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The Dark Fallen Angels Of The Lord

As beings of free will Angels sometimes choose to leave God.  Others are cast from Heaven for breaking Gods laws.  They are called the Fallen Angels, Dark Angels, or the most notoriously evil entities in all of reality known as Demons.  Many Angels are in fact humans ascended to Angelhood.  Those souls judged to be evil are given the choice to be blinked out of existence or join the demonic ranks if accepted.  A rare few are so evil that their soul is born in hell as natural born Demons.  Some of the most evil and bloodthirsty humans in history including serial killers may in fact have had demonic souls. 

Demons dispense powers of evil to lower supernatural entities who choose to follow the dark path against God, and all that is good.  Upon choosing demonhood Angels who fall from grace loose some of their power that was originally imbued to them by God and they become imperfect in nature.  They generally go to a realm existing in a higherThe Dictionary Of Demons: Names of the Damned - Over 1500 Demons Listed! dimension of pure thought closer to the physical Universe.  The place usually referred to as hell exists in the 5th dimension.    There's also a link with the physical world in a place deep underground called the Underworld. In hell demons usually follow the first fallen angel who was in fact the only Archangel to fall from God's grace.  He is the one known as Lucifer or the Devil.  Demons do not enjoy the protection and power derived from a God as Angels do.  However the Archdemon command collective consciousness is a formidable power base for a demon to draw from.  When we refer to God we're speaking of the God of this Omniverse and/or possibly the original eternal God of the Macroverse.  Gods of Universes aren't to be mixed up with the lower Gods such as Greek, Roman, Pagan, etc who can be evil and sometimes even become demons when not enough humans believe in them and worship them anymore.  Also in some cases ancient Gods were in fact fallen Angels freelancing, and following their own path of evil.

Under the right circumstances Demons can interact with this world by simply attempting to influence peoples minds, possessing them, manifesting as dangerous poltergeists, and even in some cases materializing in a biological form.  Angels battle to stop this but demons can be damn sneaky at eluding the warriors of God.


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