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Angels are beings of pure thought from our perspective although they exist as five dimensional beings in the 6th dimension.  This is the dimension beyond the astral plane and is the first level of Heaven.   When good physical beings die in all their parallel lives they ascend to Angelhood.  Although in reality their Angel selves or their soul already existed collecting all the near infinite memories of their near infinite lives in parallel Universes.  Angels often aid a God in ruling his vast realm acting as intermediaries between him and other lower supernatural beings.  One angel may administer an entire Universe within the near infinite parallel Universe of a Multiverse.  They perform many tasks including the dispensing of power to lower supernatural entities who fight for all that is good.   They may also act as Guardian Angels for those who catch the eye of God although Angels will intervene anywhere overwhelming evil tries to unfairly take down a human of at least fair character.  They are immortal and virtually invincible only through the protection and power of the Archangels above them and God.  Eventually they will ascend to Archangelhood or Godhood to create their own Universes within their minds somewhere within the great Macroverse.

Archangels primarily exist as seven dimensional beings in the 8th dimension.  They can be ascended Angels who were once human although most of them were the first beings God created for companionship and to aid him in creating and ruling over the vast infinite Universe.  Archangels dispense power to the Angels in the lower dimensions and sometimes in our physical reality as well.  They also act as intermediaries with Angels and other lower beings.  On rare occasions Archangels may act as Guardian Angels in special circumstances for good beings of exceptional importance.  They are the only ones who speak directly with God.  One Archangel may rule over an entire Multiverse or create new Multiverses within God Omniverse.  Archangels usually remain loyal to God and rarely ascend to Godhood status. Registered & Protected



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