Do Animals Have Souls?

Do Animals Have An Afterlife?  Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

All animals have spirits similar to human souls that grant them an afterlife. In addition, any animal that is directly beloved by a human receives a sub-soul of sorts by proxy through the subconscious power of your human soul. When they die they will end up at your side in the higher dimensional Heavenly realms. As Heaven is outside of our spacetime it will seem as if everyone died all at once from your afterlife viewpoint. As an ascended Angelic entity, and later a higher dimensional God, you can create any environment of paradise for your pet to play in when you’re attending to important Afterlife business. Usually, a simulated garden for them to explore along with some other animals to play with. The type of pet you have makes no difference according to various top-flight mediums, psychics, seers, and mystics who have peered into the Afterlife. Even a goldfish can make the Heavenly grade. Perhaps it would swim in an imaginary water bubble beside you or you could give it an entire sea of serenity. 🙂

All Animals Live In Eternal Paradise Forever!

The spirits of other animals end up in Mother Earth Goddess Gaia’s Paradise Plane when they die. It’s the Earthly paradise Afterlife slightly out of phase with our reality. It’s for Nature Deities, some supernatural beings, animals, plants, and everything else with a life force grounded to this planet. Even animals from Heaven are welcome to visit here. Once Earth’s complex biosphere spontaneously generated a soul Goddess Gaia was born. Her first supernatural act was to grant an eternal spirit to all life on Earth. As a higher dimensional being this included all life in the past retroactively before her immaculate conception. Even carnivorous dinosaurs reside peacefully in the Paradise Plane since they no longer require food to survive. Some animals reach out to humans in tune with nature. The wildlife soul mingled with the humans to give it a brief intelligence. These animal spirits acted as nature guides for various indigenous people such as Native Americans.

Can Animal Ghosts Haunt Us?

Whether they be the Heavenly souls of pets or the spirits of Earthly animals, both can
produce ghosts on occasion. Animal hauntings are rare but do occur most prominently in human-owned animals who either suffered at the hands of a human or don’t want to leave their beloved master. A traumatic situation such as witnessing their human owners death could form a ghost as well. It’s said that zoos, farms, and animal slaughter facilities are the most haunted by Fauna Spirits. These various corporate entities keep the use of animal spirit exorcisms a secret. Earthly animal spirits from the Paradise Plane usually only cause issues when practitioners of magic call upon them for the wrong reasons. Odd as it may seem it’s possible for a person to be possessed by an animal spirit somewhat in the same way a ghost, or demon can possess a human.  As an example, a person seemingly going crazy could in fact have been cursed to have an animal spirit forced within them. Possession of other animals is far more common and explains various erratic behaviors in animals at times.

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How Do Ghosts Speak?

Does A Deceased Individual Returning In Ghostly Form Still Have Their Original Human Voice?

When ghosts of the dearly departed are heard in haunted houses, on recording devices or over ghost box radios their voices sound rather similar to when they were alive. Although there is often a difference in modulation. So how is it possible that one could not only speak without a biological body but without their specific body that creates their unique voice, to begin with? A body whose voice is created by their particular vocal cord vibrations along with other physical characteristics. Not to mention expelling air from the lungs outward to waft upon the atmosphere thus producing sound waves.

Our Voice Is Forever Imprinted Upon Our Very Soul

The sound of our voices is recorded upon our consciousnesses so we retain that when we die. However, for most of us, our voice usually sounds different in our heads than when we hear it coming out of our mouth or on a recording. Thankfully our sub-consciousness minds and especially our souls capture our true selves so our real voice is recorded there. Just think about how you are able to speak normally in many of your dreams as you sleep. This inner voice is what we convey in spirit form should we return to this world from the heavenly higher dimensional realms after our unfortunate demise.

Telepathic Communication In Lieu Of Air Molecule Manipulation

When a ghost doesn’t vocalize but rather chooses to telepathically communicate with a person they knew in real life then the voice is often as the observer remembers it. With ghosts, it’s all about having the energy to manifest in our reality so they save power where they can. Communicating directly with people’s minds is easier than physically vibrating the air molecules to reproduce their voice. Certainly, such reproduction using one’s consciousness is a fine art and even a supernatural power in a rare few still alive. Even when multiple people are present ghosts will often use telepathy to convey their voice forth. Hence some in haunted houses claiming they heard voices while others may not.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Ghosts are a form of metaphysical energy that translates as physical energy strings in our reality. This causes them to register on the electromagnetic spectrum. Manipulation of that spectrum is how they manifest in various forms. This includes their voice being heard over the radio waves which are the lowest energy on the EM spectrum. This is known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). So recorded capture on devices, such as ghost spirit boxes, that receive radio waves are the most common form of spiritual communication with higher dimensional beings including ghosts of dead humans. Sometimes signal interference amid spiritually created digital and analog waves can cause various devices like smartphones, Bluetooth devices, hearing aids, and even landlines to receive otherworldly calls. This is the source of some mysterious 000-000-0000 phone calls. In addition, some people can actually hear ghost radio wave voices thanks to a combination of their hearing abilities and the ghost’s projection power.

