Supernatural Dictionary

A Reference Guide To The Paranormal. 

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Angel – Non-corporeal beings of pure thought created directly by God or former physical beings that have died ascending to Angelhood as they continue their journey to higher states of reality in the dimensions above.   Angels perform a variety of duties for God including watching over one or more Universes within the Multiverse.  Angels exist in the 6th to 7th dimensions.

Anti-Christ – The first born son of the Devil on Earth who will have the demonic soul of the Devils first born on in non-corporeal Hell.  The first son of Hell cannot merely posses a body as many demons do.  A specific ritual must take place in which the Devil himself takes biological form, and mates with a specially choose human.  Most likely a witch.  The Anti-Christ is destined to lead humankind down the path of destruction causing the start of Armageddon.  The supposed supernatural holy war to end all wars.

Archangel – The highest level of Angels that exist in the 8th dimension ruling over Multiverses, and taking orders from God through the 9th dimension.  They also guide and watch over lower Angels directing their tasks.


Black Bazaar – The paranormal equivalent of the Black Market known in the human world.  The Black Bazaar is a place of supernatural commerce known only to those in the paranormal community including some wealthy elite humans.

Black MagicA form of magic calling upon the forces of evil for power.  These forces are generally demonic in nature but can also include Earthly Gods and Goddesses of a nefarious nature.

Baby New Year – An Angel who wants to experience growing up as a human over the course of the year.  He eventual becomes Father Time in the next year for a period of one year.


Cryptids – An living or living dead sentient being, animal, plant, virus, or bacteria that is considered paranormal in nature.

Cryptobotany – The study of paranormal plants.

CryptopsychologyThe study of the cryptid mind and it’s behavior.

Cryptotheology – The study of Gods, Goddesses, and their religions in a supernatural capacity.

Cryptozoology – A branch of Metaphysics that studies supernatural sentient beings, paranormal animals, and plants which are all collectively known as Cryptids.  Cryptozoology is also considered an unrecognized branch of mainstream Biology.

Cryptozoologist – A biologist or Metaphysicist who specializes in the study of supernatural life along with life not yet discovered by mainstream science.

CupidCupids are specialized Angels who channel the pure love of God, and utilize it for good in the Universe.  Their purpose is to spread love and good will throughout the world, and bring soul mates together as well.  The height of their power comes on St. Valentines Day when the holy forces of love marshal forth.  These Angels can do their handy work while in their natural non-corporeal state or they may take human form to more personally perform their various duties.  Cupids also battle the forces of evil in an effort to prevent or repair relationship break ups caused by evil Anti-Cupids (low level Demons).  In addition practitioners of white magic may call upon Cupids with powerful love spells.

Curse – A vengeful magical oath of general misfortune based on pure emotion.  Emotion that drives forth this spell like manifestation giving it a life of it’s own that often lives on for eternity unless broken by powerful magics.


Daywalker – A vampire capable of existing in direct sunlight on a temporary or permanent basis.  May refer to reverse vampires, extremely powerful ancient vampires, or vampires who utilize magical means to exist in the rays of the sun.  The ingestion of Gnome blood allows a vampire to become a temporary Daywalker.

Deitkinesis – The power to create deities, or Earthly Gods, by channeling the collective human consciousness.  This rare power is usually only seen in Gods, and Demigods.

Demon – Fallen Angels and Archangels who follow the path of evil.  Their goal is to undermine the grace of God, and his Angelic servants in their quest to lead humankind to salvation.  This includes the corruption of human souls.  Demons exist as four dimensional beings in the 5th dimension.

Devil – The first fallen Angel Lucifer who became the first Demon.  He took with him 1/3 of the Angels from Heaven who all became Demons.  The Devil is the King Of Hell where all Demons reside.

Demonology – The study of demons, and the hell dimension they reside in.


Ectoplasm – A thick viscous substance formed from powerful spirit activity including mediums channeling said spirits.  The other worldly substance is a translation of spiritual energy into the physical realm, and can be clear, white, gray, or glowing green in color.


Father Time – The Angelic ruler of Earth for one year at a time.  In essence the Guardian Angel of humankind.  He can regulate time, and keeps a record of human events for the Heavenly realms.  He also cares for the Baby New Year who is also the infant Father Time for the next year.


God – The one and only original eternal first sentient being who always existed, created all reality, and who is the very Macroverse itself encompassing all Omniverses, Multiverses, and parallel Universes within ruled over by lower Gods, and Archangels.  He may have started out as a mindless pool of random pure thoughts that eventually coalesced into an infinite sentient intelligence.

