready to move soon! Been giving stuff away from my garage. I’m like just take it away! People were asking if I wanted money for it. Lol I said no.. Thanks for taking it. Talk to you all soon! 🙂

    1. To be blunt our last WordPress theme was a blue blazing bastard! Every time we tried to add some new element it had a sissy fit. In fact it seems any other theme other than the standards produced by WordPress themselves always have issues, and aren’t compatible with all WordPress additions. So we spent a whole day jacking around, and getting things in order! Screw these sons of bitches, and their lame attempts at creating independent WordPress themes! LOL! Our advice to anyone creating a WordPress blog is to just stay with the default themes in the Twenty series whether they be Ten, Eleven, or Twelve.

      Where are you moving? Woodland Springs, Colorado? A house was just sold a few down from Remington Manor here on Enchantment Lane. The house next to our neighbor Tiffany Sanders. She’s the best neighbor ever. Always inviting Rebecca, and I over for afternoon tea, and scones along with her dinner parties. Years ago before we even started our website she had a Halloween murder mystery dinner party that took place a week before Halloween. Unfortunately it turned out that some sick serial killing cannibal who escaped from a mental asylum sneaked in, and was in disguise since it was a costume party. His name was Bernard Annabel, and he was killing people for real. Everyone was standing around with glee laughing over the first victims body since they thought it was a fake but then Rebecca said,”Hey wait a minute I smell real blood!” Rebecca bent down, and said,”This bastards dead!” I confirmed it as Tiffany screamed,”Oh crap!” Everyone started screaming especially as I turned the body over, and saw the mans heart had been removed. Then some guy said,”Sweet Mother of God what the hell is this chunk of flesh over here.” I took out my trusty magnifying glass, and saw it was a half eaten heart with human teeth marks in it. Everyone started going even more crazy running for the exists. Until a the masked Bernard grabbed Tiffany from behind, and had a knife to her throat as he yelled,”The bitch dies if anyone leaves!” Some guy whined,”Screw this man!” He opened a door, and booby trap sent a spear through him knocking him dead to the ground. Bernard then said,”Oh yes also I have all the exits rigged. This entire house is my kill room unless you all bow to me as your master, and beg for your miserable lives.” He then laughed maniacally, and said,”You! The red head! Close the door, and reset the trap now bitch!” Rebecca then said,”Listen you giant pile of pond scum…” He then interrupted, and screamed,”NO you listen whore! Do it now of Miss Sanders will be my Midnight snack!” Rebecca reset the booby trap, and I said,”Please let Tiffany go. You can lock us in a room, and get away.” He replied,”I’ve been locked away in a hell hole for over ten years! I’m finally having fun! No I think I’ll be staying!”

      Rebecca started to dial Drake on her phone but he immediately demanded everyone’s cell phones. He also attacked some odd looking metal device he improvised. It looked like something out of the Saw movies. He sat Tiffany on a chair, and told us if she moved, or anyone attempted to harm him then she would be done for. He then hosted a most hellishly macabre evening complete with a dinner made out of the corpses. He then wanted us to play a little game he had just thought up. A game of riddles where those who lost would die. We couldn’t allow this to go on much longer. Unfortunately Rebecca didn’t have as much magical powers back then. She’s acquired a lot in a short period of time over these last few years. It seems some of the energy she absorbed from the Mystical Forest that time she flew into outer space to save me from the alien vessel stayed with her even after her subsequent death, and resurrection. Anyway she told Bernard she was impressed with his culinary skills, and wanted to bake a dessert with him. She was in fact mixing a potion using common kitchen ingredients which ended up including her own magical Mermaid-Witch blood. She then ran out of the kitchen, and dumped the bowl all over Tiffany while reciting an incantation. Bernard then said,”What the hell are you doing?” I then came from the side of him, and clocked him in the kisser. He was a tough bastard, and didn’t go down. He then snarled,”She’s dead!” He then pressed a switch on his hand that was connected to a cord up his sleeve. However nothing happened as Tiffany stood motionless not even blinking her eyes. Bernard then said,”That’s impossible!” Rebecca then replied,”Not when you’re a witch you wretched puke. Tiffany is frozen in her own bubble of time! You can’t harm her!” I then got him in a head lock while he was distracted as Rebecca cheered me on,”Yeah kick his sick ass Xavier” He had tremendous strength as most serial killers do, and he belted me in the ribs with his elbows, and tossed me into an end table. Rebecca then bellowed,”You knocked my boyfriend out you bastard!” She then kicked him in the face, and they fought. They ended up wrestling on the floor as he said,”Damn bitch you don’t look that big but you sure are strong!” He pulled out a knife with his lightening fast reflexes, and stabbed Rebecca in what he thought was a precision targeting of her kidney. Rebecca then reacted,”Damn that hurt but there’s really nothing much there. My Kidney is more centrally located. I’m half Mermaid you idiot!” She then started making high pitched clicking sounds that pierced his ears causing great pain. Rebecca head butted him, and then threw him off her.

