Dimitri Diablo: King Of Hell And Sorcerer Of Darkness

Dimitri Diablo is considered the evilest human in existence along with being one of the most powerful Sorcerers on Earth. His level of evil is virtually unchallenged!  He makes Hitler and even the Anti-Claus look like peace-loving hippies. He cares not for his biological existence, money, or anything in this human world except for raw power! Diablo only lives to gain control of reality and he will torture or eradicate anything that stands in his way! He is independent and has rarely allied with dark forces until he became King Of Hell in 2013. Before that, not even Satan could lay claim to him. In fact, Dimitri was known to fight them just as hard as he fought the forces of good.  He hates God, and The Devil with equal passion! Although, Diablo and Satan finally came to an agreement when the Civil War in Hell met a stalemate. The Devil reclaimed his Emperor status while Dimitri remained King. It’s only a matter of time before that truce goes south!

The Bounty On Diablo’s Head!

Despite his ascension to Hell, there is still a substantial reward is out for his capture or kill by the general paranormal community where he is considered number one on the supernatural most wanted list. And there is a chance since he does return to Earth every so often. The largest reward on Dimitri Diablo’s head is offered by someone who is thought to be the most powerful practitioner of magic in the world if that title doesn’t go to Diablo himself. He is the Sorcerer Ian McTavish of the world-renowned McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences located in the highlands of Scotland. Ian is an immortal born in 1142, and one of the few good Sorcerers on Earth. He is offering a bounty on Diablo’s head that is equivalent to 44 million dollars that will be paid in the form of ancient gold coins! Ian himself sometimes goes on sabbatical when he gets a lead on Diablo.  Certainly, if one man could take down the quintessence of evil it would be the powerful Sorcerer McTavish. Thus far only McTavish has come close to taking him down. On December 25th, 2012, Diablo was at the magic school searching for a supernatural artifact while in disguise. A major battle ensued and Diablo got away with the artifact that was a part of his plan to take over Hell.

A Physical Description Of Dimitri Diablo

There is no accurate physical description of Diablo since he continually changes his appearance through Glamour spells and other magical means Sometimes he even uses mass hypnosis to make people forget what he looked like or that he was even there to begin with. His most common appearance is when he appears in people’s dreams via the This Man Dream Phenomenon. Something he does to tap into the power of the Human Collective Consciousness. Despite his deceptions, he enjoys wearing his regal violet silk Sorcerers robe even when it makes him look odd at public venues.

The Birth Of Pure Evil?

Dimitri was born in New Spain, aka Mexico, in 1666. Yes, you heard right folks he’s over 350 years old! His immortality is magical based rather than genetic. His father was a powerful Russian wizard, named Ivan Yefimovich, who was an ancestor of the infamous Rasputin, and his mother a Mayan Witchdoctor, named Ixchel, who secretly continued her traditions amid the rule of Spanish Conquistadors.  Despite Spanish rule over New Spain the Russian Ivan was able to enter the land freely since powerful practitioners of magic could travel anywhere on Earth without having to answer to human governments or warriors.  He had traveled there looking for rare magical herbs for a potion when he came across the beautiful Ixchel.  He eventually married her, and they had little Dimitri who displayed evil characteristics from an early age.  An evil that actually turned out good on some occasions such as when he couldn’t take the bullying of Conquistadors standing in the way of his quest for power.  They say he was instrumental in driving Spain out of what eventually became Mexico.  However, this doesn’t make up for his centuries of mystical atrocities throughout the world.  The hellish acts that justify the Diablo surname he gave himself.  A name not meant to pay homage to the Devil but rather to claim himself the new King of Hell, and ultimate evil in the Universe!

Diablo’s Rise To Power

Diablo’s initial rise to power seems to be a result of latent Parallel Hyper-Telepathy which is the ability to read the minds of people in parallel Universes.  As a young child, it first occurred sub-consciously as he unknowingly collected information from his parallel selves in other Universes.  Having access to so much knowledge created a God like complex within him that lives on to this very day.  He even speaks of what seems the impossible task of possessing the very mind of God thereby becoming God!  The rampant evil of his father, and his mother to a lesser extent, further fueled the dark flames within him as his megalomania, and delusions of grandeur grew.  As he learned the dark arts from his parents his PHT (Parallel Hypertelepathy) became a talent he could use at will to access information from his parallel selves on all manner of subjects.  He especially learned all the magic he could causing his power to increase exponentially.  Without ever attending a magic school he became a self taught Sorcerer despite being the son of a mere Wizard. 

