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Despite The Plague Doctor’s embarrassing failure to bring about a true deadly global pandemic via the Coronavirus, and his Zombie Flu, he’s still going on as if he’s making sinister strides. He must uphold the image of being the world’s greatest paranormal purveyor of diseases! Mystic Investigations got wind of The Plague Doctor holding an epic pandemic recruitment party for his cult. The posh parties lure in the downtrodden and disenfranchised in the hopes of inducting them into The Plague Doctor Cult. The Doctor’s Cult serves at their dark diseased Lord’s leisure and aids in his plots to perpetrate pandemics all over the planet. The party also serves to spread vile viruses and blasphemous bacteria to unsuspecting so called Useful Idiots. This particular plague party was held at a huge house in The Hamptons. A magnificent mansion that the Plague Doctor borrowed from the owners who lie dead in the basement!

As the grandfather clock struck Midnight, a group of almost 50 new potential cult members stood in the grand foyer surrounded by watchful full fledged cultists and guards. For two hours before that, they had enjoyed a classy party of top-flight entertainment, refreshments, and booze to make them feel more at ease. At the top of a huge staircase the Doctor Of Death himself, Dr. Darius Maximilian aka The Plague Doctor, stood on the balcony in his complete ceremonial robe and spooky bird beak mask. Next to him was his Lieutenant in catastrophic crime Mary Mallon, aka Typhoid Mary, wearing an old school nurses costume as a mockery against the medical establishment. On the other side of him was a relatively new figure in his organization who recently became third in command. He is known as Doctor Penrose but most simply call him Penrose. A mysterious thirtysomething Epidemiologist and surgeon who usually hides in the shadows. He wore a blue surgeons uniform. The Plague Doctor looked down upon a fearful crowd unsure of what they had gotten themselves into in the name of curiosity and the promise of a far better life. The Doctor then removed his macabre mask to reveal his handsome smiling exterior to the crowd that breathed a brief sigh of relief. He then gave a rousing speech accentuated by his outstanding charisma which is the standard for his cult induction ceremony…

“Good Evening my honored guests. It brings me immense joy to witness so many fine men and women ready to work with me in improving humankind’s condition though the sound evolutionary policy that is the Survival Of The Fittest!  My name is Dr. Darius Maximilian and I am the one and only Plague Doctor! I will be your mentor and dare I say savior on the momentous journey ahead of you. By choosing to be here tonight you have already taken the first step toward a future beyond your wildest dreams! Tonight you lie on the cusp of greatness in a time when mediocrity is unfairly commended while the truly talented are rewarded with false hopes that never see the light of day. Our society suffers from a sickness running rampant without an antidote. Thankfully, I have the cure and it lies with everyone here playing a vital role to restore our civilization to greatness. I implore you to join me in my quest to eradicate what ails our once serene species that lived in harmony with Mother Nature once upon a time. Our noble cause needs your considerable cooperation. If you decide to join me and my amazing allies then along the way expect to receive all that you deserve in life. All that was denied you by those inferior to you. Those who had unfair advantages and forced you underfoot for their own ill-gotten gains! The unworthy who stole your rightful destiny like a thief in the night! As we lift humankind to its maximum potential we shall eradicate the ones who destroyed your potential and that of other innocents upon our righteous planet!

The Plague Doctor then placed his mask back on in the silence of excited anticipation and finished his snake oil sermon…

“Be one with me and your brothers and sisters who have reaped the rewards of our fruitful labors. [The Doctor pointed to seasoned cult members and thugs standing around the crowd] Let me act as your loving Father as you take Mary Mallon to be the caring Mother you deserve. [The Doctor gestures to Typhoid Mary who smiles seductively at the crowd below] This is the defining moment that your entire life has been leading up to. Don’t let it pass you by on the rambling road of broken dreams! Soar with me to the Heavens up to heights you never imagined possible. Now my dear children I ask that those not ready to take this serious step into the future please exit into the vestibule to receive a gift of my gratitude for at least hearing me out. I hold no ill will against you and I only ask that you keep what was said here a secret. Please take a moment to make your final decision. Thank you for your careful consideration.”

