Can Nature Deities Cure Vampirism, Lycanthropy, And Zombification?

Could a variety of nature deities, including Mother Earth Goddess Gaia, cure a plethora of paranormal phenomena? Whether demonic afflictions that cause humans to become vampires and werewolves or even non-demonic conditions that result in zombies. The answer is indeed Gods, and Goddesses could cure such things and have in the past. Even Nymphs and Fairies have pooled power to aid in restoring humanity to those lost in the supernatural shadows against their will! In turn, the demons of Hell corrupted the Underworld and interbred with Dark Gods and Goddesses. They also created demonic breeds of Nymphs, Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns, and other servants of Mother Nature. In the face of mutually assured destruction, an agreement was reached between Gods and Demons to cause no further incursions into each others territory until the final battles of Armageddon commenced.

In addition, various agreements with the Angels Of Heaven as seen in The Supernatural Secrecy Pact prevent major interventions into the affairs of humankind and the denizens of darkness that put them to the test. However, Practitioners Of Magic calling upon Nature Deities in their respective wars of good vs evil are allowed to heed calls for help. More or less it takes a powerful witch, warlock, wizard, sorcerer, priest, or other true believers to get the attention of deities. Despite the obstacles of paranormal pacts the disciples of Mother Nature have been known to aid supernaturally afflicted humans in need. Whether indirectly through a humans magical practice or directly by their holy hand.

Other higher dimensional beings, including Jinn, can also reverse the vampire, werewolf, and zombie scourge along with other various supernatural states. Most commonly through Genies wishes. Of course, Angels could easily reverse just about anything but they are tightly bound by the non-interference policy of the Archangel hierarchy under the guidance of the Omniverse Lord. At the end of the day, it seems the highest level Lords want to play out every scenario possible in the various Parallel Universes to grant humans a wealth of knowledge and experience to prepare them for eventual afterlife Godhood. More Vampire Cures…

Who Is The Paranormal Being Known As The April Fool?

April Fool’s Day isn’t just a time of pranks and jokes confined to human instigators.  There are magical forces at work sparking supernatural shenanigans. The April Fool is the official supernatural leader of April Fool’s Day. He appears to be a jocular jester personally pranking those he feels needs to be taken down a peg or two. Sometimes it’s merely an individual who may be a bit too righteous and requires some enhanced embarrassment. He has a variety of paranormal powers that allow him to accomplish his hopefully harmless habits of perpetually pranking people amid loony laughter and goofy giggling. This happy harlequin is known to become quite malicious when dealing with egregiously evil individuals or those who lash out in anger. It’s always best to laugh off his jokes and learn a lesson from them. Sometimes it’s as simple as learning to laugh at yourself and not let an over-inflated ego guide you through life.

The Origin Of April Fool’s Day

The Fantastical Fool is known to be a Trickster by proxy through the power of the Norse Trickster God Loki. The real Loki is not very much like the Marvel movie character. Sometime in the 16th century, he began planting the sub-conscious seeds in humankind for the formation of a Fools Day. A day to teach unruly humans a lesson through tricks and pranks. A time to let ones own mischievous merriment loose upon the world while relishing in the amusement of witnessing embarrassment. The ultimate purpose was to create a Holiday Spirit that would grant Loki more power. That day become April Fool’s Day as we know it today.

How Are April Fool’s Chosen?

As April 1st took shape Loki decided to install an Earthly emissary to directly preside over the holiday. If he did so himself it would have drawn disapproval from more powerful Gods and those who were after him for his past transgressions. So he created The April Fool! He hand-picked the original April Fool centuries ago but thereafter the Fool picks his successor every 7 years. The Foolish Fool is formerly a human who loves jokes, pranks, merry mischief, and a sense of comical justice. After his silly service, The Funny Fool returns to being a human. Although he retains some of his powers to a limited extent along with living an exceptionally healthy life well into the mid-100’s. It is said when Fool’s die they go to an especially jovial afterlife created in the Underworld by Loki. Thus far there have only been male fools but it’s only a matter of time before a funny female takes the title of April absurdity.

