March 28, 2023

11 thoughts on “Why Can’t Vampires Practice Magic?

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  2. Hello. I have a question regarding vampires, see I evaluated every possible outcome for me and those related to me reggarding a possible vampire transformation. You said in the text that many gladly give up their mortal life and I can’t help but agree with it. I am not even thou as far as I understand myself I am a good being far from perfect but definitely not evil, I want to observe how humanity will evolve the next centuries and I despise the idea of growing too old and senile. Can you give me locations of vampires in the city of Rio de Janeiro on Brazil? I understand you consider that to be an unethical thing however I really did consider all outcomes of a vampire encounter including death. I want to understand things more. And I am not afraid of putting my life on the line for the sake of it. Can you give the info you have on the brazillian vampires mystic investigations?

    1. Those vampires happy to give up their mortal lives were evil humans as we said in the article. There are some vampires like our own Drake Alexander who have fought hard to suppress the darkness within. He has many regrets about things he did when he was a young vampire lacking self-control. Unfortunately we don’t have a directory of vampires. Not to mention the fact most usually move around the world regularly. Also as we’ve mentioned to others before vampires choose who they will bring across, and not the other way around. Even if you were in a room full of vampires the odds are slim one would transform you. However odds are great they’d drain you of all your blood! You’ll simply have to have faith in technology giving you immortality. Some say that the first immortals via technology have already been born. Basically those who eat a pristine diet, take optimal nutritional supplements, especially for anti-aging, exercise, and partake of ever improving life extension programs could be immortal. Basically swinging across the monkey bars of life extension improvements until permanent solutions present themselves. This includes a way to stop DNA Telomere degradation, cellular repairing nanobots, brain transplants into cloned, or even android bodies along with potential uploading of consciousnesses to computers. Even if that doesn’t happen there’s the faith of the higher dimensional Afterlife, and the immortality of your metaphysical energy body souls on the various dimensional levels. From there you can view the entire human story from beginning to the eventual ascension of society to Godhood status. Not to mention the fact that there are many Afterlives on the in the 4-D worlds of the 5th dimension. This includes returning in an immortal form in a near identical parallel Universe. Clearly every dead person couldn’t return in physical form, or it would be rather obvious!

  3. i am aware of the higher dimension self, actually i had a talk with myself, as weird as it may sound, was like i was talking to myself, but it was way more wise than i am, the stuff it said was not much but mostly it was “don’t you think that the fact that you can communicate and understand what you think without words is pretty amazing? i mean when you stop to think about it i am able to do it because in the end you will end up thinking i am a manifestation of your sub conscious in a sub conscious level even if part of you is aware of our current state.”
    so i just decided to go ahead and ask stuff:

    ME:can you activate my dormant DNA?

    -I could try, but to be honest i am a small fraction of a whole being just as you current are one of the many fragments that compose the true self i am not nearly powerful and i most likely will not try because whatever is meant to happen in this current dimension must play out in that exact order, i am here to observe but what i observe is the others that surround you i am just waiting for you to reach a time where you understand that the answers will come in due time, thou is meaningless to tell you that in your current mind state..i can say that we achieve what we seek.

    ME:is there something i can become in this particular dimension?

    -i can’t disclose much, you will become a being that is different from a regular human you seek knowledge, you play out innumerous scenarios on a daily basis, some might say that it gets in the way of living life as it should, usually people worry about what they will do when they grown up how they will earn money and live a steady life, yet you have the worries that are not common to most, you worry about your part in the big scheme of life, in a sub-conscious level you worry about stuff that can drive one to true madness because you fear not being able to achieve enlightment soon. try to understand there is a reason for everything the reason you question the reason you despise what is considered a norm, to deny dogmas is to open yourself, althou that might sound weird, by denying what is common you are open to what is unnusual it lets you experience things with a new look on it. have patience. i will still be here what has to happen, will happen and the open mind you possess will be a doorway to new experiences that are of supernatural nature.

    i had this “talk” while i was taking a shower…i am kinda reluctant to accept it was myself, i do understand yet my sub conscious wants to dismiss it as a mere sight of madness.
    i decided to write it down here and ask what you guys think since it seems to be on the supernatural alley

    also julia if you could tell my future i would apreciate it

  4. Hi guys’.. I like this article. Very interesting. I thought that Vampeel’s could harness powerful Black magic? Rather like a warlock or powerful dark witch? Depending on their lineage. If the mother were a witch and father vampire etc. Of course this might depend on what generation the vampire father is and witch bloodline?

