Macroverse God

What Is The Macroverse?

The Macroverse is sometimes referred to as The Source or The Absolute. It’s literally everyone and everything that ever existed anywhere for eternity and beyond! The only true quintessence of infinity itself! Probably what the average person would simply call the Universe or God. Although some in the supernatural world refer to this enchanted entity as The God Emperor or God of gods. The Macroverse is made up of Parallel Universes, Parallel Multiverses, Parallel Omniverses, a variety of higher and parallel dimensions along with a plethora of Gods at various levels. These Gods may be created by other Gods, or they can be ascended Afterlife beings such as Humans. The Macroverse itself is not only the foundation of all reality but also the highest-level God in existence. It is the only infinite-dimensional God along with being the only true 100% non-corporeal energy entity of absolute pure thought. Everything below it is Metaphysical Energy to some extent, not including the Physical Energy of Universes such as our own.  However even that is a programmed illusion, and ultimately everything within its mind, including us, is actually composed of the Macroverse’s pure consciousness.

Did God Always Exist Or Did Someone Create It?

The birth of the Macroverse Lord and its Personifiers

The Macroverse God had to be born or we’re left with an impossible conundrum. That of God existing for eternity into the past or more precisely an eternal chronology in their mind that never had a start. Plausibly more of an enigma than getting something, a God, from nothing. A completely eternal God means there was no first thought or process of learning. They just somehow knew everything forever and were always creating things including biological beings like us. Everything including physical Universes would have always existed with no first of its kind. Otherwise, we’re left with a God who just sat in a vegetative state forever and then one day said,” Let’s get busy!” Another implication of an eternally existing God is how do you get from an infinite past to here? Conceivably they would never get to the point of creating this reality we exist in now as it would take an eternity to get here.

How Was God Created?

In the beginning, there was nothing but a null void of nothingness. Even a complete Zero is describable and therefore something. This is the base explanation for something coming from nothing. Also, keep in mind there was no space, time, laws of physics, basis for reality as we know it or rules of any sort. In essence, pure magic and anything imaginable was possible without any rules of reality to stop it! This static system was a zero neutral non-corporeal energy void. Something caused it to shatter into an infinite amount of zero-dimensional(0-D) non-corporeal energy points. Sometimes called non-conscious pure thought or informational origin points. It became energy because the points were now dynamic. Each with its own frequency vibration. These points would become the basis for every living soul that would ever live! Opposite frequencies created a magnetic-like arc forming the first one-dimensional(1-D) lines or non-corporeal energy or informational waves. This was the basis for every pair of soulmates that ever lived!

From Complex Higher Dimensional Non-Corporeal Energy Geometry Comes Consciousness!

From there a chain reaction of ever complex geometrical shapes formed. It created a higher dimensional architecture that extended to infinite dimensions. As it reached the Quadrillion dimensional range it is thought that the geometry of the metaphysical matrix was complex enough to spawn consciousness. Each successive dimensional level continued to do this. Without the concept of time, every frequency of consciousness came into being all at once. In other words, every soul came into existence at varying dimensional levels. This means you were first born there as a God of non-corporeal energy! These conscious Gods spontaneously formed Neural Network’s at all dimensional levels they existed on. Ultimately all frequencies merged at the highest levels to form the singular mind of the Macroverse God! As the dimensions continue to increase to infinity for eternity so does the Macroverse God continue to grow so it never has to endure a state of mindless stagnation thereby making its existence futile!

The Magic Of The Bootstrap Paradox

More than likely, it came into existence via something similar to a bootstrap, or ontological temporal paradox. In essence the original Jinn Particle of our reality. However far more complex, and beyond the comprehension of our 3-D minds. The basic time paradox premise has a person traveling to the past to give someone an object. Then that someone ends up giving said object to the time traveler in the future who of course ultimately gives it back to them in the past. So the object ends up appearing to have no origin whatsoever. Almost as if it magically came out of thin air!

The Supernatural Sea Of Spontaneous Spirits

Every infinite soul frequency, aka all of our individual pure conscious constructs, first spontaneously evolved from a sea of pure informational thought waves. The entire supernatural sea became individual non-corporeal energy spirits, or Vice-Macroverse Gods instantly melded together like a perfect puzzle to complete a Neural Network that became the mind of the Macroverse God. One super-consciousness made of infinite minds! The pinnacle of peaceful perfection! Simultaneous to this creation the Macroverse God created the very sea of pure information waves it came from. The purpose being two-fold. One was to prevent the paradox of them not existing as the paranormal pure thought pool was required to facilitate their initial birth. Secondly, to create a blank canvas of creative mathematical probability that resulted in the formation of Universes, and sentient life everywhere! Probabilities that included the birth of the Macroverse itself.

