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Extraterrestrial Aliens & UFO's 

Dinosauroid Aliens

The various reports of aliens and UFO's over the past 60 years and even the ones possibly mentioned in ancient history have varying origins. Let's begin in our ancient history. Humans weren't the first intelligent beings to evolve on Earth but rather the second. The first were reptile like humanoids that evolved from dinosaurs approximately 65 million years ago. They had advanced to a society level a few hundred years beyond ours. Due to huge dinosaurs roaming the Earth they had to exist in underground cities and later some began colonizing the ocean floor, space stations, the moon, and Mars. In fact many looked forward to moving to Mars someday as it would allow them to live on the surface. For their entire lives they had to scurry in the shadows and live underground. Mars at that time had mostly desert like regions with some plant life and a few areas with more temperate vegetation. The oceans were drying up but there were still some good sized lakes and the air was breathable for them.

Despite their advanced technology they were unable to destroy or alter the course of the meteor that hit Earth and killed off the dinosaurs. They predicted it's arrival and knew it would devastate the Earth. Some thought they could survive underground or under the ocean but top scientists predicted they would not be able to survive without surface resources at their disposal. When the meteor hit many died and many of the underground cities were destroyed by the impact and resulting earthquakes. Most of the survivors lived on the then Earth like Mars abandoning the dark cloudy Earth. Unfortunately bad luck struck when another asteroid hit the Mars causing great devastation. Scientists figured out that a star gone super nova many light years away millions of years ago had sent the debris of many planets in our direction so they decided to leave ourGet the new Aliens comic book series! solar system and colonize the stars. They moved about for millions of years as planets no longer were able to support them. They eventually ended up in the Andromeda galaxy, thanks to a worm hole, where they finally had the technology to terraform planets easily and there they created their permanent home.

A group of explorers returned to Earth during our ancient history some 78,000 years ago and were responsible for the dawn of the first advanced human civilization known to exist on the lost continent of Lemuria.  The great technological advances created a utopian society that lasted about 50,000 years before catastrophic events including a polar shift sunk the continent into the ocean.  Some have conjectured that a rogue group of aliens remained behind and are in league with the wealthy elite billionaires plutocrats of this planet with an agenda to take back their planet and enslave humans. We cannot confirm if indeed they still exist here on Earth today. We know the plutocrats themselves have a plan to create a New World Order and enslave humanity. Some say that the visitors may have been escaped prisoners who sought Earth as a haven from their alien prison. Certainly the Lemurians worshipped them as Gods.  It's been rumored that the official representatives of the alien civilization have been observing us quietly out of curiosity.  They're now able to do this by their ability to bend space and travel here nearly instantly.   It is thought they are the dominant species in this quadrant of the Virgo Supercluster.  They are a Type III Civilization able to harness all the power of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Gliese 581 Aliens aka Greens & Greys

In modern times we have the Roswell New Mexico incident of 1947 which was in fact true. A group of green aliens from Gliese 581g, a planet 20 light years away, came here in peace although the government thought they were the lead ship of an invasion force. The ones we're familiar with as being short, green or gray in color, with long thin limbs, and big eyes. Incidentally the aliens known as the "Greys" are originally from the same planet but were banished in the distant past to the nearby planet of Gliese 581c.  It seems the Greys were had evolved to be far more aggressive than their green brothers and became a blight on the peaceful alien utopia.  They had contacted the US government since it was the most powerful on Earth. The Federal government told the aliens to land their interstellar craft in the middle of the desert so as not to alarm the public. The government then proceeded to shoot the craft down with an advanced weapon developed during WW II  with the help of the "Greys" who had previously came here in the early 40's with sights set on acquiring our natural resources.  They informed the governments that the "Greens" were the evil ones who wanted to take over the planet.   The Greys in fact teleported into the White House nearly giving FDR a heart attack while doing the same with Joseph Stalin at he Kremlin.  They eventually played each government against each other which eventually lead to the Cold War.   The Greys had considered approaching Hitler in Germany but even they judged him as being too unstable and crazy to deal with.

