Mystic Investigations Current Condition

Mystic Investigations is currently at Condition Green. No supernatural threats great enough to warrant heightened alert status.

🧟‍♂️Zombie Apocalypse Alert Status🧟‍♀️

All Alert Conditions

Activated by authorized voice or computer console command unless designated as auto-detection. Most alerts have equivalent lights flashing throughout our facility along with an accompanying sound, or alarm. When specified, Paranormal Alerts can be for regions, countries, or the entire world depending on the threat.

Red Alert: Dangerous situations most likely near, or already under attack! Extremely high level of supernatural activity observed in the vicinity.  When all hope is lost amid overwhelming forces then, and only then do we contemplate The Auto-Destruct Sequence!  The Red Alert technically goes off on it’s own if anyone triggers our alarm system. Also can be auto triggered by Black Alert.

Orange Alert: Halloween Eve, Halloween & All Souls Day Of Dead Alert

Yellow Alert: Higher than average supernatural activity. Paranormal preparedness alert due to indications of danger afoot, or unauthorized personnel are loose in our building. Can also be used if other potential hazards are detected such as severe weather, floods, or earthquakes. Yellow Alert is also standard practice if public power is down, and we’re running on our own generator, or solar sources. Often employed during the 13 Nights Of Halloween. Dark Christmas, presided over by the Anti-Claus, usually scores at least a Yellow Alert. Of course if the Dark Claus is near a Black Alert will go off followed by auto triggering of a Red Alert.

Green Alert: Most of the time we’re at Condition Green which will only show up on here, and computer screens in our office.  A Green Alert with flashing green lights, and a soothing chime every so often indicates a time of extreme peace just below the Blue Alert below.  Most often used on Christmas, and Christmas Eve with a brief chiming random Christmas themed melody every so often.  If the Human-Angel Hybrid Santa Claus is near a White Alert sounds followed by an auto triggered Blue Alert.

Blue Alert: Overwhelming forces of good are afoot! Used mostly on Hallowmas All Saints Day when Angels descend from Heaven to clean up Halloween’s supernatural messes. Sometimes used on Christmas. Can be auto triggered by White Alert.

Violet Alert (auto-detection): Unauthorized magic, spatial, temporal, extra-dimensional or other anomalies of unknown origin detected.

Grey Alert: Public utility power grid down relying on our own power sources that have fallen to a minimum. During Grey Mode only essential systems are left online.

White Alert (auto-detection): If a powerful enough angelic force of the light, or in some cases Earthly Gods, enter our building the White Alert sounds, and then automatically triggers the Blue Alert. A global White Alert would indicate Heaven has come to Earth and paradise is at hand!

Black Alert (auto-detection): If a powerful enough dark demonic force enters our facility the Black Alert sounds, and then automatically triggers the Red Alert.

Brown Alert: Toxic bio-hazard, radiation, or other hazardous materials detected.  Most likely initial alert if the Zombie Virus is detected. Also, see our Zombie Apocalypse Alert Portal!


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[…] Most Malevolent Moon In Recent History! Mystic Investigations Headquarters is officially at Red Alert!  On the evening of Sunday, September 27th, 2015 at 9:11 PM (Apex at 9:47 PM) US Central Daylight […]

8 years ago

We have a problem during the blood moon. Something jumped over! BIG TIME! We had a pack of werewolves in ur area for a long time now. No one has seen them in human form seance the blood moon.