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We are a private paranormal investigative organization that battles the forces of evil every day whether they be paranormal or normal in nature. We act on behalf of clients or partake of our own investigations in the fight for all that is good in this Universe. We specialize in subverting supernatural entities, lifting the cloak of clandestine conspiracies, and just generally procuring justice in an unfair world swarming with malevolence. Join us on our quest to cast light upon the darkest corners of our reality. Our website includes all things supernatural that range from serious to fun along with stories of our adventures! Ask Us A Paranormal Question. Subscribe By Email to be notified of new articles.  Otherwise see the slide show below for our latest stories. |Our Most Popular Articles| |Our Current Condition Alert Status|

Mystic Investigations

What Is The Bermuda Devil's Triangle?

Why do so many people, ships, and planes mysteriously disappear there?

Demi-Demons: The Hybrid Sons & Daughters Of Demons

It's The Tony Bing Show!

A tabloid talk show host isn't quite what he seems.

Is The Blair Witch Project A True Story?

Amazon Warrior Women

Is Wonder Woman Real?

Can A Demon Possess A Vampire?

5 Most Possessed Children’s Toys Ever Made!

The Importance Of Taking Calcium, Vitamin D3 And Vitamin K2 In Unison

Optimal health is always important when fighting the forces of supernatural darkness!

What Are Gnomes?

Lilliputian supernatural creatures who wreak havoc, and even steal away kids!

Killer FrankenFish Alert!

The GMO Dark Act passes Congress and now the Frankenfish are free to devour all who cross its horrifying path!

Have There Ever Been Real Martians?

Does The Roman God Of War Mars Exist?

What Is Non-Corporeal Energy?

What Is Non-Corporeal Matter?

The Literal Material Of The Gods!

The Summer Of Slender Man

A supernatural crime fighting team battles the infamous Slenderman!

What Is Metaphysical Energy?

Also known as Astral Or Spiritual Energy.

Difference Between Being Immortal And Amortal

When You Wish Upon A Shooting Star!

Can a shooting streak of shimmering supernatural light in the sky grant you a wish?

Gods & Goddesses

Whether they be Gods of Universes, nature deities, or artificially intelligent Gods of simulated realities.

Are Vampire Slayers Real?

What Are The Akashic Records?

Knowledge is power, and the pinnacle of power in our reality is the multidimensional Akashic Library of ultimate enlightenment!

Is The Netflix Series House Of Cards Real?

Who Is President Frank Underwood Talking To When He Breaks The 4th Wall?

Is Game Of Thrones Based On The History Of A Real Planet?

Is Our Universe A Computer Simulation?

What If Our Universe Is A Computer Simulation And You're Merely A Self-Aware Computer Program Imbued With Emotional Algorithms?

The Terrenceville Terrors

The descendants of escaped insane asylum rejects ambush, and terrorize our paranormal investigations team in an old west ghost town on Memorial Day Weekend!

What Is A Supernatural Jabba?

Shape Shifting creatures of immense size that devour humans with glee!

What Does The Shiny Red Button Do?

It resets our entire reality and creates a new Big Bang!

Is Keanu Reeves Immortal?

Has the Actor Keanu Reeves actually existed for over 2000 years taking on a variety of identities, and disguises to hide his lack of aging?

Where Does Slender Man Come From?

Why Does Slenderman Hang Around The Woods Most Of The Time?

The Love Powered Soul Mate Method Of Time Travel

Is the time travel romance movie "Somewhere In Time" real?

Do Animals Have Souls And An Afterlife?

All animals, usually pets, directly beloved by a human receive a sub-soul of sorts by proxy through the subconscious power of your human soul.

Are The X-Men Movies Based On A True Story?

What Is A Demi-Mermaid?

What Is Midnight Oil?

Is The Incredible Hulk Real?

Is the Incredible Hulk of the comics, movies, and TV a real paranormal entity? Will gamma radiation exposure create green Hulks?

Is Back To The Future Based On A True Story?

How Anyone Can Be Superhuman!

Who Are The Ten Gallon Hat Metanatural’s?

Wild West Supernatural Warriors

Did Amelia Earhart Disappear Into A Parallel Universe?

The greatest missing person case in history has finally been solved!

What Is Time?

Is the passage of time a real physical characteristic of our Universe Or a mystery of our minds?

What Are Fairies?

Low Level Nature Dieties

What Is The Conexus & Shadow Mercs?

The Supernatural Being Behind President Gerald Fords Run Of Bad Luck

A Paranormal Presidents Day Presentation

What Is A Weredragon?