The Plague Doctor stood silent while Typhoid Mary sauntered down the steps in her revealing nurses uniform now buttoned down to show maximum cleavage. She gently asked, “Who among you is with us? Will you tackle the challenge of changing the world? It is with a heavy heart I must also ask who believes their destiny lies elsewhere?”  Eight people cautiously stepped forward to indicate they wanted no part of this. Seven of them looked nervous while one had a certain enchanted gleam in her eyes. Mary and a few cult thugs guided them to the vestibule within feet of the front door. As the vestibule door closed behind them The Doctor gave his first command, “Congratulations on making a wise choice. However, we must see if you’re ready to sacrifice the disbelievers for the greater good. Please go to the windows on either side of the doors. They are mirrored in the vestibule so those departing can’t see you.” Some cultist thugs opened curtains that had been hiding the windows. The Plague Doctors Cult had cut out the walls several hours earlier after having killed the homes rightful occupants. They then installed the mirrored windows like construction pros.

The Plague Doctor Cult

The Plague Doctor came down the steps to join his new disciples while Penrose remained behind with his arms folded. The Plague Master then exclaimed, “I promise I will always be truthful in our honorable quest. Those disbelievers out there still have a purpose. They will spread glorious diseases to a world ruled by the cruel and unworthy who have stamped out your spirits like cigarette butts! Those who are unfit rightfully deserve to be infected and excised like a cancer plaguing our enchanted Earth! If you don’t agree with this you may follow these men out the back door without any repercussions.” Even though many of these cult inductees were gullible they weren’t completely stupid and didn’t leave. Naturally, they would have been shot out back had they taken the bait!

At that moment in the vestibule, Mary warmly thanked everyone for coming as she handed out small gift wrapped boxes. She politely demanded they be opened before the eight people left. As they started to unwrap them the girl with the gleam in her eye was furthest away from Mary and whispered an incantation, “Goddess Of Health Hygeia I call unto thee with respectful grace. My Goddess, I implore thee to protect these innocents in this place! The disease of darkness shall not leave a trace!”  Everyone, including the magical mystery woman, finished opening their gift boxes only to have them shoot white powder in their faces! This caused virtually everyone to sneeze and gag as Mary cackled maniacally. The two thugs behind her had quickly slipped gas masks on! In the grand foyer, the new cultists looked on through the mirrored windows with confusion. The Plague Doctor explained, “They’ve been exposed to my intricate cocktail of magnificent microbial magic I personally engineered! They will be allowed to asymptomatically live if they serve us by spreading the viruses and bacteria to the world! Kneel before me as your Dark Lord if you agree this is the most righteous course of action to achieve our goals together! Pledge full final allegiance to me and trust in my wisdom to save your lives from all the evils of this world!” All knelt in awe and fear as the cult brainwashing took hold under this charismatic and hypnotic leader of diseased darkness. Under his bird’s beak mask, the Doctor smirked with glee as he whispered, “Ah yes my children.”

Typhoid Mary

Back in the vestibule, Typhoid Mary’s serene smile turned to a grimacing grin. She explained how they were infected with a special supernatural blend of diabolical diseases. Any attempt to seek medical attention would disrupt the microbial balance and they would die a long excruciating horrid bloody death! If they went about their lives and made contact with as many people as possible under the surveillance of the cult then they would remain asymptomatic. In reality, the viral cocktail would come unraveled in about a month and the promise of a prolonged painful death would happen anyway! In the eyes of the Doctor and Mary these non-believers were offensive traitors and now only acted as dispensable useful idiots. Everyone except the magical woman quaked in fright as they cried. A small man started hyperventilating and began having a panic attack as he muttered, “I’m going to barf!” Mary replied, “Oh for pete’s sake get them the hell out of here!” She motioned to her thugs.

Everyone was shoved out the mansion doors into the dark cloudy countryside. The small man puked in the bushes as crickets chipped and frogs croaked. The warm summer breeze was thick with the aroma of sea salt from the nearby Atlantic ocean. The magical woman rubbed the barfing mans back and suddenly he calmed down completely. The blue-eyed babe with long auburn hair turned to everyone and reassured them this was all an elaborate Youtube prank. She told them that there were hidden cams everywhere and none of them were infected with anything. In fact, they weren’t due to her protection spell for it was Mystic Investigations very own Demi-Mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy! The group of people were simultaneously relieved and angry. Yet Rebecca’s hypnotic allure compelled them to obey her request that they head to the beach for a complimentary moonlit boat ride and a gift of $100 each for any anguish they suffered. The clouds mystically cleared just enough for the full moon to light up the field ahead of them. When they got to the beach they would find the Mystic Boat piloted by our Exorcist and holy water producing associate Father Tom Davis. Ghost Buster Rob Edmunds kept armed watch wearing a Ghillie Suit in the tall grass on the edge of the beach.

