March 21, 2023

6 thoughts on “Is There A God Of The Milky Way Galaxy?

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  2. Hello Xavier. 🙂 Yes I love the Milky Way! I’ve always been drawn to anything to do with it. Just seems like a place to go when the big bang happens again! 😉 My idea of the Milky Way is being connected with my self and true soul mate. I don’t know why I feel that way.. It’s just romantic. 🙂

    I’ve never heard of Orbislacteus. I even tried to google some information on him. And found nothing other than saying he’s the definition to the Milky Way! 🙂 Great work on this Xavier. Now the black hole is pretty strong! It can destroy any galaxy in it’s path. Perhaps he is the god of destruction as well? Would you say he’s more towards the dark or light? Just curious. I was thinking perhaps towards the dark side. I’ll never know.

    Have a great weekend. I’ll be driving to La Crosse to pick up a birth certificate. Fun. 😉 4hr drive.

    Drake I also hope you were able to create an account at my site. I looked through my security and clicked off the requirement to have an email listed. I hope it works for you! 🙂 I’m sure Gaia would know Mr. Orbislacteus? Perhaps they go way’..way back! Would be nice to know some of the secrets to the grand universe huh. 😉 Sweet dreams.

    1. Information on Orbislacteus has been lost over the ages, and he certainly isn’t known in mainstream society so it would be difficult to find any information on him. Thank God we have access to all those ancient scrolls, and tablets that usually end up in museum basements.

      Scientists think just about every galaxy has a black hole in the center. Either the mass of the galaxy collapses space, or maybe galaxies just naturally form around black holes that slowly suck in everything in the space around them. If there is darkness I think the God or Goddess of the Andromeda Galaxy is the darkest since it’s crashed into other Galaxies, and is set to crash into our Milky Way in four billion years. Maybe it’s a geriatric God based on how slow it moves. 🙂

      As for Orbislacteus we just don’t know enough about him. Perhaps he was more widely worshiped on some other planet but not so much here. The Earthly Gods dominated for a long time. I think we could learn a lot more about him through these Gods, and Goddesses. Gaia definitely should know him.

  3. Yeah this is the first I’ve ever heard of Orbislacteus.. Perhaps he’s also, chosen to be reborn? I sometimes wonder about the gods and goddess’s. What if they all have been reborn as mortals and have amnesia? That would explain why so many bad things have been happening and no god to stop it. Only a theory. I don’t think the gods would abandon us. I’m sure they have a good reason why they have not stepped in yet!

    That’s not going to be fun when that comes around to us. Yikes! 😉 Do you think we’ll all still be evolved and on this planet by then? lol I wonder what we’ll look like. Thanks for that link too! Have a good night!

    1. I think we’ll be Gods in four billion years. Perhaps we’ll have a new evolved race worshiping us on Earth. A discovery channel program called “The Future Is Wild” had Octopus evolving into sentient land creatures. Then naturally we’d have to appear as Octopus Gods. 🙂 Of course in four billions years the sun will be almost a red giant burning the Earth to a cinder. Maybe we’ll reset the sun, and save Earth.

      As for our Gods now many lie in a dark void due to lack of belief, and worship by humans. Some saw their demise, and took physical form. Others who have survived with full Godly powers intact are bidding their time until the right moment. For now demonic, and angelic forces halt any major plans.

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