Some of the green aliens died at Roswell, New Mexico but the rest were held in labs and then their technology was reversed engineered and responsible for our rapid technological development in the 20th century.  The Greys naturally did not share their technology and were apparently awaiting reinforcement to take control of the planet Earth but the "Greens" back in the Gliese 581 star system had gotten wind of what was going on and thwarted the mission along with starting a war between their two worlds which rages on.  This is why there hasn't been a mass invasion by either alien race.  Certainly the "Greens" should be enraged by the treachery of the US government shooting down their peace envoy.

The Greens who were still alive ended up at the infamous Area 51.  Some of the aliens escaped their prison in the late 1960's when they were being moved from Area 51 to Area 99, due to media scrutiny. The enraged and now mentally warped Greens eventually joined up with the Greys on Earth.  The Greys had cut ties with the US government and decided on a new plan of global domination.  The Gliese 581 aliens may be some of the ones reported as abducting people and doing experiments on them. The purpose may be to create genetic hybrids to advance their race and create an army against humankind for the atrocities against them. They themselves are unable to reproduce. 

In late March of 2011 some ships of Green aliens from Gliese 581g arrived on Earth to find out what happened to the 1947 Roswell aliens. They don't have the technology to defy physics so their ships don't travel at the speed of light.  Although it's pretty close since they can traverse 20 light years in about 60 years time.  Their ships were spotted over American cities as reported in the media.  Strong sightings were seen in March and April over Chicago and in Colorado including Woodland Springs.  After investigating what happened they accepted that the human race itself was not to blame but rather the violent governments of this Earth.  They said they would not conquer the planet but might intervene in the future if nations were about to destroy themselves with weapons of mass destruction.  They now roam the Earth trying to stop the Greys from interfering with human affairs along with recovering their former Green brothers now turned evil.

There are also a handful of other alien races from planets in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies that have visited Earth.  Although it seems that the Greens and Greys are the dominant civilizations in our quadrant of the Milky Way.  Other reports of aliens or UFO's could be the government testing out their technology and also seeing how the public will deal with aliens. Also some billionaires have been known to tinker with UFO's and pose as aliens as apart of some sick game they play. Aliens would never be demons as demons don't use technology due to having magical powers. Most demons are in non-corporeal form and pose no threat to the average person. Although if they were in physical form they would appear to look like an alien.

In addition there is a third world in the Gliese 581 star system with life as well.  Gliese 581d is an ocean world with just a few small islands of land.  There is a variety of sea life under the surface including a species of intelligent life that's in the underwater equivalent of our early Stone Age.  The Green aliens of Gliese 581g protect the planet from the Gliese 581c Grey aliens.  The Greens observe the planet and it's emerging culture covertly and have not made contact with the intelligent beings under the alien sea surface.  There's also archeological evidence that a great under sea civilization once existed on the Gliese 581d but was destroyed by some planet wide catastrophe.  Some say a small group of these fish like aliens had been on a ship headed to investigate Earth and that they may in some way had a hand in the great ancient civilization of Atlantis and the eventual creation of Mermaids.

The Gliese 581 aliens are a Type I civilization utilizing all the power their respective planets have to offer.   Within the millennium they will be ready to jump to Type II if they can get along and share their stars resources.

On a related note extraterrestrial aliens are technically not supernatural beings as they are evolved and/or genetically engineered beings from other planets.  Although they could be considered Cryptids.  That being said there is evidence that true supernatural beings do exist on other planets along with magic.  The Gliese 581 Greens report that the world of the paranormal was discovered and eradicated from their planet some time ago.  Unfortunately their ancestors made no distinction between the forces of paranormal good and evil.

The Xylanthians

A group of peaceful human like aliens from the planet Xylanthia in the trinary Sirius Star System some 8 light years away.  They have slightly elongated bald heads, eyes slightly larger than humans, and pointed ears.  They visited here in time of Ancient Egypt and were worshipped as Gods.  Their star ship was only capable of a one way trip to Earth so they build power plants to send power beams to their ships orbiting Earth.  These power plants were in fact The Great Pyramids of Egypt.  Scientists are unable to the see the third star, Sirius C, nor the plant Xylanthia with telescopic equipment.  Only Sirius A & B exist as far as they're concerned.  Some suggest the star went super nova destroying the planet and Xylanthian civilization.  Others contend that the missing star and planet are hidden within a Dyson's Sphere to capture all the power of their star to power their highly advanced technical civilization along with hiding them due to their society becoming xenophobic.  This is thought to be the case because no evidence exists that they're returned to Earth.  The Xenophobia and the protection of the Dyson Sphere may have been a result of wars with the aggressive Gliese 581 Greys.  Type II Civilization able to harness all the power of their star.