The Magic Of Marvelous Manifestation!

Once the group was away to safety Rebecca deactivated her Glamour spell to reveal her real appearance which was far more beautiful. The Plague Doctor and Mary knew her and most of the Mystic Investigations Team from past encounters so disguises were necessary for infiltration of the party. She had been undercover for a few weeks trying to find an in to the cult after reports of increased activity in New England. After the Plague Doctors recent success in surging forth the Coronavirus in Florida he set his sights on New York and surrounding states. Once she was invited to the party Rebecca alerted the rest of us.

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Party Pooper Penrose

Rebecca ran to the side of the mansion and beat the hell out of a large male guard who was making his rounds! Once he was out cold she super leaped up to a second floor balcony and slipped into a window. Meanwhile inside The Plague Doctor and Mary were getting their Eye’s Wide Shut freak on as usual. Every one of their parties ends with them bedding the most worthy of new recruits to secure further loyalty from them. The Doctor had three women while Mary took two men up to her room. Some of the others got down with the longer term cult members upstairs while the rest went back to the ballroom for a more innocent party. Third in command Penrose looked disgusted as he made his way to the library where he had set up temporary shop. A sexy woman tried to make contact with him but he did the “talk to the hand” sign and sped past her. He slammed the door behind him. Penrose is clearly all work and no play!

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We were waiting for the moment when there were minimal guards watching while the real power players were foolishly letting their guard down in the bedrooms. I, Mystic Investigations President Xavier Remington, climbed in a window upstairs with our resident vampire Drake Alexander. This after we had incapacitated four guards outside. In ninja suits, Drake and I stealthily took out cultist guards in the hallway with ninja stars and poison darts. Although, Drake took out the last one with a bloody bite to the neck thus fueling him up for the coming fight. We finally met up with Rebecca in the dimly lit hallway. The three of us quietly chuckled as we heard the sounds of unsavory dark love bellow from the rooms. Downstairs our Telekinetic Psychic Julia Hathaway had crawled into a basement window with our Demi-Zombie Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie. They’re the ones who originally found the couple who owned the place. Both victims of knife wounds to the heart. Ashley found the Doctor’s mobile microbial lab his henchmen haul with him everywhere. She packed up the paraphernalia carefully. This included a sick sacrificial altar to the Plague Doctor’s dark deities of Pestilence and Death. Two of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. No doubt the homeowners were offered up as blood sacrifices!

Hundreds of feet over the mansion the marvelous Mysticopter hovered silently on Whisper Mode piloted by Ex-Navy Seal Hunter Jackson with teenage bionic boy wonder Zack Powers on board. The advanced helicopters sensitive instruments were closely monitoring the situation below. Investigator Elizabeth Weatherly was back in Woodland Springs, Colorado running our Headquarters while we were gone on this mission. Research Assistant Seth Morgan stayed behind to help mainly because he was a Werewolf and the mission was on a full Moon night! By now he would be locked in his silver cage in the sub-basement of our offices for his own safety and that of the general public!

Plague Doctor Playtime!

Drake, Rebecca, and I peered into the rooms as I whispered, “What the hell is wrong with these nut jobs?” There was some really weird stuff going on! The Plague Doctor wearing nothing but his mask was the least of it! It was time to storm the rooms as we communicated with everyone by radio mics clipped to our clothing along with an earpiece. Ashley and Julia crept up the basement steps to confront some cultists and get the partying potentials to safety. Father Tom returned with the Mystic Boat after taking the others to a safe location and apologizing for the supposed Youtube prank. They certainly appreciated the $100 prize. Luckily we keep $10,000 in cash onboard for emergencies. Tom remained ready as Rob approached the mansion still in his camouflage suit. He took down a few guards with a taser before entering through the front door. Zack Powers leaped from our helicopter and crashed through a skylight in the main ballroom as everyone screamed! He fought cultist thugs with his cyborg strength as Julia aided him with her telekinesis. Ashley quickly directed the scared new recruits out a side door. Luckily, everything happened so quickly that the thugs weren’t able to get their guns or knives out!

