Paranormal Places

A list of secret supernatural locations on our paranormal planet. Only those in the metaphysical know are aware of these perplexing places along with having the ability to travel to them. Usually an invite is required unless it’s an enchanted emergency. Some include general paranormal hot spots that anyone can travel within. The most famous of which is Bermuda Triangle.

General Supernatural Locations

Supernatural Triangles

Mystical Holiday Based Places

Supernatural Communities

  • 💃Amazon Village, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil When Invited As A Guest (Home Of The Amazon Warrior Women)
  • 🧜‍♀️Atlantis, Atlantic Ocean (Undersea Capital Of The Largest Mermaid Civilization – Other Mermaid Communities)
  • Dark Christmas Island – South Pacific. Home Of The Anti-Claus
  • 🧛‍♂️Diavol City: The Global Vampire Capital (Located In Transylvania, Romania)
  • 🌴Fantasy Island, Pacific Ocean (The Real Island The TV Show Was Based On)

Magic Schools

Higher Dimensional Realms Or Parallel Dimensions

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