The Perplexing Powers Of The April Fool

The crazy clown of April has super strength, speed, agility, and otherworldly senses that fall somewhere at about half that of a Demigod. This is courtesy of Loki and The Spirit Of April Fool’s Day that is intertwined with The Spirit Of Joviality. Like all holiday leaders or even Practitioners Of Magic, the Fool can draw upon the metaphysical energy of said Spirit. He has psychic abilities that include mind reading and hypnosis. This allows him to locate various victims deserving of his drollery. However, Loki telepathically sends him his own choices as well.

The April Fool’s Abilities Are No Laughing Matter

It was once thought there was more than one Fool as once since he would appear in multiple places around the world simultaneously on April Fools. We now know that time works differently for him which indicates Chronokinetic abilities. April Fool’s Day is the equivalent of 365 days for the jolly jester. This gives him all the time in the world to teleport about the globe pranking everyone he pleases. At the end of any given years April 1st he is thrust to the next years. In essence, the April Fool is at work for 7 years non-stop. Thankfully, he requires no sleep nor any sustenance as well. The April Fool is extremely humorous, intelligent and cunning in his prank preparations. He has a plethora of magical powers that include invisibility and warping reality to see his wacky ways come to funny fruition.

How To Repel The April Fool

You have nothing to fear from him but prepare to be prolifically pranked on April Fools Day.  He chooses both the righteous and wicked to transmit his titanic tomfoolery upon!  Depending on how they handle it they will either have good or bad luck for the entire month of April. If you are a good sport you’ll get good luck but if you get agitated you’ll have bad luck. If you’re easily embarrassed then try very hard to grin and bear it. Still, there is a possible way to not play the Fools game if you’re in the supernatural know. Mother Nature always provides some way for humans to defend themselves from paranormal perplexities. The only known repellent for the April Fool is the Harlequin Flower, aka Sparaxis tricolor. The Sparaxis grandiflora variety has also shown some promise.  Plant the flowers around your home, display inside, and wear them on your clothes.  A perfume or cologne made of the Harlequin flower or an essential oil of Harlequin may also act as a deterrent. Crushing the flowers, and mixing them with holy water may be a possible weapon against the fool if you’re a big enough party pooper. Unfortunately, this isn’t a guaranteed deterrent if the Fool is determined to get you. We also know that particularly powerful practitioner’s of magic can avoid his hilarious hijinks. Some even sit in a supernaturally sealed or spell protected room for the entire 24 hours of April Fool’s Day!

The only known recording of The April Fool when he pranked us here at Mystic Investigations!

Are There Human-Leprechaun Hybrids?

Many Supernatural Beings enchantingly evolved from the Elf Line can’t procreate. It’s especially unnecessary since they come into existence by a variety of other means including via the direct hand of Nature Deities. The Earthly Gods who created Elves as the biological ground workers of their Godly hierarchy tasked with performing a number of duties. Interestingly most supernatural species derived from the Original Elves are generally male, or at least seemingly male like. Leprechauns are all male and have the equipment to prove it. However, since there are no female Leprechauns it’s pretty much useless. Somewhat like the Smurfs which incidentally are real paranormal cryptids! Thankfully Leprechauns rarely incur such unsavory urges unless corrupted by a Clurichaun, aka Evil Leprechaun, or enticed by a female of some other humanoid species. This can include humans.🍀

The Luck Of Leprechaun Love

The Old Wives Tale of gaining a lifetime of good fortune by making lucky love to a Leprechaun turns out to be true! If the union causes a birth to occur it was thought the child would be a Leprechaun who could grant the mother infinite wishes. Although, the child in question would be a Leprechaun-Human Hybrid. The supernatural scientific name for such an entity is a Lepreman or Leprewoman. Yes, you can get a female out of this mating. The closest thing to a girl Leprechaun. Under Leprechaun Law there are steep paranormal penalties if a Leprechaun has relations with such a Hybrid! That includes said Leprechaun being stripped of all powers and ability to wield luck in any form!💚