Gods – The most powerful supernatural entities of pure thought to exist in the Macroverse.  They are responsible for creating new Universes, new sentient and non-sentient beings, and exploring all possible mathematical scenarios within their minds, and in reality via their creations.  The original God created the Macroverse where everything exists.  Within that there are Gods of Omniverses.  Many of which were once biological beings who ascended to Angelhood, and then Godhood after they perished from the physical Universe.  These Gods are the 10 dimensional Omniverse themselves. Omniverse Gods may or may not have direct or indirect contact with the God of the Macroverse.  Archangels are considered Gods of the Multiverses while Angels may rule over single or similar blocks of parallel Universes.  There are also lower level planetary (Greek & Roman Gods), solar system, and Galactic Gods who simply rule over nature, and parts of the cosmos while not necessarily having the power to create new life, and Universes.  Certainly not sentient life or complete Universes.


Heaven – a series of higher dimensions where good souls survive after biological death which in encompass the 6th to 9th dimensions.  Archangels and Angels exist there, and bask in the pure white light of the 10 dimensional God of the Omniverse.  The 6th dimension is for the newly dead, and Angels while the 7th dimension is considered the place of the great gathering.  The ultimate collective consciousness where ones many parallel Multiverse Angel selves unify into one Archangel ready to ascend to the 8th dimension to permanently serve God or prepare for the eventual ascension to Godhood.  The 8th dimension is for permanent Archangels who communicate directly through Gods holy spirit or will which resided in the 9th dimension of the 10 dimensional Omniverse God.

Hell – a place in the 5th dimension where demons exist willingly.  It is not a place of torture for anyone.

Hell Horses – A demonic variety of horse rode by demons in ancient times.  Most reside in the Underworld at this time.  They are midnight black, or crimson in color with glowing red to orange eyes that exhale unholy flames from their nostrils.

Hell Hounds – Attack, and guard dogs used by demons who reside in the Underworld or in biological form.  These ferocious beasts are said to be stronger than werewolves with black gnarly fur, glowing red to yellow eyes, and foul smelling unholy smoke billowing forth from their nostrils.  When moving fast enough they are invisible to human eyes.

HyperchronokinesisA kinetic power that manipulates 5-D hyperspace allowing for travel to parallel Universes.  This manipulation is an offshoot that an advanced wielder of Chronokinesis, aka 4-D space-time travel manipulation, can have. So it does not allow for the creation of worm holes.

Hypertelepathy – The power to read, manipulate, and communicate with minds in the past, and future.

Holy Flames – Also called Holy Fire. Flames blessed through a special ritual by a priest or leader of various religions around the world who believe in the holy power they wield.  The flames are used to repel and destroy various evil supernatural creatures who might not die by other means including normal flames of fire.  Holy flames can appear the same as normal flames but are pure white in color when blessed by a Priest that truly has a pure heart and soul.  If these pure holy flames touch evil then waves of black form within them until the evil being is disintegrated in the holy heat.  To those not evil in nature holy flames give off nothing but a mild warmth and touching them simply feels very warm and might possibly have a healing effect. The only known natural source of holy fire are stars such as our sun.  Some good supernatural beings who are destroyed will burst into pure white flames.

Holy Water – Water blessed through a special ritual by a priest or leader of various religions around the world who believe in the holy power they wield.  The blessed waters are paranormally cleansed of all impurities and have the power to hurt and repel a variety of supernatural creatures.  Although it doesn’t have the power to destroy them unless they ingest it or are completely immerses in it.  Holy water looks like normal clear water unless held in direct sunlight.  It will then sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.  Holy Water blessed by a person whose soul is pure goodness (Includes Angels) will appear as a glowing pure white liquid.  This form of holy water is extremely potent, and it may cure a variety of ailments including transforming good paranormal entities to humans.  The only known natural source for 100% pure holy water is a the Spring Of Eden.  The original water source for the mythic Garden Of Eden.

Holy Light – Sacred light from a blessed source.  Almost always flames blessed by a Priest.  The only natural source of direct holy light are stars including our sun.  This is why it causes vampires to burst into flames, and cause other paranormal entities to cower away from it within the cloak of the night.  Theoretically all light, natural, or man made, is holy to some extent since the source of light, photons, is the translation of Gods pure thought also known as pure white light into a form we can see with our biological eyes.  Only a small number of supernatural ultra evil creatures can’t stand any light what so ever.  This aversion to light keeps demons from taking pure physical form on Earth.  Most can withstand even thrive in the various forms of non-direct holy light which includes the number one source, The Moon.  The Moon actually warps the light into an indirect unholy form of light.


