June 15, 2024
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12 years ago

Very sad.. I guess human lives mean nothing to them. Since they need us for food. They should hold certain respect for humanity. Considering they once were human. I hope the government has it. Very scary in deed.

12 years ago

Hi.. Wow.. that is even scarier lol . I shouldn’t laugh. But wow.. I never understand evil. I guess I never will. You are right though. Demetri Diablo probably was destined to be what he is today! But you know, he will have his come up ins. They all do. Maybe a god could destroy this board. My question.. is Why does everything have to happen here in Iowa. lol a few hours from me either way. The zombie out break or the Evil Jumanji like game. Freaking me out! They picking on the Iowans? I’m originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin. I miss it. So is there anymore I need to know about Iowa? In this area? I’m ready to move. lol Well I was ready before all this so. 😉 hahaha. I just hope no more happens here.

12 years ago

Yeah it is. I’ve seen allot already! This planet is over populated and in that. Makes for a very haunted planet. lol I only hope the gov doesn’t unleash that zombie virus again. I also am happier in the country. I don’t like living in the city. Feels so un natural. I would be happy in the middle of no where. 😉 Thank you for answering my questions. I’ll send you and Rebecca more energy. I’ve been trying to help Drake with the sun sensitivity. Lately I also have been pretty worn out. I’ll bounce back I’m sure! Well good night everyone!

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