Upstairs Drake waltzed into the Plague Doctors den of iniquity holding a gleaming steel sword as he smiled. The Plague Doctor immediately sensed the intrusion as he lay in bed with three unclothed women. He took his mask off while the women looked confused. The Doctor returned the smile and said, “Ah yes Drake Alexander! Would you care to join us for a fivesome?” He clearly knew what the response would be since he was already slipping his robe on. Drake responded with his eyes glowing red and his fangs extended while letting loose a bellowing roar that would make a lion scurry away! The three women bounced away screaming as the Plague Doctor sarcastically said, “I take that as a no?” The vexed vampire ran at the superhuman Doctor who jumped from the bed and grabbed his own sword just in time to block Drakes blade. Immortal beings often take pride in their swords as the preferred weapon of choice. The two men tore up the room hitting their swords together so hard that sparks flew! The Doctor goaded Drake by saying, “I know you’d love to rip into me and partake of my blood but you know what happened last time you did that! Drake replied, “Then I guess we’ll just have to do this the hard way you disgusting bastard!”

In progress, Rebecca had interrupted Typhoid Mary’s threesome by speeding into the room and gripping each of her lovers by the neck. She then used her Mermaid strength to toss them against the wall causing them to knock out cold. Mary looked shocked at first but then that changed to a seductive smirk as she lay naked on the bed. Rebecca scowled at her and commanded, “Time to die bitch!” Mary chuckled and replied, “You’re seriously beyond sexy Rebecca! You make me want to be with women!” Rebecca responded, “I’m going to barf…after I kill you with my bare hands! Using magic is too easy. You need to suffer for all the people you’ve killed!” Rebecca lunged at Mary and they wrestled on the bed. Mary’s dark immortal super strength wasn’t anywhere near the Plague Doctors nor a Demi-Mermaid like Rebecca. However, Mary managed to grasp a syringe full of a green glowing goo she had hidden under a pillow and just barely missed injecting it into Rebecca. She forced the syringe from her hand and was about to punch Mary out when the communication radio in her ear suddenly had a screeching static that startled her. Mary pushed her away and ran for the door.

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Drake head-butted the Doc causing his sword to drop to the ground. The Doc simultaneously kicked the sword from Drake’s hand. Now they engaged in hand to hand combat. Vampire vs Dark Superhuman Immortal. They fought wildly until the Doctor pushed Drake away when he was distracted by a loud screech in his earpiece. In fact, our entire team heard it as we lost contact and fell into radio silence. The Doctor took this opportunity to take something from his robe pocket. It was some sharp silver fangs he placed in his mouth. Drake inquired, “What the hell is that? Are you role-playing a bionic vampire at Comic-Con?” The Doctor responded, “No you fool it’s my new innovation for filthy vamps. I not only give you the bite of toxic silver but also my microbial laden saliva!” He let loose a primal scream as if trying to imitate Drake. The Doc sped at him but Drake moved aside and tossed him through a wall into the next room with Mary and Rebecca. The timing was perfect as the Plague Doctor hit the nude Mary while she was trying to run from the room. Rebecca started laughing as Drake chuckled himself. They gave each other a high five and spoke of the loss of contact with the rest of the team.

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Unexpected Guests!

I had heard the same radio screech as I battled some goons in the other room utilizing my ninjutsu and kung fu along with sharp implements. The Plague Doctor helped Mary up as she put her robe on. All of the sudden several flash grenades came crashing through the hallway windows causing bright blinding lights and deafening blasting noises! Soldiers clad in black repelled in from helicopters above. The same event was happening with other soldiers on the first floor as well! The swat team leader yelled, “Freeze! US Paranormal Defense Agency! You’re all under arrest!”  We later found out that he was Commander Ellison, the man who lead the July 2016 raid on Santa Claus’s North Pole City! Back in the Mysticopter Hunter Jackson had been trying to fix the radio blackout when he detected the black ops helicopters swooping in. They somehow managed to jam all communications in the area so he couldn’t warn us. Thankfully, the Mysticopter was in Stealth Mode way above them and wasn’t detected by the top-secret government forces.