Immortals – Any human like paranormal being that can live forever, and never age who isn’t classified as any other type of supernatural being.  A few of human genetic flukes with no special powers while most are in fact Demi-Angels, and decedents there of.


Jesus Christ – Demigod son of the God of our Omniverse.  Both are mentioned in the Bible of the Christian religion created by ancient men. 


Kupua – Heroic Hawaiian shape shifting demigod tricksters of vengeance.


Lycanthropy – A branch of Cryptozoology that studies Werewolves, and cryptids related to them.

Lycanthropologist – A Cryptozoologist who specializes in the paranormal science of Werewolf study. 


Magic – Magic is the paranormal art of changing consciousness and physical reality according to ones will.  The ultimate source of all magic is actually the power of pure thought which comes from the pure thought foundation of our reality. 

Merology – The study of Mermaids and Mermen. This includes their biology, society, and paranormal powers.

Metaphysics – The science of the supernatural.

Metaphysicist – A supernatural scientist who studies all aspects of the world of the paranormal.

Multiverse – A collection of parallel Universes, within an Omniverse, playing out any number of mathematical probabilities under the guidance of Gods, and Angels. Every Multiverse it born of a massive energy event such as our Big Bang. Each Multiverse has its own set of physical laws that may be totally foreign compared to our Laws Of Physics.


Necrology – A branch of Cryptozoology that studies living dead cryptids.

Necrologist – A Cryptozoologist that specializes in the the supernatural science of living dead beings. 

Necromancer – Individuals with the ability to re-animate the dead, and control the living dead.  They can also manipulate the energies that govern ghosts.


Onryō – Mainly Japanese female spirits of vengeance.


PAN (Paranormal Activity Network) – When in all capital letters it stands for the global Paranormal Activity Network which is an exclusive secret computer database only accessible by real paranormal investigators to share information.  In fact PAN can only be accessed by a top secret internet protocol that doesn’t begin with http://.  It’s almost like another internet.  PAN is a non-profit organization funded by millionaires, and billionaires who know the world of the supernatural is for real.  Members also pay nominal dues to access the extensive database.  Pan can also refer to the Greek God of nature.

Parallel Hypertelepathy – The power to read, manipulate, and communicate with minds in parallel Universes.

Photons – Sub-atomic particles that are responsible for light and the electromagnetic force in our Universe.  Ghosts, and other non-corporeal entities that phase into our reality from the fifth dimension, and beyond become visible to us when they manifest photons into their desired form.  This is also why these metaphysical beings give off an electromagnetic field (EMF).

PRI (Parallel Universe Incident) – A parallel Universe Incident is noticing something inexplicably different your present that wasn’t that way in the past.  This can include persons, objects, personal histories, and memories.  These PRI’s are experienced by everyone since we all travel five dimensionally through near identical parallel Universes with each thought we have.  They are normally dismissed as mental lapses.

Psychokinesis –

The manipulation of matter and energy in our reality via the mind of an individual manifesting in various powers.


Quartz – The Universal crystal of magic used to channel, store, absorb, dispense, balance, focus, or transmit metaphysical energy.

Quintemancer – A person with the ability to manipulate the quintessential forces, and energies that give rise to biological life in the Universe.  When such powers are used upon themselves they can become immortal.


RainbowTransportation conduit for Leprechauns, Unicorns, and other paranormal beings.

Rhabdomancy – Divination by use of rod, staff, wand, arrow, or some other stick like item.


Saints – Human who become specially commemorated Angels when they die, and go to Heaven.

Sasquatch –  A docile furry bipedal hominid cryptid that resides in temperate regions of North America. These gentle beasts get up to 9 feet tall, and can weigh up to 1000 pounds.  Their origins lie in ancient human evolution, and extraterrestrial supernatural genetic engineering. They’re related to the Yeti aka Abominable Snowman.  Also known as Bigfoot or Big Foot.


Travelers – Humans or other beings who break free of their Universal biological bonds to travel freely anywhere in space, time, parallel Universe, higher dimensions, and almost anywhere within the mind of the Macroversal God.