    I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day! 🙂

    1. Only those rare vampires born with “The Gift” can practice magic. Otherwise the imperfect state of human, and demon within a vampire neutralizes magical abilities. Dracula was born with The Gift, and is the most famous vampire practitioner of magic.

      Yes we had a wonderful Valentines Day! Mostly nothing but some minor indications of Dark Cupids. Rebecca, and I were at a restaurant when a couple started arguing loudly. Rebecca sensed it was a Dark Cupid, and got rid of him. Then we both calmed the couple down. We hope you had a lovely Valentines Day as well!

  5. Sorry I meant to say Had a great V-Day! 😉 Mine wasn’t that great! Maybe next year. Sorry you two experienced a dark cupid. I’ve never heard of those before! Yeah Vlad Dracula is different. Didn’t he create that wicked Jumanji like game in Iowa? He became real bored .. What else would a supreme evil Vampire with dark powers do? And having many dark friends whom also harness powers. Scary! 😉 I shouldn’t joke.. Have a great weekend. I’m sorry I haven’t been here in a long time. Been healing.. I went through allot in 2015. Glad it’s over with.

    1. Sorry to hear about your undesirable 2015. Hopefully 2016 will be better! 🙂 Yes it’s true Dracula commissioned the Sorcerer, now King Of Hell, Dimitri Diablo to design a supernatural board game with very real consequences for the players. It’s called Joc De Moarte, and it’s the most sought after board game in the paranormal world: Paranormal Collectors with enough cash are willing to pay over a million dollars for it! Of course if we found it we would keep it in our secure lab for study, turn it over to a trusted supernatural organization, or destroy it!

      It’s true that powerful immortal supernatural beings confined to this physical plane, and especially confined to this planet, can get bored very quickly as the centuries creep along like molasses. Clearly the conquests, and domination’s of Dracula are limited. He’s a member of vampire royalty, and can’t really advance much further, or find any territory to conquer since they claim the entire planet in the name of Vampires everywhere. Obviously he has to be careful to not reveal himself to the human world until we’re much further along deep into Armageddon. So all that’s left is playing cat, and mouse games with humans, and other weaker paranormal entities. Dracula has occasionally fallen off the rails as it were, and risked vampire exposure to the world. However as King Dagan’s golden boy he can get away with a lot, and the royals are all too happy to clean up Dracula’s messes.

      Oh BTW we just arrived in Dublin, Ireland the other day, and will be here the next week attending the International Paranormal Investigators Conference. Tomorrow Rebecca is going to lead some of us into the countryside to spot some Leprechauns. The month before Saint Patrick’s Day is actually the best time to spot them. As that lucky approaches they spread all over the world, and there’s very few left in Ireland at that time! We’d love to find their home village, and be welcomed as guests just as Santa Claus welcomes us to North Pole City. Speaking of the North Pole this year we actually met the Snow Queen Elsa, and the Immortal Keanu Reeves visited for the first time. Him, and Elsa hit it off but Jack Frost had a fit since he’s Elsa’s jealous ex:

  6. Hello Xavier & Rebecca,.. 🙂 Guess who visited me a few nights ago? Speak of the devil.. Demitri. 😉 Was interesting.. He dyed his hair blonde.. I kept calling him Eminem lol hahaha… Long story..

    Yeah’ I could imagine how boring it gets to live so long. Yeah’.. I didn’t ask Dimitri about the game. Something strange did happen though.. I won’t say here public. I hope you guys had fun in Ireland. I’ve always wanted to visit England and Ireland. Perhaps someday I will. I miss you all. I’ll write you in your forum. Tell Drake I miss him dearly. It’s been forever! Have a good night! Thank you Xavier for writing me back! 🙂

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