The Wizard Amazington’s Happy Fun Time Land

The Wizard Amazington’s Happy Fun Time Land is one of many secret supernatural places on Earth. Locations only accessible by those in the real paranormal community. The Happy Fun Time Land is rated as the 6th most happiest and most magical places on Earth! It’s a traveling amusement park beyond imaginable fun that extends to at least 50,000 acres. That’s over 78 square miles of never ending fun! However, it continues to grow everyday within the potentially infinite space it lies in. This is because it exists in an alternate dimension slightly out of phase with this reality. That means it could technically exist in the space you’re in right now without you even knowing it! Only certain supernatural beings and those with magical abilities can actually see it. Those of us in the supernatural world without powers rely on them to show us the way. Perplexing portals are the physical entrances and exits to the park even when it can be seen from the outside.

The Tragic Life Of The Wizard Amazington

Happy Fun Time Land was started by the amortal Wizard Amazington in 1352 after the Black Plague within the deeply depressing times of the dark ages. Amazington had spent his life battling the forces of darkness and was the Headmaster at a prestigious magic school in Italy. In fact, one of his students was the most famous Sorcerer on Earth, Ian McTavish. Mctavish founded his own school of magical sciences in Scotland in 1333. Today it is the premier magic school in the world! Unfortunately, Amazington suffered too much loss and became disenchanted with his life. This included the horrible destruction of his Italian magic school. The schools demise resulted in the death of many professors and students at the hands of a dark group of magicians lead by the Sorcerer Sinistri. A self professed Sorcerer Of Satan. Amazington, McTavish, and a handful of others were able to finally vanquish the group later on. However, Sinistri was an amortal which meant he couldn’t be killed. Amazington sacrificed the freedom of his Soul by intertwining it with the sinister Sorcerer. This made Amazington amortal and forced a banishment into an alternate dimension in order to tie Sinistri there as well. Only the power of a sentient soul could keep him there! Amazington could never leave or Sinistri would escape back into our world as a force even greater than the current most powerful magician in the world, Ian McTavish! On a related note Amazington would be the most powerful Wizard on Earth if he could leave his prison. He certainly would be considered a Sorcerer by most due to the immense power he wields. However, he loves the world of wizarding and always wants to be known as a Wizard.

The Self-Imposed Banishment Of Amazington And The Dark Sorcerer Sinistri

The super spell Amazington performed banished Sinistri to an antipodal location in the dimension. In this case, a dark void in which he’s been trapped ever since. Legend has it if you go to the outer edges of Amazington’s Happy Fun Time Land you can hear the screams of anger from Sinistri bellowing from the great beyond! Don’t worry if you step off the edge. You just teleport to the opposite end of the amusement park. Amazington was deeply depressed by his losses in life and then his own banishment even if it was a dream world of his own creation. It wasn’t until 1352 that he realized he could let people into his private prison and bring joy to the world! No longer able to fight the forces of darkness he decided to dedicate his life to easing the stress of those who did. He used his amazing imagination to build the greatest amusement park this planet has ever seen and ever will see! A place for adults and kids to have the time of their lives in a fantasy world free of any worldly worries. Entering Happy Fun Time Land is like that of North Pole City. The real world fades somewhat in memory in the same way you wake up from a vivid dream or nightmare. When leaving Santa Claus’s North Pole City your memory of it feels like a dream while your memory of Amazington’s amusement park actually intensifies due to various serene spells. When a visitor sleeps their dreams of the place causes an astral interaction that allows a brief return to the park in spiritual form until they wake up.

The Sunny Supernatural Skies Of Happy Fun Time Land

The amusement park features a never ending variety of rides, shows, and attractions you might find in the real world and some enchanting experiences you’ve never heard of. It’s most famous for its placid air balloon rides that can turn into a myriad of amazing adventures. The skies are of Amazington’s artistry and any sentient mind can carve out some of that for themselves. The fluffy multi colored clouds are often cotton candy you can reach out and grab from the balloon. You can even hop on to them and jump around. Some clouds can be sculpted by hand into artwork as well. Light rain creates water color paintings in the sky one can alter if they wish. Rainbows can be used as super slides and eaten as well. You can reach out to touch the golden sun as it’s actually in the sky since there’s no outer space in the Amazington Dimension. It won’t burn you but instead makes you feel all warm and cozy while giving you an instant sun tan.

The Majestic Nightscape Of Amazington’s Amusements

The sunrises and sunsets are beyond spectacular with a kaleidoscope of crazy colors streaming across the sky. Nighttime gives us a Moon we can reach out and touch to absorb magical moonbeams. Naturally, it tastes like a sweet confection. The Moon dust if often taken home to be used in cooking and the creation of magical spells. You can grab a star and make a wish on it. Although, it’s something that will only exist in the amusement park. If manage to catch a shooting star you can get a more substantial wish. After the wish is made it turns to glittering gold stardust that can be used in spells and other applications in the real world. Daring individuals will ride the comets streaking across the breathtaking skies while dazzling fireworks displays pop off amid Northern like lights gloriously glowing about.

Everyone is Guaranteed Complete Safety In Happy Fun Time Land

Park entrance portals are only locally accessible as Happy Fun Time land moves about the globe. This is one of many countermeasures to prevent evil incursions. Even if an evil individual got in there’s protection spells in place along with different laws of physics that make it impossible for anyone to get hurt. The portals themselves can only be used by those with genuine happy wholesome thoughts. A truly evil person cannot do this at a sub-consciousness level while even a deeply depressed individual of goodness can at least muster up some brief pleasant thoughts. It was said the Sorcerer Sinistri tried to create his own dark park for evil entities to engage in enchanted events. Plausibly, including the torment of innocent individuals! Thankfully, Amazington ensured old Sinny would only experience the opposite of him. He was to remain in a dark void alone for all eternity for the atrocities he committed in his life of terror!

Meeting The Amazing Man Himself In His Enchanting Entertainment Empire!

The Mystic Investigations Team had the pleasure of visiting Amazingtons amusements some years ago when it came to our town. It was out of this world! The wondrous Wizard has immersed himself into a wild world carved directly from the magic of his limitless imagination! In essence, he is God of Happy Fun Time Land. We had the honor of meeting the Wizard Amazington as he was creating animated balloon animals out of thin air for some gleeful kids. He seemed beyond jovial as his magical psychic powers allowed him to instantly know who we were. He congratulated us on our magnificent battles against the supernatural forces of darkness. Some of our team members with psychic abilities sensed he was still depressed deep down to some extent. However, he did acquire genuine joy by making others happy. We inquired why he called it Happy Fun Time Land and not Amazington’s Amusement Park which is the unofficial name used by some. He said the term Amusement Park didn’t exist until 1896.  Happy Fun Time Land was the natural way to describe it to potential visitors during the Middle Ages. We also wondered if Amazington was his real name because prolific magicians such as himself will often give themselves new flamboyant names as they come into power. He said Amazington wasn’t his original name. His birth name is shrouded mystery while wrapped in a cloaking spell of his own creation. He foresaw his battles with Satanic forces and wanted to protect his family and friends from retribution. There’s also those pesky malevolent magical time travelers who like to terminate good people!

You can’t plan a trip to Happy Fun Time Land like you can to Disney World or even North Pole City. It must be in your vicinity along with you or someone you know having the ability to detect its presence. It’s said Amazington senses areas where supernatural warriors are in serious need of a break from their never ending quest to protect humankind from the denizens of darkness. The bewitchingly beautiful fantasy world only stays in one place for 24 hours before moving on. If you’re still inside at that point you will materialize into the real world safe and sound on solid ground even if you were jumping on clouds at that moment.🎈