Unholy Flames – Also called Unholy Fire – Flames imbued with evil through a special ritual by a dark priest or evil leader of various cults around the world who believe in the unholy power they wield.  The flames are used to destroy various good supernatural creatures who might not die by other means including normal flames of fire.  Unholy flames may appear violet in color and it’s light will cause a florescent effect on objects similair to a black light.  Such flames are seen naturally when a vampire and some other evil paranormal beings are killed and burst into flames.  Unholy flames that appear to be pitch black in color have been blessed by a Dark Priest or higher dimensional evil entity whose heart and soul is as black as coal.  They can also originate from a pure evil being such as a demon.  When these flames touch goodness waves of white form within them until the good being is disintegrated in the unholy heat.  Although beings of light have been known to overcome the flames and either extinguish them or turn them into pure white holy flames.  To those not good in nature holy flames give off nothing but a mild warmth. Touching them simply feels very warm and might possibly regenerate weakened evil powers.  Such unholy black fire appears to be a black fluttering void that fluctuates in shape since there can�t be actual pure black light in our reality because there are no quantum level particles, like photons, to transmit them to our eyes.   If transmittal of such light were possible then it would destroy our bodies, and minds.  Humans can be burned by unholy fire to varying degrees depending on the pureness of their soul.

Unholy Light – Sacrilegious light from an evil source or warped holy light.  Sources include unholy flames blessed by a dark priest, vanquished vampires, and other dying evil supernatural entities.  The Moon is considered the main natural source of unholy light.  Unholy light doesn’t have any negative properties for beings of goodness since all light ultimately originates from God.  Beings of evil are often drawn to unholy light, and derive power from it.

Unholy Water – Water imbued with evil through a special ritual by a dark priest or evil leader of various cults around the world who believe in the unholy power they wield.  The water is thought to repel beings of goodness although it’s power varies depending on the person who created the water and the power of the person of good who it’s being used on.  It’s effects on humans vary although ingesting it will most likely make you violently sick.  It appears to be normal clear water until held up to moonlight.  It will then appear blood red.  When held in sunlight it will appear pitch black and start to boil and steam until it completely evaporates.


Vampire – A supernatural living dead immortal being of the night that feeds off the blood of the living to stay at the peak of it’s paranormal power. 

Vampirology – A branch of Cryptozoology that studies vampire cryptids.

VampirologistA Cryptozoologist who specializes in the paranormal science of Vampire study. 


Werehare – A supernatural being who can only be human for limited times throughout the year while most of the time being an anthropomorphic rabbit like creature who can also transform into a real bunny at will.  The only known Werehare on Earth is the Easter Bunny.

Werewolf – A paranormal being who lives as a human until the nights of the full moon when it transforms into a violent rage filled blood thirsty demonic wolf like beast that will maliciously attack anything and devour it’s flesh and blood.  Also known as a Lycanthrope.

Werewolf Whistle – A small metal or wood whistle, usually of cylindrical shape, that emits an ultrasonic sound undetectable by most humans ears, yet clearly audible to the paranormal Werewolf ear.  When blown the werewolf whistle will repel werewolves, and some other paranormal creatures as well due to the pain caused by the high pitched emissions of the life saving device.


Xylanthians A group of peaceful human like aliens from the planet Xylanthia in the trinary Sirius Star System some 8 light years away. They have slightly elongated bald heads, eyes slightly larger than humans, and pointed ears.

Xylomancer – A person with the power to divine the past, present, and future through common wood twigs which become mystified upon their touch.  The twigs are thought to connect with Mother Earth Goddess Gaia.


Yeti –   A violent furry albino bipedal hominid cryptid that resides in Arctic regions, and in the cover of blizzards. These deceptively intelligent beasts get up to 9 feet tall, and can weigh 700 pounds.  Their origins lie in ancient human evolution, and extraterrestrial supernatural genetic engineering.  They’re related to Sasquatch aka Bigfoot.  Also known as an Abominable Snowman.


Zombie – Former humans that have become mindless instinct driven supernatural living dead beings that feed off the flesh of the living and who would theoretically be immortal if not for the rampant necrosis it suffers from.   They decay the same way as a corpse except at a much slower rate. 

Zombification – The process of transforming a living being into a living dead being known as a zombie.

Zombifier – A person who has the power of zombification.  They can turn anyone living or dead into a zombie with just a mere touch that transfers dark energy to the victim.

Zombology – A branch of Cryptozoology and Necrology that studies zombies. 

Zombologist – A Cryptozoologist Necrologist who specializes in the supernatural science of zombies.

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