What Is Macromagic?

The Hand Of GodMacromagic is the study, and utilization of all magic in the entire Macroverse which is the infinite mind of the one original eternal God that always existed for eternity into the past.  The mind in which all Omniverses (collections of Multiverses), and Multiverses (collections of parallel Universes) exist.  Not only is Macromagic knowing every form of magic in existence but learning how to combine them into one infinite power.  Since only the Macroverse God can be truly infinite, and only he would have real time access to the ever growing creation of new magic, then only he can be a master of Macro-magic.  For a master of this most highest form of magic would ascend to Macroverse God status, and in the end there can be only one infinite mind.

The Magic Of The Gods

Only Omniverse Gods, many of which are biological beings who ascended to Godhood,  or higher beings, can even begin to delve into Macromagics.  Even then they will always be novices in comparison to the infinite knowledge of the Macroverse.  This knowledge has been attained from sparse ancient sources, and cannot be verified.  Nothing is known about the Macroverse God but it has been suggested that some Omniverse Gods practice Macrotheism, or the combining of all religions into one by weeding out the clues in each one that can be put together as a puzzle that leads them to the Macroverse God.  It’s thought that these Omniversal Gods wish to find the Macroverse God, and be one with him thereby becoming the Macroverse God in essence.  The highest attainable power in all of infinity!

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11 thoughts on “What Is Macromagic?

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  2. Hello Rebecca,.. This is awesome! My son Tyler has told me about some library. When he gets into a very deep meditative state of mind. He seen a huge place. Was rather heavenly. He told me it’s a place of great magic and knowledge.

    I also have meditated and seen a place similar to what he was talking about. I am not positive if I seen the same place. The keeper of the place I witnessed. His name was “Avian”. Keeper of knowledge in this place. Have you heard his name before?

    • Hi Angela! There is a place on Earth rumored to be a complete repository for every shred of information originating on this planet which would also include information about the greater Universe discovered by beings here. It’s called The Gaia Gazophylacium. A gargantuan physical library hidden somewhere on Earth manned by a bookkeeper of records named Avian who may be a rare Angel-God hybrid. Many writings, and artifacts of human history that were thought lost were brought here along with Avian taking down the thoughts of the Goddess Gaia, and placing it on paper. There is also thought to be a telepathic internet like interface to the consciousness of Gaia. Father Time, who keeps historical records for each given year, also deposits his writings here. The Gazophylacium is thought to be the ultimate Holy Grail of the planet. If the information there got into the wrong hands it could be used for great destruction. Those intelligent enough to find it are apparently granted immortality, near invincibility, amazing powers, and passage to anywhere in the Multiverse they so choose. Although it’s expected they will act as Guardians Of The Gazophylacium every so often. Apparently there are clues all around the Earth, and only the most intelligent can find them, and piece the puzzle together leading them to the Holy Grail of ultimate information on Earth.

      • That must have been what I seen. I met Avian.. He looks angelic. Blondish hair that’s naturally curly waves. Blue eyes.. I had this vision 5yrs ago! Whatever I seen.. was magnificent. He knew who I was.. I felt like I’ve been there before! Everything was familiar.

        Avian is very sweet! 🙂

        • Rumor has it that Avian toils away in the great library because he’s in love with Gaia. 😉 It’s also said that the place is shielded against astral invasion for those who might have the power to abstractly focus upon it, and then project themselves there without really earning it. Believe me I’ve tried to go there in an astral form a few times, and I was totally blocked!

    • Well it’s presumed in all that trillions, and trillions of parallel Universes everyone has committed suicide at one time or another for a number of reasons such as in order to save another life, ending a painful illness, mental illness, avoidance of torture, or long term confinement against their will, etc. So none of us would ascend to Godhood if that was the case.

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