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The Doctor, Mary, Drake, and Rebecca stared at each other awkwardly for a moment as government troops advanced. That is until Rebecca screamed, “Screw this! Mystic Sphere bitches!” Her natural witch power was activated. A pink translucent metaphysical energy sphere formed around her and she pulled Drake in while he gave the diseased duo a dirty look and exclaimed, “Another time Plague Boy!” Rebecca willed the sphere forcibly forward crashing through the door! The Doctor and Mary were thrown to the floor as the supernatural sphere flew into the hallway. Just then team leader Commander Ellison yelled, “Witch! Iron bullets” They hit a switch on their guns and opened iron bullet machine gun fire on the sphere. For human witches, iron can be an issue as it interacts with the natural iron in their blood. However, since Rebecca is part Mermaid she has the interaction of copper and iron in her bloodstream where a witches power flows. The bullets bounced off the Mystic Sphere as it wavered a bit. At that moment I ran from a room and pushed two soldiers aside. I caught a few bullets on my bulletproof vest and pants as I leaped into the sphere. Rebecca shot the sphere through the soldiers knocking them over. We then flew out to the freedom of the friendly skies! We vanished so quickly that the black ops helicopters couldn’t give chase.

The Plague Doctor placed his mask on and held Mary’s hand as he entered the hallway. His eyes glowed an eerie toxic brown that could be seen through the eye holes in his birds beak mask. He loudly declared, “You’ll never take me alive you barely useful idiots!” Commander Ellison declared, “It’s the Plague Doctor! Open antigen fire and launch the sanitizing grenades! Take him alive!” Special non-lethal bullets and smokey grenades fired forth repelling the Doctor and Mary as they fell to their knees and violently coughed. Soldiers came up behind them opening fire as well. It looked like they were finally going to be captured by the government. The Plague Doctor silently prayed to both Pestilence and Death but it fell upon deaf ears. Lately he found contacting them next to impossible. He had to resort to blind faith like most religious believers. It seems that various higher dimensional power players were cutting off the dark spiritual connection along with both deities being somewhat embarrassed by the Doctors poor pandemic performance.

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The Hairy Horror Saves The Day!

Both the Doctor and Mary were being weakened by the medical barrage. All hope appeared to be lost until a cultist henchman named Crawford crawled out of a room and started shooting soldiers in the feet and legs with armor piercing bullets. Crawford then rolled a metal ball at the Doc. He grinned as he gripped it amid soldiers falling to the ground in agony. Commander Ellison then shot Crawford and he met his maker. The Plague Doctor stood up holding the black metal ball that now had green and blue neon glowing lines on it after he activated it. He screamed, “Halt your fire or you’ll all die you sons of bitches!” Ellison raised his hand to stop his men from firing and replied, “Surrender yourself now Dr. Maximilian!” The Doctor replied, “Oh I think not you government scum! This device contains over 20 deadly viruses including Ebola and a few I mixed up myself! We’ll be leaving or you’ll experience beautifully excruciatingly painful deaths! Your suits, masks, and inoculations can’t cover the cocktail of death I’ve concocted!” Commander Ellison angrily responded, “Go ahead! We got a damn army outside! You’ll never escape!” The Plague Doctor then said, “How unfortunate for you!” He threw the device at the ground near Ellison and the green flash blinded everyone as they gagged at the release of the toxic viral laden vapors!” The Doctor punched past some soldiers and bolted with Mary to the opposite end of the hallway. They crashed out the second floor window landing into some shrubs! Two soldiers shined bright LED lights on them and commanded, “Raise your hands and don’t move you freaks!” Mary and the Doctor raised their hands but through a twist of dark fate a random Werewolf growled across the lawn and began tearing into the soldiers. The Doctor and Mary exploded into maniacal laughter before slinking away into the darkness never to be seen since! In the distance a solider screamed, “Holy shit a Werewolf! Open silver fire!” The werewolf died instantly! Virtually every man and woman in the second floor hallway would eventually die within days from various viruses. Commander Ellison was the only one to live due to acquiring some magical immunity at North Pole City he was unaware of.

