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We are a private paranormal investigative organization that battles the forces of evil every day whether they be paranormal or normal in nature. We act on behalf of clients or partake of our own investigations in the fight for all that is good in this Universe. We specialize in subverting supernatural entities, lifting the cloak of clandestine conspiracies, and just generally procuring justice in an unfair world swarming with malevolence. Join Us on our quest to cast light upon the darkest corners of our reality. Our website includes all things supernatural that range from serious to fun along with stories of our adventures! Ask Us A Paranormal Question. Subscribe By Email to be notified of new articles. |Our Current Condition Alert Status|

Halloween Night Poem

The Legend Of Lost Locomotive 13

The annual apparitional appearance of the haunted Halloween train from Hell!

The Legend Of Halloween

What Is The Real Supernatural Origin Of All Hallows Eve? Did a Queen Of Halloween bring balance to the horrifying holiday once dominated by the forces of diabolical darkness?

Club 13

Woodland Springs exclusive supernatural night club.

Mystic Investigations Has Returned To Condition Green

All previous Red & Yellow Alerts have been canceled!

RED ALERT! Super Tetrad Blood Moon Eclipse Armageddon Warning!

The normal Harvest Moon of September has been canceled as the Sunday night lunar eclipse creates the terrifying Tetrad Blood Moon with a magnified Super Moon twist! All hell will be breaking loose in the supernatural world including a prophesied third Battle Of Armageddon!

Is The Incredible Hulk Real?

Is the Incredible Hulk of the comics, movies, and TV a real paranormal entity? Will gamma radiation exposure create green Hulks?

Chicago Lit Ablaze With Wizard Wand Fire!

An uncovered nefarious plot to sacrifice homeless people in Chicago leads to a Midnight street battle between Wizard factions.

Are Jumanji & Cursed Supernatural Board Games Real?

Cursed board games perpetuating paranormal perplexities of dangerous damnation should be eliminated with extreme prejudice upon discovery!

Are There Any Supernatural Consequences To Blood & Organ Donation?

Donating blood, tissues, and organs is almost always a good thing that helps those in need. However every so often the world of the paranormal enters the picture!

The Paranormal Post-Nuclear Apocalypse

A Terror Ridden Nuclear Holocaust Could Be Far Worse Than You Imagined With The Inclusion Of Supernatural Beings

The Legend Of Patriot Woman

Out of the ashes of destructive terrorizing despair arose a force of good who champions the cause of the innocent, and the helpless. Let the word go forth that Patriot Woman's quest for justice shall never end upon this Earth!

Does The Fabled Cyber-God Exist?

Will the future complexity of computers & the internet yield a self-aware artificially intelligent God who dwells in Cyber-Space?

Mystic Investigations Auto-Destruct Activated

Any reputable paranormal investigations firm needs an Auto-Destruct Mechanism to prevent secret data, and technology from falling into the wrong hands!

Halloween Condition Orange Alert Activated!

Mystic Investigations utilizes the Orange Alert on Halloween & All Souls Day Of The Dead.

The 66 Days Of Halloween Day 6: Immerse Yourself In The Allure Of Autumn

Autumn is the colorful canvas on which the Halloween holiday flourishes freely about the paranormal planet.

The 66 Days Of Halloween Day 5: The Halloween Horror Movie Hacker!

What happens when an actor meant to scare the general public for fun is murdered by a serial killer who takes his place?

The 66 Days Of Halloween Day 3: The Child Zombie Apocalypse

On an Earth in a parallel Universe a Zombie pandemic takes the lives of all adults, and teens leaving only the children to fight the kid zombie menace!

The Supernatural Secrecy Pact

Why is there no proof of the paranormal world? It's due to a secrecy pact between higher dimensional beings.

The 66 Days Of Halloween Day 2: Backwoods Hillbilly Moonshine Zombie

The legacy of zombie hunting triumph comes back to haunt a backwoods family.

When Does The Halloween Season Begin?

Welcome To The 66 Days & Nights Of Halloween! Day 1

Who Will Win The 2016 US Presidential Election?

Will Donald Trump Be Our Next President By The Sheer Power Of His Triple Comb Over? Our Psychic Julia Hathaway Gives You The Answer To This Burning Question!

What Happens To Vampires In Prison?

The Legless Man Who Could Walk

We looked on in utter shock as the man appeared to levitate around the room with the exact movement of walking. The Doctor finally yelled,”My God man just look at your legs! Just look at them!” The man looked down, and had a dumbfounded look on his face before fainting!

Who Are The Most Wanted Paranormal Beings?

Just as human criminals, and terrorists are on Most Wanted Lists so are there supernatural beings who make that rather malevolent grade.

Do Outlander Stonehenge Style Time Portholes Exist?

In the book, and television series Outlander Claire Randall, a WW II combat nurse, visits a fictional prehistoric stone monument circle near Inverness, Scotland in 1945 called Craigh na Dun. Upon contact with the supernatural stone she is transported to the year 1743.

Crazy Calamitous Clown Cult

Would you believe there was a clown cult in the 1960's that ate hippies for breakfast?!?

Is Friday The 13th & Jason Voorhees Real?

