February 3, 2023

7 thoughts on “What Is The Origin Of Hereditary Witches?

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  2. I have a few question:
    I was born w a taste for blood, as I got older I connected with the elements air, earth, water, fire, spirit
    I have always seen dead people and people dieing
    feel people’s energy, emotions, pain etc
    feel the pull of full moon, blood moon, blue moon, night, see angles and demons feel the pull of the ocean, water
    able at times to see things b4 they happen
    speak language never heard b4 and things happen
    Emotions cause thing to move
    dreams of past lives
    smell blood fresh old new
    want to bite just to feel human flesh between my teeth and taste the skin but not eat or kill
    go deaf at times
    eyes change colors w mood
    smell skin like some people smell like forest, some smell like wet musk, some sweet some sick
    like candle light more
    Reading tarot cards came to me natural I was playing with regard deck of cards when it started
    can hide in plain sight even in the woods
    Very quiet can feel the heat or cold of others just by standing or setting close but not touching
    see inside people’s eyes to their mind and soul and sometimes heart
    feel the magic in air
    see gnomes and fairies

    1. A Woods, Woodland, or Forest Nymph is a low level nature deity who manages any given tract of land with trees on it as directed by higher level Nymphs and/or Gods/Goddesses. A Woods Nymph also has the responsibility of managing various lower level Nymphs, such as Tree Nymphs, and Fairies in her specific wooded area. Woods Nymphs are often former Tree Nymphs. It may seem like nature works on some automated program but it was discovered a long time ago that things degrade over time. That is where the various Earthly Gods, and Goddesses enter the picture.
      Woodland Nymph

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