What’s The Difference Between White, Gray, And Black Magic?

In the marvelous world of real supernatural magic there are three general categories of power practice along with Anti-Magic. Most often these are recognized in the most widely wielded magic of witchcraft. One of many subsets of magic within the general categories of White, Gray, and Black Magic.

White Magic

White Magic is also known as Light Magic or Natural Magic since it usually calls upon Nature Deities for paranormal power. This includes a variety of Gods, Goddesses, Nymphs, and even Fairies. In dire circumstances, a white magic practitioner may call upon Dark Underworld Deities yet still use the power for righteous purposes. White Magic is meant to be in harmony with nature and defend the forces of good on Goddess Gaia’s planet Earth. The highest level of this magic is considered holy as it calls upon Angels to imbue a human with the power to exact justice.

Gray Magic

Gray Magic, or Neutral Magic, is based on the premise of the Universes natural need to find a balance between the forces of good and evil. You can see it in outer space full of darkness yet at the same time balanced with the light of infinite stars, galaxies, and other celestial bodies. Gray Magicians utilize the best of White and Black Magic to maintain the natural order of our reality. Even if that sometimes means going against Mother Nature. The highest levels of Gray Magic involve mining the pure energies of our reality that originate from the Gods that compromise all that is. This includes Omnimagic and Macromagic. Sorcery is sometimes considered Gray Magic as they usually don’t call upon any higher dimensional being for power. They look to their soul and natural infinite metaphysical energies that swirl around us every day! In the end, Gray Magic can be the most powerful magic of all as they don’t limit themselves to being loyal to one fantastical faction.

Black Magic

Black Magic is also known as Dark Magic as it delves into the blasphemous bowels of evil. Those who practice the malevolent magics call upon Dark Underworld Gods or Demons Of Hell for sinister supernatural powers! In some cases, they may call upon various dark spirits, poltergeists, Jinn, and other horrifying higher dimensional beings. Dark Magic is about meeting a person or organizations selfish goals at the expense of innocent people and the planet in general. Practicing Black Magic is dangerous and often takes a negative toll on a persons health right down to their very soul! A soul that could end up being owned by the dark deity they worship. The most distinctive mark of a Dark Magicians is the quintessential green-skinned wicked witch. The highest level of Dark Magic is considered one who calls upon the Devil himself for power! Although some claim they can call upon The Darkness for power. The Darkness is the ultimate source of evil in our Omniverse.

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