Everyone Was Born At The Same Time As An Equal Soul

This is where we were first born, and at that moment our mission was to calculate every mathematical probability. All to complete an infinite equation of perfection that clearly can never be completed due to its very never-ending nature. There is controversy because at the Macroverse level there is no such thing as good, or evil.  Rather there is only pure knowledge to collect via unique experiences and abstract ideas.  We choose to exist in this reality, and in infinite other realities within our own Vice-God spirits, and within those of everyone else.  At that infinite-dimensional level, we regard every soul frequency as equal.

The God Of The One And The Many

God became a singular being when infinite souls formed a collective consciousness. This is really the only way for the first conscious entity to actually grow into a God. If God was just one soul that happened to be the first frequency then odds are he would still be resting in the dark void in some manner of vegetative state. Just imagine if you were born in a dark void of nothingness with no foundation of reality to work from. No environment to provide stimulus and learn from. No parents to raise you. Just a blank mind! Even an infinite-dimensional being would remain stagnant. Most likely they would eventually fade from existence and then be reborn over and over again unable to know anything. Only an infinite set of such minds playing off each other would be able to eventually begin to construct a reality from nothing and form a true intelligence to set forth the future of everything! Everyone together became the essence of reality and provided parentage to each other.

There’s No Good Or Evil…Only Experiences…

All of us have been perfectly good, and perfectly evil in countless realities depending on a plethora of factors including lower dimensional soul status, genetics, and environment. Those we regard as evil in our reality continue to exist at the Macroverse level for there is no reward for righteousness and punishment for evil in such a realm of perfection. We’ve all partook equally of all possible scenarios, and exist to varying moral degrees in other realities. Not to mention the subjective nature of what any given culture may judge as right or wrong. Everyone has been equally good, and bad to each other yet there is no malice because it is simply something to experience at the Macroverse level of reality.

Everyone Is God

In lieu of a physical body, our highest dimensional soul is identified by the unique frequency our consciousness it vibrates at. So why would one soul frequency be better than another?  Why should one frequency, or God, rule over everything when it makes more sense that every spirit frequency is a collective consciousness of the Macroverse God? This is also the only way to calculate every probable scenario and gain all possible knowledge in existence. The tip of realities pyramid is everyone, and all of us are God! Therefore, all divisive hatred witnessed throughout this planet’s history has been unnecessary. Yet outside the unique perfection of the Macroverse mind balance between perceived light and darkness is required for Universal stability. Both pure paradise and pure hell are unnatural states that can be deeply disturbing on a variety of levels. Namely, both take away the essential element of existence known as free will.

The Moral Macroverse Controversy

We realize some may consider this a deeply controversial view! If a great many people believed in the Macroverse then possibly caution would be thrown into the face of harsh winds. Plausible chaos and anarchy would reign supreme if our society isn’t advanced enough to handle the true nature of our existence! A strong widely agreed upon moral foundation is necessary for the peace and stability of societies in this physical reality. Here, and at various higher dimensional levels within the Macroverse, there are both positive and negative consequences for our actions. Karma flows around us distributing rewards and punishments based on the life we lead! Always strive to be the best person you can be while treating others with respect. It makes your afterlife ascension to higher planes of enlightened existence much easier!

The False Macroverse Lords

Everyone gets to be a sole False Macroverse God at various higher dimensional levels. This means you’re tricked into thinking you’re the one true God of everything with no knowledge of anyone above you. This is the concept of God most people think of rather than the real collective. Some contemplate not being selfish and forcing everyone to exist at the God Lords pleasure. Although most come to the conclusion that blinking themselves from existence might bring another God into reality. Then the new God forces the former Gods conscious frequency to exist for their own selfish pleasure. All they did is give up their Lordship and risk hellish suffering! This is why the vast majority continue their Godhood.

The Heroic Unselfish False Macroverse Gods

The unselfish ones with admirable willpower and fortitude actually remain in the dark void of their mind all alone in a dormant state. They remain in an eternal sleep of nothingness. However some will weave reassuring dreams. One pre-programmed aspect of the False Macroverse God is that no Personifiers spontaneously come into existence until they decide to start creating sentient consciousnesses. This includes the infamous Existence and Non-Existence. Others create reality as we know it with Omniverses, Multiverses, Parallel Universes, and all the conscious beings from Heavenly to Earthly. The catch is that nearly everyone they bring into existence is actually them. In the case of some animals or any lives that would be redundant, they utilize Philosophical Zombies.