Are You An Earth Angel?

An Earth Angel is a human incarnated Heavenly Angel of the Omniverse Lord created directly by him being born in Heaven rather than a Human origin ascended Afterlife Angel.

Why Can’t Vampires Practice Magic?

The Movie Elf Is Based On A True Story

The true story of a orphaned human baby raised to believe he was an Enchanted Elf of Santa Claus.

How Did Santa Claus Meet Mrs.Claus?

Are Star Wars & The Force Real?

Does The Mythological Pandora’s Box Exist?

Has the mystical box of dark chaos ever been opened?

Who Is Jack Frost?

What Is His Connection To The Snow Queen Elsa Of Disney's Frozen?

Is TV's Fantasy Island And Mr.Roarke Real?

How Do Elves Breath & What Is Elf Dust?

Why Do Crosses, Holy Water, And Bibles Have Power Over Paranormal Entities?

What Is The Christmas Crystal?

What Is Magic?

Santa Claus: The Story Of Christmas

The Demi-Angel Nicholas of Myra's ascension to Saint Nicholas, and the conception of Christmas leading to his final incarnation of Santa Claus.

What Is The Exact Location Of Earth, And It’s Complete Address?

Slender Man Assassin Nearly Kills The Slender Man!

What Is The Slender Man Cult?

What Is The Paranormal Power Of Author Authority?

Author Authority, also known as Programming Privileges, is a psionic super ability giving a person the power to re-write, or edit reality to varying degrees depending on ones level of genetic activation along with the amount of metaphysical energy mustered.

The Demi-Mermaid Witch & The Strawberry Fairy: A Paranormal Adventure

As the full June Strawberry Moon approaches a fiendish Faeriemancer is after the Human-Mermaid Hybrid Witch Rebecca Abernathy, and her little friend, a Strawberry Fairy named Red. Together they fight, and evade the dark magician as they make their way to Red's nature Nymph ascension ceremony. It is the Faeriemancer's hope to crash this paranormal party, and siphon all the nature deities powers including the Roman Fruit Goddess Pomona.

Halloween Orange Alert!

Mystic Investigations has gone to Orange Alert now that the Halloween Witching Hour & Devil's Hour is upon us! Expect dramatic increases in paranormal activity including special All Hallows Eve Werewolves!

Vampire Royalty Rank Titles

Vampires are the only supernatural beings to have a global government. The Vampire Kingdom rules out of their Royal Capital in Transylvania. Royal ranks exist in the First to Thirteenth Generations.

Back To The Future 2015 Is Actually 2115

I've Lived In 2015. I've Worked In 2015. Back To The Future Part II's 2015 is....ah well far better than our 2015!

How To Repel Zombies

Natural herbal solutions for protection against the walking dead scourge!

How To Avoid Diabetes This Halloween Season?

Could Cinnamon, Chromium & Vanadium Prevent The Dreaded Sugar Disease Or Even Reverse It?

Are Jumanji & Cursed Supernatural Board Games Real?

Cursed board games perpetuating paranormal perplexities of dangerous damnation should be eliminated with extreme prejudice upon discovery!

Who Are The Most Wanted Paranormal Beings?

Just as human criminals, and terrorists are on Most Wanted Lists so are there supernatural beings who make that rather malevolent grade.

The Legend Of The Lancaster Homestead Poltergeist

In the heart of deadly despair amid Depression & Dust Bowl Era America a grizzly event spawned the formation of a very rare, and complex paranormal entity known as a Pentalpha Poltergeist. The Pentalpha Poltergeist is a poltergeist composed of five entities who meld together as one malevolent spirit of vengeful violence who creates a metaphysical energy pentagon of paranormal power.

The Immortal Keanu Reeves Battles A Vampire

As I entered the dark shadows of the Japanese hotel room I caught the familiar scent of a distinctive human blood. The blood of Keanu Reeves, alias Paul Mounet, to be exact. Before I could trace it’s source in the dimly lit room I felt an almost supernatural blow to my head. It was the immortal Keanu roundhouse kicking my vampire skull with a vengeance!

Who Will Be The Last Person Alive In This Universe?

Naturally the first sapient intelligence to evolve in this Universe is hard to pinpoint due to the ambiguous nature of animal slowly evolving into sapient life form, aka Animal-God Hybrids. On the other hand for centuries a small handful of extremely gifted psychics, seers, mystics, and those with various perceptive powers have confirmed the identity of the last intelligent individual to exist in this particular parallel Universe.

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