What Is The Origin Of Hereditary Witches?

What Are Natural Born Witches?
Or any practitioner of magic born with powers, and a natural ability to wield the forces of magic whether they be a simple magician, witch, warlock, wizard, or sorcerer.  The origins of magic itself lie in the pure thought of the human consciousnesses  it’s connection with it’s soul, and the pure thought matrix of Gods mind in which we live.   However that revelation was not known at the time.  A small number of the first humans stumbled on to simple magic that could be done without calling upon higher powers.  Later they realized that they could access what came to be called magic by worshiping  or saying the right code, or spells, to call upon Gods, Goddesses, Demons, Angels, and other higher dimensional beings who were willing to dispense powers.  These higher beings gain power by simply having people believe in them, worship them, and rely on them.  They gain access to a portion of that person’s soul, and the human soul is an amazingly untapped power base in this Universe.

As people practiced magic with each passing generation passing it down to their children it caused the magic to change their DNA, and become imbued in their blood.  In essence witches, and other’s of the hereditary magical kind are supernaturally evolved humans.  The constant use of magic, especially while pregnant, created a new race of humans.  These enchanted people are usually born with one active power they can do without any magical training.  It’s like learning to walk.  They can do it on their own in very early childhood.  These genetic magicians can also more easily call upon higher powers, cast spells, create potent potions, and access real magic will practice unlike normal humans who try to access the world of the supernatural.  Those witches tend to not see anything resembling true magical powers.  Over time a seasoned hereditary wielder of magic can acquire other active powers without having to call upon higher powers.  They can also make up their own effective spells, and potions out of thin air.  Higher levels of magical artisans known as Sorcerers access the very foundation of energy, and pure thought in our reality.  They eventually realize that the real power is within their mind, and soul.  They can gain 100% access to the untapped resources of their mind, and can find unlimited power without calling upon anyone for magics.

I myself am a hereditary witch descending from a long line of Mermaid witches on my mothers side.  Mermaids have human ancestry in Atlantis, and I’m also half human on my fathers side.  Humans tend to be the most powerful practitioners of magic which is the equalizer when going up against the supernatural beings of evil.  The active power I was born with is the Mystic Sphere which is a pink energy orb of protection that forms around me at will.  It repels just about any attack, and I can also use it to levitate.  In fact I once flew into outer space for quite a length of time in it.  However I was unusually juiced up with some serious magics at the time.   I often call upon Goddesses, and sometimes Gods to access other powers such as lightening bolts shooting from my hands.  However lately I’ve been able to access that power with just a few words.  So those of us active in the deep magics can change our DNA over time, and pass on those genetic traits to future generations.

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7 thoughts on “What Is The Origin Of Hereditary Witches?

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  2. I have a few question:
    I was born w a taste for blood, as I got older I connected with the elements air, earth, water, fire, spirit
    I have always seen dead people and people dieing
    feel people’s energy, emotions, pain etc
    feel the pull of full moon, blood moon, blue moon, night, see angles and demons feel the pull of the ocean, water
    able at times to see things b4 they happen
    speak language never heard b4 and things happen
    Emotions cause thing to move
    dreams of past lives
    smell blood fresh old new
    want to bite just to feel human flesh between my teeth and taste the skin but not eat or kill
    go deaf at times
    eyes change colors w mood
    smell skin like some people smell like forest, some smell like wet musk, some sweet some sick
    like candle light more
    Reading tarot cards came to me natural I was playing with regard deck of cards when it started
    can hide in plain sight even in the woods
    Very quiet can feel the heat or cold of others just by standing or setting close but not touching
    see inside people’s eyes to their mind and soul and sometimes heart
    feel the magic in air
    see gnomes and fairies

    • A Woods, Woodland, or Forest Nymph is a low level nature deity who manages any given tract of land with trees on it as directed by higher level Nymphs and/or Gods/Goddesses. A Woods Nymph also has the responsibility of managing various lower level Nymphs, such as Tree Nymphs, and Fairies in her specific wooded area. Woods Nymphs are often former Tree Nymphs. It may seem like nature works on some automated program but it was discovered a long time ago that things degrade over time. That is where the various Earthly Gods, and Goddesses enter the picture.
      Woodland Nymph

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