November 30, 2022

6 thoughts on “Is There A God Of The Universe?

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  2. Who is the most dark, evil, horrifying, demonic non-earthly god? Besides Satan. I wish to meet him/her. Will you give me the name also. Thank you very much.

    1. That’s not a very good idea. However the leader of higher dimensional beings known as the Jinn, aka unbottled, and unlamped Genies, is one bad mofo! The Master Jinn is called Iblis Shaytan. Contact him at your own risk!

  3. Hmm iblis from Islam…or another iblis? I mentioned iblis to that Deva I had a small chat with. Are iblis and deva connected? Then she stared to rant about how I knew nothing of gods and blah blah blah, then i’m admitted that indeed I knew nothing about gods. She keep talking….rather arrogantly.

    1. No Deva, and Iblis aren’t related. Yes Iblis is known as the Devil in Islam but he is the Master Djinn. Devil can be a generic term but is of course mostly used for the Archdemon Satan leader of the demons, aka fallen Angels. Currently Dimitri Diablo is technically the ruler of the demons but a great many are still loyal to the Devil.

  4. Oh my goodness what has my grammar come down to?! That comment is inadequate to even be considered intelligent….I have to go read a dictionary.

  5. I read your page on the Macroverse god and Omniverse God. I also read about the Hyper-Omniverse god. What if the point of life is to ascend to Omniverse Godhood, then Hyper-Omniverse Godhood, then Become one with the Macroverse god? I find this information interesting. Should I read up on this at

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