Leprechaun Hybrid Pregnancy Equals Immortality

Generally, a Leprechaun will only be compelled to mate with someone if they’re beyond beautiful, and there’s something special about them. However, there are incidents of less than moral women coercing a Leprechaun into being with them. This includes kidnapping them or holding their pot o’ gold hostage.  A human woman pregnant with the lucky offspring will not only gain good luck for life but will also become an Immortal since the Leprechild will be immortal. This is virtually the case with any woman who bears a child of enchanted eternal lineage. Often the paranormal properties of a supernatural child growing within a human female passes on said properties at some level in a temporary, or permanent way.🍀

The Leprechaun-Human Hybrid

The Lepreboy, or Lepregirl, is considered blasphemy by the Leprechauns, and often the father scurries away in shame never to be seen again once the wanton act is completed! So despite being half Leprechaun, they can’t choose to live the life of one among their little relatives in Ireland. Surprisingly they blend into human society well. Especially since they’re of normal height. Although they rarely are over 6 feet tall. In the past, most Immortals had to move away to a new life every 10 years or so before people realized they weren’t aging. Fortunately, modern prosthetics and cosmetics can simulate the aging process. Some can also use ultra healthy living, and plastic surgery, as excuses to stay in their lives a bit longer. More and more Immortals are entering into useful partnerships with powerful witches, and other magical practitioners, who can cast Glamour Spells that make one appear to age. The famous Immortal Keanu Reeves began employing such methods in the last decade as rumors of his immortality grew.☘️

Lepreman And Leprewoman Powers

Luckily a Human-Leprechaun Hybrid has a natural magical ability, and only needs a minimum of training to access it. They can thereby cast Glamours upon themselves so they may live out a human life for a good 80 years or so.  Since they can easily excel at magic they often choose that as their life path in the fight against supernatural darkness. Lepremen and women also have natural good luck which makes them successful in any endeavor they follow in life. They can easily gain power, and wealth which further aids in helping humankind.  There is an uncontrollable urge to collect gold yet at the same time they’re not necessarily greedy. The obsession is focused on glittering gold coins that they want to put in small cauldron type pots very badly. Unfortunately, they don’t hold anywhere near the same level of luck as Leprechauns gold. Pilfering a pot or abducting the Lepreperson will not net you three lucky wishes.🍀

Lucky Leprehumanoid Abilities

Interestingly enough their birthday wishes always come true if made for others, or non-selfish causes. The wishes are guided by luck so they can’t make something materialize out of thin air…unless, of course, their practice of magic allows for it. Leprehumans can also bank their wishes, and amass as many as they like. In addition on Saint Patrick’s Day, they can grant three lucky wishes in the same way a Leprechaun would. They also have the power to bless objects into lucky charms like a Leprechaun. Leprehumans can also garner a special kinship with Unicorns, Rainbow Nymphs, Fairies, and may have limited rainbow creation powers. Naturally, these supernatural connections and practicing of magic can greatly increase their rainbow making ability. Rainbows that can be used for global transport, and communication.🌈

Clurimen And Cluriwomen: The Human-Clurichaun Hybrids Of Darkness!

Unfortunately Dark demonic Leprechauns, aka Clurichauns, can mate with humans as well to create Clurichaunevil Clurimen and Cluriwomen! They are the natural nemesis of Leprepeople, and they enjoy utilizing their powers of bad luck to mess people up! They are often welcomed into demon worshiping cults, and other organizations of darkness run by demon based entities such as Demi-Demons, Vampires, and dark magicians. Clurichauns work hard to compel their horrifying human hybrid offspring to join their ranks and travel where their small stature would make them stand out. Thankfully Human-Clurichaun Hybrid numbers are kept in check by spiritual incompatibility with the vast majority of humans since the righteousness of their souls causes issues. The Clurichaun needs to mate with a truly nasty woman!🤢

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