Born in 2285 BC Enheduanna, “meaning Lady Ornament of An” was an Akkadian princess as well as high priestess of the Moon God Nanna.  Enheduanna lived in the city of Ur in ancient Sumer within the Mesopotamian cradle of civilization.  She was daughter of the famous ancient Mesopotamian King Sargon of Akkad and her mother was the Queen Tashlultum.  The Princess was also histories first known writer and the first known to write in the first person as well.  History records that she died at age 35 in 2250 BC but she was in fact brought across from the brink of death by one of the few remaining inhabitants of the lost ancient continent of Atlantis (12,000 years ago) who didn’t become a Mermaid because as Atlantis sunk Meistiensos was brought across by an inhabitant of the lost continent of Lemuria which existed some 70,000 years ago.  He in turn was brought across by a female who was one of the first vampires to exist on Earth.    Enheduanna is therefore an extremely powerful fourth generation vampire who has transformed many humans into vampires over the centuries including Mystic Investigations very own Drake Alexander who is a fifth generation vampire.

She is currently 4261 years old but doesn’t look a day over 30.  She is a beautiful and exotic looking woman clearly of middle eastern decent with shoulder length black hair and dark blue eyes.  She currently resides in Turkey in the portion that was formerly apart of her Akkadian Empire.  Although like most vampires she travels a lot.  She had been living in a hidden remote palace in Iraq near the ruins of the ancient city of Akkad with the blessing of Saddam Hussein who wished to remain in good standing with the royal vampire hierarchy.  However American bombing in the second Gulf War destroyed it with her inside.  She was deeply angered as she hoisted slabs of heavy stone weighing tons and tossed them aside to clear a path from the rubble of her once grand royal residence.  As her yellow glowing eyes glared at the war planes flying through the dark starry skies she focused on the crescent moon and seriously considered calling upon the Moon god Nanna for revenge.

In her daily dealings with people and businesses in the present she goes by the names Duanna Sargon or Anna Akkadian.  Although she prefers to be called Duanna.  She has written poetry and other works of literature under various pen names over the centuries.  In the supernatural world she is vampire royalty and is known as Princess Duanna Of The Akkadian Empire.   The vampire world has formed it’s own royal government from pure blood vampires and those who were human royalty and brought across.  Vampires recognize many ancient empires as their territories and Princess Duanna reigns over the territory that compromised the Akkadian Empire at it’s height.  She also acts as a High Priestess for the royal court of King Dagan and Queen Gula who reside in a castle hidden in Transylvania, Romania.  

Despite being apart of the evil majority vampire royalty, she’s not in the inner circle of darkness.   Most vampires do turn evil once transformed although the goodness of their humanity still exists on some level.  Sometimes it comes out randomly and sometimes it can become permanent.  She had been evil for centuries praying on humans for blood and sport.  Although one of her vampire sons, Drake Alexander, felt guilt when he killed his first human, and he chose to never do so again.  Over the centuries his good influence wore off on her due the psychic bond a parent vampire shares with their offspring.  She has become a better person, and now fight for good while still skirting the fringes of evil to fulfill her role within the royal vampire community.  A good amount of her humanity has returned and she now only kills evil humans, and paranormal beings for blood and sport.  Or she finds humans willing to give of their blood to her.  Naturally she maintains her evil facade to keep tabs on the King and Queens plans for humanity.

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We at Mystic Investigations first met Enheduanna at A Vampire’s Funeral.

List Of Duanna’s Vampire Sons & Daughters

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