The Friday The 13th films are indeed based on a true story. Jason Voorhees was a deformed mentally retarded child who was mercilessly ridiculed by his peers, and adults alike. He was completely ignored as he drowned in Crystal Lake on Friday The 13th. His mother began the killing spree at Camp Crystal Lake out of revenge for her sons death.

Rudolph Fentz: The Times Square Time Traveler

Rudolph Fentz is a known accidental time traveler who lived in New York City, and disappeared on Sunday, August 27th, 1876. The 29 year old left home after dinner to go for an evening stroll at about 7:30 PM only to never return. His last appearance as in 1950 where he was promptly hit by a car.

The Pyrokinetic Protege – Part 3

An eclectic iridescent array of magic mortar fire shimmered, and glimmered about rattling the very foundations of our offices as everyone scattered for defensive positions in the battle against the blasphemous Brimstone, Sorcerer Of Shadows.

Perseid Power Shower New Moon Alert

The Comet Swift-Tuttle has been giving us the pleasure of the Perseid Meteor Showers. Comets are notorious for being vessels of metaphysical energy along with containing inter-dimensional stowaways.

The Legend Of The Lancaster Homestead Poltergeist

In the heart of deadly despair amid Depression & Dust Bowl Era America a grizzly event spawned the formation of a very rare, and complex paranormal entity known as a Pentalpha Poltergeist. The Pentalpha Poltergeist is a poltergeist composed of five entities who meld together as one malevolent spirit of vengeful violence who creates a metaphysical energy pentagon of paranormal power.

Zombie Apocalypse Scare Prank

Horrifying Halloween Animatronics!

Get a jump on your Halloween haunted house, and graveyard decor with top flight discounted animated props & other diabolical decor!

The Immortal Keanu Reeves Battles A Vampire

As I entered the dark shadows of the Japanese hotel room I caught the familiar scent of a distinctive human blood. The blood of Keanu Reeves, alias Paul Mounet, to be exact. Before I could trace it’s source in the dimly lit room I felt an almost supernatural blow to my head. It was the immortal Keanu roundhouse kicking my vampire skull with a vengeance!

Are You An Earth Angel?

An Earth Angel is a human incarnated Heavenly Angel of the Omniverse Lord created directly by him being born in Heaven rather than a Human origin ascended Afterlife Angel.

Do Animals Have Souls And An Afterlife?

All animals, usually pets, directly beloved by a human receive a sub-soul of sorts by proxy through the subconscious power of your human soul.

Terror Tuesday's Sinister Supernatural Slenderman

Slender Man is a faceless shape shifting extra-dimensional entity from a parallel dimension known to wear a black business suit. Slender was sentenced to spend eternity on Earth by his own people many centuries ago for unspecified crimes. With nothing better to do here he stalks, and torments us into committing heinous acts. He is responsible for numerous murders, and suicides caused by his Slender Sickness, a disease caused by his psychic mind control.

Who Will Be The Last Person Alive In This Universe?

Naturally the first sapient intelligence to evolve in this Universe is hard to pinpoint due to the ambiguous nature of animal slowly evolving into sapient life form, aka Animal-God Hybrids. On the other hand for centuries a small handful of extremely gifted psychics, seers, mystics, and those with various perceptive powers have confirmed the identity of the last intelligent individual to exist in this particular parallel Universe.

Paranormal Cause To Spontaneous Human Combustion

Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) is the phenomenon of live or, recently deceased individuals, igniting in flames without any obvious external fire source. In a number of cases SHC most likely has an external ignition source, such as cigarettes, that causes a Wick Effect. There are also supernatural sources as well...

Blasphemous Blue Moon Warning

The Blue Moon has many repercussions for both supernatural beings, and humans alike.

Christmas In July: Terminally Ill Children Visit Santa

The news reports of ill, abused, and homeless Denver Area kids getting a Fantasy Flight to the North Pole appeared to be a fun staged event. The awesome adventure of meeting Santa Claus in the Capital Of Christmas. There were indications of a mere hour flight to a special North Pole decorated airport hanger where Santa Claus was supposedly waiting. This took place before Mystic Investigations arrived at the actual North Pole City for our annual vacation retreat. However Santa Claus himself confirmed those kids arrived here for real! You won’t see anything detailing this in the news reports courtesy of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.

The Ill Fated Russian Sleep Experiment

Humanity, or any intelligent species in the Proto-Godhood stage of their evolution, faces grave dangers. Dangers of not only destroying themselves collectively with their own technological creations but also the psychological struggles that individuals face within their own animal-god hybrid minds along with unknowing physical struggles. Within the Proto-God stage humans still have a biological animal body, and brain with animal instincts yet their sapient consciousness is soaring to infinite heights within their limitless imaginations.

Milwaukee Lion Actually Milwaukee Manticore!

In reality what we have here is a massive cover-up by the US Paranormal Defense Agency, the top secret supernatural defense arm of the US Department Of Defense. US PDA agents, commonly known as Men In Black, have been spotted lurking about the Milwaukee area by private paranormal professionals trained to spot these nefarious figures. Our insider sources in the PDA indicate they took three college students into custody for suspicion of opening a brief porthole to the Underworld, and magically summoning a Manticore.