      Bernard then roared with homicidal anger. By then everyone had run upstairs, and was hiding in fear. I awoke, and tackled Bernie but he bit my ear off as Rebecca hopped atop the cannibal as well punching him repeatedly in the face as I punched him in the chest while bleeding all over the place. Rebecca was bleeding as well from her wound. Bernie then screamed like a baby,”Stop you silly little fools! I have another hostage!” We stopped, and I said,”The hell you do sicko!” He then told us he escaped with a friend, and if he didn’t call a number every thirty minutes with a password then a woman would be killed. Rebecca looked into his eyes, and utilized her empathic abilities to gleam that he was telling the truth. He began laughing maniacally as we got off him. He then said,”Clearly I’ve stumbled on to the world of the supernatural here. You’re really a Mermaid Witch? I have been growing tired of human prey. Perhaps it’s time to raise the stakes, and challenge myself. Say do vampires exist?” I said yes, and he asked where he could find one since he always fantasized about killing one, and eating it for dinner. I then gave him Drake’s address. I was gambling that a 742 year old vampire would be more than a match for a serial killer who just learned about the existence of vampires. Everyone was locked in the basement, and the three of us drove to Drake’s house.

      We all came to the door, and had to pretend we were all attacked by some monster. While Drake was distracted by all the blood from our bleeding Bernard shoved a wooden stake through Drakes back right into his heart. Drake collapsed on the floor in pain as Rebecca called upon a Goddess I can’t recall, and tossed Bernard causing him to crash through the window with telekinetic powers. We went to Drakes aid, and pulled the stake from his back. Luckily it had only nicked his heart. We quickly told Drake what was happening as Bernard crashed back through the window roaring like a mad man with blood from his glass cuts flowing about. He then declared,”I just made the phone call! The hostage is about to be killed, and you’re all about to die as well!” He then opened fire with a flame thrower dousing up in flames. Bernard cackled with glee as he said,”Soups on sons of bitches!” Drake raced through the flames at super speed, and knocked the flame thrower out of his hands while gripping the serial killer by the neck, and lifting him into the air. He chocked as Drake said,”You don’t know what real terror is you silly little human!” As his eyes glowed red, and fangs extended he drew Bernie to him, and bit into his neck draining him of all his blood within seconds. Rebecca immediately called upon another Goddess to rain water upon us, and put out the flames. Drake then asked if we were okay, and raced away out the door.

      As he took in the serial killers blood, and read his mind he knew where the hostage was. Drake arrived there in minutes to find some deranged nut, named Terry Andrews, with a knife taunting the woman as he told her his master had given him permission to finish her off. Drake crashed through the wall of an abandoned barn, and promptly dispatched the sorry ass individual. Rebecca, and I returned to Tiffany’s to free everyone from the booby trapped house. Bernard, and his accomplice Terry, were never seen again. Authorities think they’re still on the loose but really they’re no longer a danger to society. Yeah maybe on second thought you don’t want to move to Woodland Springs. LOL!

  4. Hello. I am a believer of all things supernatural, but I am also a bit of a skeptic. I try believe things until proven untrue, but this topic is a bit of a controversial subject. So my question is, how do you really know if something is true if you haven’t seen it? I completely believe in Ghosts, because in my old apartment, I have seen one. It didn’t seem like he minded that I was living there, and he usually didn’t show up or make any disruptions unless someone came over to see me. It seemed that he didn’t like that very much. And it even got to the point where, on a couple of different occasions, he would push my friends. So I have no doubt about ghosts, but I have not seen anything else. So how could I truly believe if I have not seen?