Diablo eventually killed his father one fateful night when his parents got into an argument over Diablo.  Ixchel thought he was growing too horrifyingly dark, and out of control while Ivan loved it, and wanted to use Diablo for his own rise to dark tyranny over humankind.  Ivan then lost control himself and began strangling his wife with his powers.  A rope of flames sprung from the fire place simultaneously choking, and burning her.  As she screamed out Diablo entered the room, and demanded he cease his assault.  Ivan shot a bolt of magical lightning at the teenage Dimitri but it bounced off him as he bellowed forth an unholy howl.  His eyes glowed red, and he shot a burst of hellish beam of glittering violet hued metaphysical power toward his dad who was sent directly into the hearth where he promptly disintegrated within a magically induced unholy Hell fire.   He expected gratitude from his mother but she was terrified and cast him from their home.  From there he was let loose upon the world with a vengeance, and hatred for humankind.  He realized within a few years that he had the ability to absorb other people’s powers, and so he went about collecting all he could from the world of the paranormal.  However he couldn’t find them fast enough so he turned to the world of demons, and even various dark nature deities for a turbo boost of power.  He performed a ritual meant to be a sacrifice to both the demons, and gods who he would later turn his back on once his power was beyond formidable, and his ego would no longer accept being under anyone’s rule.  

The Weeping Woman

He even pretended to love a woman named Maria, and convinced her to kill her children because he said he couldn’t stand them.  Her blind love for Diablo caused her to drown her kids in a river at night.  He then maniacally rejected her which caused her to commit suicide.  Diablo got an exponential boost of power from what was a demonic style sacrifice, and Maria became the unholy Mexican poltergeist known as the legendary La Llorona, aka The Weeping Woman.  She roams the Earth searching for her ghostly kids still traumatized by what she did.   She further seals her hellish fate by killing children in her distraught confused state of darkness.  She does this because she was denied entry into Heaven until she makes peace with her kids, and returns them to Heaven.  At this point, we think she may be attempting to deliver the kids souls to Hell in order to escape her Earthly prison.  Despite this reprehensible deception, which he knew would lead to the death of innocent children, it’s suspected Diablo may have felt some level of guilt.  A witness claims to have read his private journal in which he claims he was blinded by his lust for power when he tricked Maria into committing the despicable act.  After the horrific incident it’s noted that he went somewhat out of his way to avoid hurting children even indirectly ever again.  It’s also worth mentioning that Diablo does not consider himself evil.  He feels that the Universe is a hell hole that needs to be cleaned up, and organized in a proper manner under his wise leadership. He truly believes the forces of good do just as much harm as the forces of evil!  He looks for neutral balance. Oddly enough this is somewhat the goal of Shala Queen Of Halloween to a far lesser extent.

In June 2012 he successfully defeated the Devil who was banished to the Jinn dimension.  Diablo then reigned over Hell as the King for a short period of time before the Devil regained power.

Diablo Describes His February 2013 Meetings With The Plague Doctor And Slender Man

These are excerpts from a diary Dimitri left behind when he became King Of Hell…

The pathetic Plague Doctor begged me to meet with him. I reluctantly complied thinking he might have something interesting to say. I was wrong! He is a useless moronic minion of mindless malevolence. His diseased breath spewed forth nothing but ignorance. He only wanted to leech off my awesome power. Disease boy refused to take no for an answer. I began choking him on the spot with telekinetic powers since he is immune to magic. He attempted to infect me with some disease but it was no match for my supernatural immune system. Pestilence, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse he worships, suddenly appeared as a hideous apparition and shot a swarm of every disease ever seen on Earth at me. I was forced to release my grip on the silly Doctor and shot a multi-pronged volley of magics at Pestilence causing his non-corporeal form to dissipate. Unfortunately, the Plague Doctor vanished before I could eradicate him”

Later while walking through some woods at night I ran across the silly Slender Man. The faceless shapeshifting freak attempted to control my mind as he wrapped his tentacle arms around me. I said, “Oh my you’re quite the circus side show freak aren’t you? I’m so scared.” I then started laughing maniacally as I shocked him with my raw power causing him to fly through a tree knocking it clean over. He lay on the ground attempting to first teleport himself away, and then make himself invisible. I froze all his powers with my more powerful mind. I told him he wasn’t going anywhere, and I probed his puny brain. It seems he is a being from another dimension sent here as a punishment. A unique energetic force I’ve never seen before is using Gaia as a conduit to keep him tied to Earth. He can teleport anywhere on the planet but nowhere else. I’m not familiar with this being, his people, or the dimension he comes from. I learned a lot while King Of Hell but there is so much more to know. Knowledge I will have when I possess the Omniverse Gods mind. The ultimate possession to take place in all of the histories of all sentient beings everywhere. With me in command nefarious beings such as Plague Boy, and Silly Slender would be eradicated! Yes fools deal with it! Bow before me now! ”

Diablo later traveled to parallel Universes to directly solidify his parallel selves, and make himself more powerful along with still collecting the powers of others as he continues his delusional rise to power in the hopes of Universal domination.  His endgame is to possess the very soul of the Omniverse God thereby controlling our entire Omniverse, and everyone within it. He’s even hinted he would like to be the very infinite Macroverse itself someday!