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On the ground floor, Psychic Julia Hathaway had been so busy utilizing her telekinetic powers on a plethora of filthy fiends so she was sufficiently distracted enough to not sense the impending danger until mere seconds before the radio screech occurred. Her and Zack battled the US PDA soldiers with all their might! These agents came prepared as they shot some kind of signal scrambling gun that messed with Julia’s telekinesis amid her launching objects at the men. Zack tossed quite a few aside with his Cyborg strength while bullets bounced off him. Julia also managed to block some bullets with her power but got hit in the arm! Rob Edmunds entered the fray and opened machine gun fire allowing all to make their escape outside! They faced several armed troops that demanded they freeze and put their hands in the air! At that moment one of the US PDA’s helicopters exploded from a missile fired by Hunter in the Mysticopter. Hunter swooped down shooting distraction fire near the soldiers as everyone hopped aboard. The troops fired upon the armored helicopter with no results. It whizzed away into the air shooting blinding sunbursts as it went into stealth mode. The US PDA could not track it on radar!

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Ashley had been running across the field toward the Mystic Boat with the unsure cultist recruits when soldiers appeared amid the sound of helicopters and the glare of spotlights from above. The US Paranormal Defense Agents didn’t seem to know or care these weak-willed people were just recruited into the cult mere minutes ago. They shoved everyone to the ground to place zip ties on their wrists while shooting a few who ran away. Ashley sprinted away from the overwhelming force as they shot her in the back! Naturally, as a Demi-Zombie she played dead and a soldier confirmed her as deceased. There was mention of a clean-up crew taking away the dead bodies later on. For now, the arrested were marched to an armored truck that raced up the driveway. When they were out of sight Ashley got up and ran for the beach to warn Father Tom it was time to retreat since neither our radios nor smart phones were operational.

Penrose Escapes!

Penrose had managed to elude the entire battle as he stomped on to the beach carrying a briefcase. He got on to a Jet Ski hidden in some dense cattails. He sped away into the darkness while muttering, “Freaking idiots!” Father Tom looked at the moving figure with night vision binoculars and then examined some surveillance photos in the Mystic Boat. He confirmed it was Penrose! Just as he was revving up the boat to go after him Ashley ran on to the beach. She jumped in and away they went gliding through the moonlit waters. Just then the Mystic Sphere could be seen overhead as it seemed to be glitching before the pink bubble popped. Drake, Rebecca, and I fell from the sky into the warm waters. We joked it was a great night for a moonlit skinny dip. The Mystic Boat picked us up as we went after Penrose who had mysteriously disappeared! There was nothing on our radar or sonar!

The Plague Doctor and Typhoid Mary ran along the beach through tall grass and cattails. Suddenly a motorized vehicle could be heard in the water nearby. They stopped as a light shot in their direction. A familiar voice then yelled, “Sir it’s me Penrose!” The diseased duo smiled at each other as they ran toward the jet ski. The Doctor inquired, “Well done! How did you find us Penrose?” He replied, “I placed a tracking chip in your mask for such an occasion. I apologize for overstepping my bounds sir.” The Doctor responded, “No need to apologize…but don’t ever keep anything from me again!” Penrose nodded respectfully as all three squeezed on board and sped away down the shoreline to safety.

The Mysticopter and Mystic Boat met at a secluded rendezvous point as we discussed this major screw up of a mission! Unfortunately, our anonymous contact at the US Paranormal Defense Agency isn’t privy to everything. Then the embarrassment of losing a medical nerd on a jet ski with the amazing technology of the Mystic Boat at our disposal! At least we screwed up the Plague Doctors plans and prevented a bunch of new recruits to his chaotic cult. Not to mention those people who would have died from various wretched diseases and spread them to the world if Rebecca hadn’t protected them! Rebecca later figured out why her witchcraft powers had been depleted. Apparently, amid the iron bullet fire that caused her Mystic Sphere to waver, someone had fired a copper bullet that managed to make it through and graze her. It’s plausible their guns had all matter of metals to cover a wide array of supernatural beings. The combination of both metals managed to weaken her hybrid human-mermaid blood. Everyone except Father Tom and Rob Edumnds got on the Mysticopter. They stayed behind to take the boat to the shipping service that would haul it back to Colorado. Until we meet again Plague Doctor!

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