These spectral voices are often technically transmitted from the 5th dimension where spirits exist in a four-dimensional enchanted energy form.  So their radio wave speech transmits randomly throughout the entire eternity of the Universe since the 5th dimension is outside our space-time. However, the powerful will of ghost consciousnesses and/or human thought can direct these voices to those who want to hear them. Those who have the greatest belief will be able to receive the voices of their intended targets.  This is how those with ghost boxes studying Electronic Voice Phenomenon are able to record specific spirits they were searching for in the great beyond.👻

What’s The Difference Between The Human Spirit And Soul?

The terms Human Soul and Human Spirit are often used interchangeably. However, a Soul is quite different from the Spirit. Our Souls are vessels for our higher dimensional consciousness. Technically our biological bodies in this 3-D physical reality are souls as they house our consciousness. Every higher plane of existence contains our infinite souls that vibrate at the same energy frequency. This connects them to each other and is what makes you who you are. They are made of varying degrees of metaphysical energy and non-corporeal energy with a multitude of physical states as well. This extends to the highest level known as the Macroverse mind. When referring to the soul we are almost always speaking of these higher dimensional non-physical models.

What Is The Human Spirit?

One’s Spirit is a non-conscious entity surrounding the Soul. In a way, it acts as a shield against mental, spiritual, and emotional attacks upon the soul. The first threads of your Spirit are born the day any future parent imagines having kids. Once the child is conceived the spirit grows exponentially via the Human Collective Consciousness which is the greater Human Spirit of our entire species. Interconnected with the thoughts of others focused on you adds substance to your spirit. Positive thoughts and actions strengthen the Spirit and nourish the soul. Neutral thoughts merely cause minor spiritual growth. After all, any intention that isn’t negative is still good.

Can The Human Spirit Be Broken?

Negative thoughts and actions sap enchanted energy away from the Spirit while the Soul remains intact. The Spirit’s role as a supernatural shield can falter as one’s Spirit can be broken after enduring a difficult life for quite some time. Often this can lead to suicide as the Soul becomes directly exposed to the harsh light of this physical reality. Sometimes seen in those who are mercilessly bullied. This includes those with fame who are ridiculed by thousands or even millions of people. There would probably be a lot more tragedy in the celebrity community if it wasn’t for the fact that creative imagination can protect the spirit. When used correctly it can infuse the spirit with a surge of energy. Those with beyond exceptional imaginations can endure without outside positive energy. These are the ones that are perfectly content being stranded alone on a desert island for an extended period. On the opposite end, we have the people who would paint a face on a volleyball and speak to it as their friend. As each day passed they would slowly go insane amid fits of sobbing before they commit to ending it all!

Broken Spirits Can Lead To Death!

Even if suicide doesn’t come to pass the Soul will deteriorate to the point that it will begin to affect the physical soul or biological body. This will eventually lead to death on its own or by weakening the body thus making it vulnerable to disease. We often witness this in Soulmates when one dies and the other ends up dying rather quickly afterward. This is the rapid breaking of the Spirit causing a jolt to the Soul. If this doesn’t occur most likely the other person wasn’t really their soulmate or a strong willful imagination is in play. In the afterlife, the soul and spirit are reenergized by dealing with positive beings of light along with knowledge of Parallel Universes where the Spirit was catapulted to heavenly heights!

The Planetary Human Spirit Of The Entire Species

The highest level of the Human Spirit is the Human Collective Consciousness. A non-sentient sub-conscious like Spirit that connects the entire human species past, present, and future. Sizable swathes of this Spirit have been broken due to widespread death and tragedy such as horrifying pandemics, wars, and even natural disasters. This affects the individual spirits of those who remain alive and can in turn negatively impact them. So far the entire Human Spirit hasn’t been broken. Such a thing may occur if there ever was a devastating global catastrophe such as a massive meteor strike or violent extraterrestrial invasion that enslaved or eradicated humankind. Even within such dark times, it may be up to a handful to keep the Spirit alive. When the grander Human Spirit is broken the entire species will inevitably die!