What Is The Devil’s Hour, And When Is It?

devils-hourThe Devil’s Hour is a time of perplexing paranormal activity that begins at 3:00 AM, and extends through 3:59:59 AM.  There are actually 24 Devil’s Hours in any given day as the supernatural world adheres to human-created time zones.  This is due to the metaphysical power of the human collective consciousness, and the beliefs they hold. Even past 4 AM, the dark effects will be felt to some extent until the first enchanting embers of sunrise light break free from the horizon.  For some, this might be 4:00 AM in the heart of the summer or all the way into the 7:00 AM hour in the winter depending on cloud cover. Thankfully there is an exponential decline in metaphysical activity once the Devil’s temporal domain has passed on. Naturally, paranormal activity is far less in Lands Of The Midnight Sun as Sunlight has holy properties that repel dark supernatural beings.

The Devil’s Hour is of course named for the Arch-Demon Emperor of Hell who has been known to go by the names Devil, Satan, and Lucifer.  His unholy hour is the window of wayward higher dimensional entities into our world. To some extent the current King Of Hell, Since 2013Dimitri Diablo has some sway in this hour as well.  It’s a time when Demons are at their strongest when interacting with our reality.  A horrifying hour many demon and Devil worshipers thrive in as they conduct their various dark ceremonies. These often the ritual sacrifices of innocent victims, both human, and animal, upon an unholy altar of abomination! The sinister rituals are ultimately meant to build power bases of darkness, and perpetuate pandemonium upon humankind!

This hour of damnation is at 3:00 AM because it’s the antithesis to 3:00 PM which is informally known as the Jesus or Christ Hour.  Jesus Christ being the Demigod son of the Omniverse God.  Ancient scrolls seem to indicate that Jesus died at 3:00 PM so a holy aura exists during the 3:00 PM to 3:59 time zone. It was previously prophesied that the 3:00 AM unholy time zone would be the birth time of the Anti-Christ, the Devil’s Earthly son.  However, it turned out to be anciently planted information by the Devil since the Anti-Christ was born during a solar eclipse in March of 2015.

The Devil’s Hour is known to be the hour where most accidents and deaths occur since evil, and bad luck are rampant during these times. This havoc ridden hour also has an additional power boost from the Witching Hour which begins at Midnight. This is what links the hours creating a blasphemous bridge of brimstone extending from 12:00 AM to sunrise!  Another common element that strengthens the supernatural seriousness is the lack of human consciousness during this time.  Most humans are in deep sub-conscious slumber further lowering the power of positivity in our physical realm.  In essence, temporarily handing over the lands of their time zone to the Devil, and his legions of darkness!

Not only does the Devil himself fuel the hour but the same metaphysical energies that fuel the Witching Hour are at work as well.  This includes the lack of the holy solar rays that are infamous for blasting the forces of darkness away into oblivion.  The Devil’s Hour should theoretically be at the height of paranormal power around the time of the winter solstice due to the postponement of the sunrise.  Thankfully the power of the Christmas Spirit negates it greatly despite the Anti-Claus’s best efforts. So it turns out that the Halloween Devil’s Hour is the most malevolent due to the denizens of darkness marshaling at their height on that night.  The next powerful Devil’s Hours are the nights of November, and often January as well.

Immunity To Evil For Those Born In The Devil’s Hour

Legend has it that there is an immunity against dark demonic attacks if someone is born during the Devil’s Hour.  Especially if born at 3 AM on the nose along with it being Halloween which already provides special powers to humans. Some of the most prolific supernatural warriors have been born during this time zone.  Often a person who shouldn’t be frightening may create fear in those looking to perpetuate ill will.  Those born in the 3 AM hour are usually overlooked as potential targets since they give evil individuals a spine-tingling feeling. Of course, don’t always count on this working. Especially if you open your mouth when you shouldn’t!  Stick with a simple blank stare with a hint of dark determination.

There is also some anecdotal evidence that waking up at exactly 3:00:00 AM in a state of sweat-drenched terror suggests that the Devil has paid you a visit literally or in your dreams. If awakened in agony during the rest of the hour then it was probably one of his demonic minions.  A mere state of heightened agitation might indicate non-demonic darkness or poltergeist visitation. There is a general increase in the probability of paranormal attacks from all manner of menaces during the Devil’s domain!  This includes ghosts, poltergeists, and even physical paranormal entities. It’s certainly known that a Werewolves rage is at its height during the 100% full Moon within the Devil’s Hour.  This is where the most Werewolf related attacks, and deaths take place.  Vampires are also known to crave blood the most at this time. Spontaneous Zombies rising from graves increase during this hour as well!  It’s always best to stay in bed under covers blessed in Holy Water during the Devil’s Hour to ensure your safety until the warm embrace of dawn arrives!

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Devils Hour

Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees And Werewolf Warning!

The Full Moon of September is generally the Harvest Moon. The lunar energies of this Moon implore Werewolves to flock into fields of agricultural activity. There they may create crop circles when under the direct influence of a demonic entity. The unwitting wolves act as paranormal pens when the crop circles include messages to devilish denizens around the world. A malevolent message of dark direction for the coming Halloween season and even future Battles Of Armageddon. Although some of these messages have occurred, this Moon is firmly under the thumb of Friday The 13th and a mob of malicious metaphysical minions!

The Unique Friday The 13th Full Moon

This rare Friday The 13th Moon exudes dark luck controlled by the demonic forces who support Jason Voorhees along with the dark spirits of Clurichauns, aka demonic Leprechauns. The evil energies of this Moon are harnessed by dark witches and warlocks who work to destroy humankind! We urge everyone to carry good luck charms to repel bad luck, those who use it as a weapon, and for the Werewolves of this particular Full Moon. It’s already bad luck to run into a werewolf because the odds are slim this would happen to the average individual. Under the Friday The 13th Moon this dark fortune is exponentially greater. It could easily cost you your life when attempting to get away or battle a werewolf! In addition, standard werewolf repellent methods will be far less effective! Read The Rest Of This Perplexing Paranormal Activity Forecast…

Is The Wolf Man Real?

