The Son Of The Vampire Dracula

While still a human, known as Vlad the ImpalerDracula had a son named Mihnea cel Rău. The name means “The Evil One”. Indeed he was filled with darkness like Vlad. However, he was a failure at executing said evil and his father considered him a complete disappointment. Mihnea attempted to follow in his Fathers footsteps after his supposed death. His son never knew dad became a vampire! Unfortunately, his stint as Prince of Wallachia was short lived. Since Dracula considered his son to be an utter embarrassment he never aided him nor contemplated bringing him across into the dark immortal shadows. After his death, Mihnea actually came back as a dark ghost who haunted Dracula for about three seconds! Dracula quickly summoned a demon to banish his son to hell! He was headed that south anyway!

Two Methods Of Vampire Birth

Dracula became a powerful second generation vampire with unique magical abilities when the King Of The Vampire Kingdom Dagan transformed him! Over the centuries Dracula sired many a vampire both male and female. Some he took a deep personal interest in and considered them family. That being said, there is only one he considers his true son and successor of darkness. The one he didn’t sire by draining a human of blood and introducing his own to create a vampire. It was a vampire born to this world when he got a first generation vampire princess pregnant. Something only possible once in a lifetime if two first generation vampires mate. No other vampires are capable of getting pregnant nor impregnating anyone for that matter.

The Miracle Vampire Pregnancy!

The pregnancy was unexpected but Dracula wasn’t surprised at his paranormal potency after centuries of juicing up on the dark magics. There was an initial call to abort the child and kill Dracula as the princess’s child should have been by her future arranged husband. Luckily for Dracula, King Dagan pardoned his actions and the disgraced Princess was executed right after giving birth. Naturally, her parents were compensated with a bump in royal rank, a ton of cash, real estate, and human captives to feed off of! In addition, Dracula had to give an uncharacteristic public apology for his actions along with honoring any request made by the Princesses parents. Incidentally, they wanted nothing to do with their Grandchild!

Dracula’s Dark Love Child

The worlds only first-second generation vampire hybrid was raised by Dracula and of course his staff of nanny’s. He psychically sensed the baby was a frightful force of darkness with a strong streak of intelligence, unlike his human son. With a final psychic confirmation from dark seers, mystics, and other vampires he was confident enough to name his son Dracula II or Dracula Jr. His sinister son is now 230 years of age and goes by the name Drac. Dracula is proud of Drac and his diabolical accomplishments. He often sends his son on malevolent missions around the world on his behalf. Drac is a top enforcer and the number one trusted confidant of his frightening Father. Should Devil forbid anything happen to his beloved Father then Drac would take over the empire of evil!

The Mantle Of Dark Machinations Will Pass To Drac, Jr.

Like his Father, he has the rare ability to wield magic, unlike most vampires. His vampire powers fall in between most 1st and 2nd generation vampires thereby making him potentially more powerful than his dad. Of course Dracula has physical powers built up over the centuries of ingesting only the finest in human and supernatural blood in large quantities. In addition, his magic keeps him several steps ahead. Dracula is not yet ready to pass on the mantle as the worlds most infamously evil vampire! Nor does he really believe he’ll die anytime soon. He actually does plan to kill himself after living 666 centuries as they say that a vampire can’t be more powerful beyond that. Then he believes he will be rewarded directly by the Devil. Dracula will go straight to hell as a top flight Demon!

Does Dracula, Jr. Fulfill An Unholy Vampire Prophesy?

Some first generation royals look at Drac as an abomination while others believe he fulfills a vampire prophesy written in the vampire bible. Something akin to him leading the way into the vampire apocalypse that turns the planet into a blasphemous bloody nightmare! In essence, he would be the Vampire Anti-Christ. So far Drac only seems interested in pleasing his father along with indulging in his own selfish whims. When not professionally following his father’s plans to the letter Drac lusts for hot women, blood, and maniacal murdering! We also have various prophesies outside of the vampire community that seems to indicate Drac will join his father as a major player in the coming battles of Armageddon.  [Twitter]

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  2. Is Dracula Jr. able to withstand some sunlight like a First Generation? Does he hold the title of Prince? If Drac was to bring someone across would they be a Second Generation or a Third Generation?

    • Dracula can walk in sunlight for limited periods of time courtesy of his magic. He has taught his son the same set of dark spells. However Drac does have some minor natural resistance to sunlight. It’s unknown if he’s able to bring across other vampires or if he’s strictly forbidden from doing so by upper echelon royal vampires. Drac currently holds the title of Grand Duke.

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