Can A Vampire Become Human Again By Eliminating Their Sire?

Is The Cure For Vampirism The Eradication Of Ones Maker?

The short answer is no in the vast majority of cases. It’s not unheard of for Vampires to disagree with the one who brought them across into the dark shadows, and then stake them in the heart.  There isn’t generally the same stigma as a Werewolf extinguishing their maker.  Unless the murdered vampire was of royal blood.  Nothing comes of it for the offending vampire except perhaps the wrath of their vampire siblings, aka other humans turned into vampires by their sire. There is no know cure for the vampire virus which is one of the most potent paranormal demon based viruses in existence. However the vampire virus is unable to exist outside of a host body, and doesn’t activate in someone who is alive. It must be directly passed from a vampires flowing blood into a freshly deceased human, or even better a human teetering between life, and death. In addition most vampires are deeply offended when you refer to their species as a viral condition so seriously don’t do it!

Can Entire Bloodlines Of Vampires Be Wiped Out By Eliminating The First?

Ancient anecdotes suggest the killing of a First Generation Vampire will eliminate every
vampire in his entire family line beginning with the first humans he, or she turned into vampires.  Although according to legend this does not include his actual vampire children acquired through mating. Only the first generation of vampires can give biological birth. Unfortunately we simply don’t have any reliable accounts of a First Generation Vampire being killed. Of course they’d have you believe they can’t be killed and are beyond invincible in order to maintain their royal status over lower generations of their kind.

They Key Is Killing The Demon Who Created Vampires

What we do know for sure is that killing the Demon who created the first generation vampire to begin with will indeed wipe out a fair amount of that vampire bloodline. This is due to the fact that the vampire virus is actually infinitesimal pieces of that demon manifested in biological form. It is linked to his dark metaphysical form in the bowels of Hell! There is some gray area when it comes to later generations. Would they instantly blaze into unholy fire and become a pile of ash? Or plausibly revert to human again. If that were to happen would they live out a normal human lifespan or rapidly age to death? Is there a remote chance of actually becoming a superhuman immortal with no need to consume blood?

The Tale Of The Demon Pyxxeuss

There is an Ancient Egyptian record of a Demon named Pyxxeuss banished from Hell for challenging the Devil.  He manifested in biological form making him vulnerable to humans, and various paranormal beings. When demons manifest in physical form in our Universe they have no dark spirit in Hell as a back-up. This is unlike humans who have many souls on various higher Heavenly dimensions. When we die here we live on in the afterlife but Demons taking biological form are gone for good! Pyxxeuss attempted to curry favor with the Pharoh Khufu in 2572 BC. When that didn’t work he tried to possess him but various high Priests halted the effort causing great anger in the demon.

Did A God Or Time Traveler Kill Pyxxeuss?

Pyxxeuss began to lay waste to several royal guard with the intent of killing the Pharoh and taking over the Egyptian Kingdom. Thankfully, a mysterious man described as a God seemingly appeared out of thin air shooting the Demon with a strange device. The device was described as a cylinder glass scepter that shot forth a beam of sparkling purple hued energy. It disintegrated Pyxxeuss to ash within seconds. The man wearing what was described as something akin to a loose fitting black silk unitard promptly vanished just as quickly as he appeared.  Some in the paranormal community theorize it was an advanced time traveler from our distant future rather than a God. Some time travelers say it fits the description of supernatural hunters from the 33rd century.

The Death Of The Demon Pyxxeuss Destroyed His Vampire Bloodline!

The very day after the eradication of Pyxxeuss the secret supernatural record listed the spontaneous extinguishing of a multitude of vampires.  At least a few vampires past the 7th generation claimed to be human again. One unverified report indicated a 129 year old vampire became human, and then proceeded to age almost 100 years in less than a minute before collapsing as a skull and bones.  There were also rumors that the first generation vampire Pyxxeuss originally created exploded in the tomb where he lived causing a minor Earthquake and a flash of light that could be seen miles away.

Is There A Cure For Vampirism?

The bottom line is if you are a vampire, and want to be human again then you will have to look elsewhere.  We’d have to say one sure fire cure would be to find a Genie lamp or bottle, and wish to be human again. Certainly the demon who created the vampires entire family line could probably return him to human form as well but I seriously doubt they would.  Plausibly, if the vampire had something valuable to offer then the demon would comply. There is minor folklore indicating that a vampire who finds their human soulmate, and is truly in love can gradually return to human status again.  It involves only drinking their soulmates blood and incrementally lowering the quantity each day until they supposedly no longer have the urge to partake anymore. In addition if they ever take a life, even in self-defense, they will return to vampire form never able to be human again!  An opposite unsubstantiated rumor says two vampire soulmates partaking of each others blood in ever larger quantities will transform themselves in Demidemons. More Vampire Cures…

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