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A Traveler is the ultimate free agent in existence.  The ultimate expression of free will in an intelligent being.  Even more than Gods since they don't have the responsibility of ruling Universes and the sentient beings that come along with it.  Travelers are the fifth to eleventh most powerful supernatural beings in the Universe depending on the kind they are.  They're more powerful than Demigods yet weaker than most Demons.  Except in the case of Angels who choose to become Travelers.  Mainly the super spirits of humans who choose not to ascend to Godhood status, and want to be free spirits with no responsibilities.  They are explorers of space, time, parallel Universes, Multiverses, Omniverses, and beyond into the great Macroverse within the mind of the original God we all exist within.   They don't have the power to go anywhere in the Macroverse right away but over time they learn that anything is possible thanks to the power of thought since pure thought is the foundation of all reality.  Travelers are beings composed of pure light and energy which is fused together by the fundamental quantum forces of the Universe which in turn is guided by the free will of the pure thought of a Traveler  Physically speaking they are natural holograms in solid form thanks to the quantum level forces.  Their powers are almost limitless and only bound by their imagination as the source of their power is their mind.   They can take any form they need but generally appear the same as people in the environment they're in whether it be human or alien.  This makes them virtually invincible and if another more powerful being goes up against them then the best that can be done is to drive them away.  This is due to the fact that they can escape to higher dimensions and take pure thought form.

Travelers generally start out as Angels or Archangels who in turn might have been human at some point.   They sometimes leave God to travel the Universe to find their own path and purpose.  This is permissible as God gives all beings free will.   Some eventually earn their way to Godhood after many millions of years.  Some also eventually return home to heaven and become Angels again or ascend to Archangel status.  More rarely a human is able to ascend directly to Traveler status. Humans may become Travelers when their consciousness is so strong, or an overly horrific life trauma causes them to actually break away from their infinite afterlife spirit containing the infinite memories of their infinite parallel lives.  They form a new independent soul and often times end up being ghosts at first but the strongest of wills eventually realize they can materialize into reality appearing human and exploring all of space, time, parallel Universe, higher dimensions, and beyond for all eternity.  Those who actually know about Travelers or have personally conceived of such a scenario for their afterlife transform into Travelers directly after death.  Read About Human Travelers Here. 

Travelers are known for their curiosity to explore and experience all there is in reality while helping out people in need along the way.   They could very well be the mysterious stranger who passed through your town helping you out in some way.   In some instances Travelers begin to turn evil over the centuries as the power they possess goes to their head and they acquire a negative God complex.  Under Angelic Law they the fire of their light and energy begins to fade and they descend into a biological form with power in between that of Demigods and Immortals thereby becoming a Demi-Demon.   Sometimes Demons will recruit them to full non-corporeal Demon status.  Ultimately evil Travelers are not tolerated in the Universe because their potential for destruction is too great.

Travelers can also conceive children with humans despite not being biological.  Since they are the ultimate fruition of free will they can do just about anything they wish so they're simply able to have kids with other beings. The offspring become mere immortals as Angelic Law will not allow someone else to create a Traveler.  A Traveler is always self-created by the will of ones mind.  Although the child of Traveler might be more predisposed to become a Traveler someday.  In addition if they know who and what their Traveling parent is then their path is even more geared toward following in the same footsteps.

Dr. Sam Beckett of TV's Quantum Leap started out as a time traveler through technology but in the process started down the path of becoming a Traveler.  By the end of the series the need for the time traveling technology was nullified once he realized he had the power to go any place, and time within history.  It's a fair bet he eventually learned to travel to other Universes, and dimensions above thereby attaining full Travelerhood. Registered & Protected




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