What Is Metaphysical Or Astral Energy?

Metaphysical Astral EnergyMetaphysical, or Astral Energy, is basically anything outside our 4-D physical Universe. When a consciousness is the source, or directing force then said energy can be called Spiritual Energy as well. In our physical reality we have the matter we see around us which is composed of molecules which are in turn composed of elemental atoms.

What Causes Eye Glowing In Supernatural Beings?

A great many paranormal creatures seem to display the blatantly identifiable characteristic of brilliantly illuminated eyes. Radiance well beyond that of natural nocturnal animals such as those of the feline variety.

How Much Does Magic School Cost?

J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter book series, recently tweeted that a magical education at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry was tuition free. She was prompted to reveal this when an article estimated the cost of an education at her fictional school would probably cost $43,000 a year!

Can A Vampire Become Human Again By Eliminating Their Sire?

Ancient anecdotes suggest the killing of a First Generation Vampire will eliminate every vampire in his entire family line beginning with the first humans he, or she turned into vampires. However according to legend this does not include his actual vampire children he acquired through mating since only the first generation of vampires can give biological birth.

The Pyrokinetic Protege: Part I

The blasphemous Brimstone, Sorcerer Of Darkness, and former apprentice of the current King Of Hell Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo, magically blasted through the glass entrance doors of Mystic Investigations headquarters. Amid the flying shattering glass he violently vociferated,”Mystic Investigations release my protege, and I promise nobody will be harmed! Keep me waiting any longer, and you shall all surely die!” Through the Sorcerer’s remodeled front entrance six of his henchmen entered all armed with swords.

The Pyrokinetic Protege: Part II

Father Tom angrily dashed up to the tall Sorcerer of darkness while many church goers dashed for the blasted smoking exit now devoid of doors. The Father held his arms in front of him with a Bible in one hand, and a Crucifix in the other while saying,”The power of Christ compels you! Be gone spawn of Hell!” Tom then motioned for his choir boys to spritz Brimstone with holy water. Brimstone spat some of the water out, and wiped his face with a blue satin hanky before chuckling a bit, and replying,”Really? You think your silly God has any power over my magnificent magic? You will learn what true power really is little man! Brimstone raised his hands attempting to shoot deadly magical energies from them but only a few amber sparks appeared as the rest of us were ready to pounce on him. He was shocked for a moment while the Father said,”You were saying?

Who Is This Man? Have You Dreamed Of Him?

Beginning in 2006 psychologists around the world began recording hundreds of people dreaming about the same man pictured above (Click Drawing For Larger Version). Now in 2015 the number is in the thousands, and is most likely in the millions. However there is little funding to research what is being called, “The This Man Dream Phenomenon“. Naturally The Powers That Be attempted to paint this paranormal phenomenon as a hoax.

What Did Santa Claus Do On July 4th

The worlds most powerful Demi-Angel, Santa Claus, celebrated American Independence Day despite being neutral, and not holding any allegiance to any one nation, other than his own sovereign North Pole City. The reason being that Mrs. Holly Claus in an American citizen. Actually she enjoys dual citizenship status in both the US, and North Pole City.

Are Despicable Me Minions Real?

The recently released Minions movie delves into the origins of the diminutive yellow almost pill shaped Minions, and what they were up to before they worked for their final villainous master Gru in the Despicable Me. Minions sole driving purpose in life is to find a super villain to serve. So are these cute creatures real or are they purely fictional?

Does Time Translate To An Equivelant Spatial Distance?

For instance if I travel 8 minutes into the past or future is there an equivalent travel distance through space? Yes there is actually, and it coincides with the speed of light which is speed limit of the Universe. We used 8 minutes since that’s roughly the time it takes for sunlight to reach Earth. The sun being an average distance of 93 million miles from Earth. So traveling eight minutes into the future is like moving 93 million miles. Clearly this is why achieving time travel won’t be an easy task for humankind.

Lunar Lightning Werewolf Warning

The Moon of July is charged with aggressive metaphysical energies that channel through lunar light. When this energy comes into contact with thunderstorms the lightning becomes supernaturally charged, and can affect paranormal life such as Werewolves. That is why the supernatural community calls the July Full Moon the Lightning Moon.

Where Are The True Blue Vegetables?

In the quest to include a complete rainbow of vegetable colors in all meals I became annoyed that there’s no blue vegetables. At least nothing true blue. That’s when I came across the George Carlin video above where he conjectures that some nefarious force is keeping the blue food from us because it is the elixir for immortality. I’m sure somewhere a hidden mystical village exists with a spectacular fountain of youth at the center surrounded by a landscape laden with blue fruits, and vegetables.

Learn How To Astral Project In Your Dreams

What do the ancient Hindus, medieval civilizations, countless modern-day scientists and spiritual leaders have in common? They’ve all extensively documented the theory of Astral Projection, or out-of-body experiences. For the skeptics out there Astral Projection is a very real phenomenon anyone can experience. You don’t need any special powers. Certainly most of us at Mystic Investigations Astral Project amid our Lucid Dreams on a nightly basis. Even those of us without supernatural powers.

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