King Of Hell After The First Battle Of Armageddon

On Halloween of 2013 Diablo participated in the First Battle Of Armageddon in which he successfully ousted the Devil as Emperor of Hell banishing him to Earth in a demonic human like form. Dmitri in essence traded places with the Devil’s spirit in Hell, and became the King Of Hell. However due to the resistance of various demonic factions he could not attain the Emperor status. As of August of 2016 Diablo is still King Of Hell! Despite having various transport powers such as teleportation Dimitri Diablo was occasionally seen driving his Purple Lamborghini Diablo pictured below when found by paranormal investigators in Amish Country on November 1st, 2013.  It’s now an object of study at a private top-secret supernatural institute!

In early 2018 the Devil called a truce and peace ironically came to Hell. He officially named Diablo King Of Hell and he himself Emperor as always. Diablo holds special status as being able to do his own thing as long as it doesn’t cross the Devil’s plans. It’s said Diablo is searching for allies outside of the Omniverse in order to defeat God! Dimitri is a unique entity as he is no longer technically human nor is he a demon. He has molded his human souls into something quite dark, twisted, and unseen in supernatural history! We do know he has the power of an Archdemon and may possibly be close to the Devil’s power. Despite Satan’s low opinion of humans, he has great respect for a human Sorcerer like Diablo being totally self-made in his rise to unparalleled paranormal power! Some currently define Diablo as a Dark Traveler. Although we might just call him a Diablo. The first of his diabolical kind!

The True Mindset Of Diablo

In the following quote, Dimitri illustrates what he’s all about. In a way, he is setting himself to be even more of a nemesis to God than the Devil himself. Here’s what he had to say about the Omniverse God

“This multi-dimensional mad man playing god has the nerve to force my glorious consciousness into this corporeal cage! A despicable animal body upon the plane of his meager mind all for his personal amusement! I did nothing to deserve this imprisonment and will enjoy the day I possess his mind, body, and soul! The day I shove his consciousness into a biological body and torment him for eternity! Your time is nearly up GOD!”

Clearly, Diablo has never enjoyed his physical-biological existence in this reality and has always yearned to ascend to greater heights of his own choosing! In more recent ramblings he’s claimed to have learned the true name of God along with his identities in the various Multiverses of the Omniverse he was born from. Indeed, our Omniverse Lord was once a human-like being who lived on an armada of lives before ascending to Godhood. Dimitri has said if he can’t possess God then he will kill him by ascending to the 14th dimension. From there he would eradicate the Omniverse of our Holy Lord’s origin thus erasing him and all of us as well. The Devil seemed to think it wasn’t possible and wasn’t particularly keen on the idea of never existing. Of course, Diablo claims he can defy that to keep himself alive along with his chosen ones. This guy is really full of himself!

The Mystery Of Diablo

His unprecedented rise to power without any of the usual prophecies of top-flight psychics, seers, and mystics leads many to believe he may actually be an entity from outside this Omniverse. Perhaps his dark spirit was cast into a human here as a prison and punishment. Angelic sources indicate God himself is puzzled by the meteoric rise of Dimitri. Nobody can glean a clue about his future. Something sinister is masking it even from the Omniverse Lord. The Holy Lord has reassured Heaven that Diablo is nothing to worry about and is merely a mathematical probability to be played out. His threat of possessing him is quite impossible…at least we think so. Killing God is even more insanely impossible! Perhaps Diablo is a test from higher Gods to see if the Omniverse Lord is ready to ascend to higher planes of existence?

🥫Fun Fact: Diablo has a deep diabolical love for the chemical cocktail known as Diet Coke. He guzzles it down like it’s the holy grail of health. Beyond any explanation, history has recorded him drinking from the silver can centuries before any such thing existed. Some speculate the Coke Spirit cried out to him from the future and he used a micro-temporal portal to deliver Diet Coke hundreds of years into the past for his enjoyment. Interestingly enough a key ingredient in Diet Coke, Aspartame, has been linked to cancer. Clearly, Diablo doesn’t have to worry about such Earthly matters.

Dimitri Diablo Timeline (Incomplete)

December 25th, 2012 – 2nd worst battle at the hands of the dark Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo and his allies. Future King Of Hell Diablo sought an artifact, hidden in the school’s walls, that would give him power. He also looked to corrupt students and gain allies while putting the magical institution out of commission permanently! Considered a Pre-Battle Of Armageddon due to the power players present.

Once Diablo ascended to King Of Hell he abandoned his purple Lamborghini near a rural farm in France.

Violet Unholy Light

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