The Lucky Storm Moon Of March

The Storm Moon of March encompasses the metaphysical energies of the month’s chaotic weather as winter transitions into spring. This often produces more aggressive Werewolves who will readily go after humans in populated areas. This happens more often when stormy weather is present. Thankfully, the righteous luck of Saint Patrick’s Day is often afoot along with little Leprechauns scurrying about with glee. This usually makes it the Lucky Storm Moon. Under this Moon, various Lucky Charms will work to repel Werewolves in addition to the normal repellents. Also, places with plenty of Shamrock growing tend to be devoid of Werewolves. If the lunar light actually has an enchanting emerald hue then a werewolf attack is extremely unlikely as fantastic fortune hangs heavy in the air!🍀 Read The Latest Lucky Storm Moon Werewolf Warning…

Why Does The Moon Have Power Over Biological Beings?

The Moon seems to affect all manner of supernatural beings, humans, and animals. Whether it’s Werewolf transformation or some humans acting crazy the Moon has always appeared to be a mysterious entity in our otherwise dark skies. Outside of any scientific explanations, there are supernatural reasons for the lunar lunacy. The Moon exerts strong metaphysical energies that can interact with various people in a variety of ways including the Chakras, or metaphysical energy conduits, that connect to our very souls.

The Unholy Lunar Light

These paranormal lunar powers are caused by the enchanted energies contained within the holy light of the Sun. Energies that become absorbed, filtered and reflected through the Unholy Moon. However, it is only deemed Unholy in the respect that it is impure and not of concentrated holy starlight along with unheavenly Nature Deities controlling it. It is said the light of all stars around life-giving planets were directly blessed by the hand of the holy Omniverse God. Other stars may have also been blessed by various Angels and other Gods of varying power.

Metaphysical Mastery Of The Moon

Within any given month the Full Moon is controlled by a multitude of Gods, Goddesses, and other higher dimensional entities. Even evil demonic and dark Underworld deity forces get in on the game. Most notably in the case of Blood Moons. Although non-sentient Holiday Spirits can exert so much enchanted energy that they inadvertently override conscious beings!  That is caused by such Spirits being the products of the Human Collective Consciousness. The December Yule Moon and The Spirit Of Christmas is the greatest case of this. Naturally, Saint Nicholas is said to control that Moon by proxy since he is the conduit for said Spirit.

The Enchanted Energy Of The Moon Is For Everyone!

Thankfully, most of the time lunar energy can be used by both the forces of light and darkness. Even during the notorious Halloween Blood Moon since the Samhain season is about the balance between good and evil. Each side using the power to wage war or push for peace in a never-ending battle for Earthly supernatural supremacy among a variety of entities including Practitioners Of Magic!🌝

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The Ice Moon Of February Werewolf Warning

The Full Moon of February is most often called the Snow Moon in the mainstream world due to the abundance of snow on the ground. However, in the supernatural realm, it is usually called the Ice Moon due to February appearing to be the icy heart of winter. Sometimes thawed by the enchanted energies of Valentine’s Day but eventually melted by the coming spring. Ice better describes the metaphysical energy emitted by this Moon due to Winter deities like Jack Frost often having control of it. Each month an armada of higher dimensional beings fight for supernatural supremacy of the Moon since it determines many paranormal perplexities.

Werewolves Are Afoot Amid The Snow And Ice

An Ice Moon Werewolf Warning is in effect for the entire planet through March 3rd, 2021! This is due to the fact that some Werewolves can transform into mad monsters even when the Moon is 80% full. The older the werewolf the more resistance they have against the metaphysical lunar energies that trigger the transmutation within their demonic DNA. Although the light of the Silvery Moon is of great hypnotic allure to the Werewolf it doesn’t have to be present for them to be made horrifyingly hairy. So be on alert even if the night skies are cloudy! You could possibly become a delightful dinner or a member of the supernatural canine species! Also, realize that the Abominable Snowman Yeti will be afoot as well! Read The Rest Of This Paranormal Activity Forecast…