The Omniverse God

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The Omniverse God, or Lord, also known as The Source, is a 12-dimensional pure metaphysical energy being vibrating at a unique consciousness frequency inside which all mathematical probabilities are calculated.  This includes our Universe, all parallel Universes in this Multiverse, all parallel Multiverses, and dimensions of reality along with our Afterlife. It’s said that he was once a biological being like us, and he ascended to higher dimensional Godhood in the Afterlife of another Omniverse.  This includes an existence in infinite Parallel Universe as all genders. So despite referring to God as a “he” there’s no reason to believe he’s a male or female. Especially as a non-biological metaphysical entity. There’s also an argument that he’s the direct creation of the Macroverse God, the one infinite eternal God that is everything in existence everywhere.  However the complex world of higher dimensions could make the Omniverse Lord both an ascended being and child of the Macroverse God. Our Omniverse God is one among infinite other parallel Omniverse Gods each vibrating at a unique metaphysical soul frequency, and creating their own Universes, and life within their minds.

We know that his first act as a God was to create his sons & daughters. One of which is known to be the infamous Jesus Christ in his Demigod form.  He then brought Archangels, Angels, and a variety of other higher dimensional beings into existence before creating biological life of both normal, and paranormal natures.  Since spontaneous consciousness is born of complex life systems from planets to Universes there is evidence that such a consciousness construct formed in the Omniverse.  However since the Omniverse Lord already existed he folded the new entity into his own mind thereby giving himself a sub-conscious he had previously lacked. Some say this is a weakness that his most diabolical, and traitorous creation may exploit someday. That being Gods former highest ranking Archangel Lucifer, aka the Devil.

Once every mathematical probability has been conceived of in the Omniverse Lords consciousness, and no more knowledge can be culled, he will ascend to an even higher dimensional Godhood’s.  The most likely end game is to become one with the Macroverse God that is the only true 100% non-corporeal pure thought being in existence.  Only there is the acquisition of knowledge, and enlightenment eternal.

The Omniverse Lord doesn’t have an official religion as most higher dimensional Gods don’t since they want to raise strong independent critical thinking individuals in his image.  Sapient beings who will ascend to Godhood in the Afterlife to carry on his traditions.  However his son Jesus Christ’s visit to various parallel Universes in our Multiverse caused the Christian religion to be formed.  Knowledge of the Devil was also folded into the central book of Christianity, the Bible. Christian religious artifacts are some of the most powerful when it comes to repelling entities of demonic darkness.  Although that power is mostly derived from the sheer number of human consciousnesses that believe in the religion rather than from the Omniverse God, or Jesus Christ himself.

The closest thing to an Omniverse Lord religion would be Omnitheism which is technically the study, and accepting of all religions, as clues to the eventually discovery of the Omniverse God.  As with all religions there is the calling upon higher dimensional entities, or forces, for power.  The goal of Omnimagic is to mastery all forms of magic, and call upon any higher dimensional that is required to complete a quest.  The eventual ability to access the very foundational pure metaphysical power of our reality.  The great glorious Omniversal God!  It’s rumored that a true Omnimagician who can decipher, and unlock the secrets of the Omniverse will acquire the ability to directly commune with the Omniverse God, and will become an adopted holy son, or daughter at the apex of Omniversal power!  So far we know of nobody whose done that.

The Name Of God

Since the Omniverse God is the product of ascension rather than higher-dimensional birth they would have had every name that ever existed. They were a multitude of biological and higher dimensional beings in the Omniverse they were originally born in. With an unimaginable number of Parallel Universes, they were called by every conceivable name. So we’d imagine it would be very difficult to choose just one name.  Ultimately, we know that high-level Gods such as the Omniverse are naturally named based on the frequency their conscious life force vibrates at. Most likely something beyond words or numbers that wouldn’t translate into our infinitesimal 3-D minds. It’s thought that their name would sound similar to music if we were to hear it out loud. Only God’s Sons, Daughters, Archangels, and even Omniverse Personifiers know the true name of God. There are also those who exist outside this Omniverse as fellow Gods.  The name is kept secret as it holds power and uttering it immediately puts you on God’s radar for better or worse. Former Archangel Satan keeps the name secret even from his top demons for fear of incurring God’s complete wrath!

How Old Is God?

Enough top-flight psychics and magical practitioners have agreed that the Omniverse God, and therefore the Omniverse, came into existence approximately 3.3 trillion years ago!  It’s also virtually definite that God was a human-like biological being in another Omniverse before ascending to Godhood status. There he earned his way to Godhood by living out an amazing armada of lives in Parallel Universes and Multiverses that all coalesced into one being in the afterlife. He became an Angel and then an Archangel of his Omniverse Lord before communing with them and becoming his own self-made God Lord Amen!

God Might Physically Live Among Us!

