Mystical Crystals & Gemstones

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Mystical Crystals, and Stones to aid in physical as well as metaphysical healing, chakra energizing, magical protections, spells, and more!


Angel Phantom Quartz – Protective stone tapping into your Guardian Angel’s higher dimensional energy along with the Universal energy of love.  Aid in lucid dreaming, astral projection, inter & higher dimensional travel, and communication with your various higher dimensional selves in the many Afterlives you currently exist in.

Astatine – Opens portals to anywhere in space, time, Parallel Universes, and dimensions. Can also aid in creating fantasy bubble Universes. It can also destroy, banish, or repel anything taking physical form in our reality. This includes all levels of Gods!


Blue Lace Agate Stone – Helps with anxiety, stress relief, calming, and, meditation,.  Throat & Crown Chakra healing for effective communication.


Christmas Crystal – Supernatural North Pole City power source that channels the Spirit Of Christmas. [One Of A Kind]


Fulgurite – Often used in battling lightning based Gods and those with electrokinetic powers.


Gaia Crystals – The enchanted energies of the first shooting star of any given night not wished upon will transform into metaphysical matter crystals.

God Crystals – Enchanted error by a higher dimensional God causes metaphysical energy to manifest as meta matter.


Protective Stones & Crystals



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