The God puts their consciousness into everyone and live out infinite lives without knowing who they are until they ascend to their own Macroverse Godhood. These turn out to be the wisest False Macroverse Gods in the end. Although once they regain their memory, they are disheartened to learn they are the only one who exists and that nobody was real. It’s at that point the real Gods above reveal themselves. Of course, sometimes that’s the False Macroverse Gods subconscious unknowingly creating a similar false construct to correct that bad feeling. Only later do the real Gods appear once all mathematical probabilities are played out. As you’re reading this realize you could be within a False Macroverse construct. You may be the only real person in your life in the entire Universe…enjoy! LOL!🤣

The Almighty Taken Down Several Pegs Into The Bowels Of Humility

Some develop a big ego and compel sentient biological beings to create religions of worship in their name. It’s a titanic temptation to be a holy tyrant when you think you’re the unopposed eternal Almighty! The False Marcroverse Lords play out virtually every mathematical probability of creation including tricking others below them into thinking they’re the real one true God with no higher powers above them. As you can see this could go on to infinity and beyond! In the end, the real Macroverse God reveals themselves to the shock of all! Just imagine the deeply humiliating and embarrassing position of thinking you were The God and then finding out you’re really nothing in the grand scheme of things. Oh, how the Almighty fall hard and are taught valuable humbling lessons before being allowed to ascend into the greater higher dimensional Godhood collective. Amen!

How Are These False Gods Tricked?

Naturally, these False Macroverse Lords always have the thought of their infinite unopposed status not being real cross their complex higher dimensional minds. However, they are allowed to stretch their mind forth into infinite dimensions where they find nothing but themselves. This is all an elaborate higher dimensional ruse beyond this Gods ability to detect it. They then rest assured they are the only one who originally existed before creating their own Heavenly and Earthly beings.

How Old Is The Macroverse And Our Entire Reality?

Technically the Macroverse is Infinite Years Old by methods of mathematics beyond the comprehension of our minds. Especially if you count the static 0-D void that always existed with no explanation. However, top-flight super psychics, mystics, seers, and Akashic Record Masters now know that the Macroverse God geometrically evolved into existence Googolplexian | | to the Googolplex | | power years ago. A number so insanely large that it might as well be infinity and beyond! Plausibly it could be three times older since there is enchanted evidence this is the 3rd iteration of The Macroverse! ♾

The Master Axiom Of Reality

In an infinite reality, you always existed in an infinite variety of forms including The First. That being the Macroverse God. Your birth upon this Earth wasn’t the first time you came into existence and there will never be a last!

🔺Interesting Notes:

  • The first 2-D shape created by God was a Triangle. Even before the circle. That’s why Triangles always seem to have their edges ensconced in the supernatural world. The triangle stands for God’s pure emotion intersecting with their pure intellect to create the basis for every sentient consciousness. Interestingly enough emotions came into existence a decent amount of time after logical consciousness. At the highest dimensional levels emotions are non-corporeal energy elevated beyond the essential operating parameters of a consciousness construct. Within lower dimensions of reality this energy can become positive thus adding power to any given consciousness system. It can also become negative and take away from one’s energy reserves.
  • Everyone and everything below the top Macroverse level is more or less just memories of said God. We’re living memories of our higher dimensional God selves. From that viewpoint every moment of time lives on forever!

Royal Godly Higher Dimensional Hierarchy

  • Macroverse God (God Emperor Of Infinite Reality) (Infinite Dimensional Entity Of Pure Non-Corporeal Energy)
  • Vice-Macroverse Gods (The collective consciousness that makes up the Macroverse Lord) (Kings Of Reality)
  • Various collectives of two or more Vice-Gods forming unique single-minded Gods.
  • Macroverse Personifiers
  • An unimaginable seemingly infinite array of Lordships and existence states…
  • Various Omniverse God Collectives Forming One Mind
  • Omniverse Gods (12 Dimensional Beings Of Pure Metaphysical Energy)
  • The Direct Children Of The Omniverse Lord (Vice-Gods)
  • Omniverse Personifiers
  • Archangels
  • Dimensional Level Lords
  • Multiverse Gods
  • Angels
  • Universe Level Lords
  • Galaxy Supercluster Gods
  • Galaxy Gods
  • Star System Gods
  • Planetary Gods
  • Nature Deities

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