We now know that the Omniverse God has placed himself into various human lives across the Multiverses to experience a complete life without knowing he is God. Upon pre-programmed death, he welcomes the surprise to find out he’s God. Sometimes he goes further by actually having an incarnation of himself go through the complete higher dimensional afterlife ascension process. He becomes an Angel, Archangel, etc. Nobody in Heaven has a clue it’s him including himself. Then at the point he would commune with the Omniverse God and be born as a new God he finally finds out he was already the Holy Lord all along! Apparently, it spices up his life! You never know…it could be you!

Structure Of God’s Mind, Body, And Soul

  • 12th Dimension – True 100% Metaphysical Energy body, soul, and super-consciousness of the Omniverse God.  The communications conduit to other Omniverse Gods, aka parallel Omniverses, and to higher dimensional Gods including the Macroverse Lord. As a 12-D being he inhabits 13 dimensional Inter-Omniverse space and can reach into 14 dimensional Hyper-Omniverse space. In these higher dimensions he can communicate with other Omniverse Gods and enchanted entities even more powerful than him! Someday he might ascend to greater heights leaving his Sons & Daughters as the new Omniverse Lords. Ascended humans rise to 11-D form for complete access to God’s super-consciousness before being made twelve dimensional. At that moment they become one with God and are even allowed to briefly steer the entire Omniverse before phasing out into 13th-dimensional space to chart their own destiny as an Omniverse Lord. This process actually adds to God’s power and aids in his own ascension to higher planes of reality. The ultimate goal is to find The Source and become one with it. That source is of course The Macroverse God. It’s said that not even God’s Sons & Daughters have made it here as this is reserved for the day he ascends and leaves them in charge of our Omniverse.
  • 11th Dimension – The Sub-Conscious mind of God. A chaotic playground of spontaneous thoughts and creations. This includes the first beings to come into existence within his mind. They are the 10-Dimensional Light and The Darkness. The Light re-integrated into God’s mind but The Darkness had to be forcibly caged with this dimension. Also, the collective consciousnesses of all beings flows through this dimension. The Godhood ascension journey continues for ascended humans now in 10-D form. They are also joined by the Vice-Lords who can transmute to 10-D form. Here these lucky humans are treated as near equals able to chat with God about anything as they explore a great deal of God’s mind!
  • 10th Dimension – This is considered the central consciousness construct zone where God’s creations are often first realized. Together with the 11-D subconscious, it makes up the greater 12-D Super-Consciousness. The Holy Royal 12 Vice-Lords, Kings Of Heaven and the Omniverse, aka Sons & Daughters of God live here as 9-D beings. Although they can transmute to 10-D form and commune within God’s 11th Dimensional subconscious mind. Sometimes called The Omega Point. The true training grounds of Godhood for ascended 9-D Humans. They commune with God’s Sons & Daughters here. There is also initial contact with God himself!
  • 9th Dimension – Information Space. God’s Holy Spirit dwells here. The top 7 Archangels aka 7 Princes of Heaven ascend here to commune with God. When doing so they become 8-D Archangels. Travel to anywhere within or below this dimension with a mere thought. Human origin Archangels reside here as 8-D enchanted entities to begin the process of ascending to Godhood.
  • 8th Dimension – Third Level Of Heaven. Multiverse Landscape or Probability Initiation Space. Archangels reside here as 7-D beings. Travel to any Multiverse with a mere thought. Newly minted Archangels of human origin reside here.
  • 7th Dimension – All the Multiverses reside in this space. Second Level Of Heaven. 6-D Angels of direct God created and human origin live here. Travel between Multiverses dependent on initial creation event (Big Bang, etc.)
  • 6th Dimension – The Entire Multiverse. First Level of Heaven. Humans end up here after death and ascend to 5-D Angelhood. They’re an amalgam of all their Parallel Universe selves. The second level of Hell exists in this dimensional plane obviously in another realm far away from Heaven. The 5-D Archdemons reside here. Travel anywhere within the Multiverse and any Parallel Universe with a thought.
  • 5th Dimension – Hyperspace or Probability space. Deeply intertwined with our consciousness and those of all sentient beings thus creating new realities with mere thoughts. Parallel Universes exist here. First level of Hell where the 4-D Demons exist. Travel between Parallel Universes dependent on changing events or having a specific Universal frequency number.
  • 4th Dimension – Our Universe. Time Travel.
  • 3rd Dimension – Our physical reality. 2-D cartoon-like beings said to exist in a 3-D Universe out of phase with our reality.
  • 2nd Dimension – Lowest 2-D sub-atomic particles that eventually transmute into 3-D particles that compose our physical existence.
  • 1st Dimension – Pure energy waves or strings. The first threads of physical reality. Their varied vibration creates different 2-D quantum particles.
  • Zero Dimension – Non-corporeal energy thought points arc with each other to form 1-D energy waves or strings.

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