What’s The Difference Between Witches, Warlocks, Wizards & Sorcerers?

All are paranormal practitioners of magic and all have the potential to be good or evil.  Although in the case of Warlocks, they tend to be evil.  Also a good number of Sorcerers or Sorceresses end up being evil due to the awesome power they wield going to their head.  That being said Sorcerer’s are the most powerful followed by Wizards.  Witches and Warlocks come in third although as with any practitioner of magic or any art for that matter, someone can be so advanced in their field of choice that they end up being more powerful than someone in a higher field.

Witches can be a person who learns Witchcraft or they can be hereditary witches who are often born with a supernatural power and a natural ability to manipulate magic as a force of good or evil.  Those born witches have the ability to more easily master witchcraft and cast more powerful spells including making up their own.  Non-Witches who learn witchcraft can only use other witches spells and cannot make up ones that will work very well.  Although there’s always a rare exception.  Most practice the Wicca religion although some only practice the religion and never attain magical powers.  Witches call upon deities, mostly Goddesses, from which they derive some or all of their power from in the form of spells, incantations, rituals, divination, summoning, charms, and potions.  Some exceptionally good white witches may also on occasion call upon Angels for power as well.  Advanced witches can build up power within, especially when favored by a Goddess.  In such cases they may have the ability to conjure up one or more powers with just a few words.  If a witch is born with a supernatural power then that power comes from within and no deity is needed to access it.  Witches can be male or female.  More often they’re female.   Witches are usually members of covens.  When one is cast out of the group they are refereed to as a Warlock, whether they’re male or female.   Witches also practice the healing arts through herbology, homeopathic medicine, and other alternative remedies.  Many without much magical ability tend to become midwives.

An evil male witch is always called a Warlock while a female might simply be called an dark witch or wicked witch.  Someone can be born from a line of Warlocks and be either good or evil although they tend to be evil.  In this case a female would be called a Warlock.  Warlocks do not practice the Wicca religion and call only upon Gods for power rather than the Goddesses used mainly by Witchcraft.   Although if they’re evil they in fact mostly call upon demons for dark power.  Warlocks clearly reject reverence for Mother Nature along with the healing herbal and magical arts that are apart of witchcraft.  They tend to work alone although if they form an alliance it’s called a Dark Coven.

Wizards can operate alone but often work with other Wizards within what is called a Wizard’s Circle.  Many males choose to become Wizards rather than witches.  Wizardry can be learned or power can be inherited either from a Wizard or Witch parent.  For many Wizards the goal is to someday become a Sorcerer which is at the apex of magical power mastery.   Wizards are known for their magical laboratories, their potions, and practice of alchemy and the manipulation of magic energies and the exploitation of science.  In general they cast more complicated and power spells than a witch.  Wizard spells call upon both Gods and Goddesses, often within the same spell.  Advanced Wizardry relies less on spells and is about accessing the power within or imbuing ones self with permanent power free of any magical source.  In order to focus magical energies Wizards must rely on a wizards wand.  When a Wizard no longer requires a wand they are considered a Sorcerer.  A hereditary Wizard advances much quicker than an average person and may never be able to perform magic without their wand.

Sorcerers (males) and Sorceresses (females) are the rarest practitioners of magic and the most powerful.  Power cannot be inherited but rather learned and earned although they almost always must have some magical parentage to advance to this level.  Many start out as Wizards while other born from a family of Sorcery to become a Sorcerers Apprentice.  Sorcerers utilize a Sorcerers Staff to focus their maximum mystical powers although they have power without it.  Sorcery is the ultimate manipulation of magical energies that accesses the true source of magic itself.  The power of our own pure thought, trapped within our supposedly physical brain, accessing the pure thought foundation of reality which is actually the one original eternal God’s mind.  This ultimate power can be used for good or evil since all good and evil had to derive from the mind of God.  Although demons (fallen Angels), and humankind amplified the minimal evil energies that were naturally occurring.  The lure of the dark side takes over many a Sorcerer which is why there are a number of evil ones.  Luckily Sorcerer’s as a whole are a rare breed.

Sorcerer’s almost always work solo but usually have an Apprentice to pass their powerful knowledge on to.  The most powerful ones eventually attain immortality and train many apprentices over the centuries thereby creating a Society Of Sorcerer’s.  A Sorcerers Society identifies themselves by the magical rings they wear which link their powers and make them an all powerful force to be reckoned with.  It’s said that a Society of 12 or more Sorcerers could conceivably take over the Earth.

Practitioners of magic master sorcery by first learning all forms of magic that exist on Earth which includes wizardry, and witchcraft.  They can take the best of all magics, and combine them into one which eventually lead them to the true power of their mind linked to their eternal soul.  If a Sorcerer lives long enough he may ascend to an even higher level and become a Traveler which is considered the ultimate being of free will in the Universe.  Travelers are beings of pure thought who exist in the physical realities in a pure light and energy form.  A natural hologram in essence bound together by the quantum forces of the Universe.  They are explorers of space, time, parallel Universes, Multiverses, Omniverses, and beyond into the great Macroverse within the mind of the original God we all exist within.

Beyond Sorcery

Whether still officially a sorcerer, or a Traveler, they collect magical knowledge in their eternal quest for ultimate power.  They learn to master the magics of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, and the entire Universe.  They delve into Hypermagic which is the mastery of all magic within our Multiverse, aka collection of parallel Universes.  This then leads to Omnimagic, the practicing of all magic within our Omniverse.  This can lead to ascension to Omniverse Godhood which then lead to the practice of Macromagic, or the mastery of all magic in all of infinity.  This is in theory impossible since only the one Macroverse God can know what infinity is.  However some Omniverse Gods wish to become one with the Macroverse God thereby achieving the ultimate throne of magic possible in all reality within the mind of the only infinite God there is.

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  2. Eclipse9222:
    How do you bulid up power within without gods and goddess?

    Some use other higher dimensional beings such as demons, or in rare cases Angels. Sorcerers are at the highest level of magic, and they don’t call upon anyone. They marshal the pure energy, and even thought that is the foundation of our reality. You also have a powerful soul in Heaven that can theoretically be accessed.

  3. After reading this.. I’m a little frightened. My magic is likely that which Sorcerers use. I’m a bit worried about my teacher now because he never really explained it, his reasoning was to avoid me knowing if I had any limitations and so I could further experiment. I wouldn’t mind some help learning more from people who know though.

  4. What do sorcerers practice? I’ve heard they practice Ceremonial Magick, like Crowley; from the Occult. I’m not sure what to believe. Do they practice Psionics?

    • By the time ones becomes a Sorcerer they’ve practiced just about every magic with the goal of tapping into the core mystical energies, and pure thought of the Universe including their own pure thought magic. Sorcerers can activate latent DNA for psionic powers or even genetically engineer such powers within them.

  5. I am beginning to have an interest in various types of magic mainly Wizardry, where could I learn actual Wizardry? By the way this is very informative. Could you get back to me as to where I could learn Real Wizardry?

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