The Plague Doctor Pandemic Party

Despite The Plague Doctor’s embarrassing failure to bring about a true deadly global pandemic via the Coronavirus, and his Zombie Flu, he’s still going on as if he’s making sinister strides. He must uphold the image of being the world’s greatest paranormal purveyor of diseases! Mystic Investigations got wind of The Plague Doctor holding an epic pandemic recruitment party for his cult. The posh parties lure in the downtrodden and disenfranchised in the hopes of inducting them into The Plague Doctor Cult. The Doctor’s Cult serves at their dark diseased Lord’s leisure and aids in his plots to perpetrate pandemics all over the planet. The party also serves to spread vile viruses and blasphemous bacteria to unsuspecting so called Useful Idiots. This particular plague party was held at a huge house in The Hamptons. A magnificent mansion that the Plague Doctor borrowed from the owners who lie dead in the basement!

As the grandfather clock struck Midnight, a group of almost 50 new potential cult members stood in the grand foyer surrounded by watchful full-fledged cultists and guards. For two hours before that, they had enjoyed a classy party of top-flight entertainment, refreshments, and booze to make them feel more at ease. At the top of a huge staircase the Doctor Of Death himself, Dr. Darius Maximilian aka The Plague Doctor, stood on the balcony in his complete ceremonial robe and spooky bird beak mask. Next to him was his Lieutenant in catastrophic crime Mary Mallon, aka Typhoid Mary, wearing an old school nurses costume as a mockery against the medical establishment. On the other side of him was a relatively new figure in his organization who recently became third in command. He is known as Doctor Penrose but most simply call him Penrose. A mysterious thirtysomething Epidemiologist and surgeon who usually hides in the shadows. He wore a blue surgeon’s uniform. The Plague Doctor looked down upon a fearful crowd unsure of what they had gotten themselves into in the name of curiosity and the promise of a far better life. The Doctor then removed his macabre mask to reveal his handsome smiling exterior to the crowd that breathed a brief sigh of relief. He then gave a rousing speech accentuated by his outstanding charisma which is the standard for his cult induction ceremony…

“Good Evening my honored guests. It brings me immense joy to witness so many fine men and women ready to work with me in improving humankind’s condition through the sound evolutionary policy that is the Survival Of The Fittest!  My name is Dr. Darius Maximilian and I am the one and only Plague Doctor! I will be your mentor and dare I say savior on the momentous journey ahead of you. By choosing to be here tonight you have already taken the first step toward a future beyond your wildest dreams! Tonight you lie on the cusp of greatness in a time when mediocrity is unfairly commended while the truly talented are rewarded with false hopes that never see the light of day. Our society suffers from a sickness running rampant without an antidote. Thankfully, I have the cure and it lies with everyone here playing a vital role to restore our civilization to greatness…

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