Why Is There Virtually No Video Or Photographic Evidence Of The Supernatural?

Generally, all most people see are sparse evidence of metaphysical spirit activity.  Sometimes blurry images of Bigfoot and other creatures are caught on film. The reason for this involves a few explanations. One is that it’s rare for anyone to run across the world of the paranormal. Especially when they’re not seeking it out. Secondly, there are Angelic forces along with Nature Deities that stop the exposure of the supernatural to the general populace. This was something decreed from the Heavens above and sealed in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact Of 33 AD. This may explain why photos and video of paranormal beings appear blurry or totally don’t turn out at all. This goes for digital photography more so than paper film. Metaphysicist’s have noted strange electromagnetic fields of unknown origins around supernatural beings of all forms. This would explain distortions in filming. When It comes to UFO’s it could be the fast speed of the objects or alien vessels causing electromagnetic interference.

The Slippery Slope Of Visual Evidence

We here at Mystic Investigations generally don’t think of filming while engaged in battle or hunting expeditions to take down evil entities. However what little filming we’ve done is either distorted or full of static snow.  We also know of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact and wish not to anger Angels or other higher dimensional entities. There’s also the issue of an easily panicked public. If the masses of humanity truly believed that the supernatural was real there would be millions of heart attacks, and riots in the streets out of sheer terror. So we can tell you all about the paranormal because most won’t believe it. This is allowed under the paranormal pact because people still have free will to share truths. We just can’t provide convincing evidence of a photographic nature or otherwise, that would be picked up by the mainstream media causing all hell to break loose!

Is The White House Haunted By Ghosts?

Indeed the White House is haunted! However, the sinister spectral incursions would be more prolific if not for the intervention of the top-secret US Paranormal Defense Agency. It’s said that Ghost Busting Agents sweep, and exorcise the White House on a daily basis!  In addition, a special division of the Secret Service, called the Supernatural Secret Service, aid in tracking unwanted paranormal activity. All in its efficient effort to protect the President, and all-important officials who walk the hallowed historical halls. Despite this, there is always some level of paranormal activity. Some of which are sometimes amazingly welcome!👻

The Metaphysical Maelstrom Of The White House

Naturally extremely old buildings, especially homes, generally have ghosts to some extent. The White House has been around since 1800 so there are over 200 years of countless souls pacing the floors. What makes it a metaphysical maelstrom is the fact that it’s a human global power zone where life and death decisions are made. Decisions that affect billions of lives around the world. It can even inadvertently affect the lives of supernatural beings as well!  There are deep emotions and tragic events related to people who have worked and lived there. Countless souls lost in wars dictated from this US command hub. This makes The White House a ghost, poltergeist, demon, and even an inter-dimensional being magnet. Not to mention the rumors about extraterrestrials visiting as well!👽

Paranormal Danger Kept At Bay

Thankfully supernatural agents keep the spiritual dangers to a minimum but there have been some close calls. Whether it be poltergeist attacks or attempted demonic possessions! Some even blamed malicious ghosts for President Gerald Ford’s clumsy mishaps but those of us in the supernatural community know it was a Clurichaun’s bad luck that did the trick! At times a paranormal lockdown of the White House may occur with the President, and high ranking staff immediately sequestered to a special holy water blessed crystal chamber lined with ancient Red Sea salts deep within holy ground. There are also a number of other undisclosed countermeasures to ensure the safety of everyone within the holy chamber until the metaphysical threat can be neutralized!👺

The Ghosts Of The White House

Haunted White House

Although paranormal activity can be threatening at times there are also harmless ghosts who simply appear as brief specters, or bellow forth random eerie noises. In addition, there are deceased former Presidents and dignitaries who visit in a ghostly form to advise the President. The White House Psychic Medium may even summon key figures from the Afterlife at the pleasure of the President when he needs sound advice on certain pressing issues requiring an otherworldly perspective. The most famous of these ghosts is that of former President Abraham Lincoln who seems to hang around the Lincoln Bedroom for reasons unknown. Perhaps he’s perpetually attempting to finish out his Presidential term.  For specific White House haunting cases, and more information see the links below:

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What Is The Supernaturally Safest Place On Earth?

Outside of any paranormal place, where on Earth could you live safely with a minimum of supernatural scares? The answer is Iceland which is already rated as the number one safest nation by non-paranormal criteria. Their population originated from strong Vikings, and Celtics well versed in the magical knowledge of our paranormal planet. Many of their ancestors were warriors and practitioners of magic who actively fought the forces of supernatural evil. To this day the Icelandic population has the largest number of citizens aware of the monstrous beasts that roam our Earth. They also have knowledge of the global plutocratic elites who are deep into calling upon devilish demonic beings, and even extraterrestrial evil, for perplexing power. In fact, the 2000’s saw the ousting of the private corrupt bankers and their grip on the economy. Their status as agents of the global shadow government thwarted as the process of instituting a new Constitution works to ensure more power to the people! This once economically troubled nation is flourishing again as it had before the blasphemous bankers of malevolence tried to tie them down with a dastardly debt that wasn’t theirs, to begin with.

The Supernatural Safety Of Iceland

Iceland is an island nation of supernaturally suspicious people always highly observant of any metaphysical malevolence. Being an island surrounded by an ocean allows them to more easily control who gets past their borders. Even when the rare entity of evil washes up upon their sainted shores the threat is dealt with swiftly by the well-armed populace. Interestingly enough, this high degree of gun ownership doesn’t follow the United States path of mass shooting violence! This small nation also boasts the greatest number of holy blessings upon it by priests and good witches. The entire island is blessed on a monthly basis by an unusual cooperation between various religious priests and covens of witches. Most bodies of water are made holy along with the infamous hot springs. The magical practitioners who dwell there have a deep spiritual relationship with the local Nature Deities. Deities who respect the citizenship for protecting Mother Nature. Especially with their widespread use of renewable energy sources. In turn, they protect them from the paranormal where possible. The holy glow of the Northern Lights and the Summer Midnight Sun provide additional protections from nefarious nocturnal creatures.

Don’t Mess With Iceland!

Iceland has a reputation around the world as a place for the frightening forces of darkness to avoid at all costs! Most sinister supernaturals know that any incursion will be met with a vengeance! They enjoy the lowest rate of metaphysical mayhem on Earth! As a whole Icelanders are the most feared humans by supernatural beings from all walks of the wayward spectrum. In Iceland, you can slip into a sweet slumber knowing the odds are beyond slim you will be attacked by a vampire, werewolf, zombie, dark witch, or any other dark demonic denizens. Even the non-corporeal entities, such as poltergeists, and demons, know their pathetic mind games won’t be tolerated within the hallowed haven that is almost a Heaven on Earth. Hell, even blood-thirsty mosquitos won’t go there! If your government goes tyrannical, or you can’t seem to get any peace from paranormal activity then Iceland is the place to retreat to. You can relax within their fabulously fortified land of legendary liberty! 🇮🇸

Visit Iceland

Iceland is the favorite vacation destination for those in the supernatural community who want to take a break from battling the forces of darkness. Second only to Santa Claus’s North Pole City which is nearby thus giving Iceland another advantage. It is an extremely safe and serene nation of extraordinary nature sights. It always rates in the top 5 Happiest Places In The World! Learn More About Visiting Alluring Iceland…

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