Mystic Investigations Supernatural Services

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Our top notch staff of experience paranormal investigators, and supernatural warriors is ready to take on any case you can throw at us.  Our staff includes a white witch, a good vampire, a Doctor of Cryptozoology who happens to be half-zombie, a telekinetic psychic, an ex-Navy Seal, a bionically enhanced human, a seasoned ghost buster, an exorcist, and a master of martial arts, and investigations.  Our service fees are customized to each case, and can include free services because ultimately we’re here to protect the public from paranormal menaces.  If no immediate threat is present then we require proof of income to determine what you will have to pay, or perhaps not pay.  Travel charges are included in our fees.  We can handle any size case, and will work with business, and government as well.  There’s no shame in local law enforcement calling us in when they can’t handle a supernatural threat to the community.  Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Investigation into anything deemed mysterious or unexplainable in nature.
  • A solution to said issue at the end of the investigation.  There’s never been a case we couldn’t solve.  However if we can’t then we will refund your money.
  • Ghost Hunting: Eradication of metaphysical manifestations which can include ghost, poltergeists, demonic presences, and any other higher dimensional non-corporeal being.  Ghosts of loved ones will be helped along into the light of the afterlife to finally find peace.
  • Exorcisms: We help your loved ones who have found themselves in the unfortunately circumstance of being possessed by a demon, or other higher dimensional being of evil.  Our exorcism expert Father Tom Davis is a Catholic Priest trained in the fine art of driving demons out of human bodies, and back to hell where they belong.
  • Vampires: We eliminate vampire stalkers, and entire nests of the living dead blood suckers who may menace you, your family, and the community at large..
  • Werewolves: We handle Werewolves stalking cases, and work actively to hunt, and capture werewolves during the full Moon.  Capture is always desired since werewolves are still humans during the day.  Mystic can also take on werewolf packs that terrorize neighborhoods, or entire communities. We also have a caged faculty for those infected with Lycanthropy who wish to be locked away during the full Moons for everyone’s safety.  This particular service is offered free of charge as a service to the public.
  • Zombies: Walking dead corpses are eradicated with extreme prejudice.  Graveyard wide zombie uprisings will be eliminated by dawn or your money back.  Our research staff actively searches for a cure to the zombification virus.
  • Sasquatch:  We’ll lure Bigfoot away from your property unharmed.
  • Yeti: The Abominable Snowman will no longer ruin your Christmas holiday.
  • Magical Services: Spells, potions, reversals to malicious magics including curses, and more.  We can also neutralize any practitioners of magic who are threatening your well being whether they be witches, warlocks, wizards, or sorcerers.  Development of witchcraft powers.  On staff white witch ready to serve you.
  • Psychic Services: Readings, speaking to the dead, past lives, dream interpretation, astral projection, and more.  Development of telekinetic powers.  On staff psychic with telekinetic powers stand ready to take on your case.
  • Supernatural legal services:  Our on staff attorney can handle any case in the secret world of paranormal law whether it be within the jurisdiction of the vampire royal court, Lycan law, Leprechaun law, or any other area a standard lawyer couldn’t even begin to comprehend.
  • Supernatural medical research services
  • Supernatural medical treatments whether it be viruses, bacteria, curses, or other magical infestations within your body.  Serious conditions may be referred to a special clinic.
  • Cryptozoological and cryptobotanical research services for commercial, and medical applications.  On staff Doctor of Cryptozoology ready to research for you.
  • Genie Guidance:  Did you just find a bottled or lamped Jinn?  STOP before you fall into the trap of making a wish that will most likely be warped by the devious Genie.  Let us guide you on the wording of your wishes to insure success in your lucky find.
  • Paranormal Pest Control. We eradicate anything that your normal pest guy can’t deal with.  Whether it be Demonic bed bugs, zombie mice, Gnomes, or even a nest of vampires.
  • Removal of paranormal corpses.  Did you just vanquish a being of evil that refuses to burst into spontaneous flames or disappear in a puff of smoky ashes?  Congrats but now what do you do with the body?  Let us dispose of your expired prey for a nominal fee.  No questions asked.  This service does not apply to human corpses unless they are zombie in nature.  Any such illegal requests will be directed to law enforcement.  The body must be a verified supernatural being.
  • Supernatural supplies including holy water, and other religious artifacts to repel paranormal evil.  We also have a greenhouse to grow numerous mystical herbs for your protection.
  • We can solve any problem your having that is paranormal in nature.  No creature or force of evil is to big for us to handle!

Although we specialize in paranormal investigations we will also take any other cases of a non-supernatural nature.  However the paranormal cases will be our first priority unless we’re talking about a real sick puppy like a serial killer, or child kidnapper.