Types Of Civilizations (I-10)

Humans on Earth are currently considered a Type 0 Civilization.  A Type I Civilization harnesses all the power of their planet.  A Type II Civilization harnesses the power of the entire start they orbit.  A Type III Civilization harnesses the entire power of their Galaxy.  A Type IV Civilization would harness all the power of a Galactic Supercluster.  We are unaware of any Type IV Civilization within our Virgo Supercluster.  A Type V Civilization would harness all the power within a Galaxy Filament.  We have no knowledge of such a civilization within our Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex.  A Type VI Civilization would harness all the power of a Universe and experience the equivalent of ascension to collective Angelhood which would include extra-dimensional travel and time travel.  A Type VII Civilization would harness all the power of a Multiverse and would experience the equivalent of ascension to collective Archangelhood which would include additional extra-dimensional travel including travel to parallel Unviverses.  A Type VIII Civilization would harness all the power of an Omniverse including mastery of travel throughout all 10 dimensions and travel to all Multiverses within.  This could be an entire civilization ascending to collective Godhood through a final round of maximum technological advancement beyond our comprehension  That is if their Omniverse isn't already a God itself.  In which case they might merge with him or be allowed to form their own Omniverse.  An individual would experience the same thing when they die, and ascend to Angelhood, then Archangelhood, and eventually Godhood to join the Omniversal God or form their own Omniverse.  A Type IX would harness all the power of a Macroverse.  Since the Macroverse is our entire reality within the pure thought mind of the original eternal infinite God he is the only one who can have Type IX status although for the purpose of defining a civilization this would include mastery of travel throughout the entire Macroverse which would include every Omniverse and God in existence within the mind of the original infinite God.  A Type Civilization would be the original infinite God himself who mind of pure thought we live within.  He can be the only Type X Civilization.  So Type IX is obtainable travel wise but not energy harnessing wise although this is unnecessary since we are now within the realm of pure thought where anything is possible.  It is the ultimate freedom and highest attainment for any civilization and individual as they would be Gods.  Type X is unobtainable by any civilization although it's unknown if the original eternal God would allow anyone to travel beyond the Macroverse within the infinite reaches of private mind.  In that respect Type X would be obtainable as simply discovering the original God, communicating with him, and knowing him.

Earth's Complete Address

Earth, Solar System, Local Interstellar Cloud , Local Bubble, Gould Belt , Orion–Cygnus Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Milky Way Sub-Group, Local Group (Local Galaxy Cluster), Virgo Supercluster, Virgo-Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster (Local Supercluster Group), Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex (Galaxy Filament), Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, Macroverse, Mind Of God.

Men In Black

Men In Black are usually NSA, CIA, DOD or agents of unknown black ops government agencies. In some cases they may be working for private agencies contracted by the government or working for a plutocratic billionaire who has great influence within the government.  Their job is the intimidation of people while collecting and suppressing information on a variety of subjects seen as crucial to the governments various clandestine agendas.  That includes hiding the existence of extraterrestrials and in some cases working with them for nefarious purposes.  Some years back we here at Mystic Investigations had a run in with a pair of men in black.  We were in Yosemite National Park investigating Sasquatch sightings.  We had captured the beast and had him locked in the Mystic Investigations RV when the two men pulled up in a black sedan.  They showed their ID and it said they were members of some government agency I never heard of.  Apparently an agency within the Department Of Defense.  They demanded we turn the big foot over and then come with them for a debriefing.  We informed them we were under no Constitutional obligation to do so and to show us the laws that governed their so called jurisdiction. They then pulled out their guns and said that was all the authority they needed.  I'm not going to go into detail but lets just say they never got their Sasquatch and we never went with them.  In fact they awoke with no memory of what happened many miles away after being passed for several hours.  They really didn't stand a chance against us and apparently had no clue they were surrounded by a vampire, a witch, a telekineticist, and an ex-Navy Seal among others.  

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