In the supernatural community, a Wolf Man most often refers to a Wolf-Human Hybrid so it can include a Wolf Woman as well. They appear like the quintessential portrayal of Werewolves in early black and white films such as The Wolf Man (1941). These tamer beasts have the appearance of being more human than monster. A man that almost looks dog-like with an armada of hair everywhere while still wearing clothing! Their movement is usually more human-like than animal. As far as Werewolves we only see this as a brief intermediary state during the Full Moon transformation. There’s also a more prolonged Wolf Man form when a Werewolf is exposed to a Total Solar Eclipse or Partial Lunar Eclipse. Other than that there are no supernatural species that transforms from human to wolfman form.

The Nefarious Origins Of Wolf-Human Hybrids

The Wolf-Human Hybrid is one of the dozens of Hybrids seen recently in secret circles courtesy of diabolical genetic experiments melding animal with human DNA. To a much lesser extent, we’ve seen domestic dog mixed with human beings as well. Interestingly enough, the most common of these fantastical freaks of nature are the Neko or Cat-Human Hybrid. These sometimes horrifying beings only exist in our society because they managed to escape the labs they were made in! Some are harmless but when it comes to Wolf Men and Women you should expect heinous behavior! The wild beast within dictates their behavior more than the human half.

The Curse Of The Wolf Man

Before the age of mad science, these creatures came into being courtesy of magical practitioners. Generally, the result of a powerful Curse. Native American legends told of early European explorers who disrespected Mother Earth. If they hunted down an animal in a cruel manner, then that animal’s spirit would be imbued upon the individual. As it mingled with the human soul it would reprogram traits at the metaphysical energy level. This resulted in magical genetic alterations. If the revered wolf was malevolently slain for no reason then that hunter would become a Wolf Man. When a curse is involved it often comes with immortality. Non-cursed wolfmen have half the normal human life expectancy due to the short lives of wolves. Thankfully, skilled hunters or more powerful beasts will eventually take down these monstrous menaces!

Differences Between Werewolves And Wolf Men

On a supernatural scale, Werewolves are the apex predator while a Wolfman could be taken down by a bear. A werewolf could easily eat a bear for breakfast! Clearly, the biggest difference between a Werewolf and Wolf Person is the state of permanence. A Werewolf is only a monster on the nights of the Full Moon while the rest of the month they are superhuman. Outwardly they look and act completely normal in their human form. A Human-Wolf Hybrid on the other hand always looks like a furry dog boy or girl. Without the shape shifting there’s no clothes tearing to shreds. In fact, they will steal clothing when they don’t really need it. These hairy hybrids have no connection to the Moon but they may howl at it. Their mind is always swimming in the gray area between human and animal. They have very low IQ’s but can still remember previous human memories and speech. Although it is laced with a lot of grunts amid their gravely voice. Even shaving their entire body isn’t enough for a wolfman or wolfwoman to have a normal life. However, they fit in perfectly during Halloween and at costume parties. They spend most of their mindless lives lurking about the forest shadows where they hunt meaty prey or slumber in cozy hidden spots.

The Powers Of Wolf People

The Wolf-Human Hybrid have some traits comparable to top flight superhumans. This includes enhanced strength, speed, agility, and highly tuned senses. Naturally, the Wolf People have very keen hearing and scent capabilities. They are sometimes drawn to wolf packs as Alpha’s. Especially with Faunapathic abilities that allow direct communication with wolves. If not accepted they could be overwhelmed by the entire pack attacking them. Otherwise, these crazy carnivores roam remote woodlands hunting down and eating any prey they can catch. Their aforementioned traits plus sharp teeth and claws make them excellent predators. You may have heard unusual growling or howling sounds in the distance that sound a bit human. This may have been them!

The Wolfman Threat To Humans

They have been known to hunt down and eat humans. However, this is rare due to some sense of cannibalism in the remnants of their human minds. Usually they must be provoked to attack humans. That is unless they feel the mating urge! This is when they shed their clothing and seek out an unlucky human partner of the opposite sex. Oddly enough they don’t go after wolves for this purpose. Even when they’re apart of a pack. Their bodies are still more human like than wolf. Their violated victims often end up in mental institutions due to the lunacy of their story. The resulting baby is mostly human in nature. Although, it grows up to be an extremely hairy human with unusual urges at times. These sons and daughters of the Wolf Woman or Man enjoy a special kinship with canines and often own many dogs, They may even attempt to tame wild wolves.

Can A Wolf Man Become A Werewolf?

Since Wolf People are rare there are no recorded cases of a Werewolf biting them. There’s conjecture on what the Lycanthrope Virus would do to them. The virus only affects humans. There’s no werewolf animals unlike vampire animals. The same goes for most forms of the zombie virus which leave animals unaffected. Some Cryptozoologists believe the wolf half would neutralize it. Others think the human half would acquire the virus and the resulting transformation would create a weaker breed of werewolf on Full Moon nights. | Watch The Wolf Man Online |

If you spot a Wolfman or Wolfwoman please contact your nearest Werewolf Hunter, Paranormal Professional, or Practitioner Of Magic! There is no known repellent for these blasphemous beasts as they are more science than supernatural. It wouldn’t hurt to try a dog whistle if you can’t escape their impending attack! If they aren’t wearing clothing then you really need to get the hell away from them ASAP!🐺

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