    1. Ghosts are the most common entity humans have encounters with. Other supernatural beings, particularly biological in nature, are seen by humans far less. There are many supernatural warriors, and paranormal beings of the light who protect humanity from these entities of evil. Most supernatural beings strive to remain hidden from humanity as well for fear of the governments hunting them down. The average human running across something like a Werewolf, or vampire, has about the same odds as getting struck by lightening. Of course major revelations about the world of the supernatural are thwarted under the Supernatural Secrecy Pact which is enforced by Angels, and Demons as well.

      1. Well those odds are very slim. There are some other questions that I am itching to ask, but I’m rather embarrassed by them, and I’m not sure if I really should share them on here, or with anyone…. But I am still unbelievably interested in the possible answers I could get.

      1. How does someone go about knowing these things? I personally automatically try to rationalize things but I don’t actually believe what I am trying to rationalize. I guess a lot of people want to be supernatural because either they were very different and never fit in anywhere, and they hope that may explain it, or they want to feel that they are special. I’ve always had a certain fascination for the supernatural world, even though it slightly frightens me. I believe I may just be some hopeless human wishing there were more to life than what is seen. That there is more beauty and magic in the world than the evil that so blatantly shows itself in everything we see. I have a deep connection with all things nature, and these topics just fascinate me. I’ve never belonged anywhere, but when I read up on supernatural topics, I don’t feel so outcast anymore. I know it sounds pretty pathetic, but I’m okay with that. I would really like to learn more from all of you. I talk quite a lot, and have tons of question.

  5. It is a full moon tonight, so I am quite positive you are all busy, so this most definitely was not the time to be asking, but I was wondering if anything strange or out of the ordinary is happening tonight. Obviously, to a human, anything supernatural that happens is quite abnormal, but I am referring to things different than werewolves going on the hunt, or vampires feasting. Something definitely feels strange tonight. I have this feeling that everyone should be more careful than usual tonight. It is the last full moon of the year, so that may be why I am a little on edge, but it doesn’t really make much sense to me. Be careful out there! Thanks!

    1. The only thing unusual was the Yule Moon Werewolf: http://mysticinvestigations.com/supernatural/yule-moon-albino-werewolf-watch/ The Spirit Of Christmas dominates the Yule Full Moon of December, and temporarily neutralizes the demonic DNA in Werewolves. We encountered one, and took it back to Mystic Investigations with us.

      Of course we also have the Devil on the loose. Now melded with the Anti-Claus he has been trying to undermine Christmas but Santa Claus assures us everything is on track, and the Spirit Of Christmas is alive. Maybe not at the same strength as past years but it’s far better than the extremely weakened Spirit Of Halloween 2013.

    1. Some people say I look like a cross between Sean Connery, and Adrian Paul which is a coincidence since I’m a fan of both James Bond, and Highlander. Today I feel like going with the Highlander. After all in the end there can be only one! May it be Drake Alexander. The Highlander!

    2. Who you gonna call? Ghost Busters! Would you believe there’s Ghost Hunters that were actually inspired to get into the business because of that movie?

    3. I grew up reading Sherlock Holmes, and never imagined a woman could be a private detective. I thank God your time traveling brother rescued me from the Titanic in 1912 along with the male dominated society. I never imagined my dreams would come true in the 21st century when I thought I be long dead, and buried!

    4. I had my man servant log me in, and give me an avatar. I still prefer to write in Cuneiform with my stylus on a clay tablet. Naturally I chose my human father King Sargon of Akkad as my avatar. I’m on my jet, and will be there shortly to see if I can hypnotize those PDA agents into forgetting your about Drake, and Rebecca’s supernatural abilities. If not then surely my vampire father Meistiensos should be able to compel them. There’s no possible way the agents can resist a third generation vampire. I found him in London on a bloody rampage after the Elves blood apparently caused him to completely fall off the wagon. I’ve calmed him down again. This is one reason we locked him away in that crypt thousands of years ago. Not only was he domineering but his blood lust was out of control.

  6. cool very cool now I know that u can save someone from the past or future that is awesome but I feel sorry for a time traveler brother loss in the present time but anyway I hope he return back home and safety and be a happy man..so Xavier I am sorry for your brother but he seem to be a hero to saving person life. like this lady

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