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Any being who has the ability to live forever may be called an immortal.  Although those who are the offspring of Demi-Angels, Demigods, Demi-Demons, Travelers, and other half-human breeds of higher dimensional origins are often referred to as immortals.  However when we make the I in Immortal a capital letter we are referring to a distinct race of supernatural beings.  They are a group of unique biological beings separate from humans or anything else.  They were in fact the first intelligent beings to exist on Earth.  Immortals were the only biological beings created by the direct hand of the Hyper-Omniverse God, aka an Archangel of the Macroverse God, outside of the Omniversal Gods evolution process.  The Macroverse God is all infinity, and is the only God who has existed for eternity into the past.  However evidence suggests he might have been self-born from a pool of pure thoughts that coalesced into his super-consciousness.   Whatever his origins everything that is exists inside his mind.  Although he may have directly created Universes on his own he later directed his Archangels to become Gods, and create Hyper-Omniverses within their minds.  This was the beginning of the process to allow lower beings to ascend to Godhood.  It was the birth of humans in a way.  These Archangels then created Omniverses which eventually spawned their own consciousnesses, and became Gods.  They in turn created Universes, and sentient biological beings within them that spawned into Multiverses via the pure thought process.  Eventually those beings ascended to Angels of the Omniverse God, and then on to Gods themselves.  They then became Omniverses in which they created their own Universes.  Our current Omniverse seems to be a former biological being of another Omniverse.  Now that we got that complicated introduction out of the way on to the Immortals in question.

Our Hyper-Omniverse God apparently overrides the Omniverse God, and creates a race of their own beings in the various Omniverses as his own personal on the ground observers who record history, and guard the intelligent beings destined to ascend to Omniverse status against supernatural incursion.  However that is far as they can interfere in human lives.  In addition they can only intervene where fate takes them.  They can't seek out trouble.  They presumably live on every planet where intelligent live has evolved.  Certainly they must based on their mathematically perfect numbers.  The total original populace of these beings created in our Omniverse is the seventh perfect number of 137,438,691,328.  However that populace has probably grown quite a bit.  Originally 6 Immortals were created on Earth.  Three males, and three females. Six being the first perfect number.  They have the ability to procreate with another Immortal only once until the populace of the Earth reaches another perfect number.  Although they can mate multiple times with ascended beings of goodness who descend to Earth in biological form.  This can include Angels, Gods, Travelers, and other higher dimensional beings.  The current Earth populace of Immortals is thought to be near 496 which is the third perfect number.  One ancient scroll says that when their numbers reach 496 Armageddon will come.  Another ancient text left out of the Bible seems to suggest that the birth of the 496th Immortal breaks one of the Seals that leads to the apocalypse.  What their role will be in Armageddon is unknown.  Most likely they will simply observe unless fate directs them to help someone.  No matter what they are bound by an honor code of ethics.  If they stray then a fellow Immortal is authorized to behead the evil one with a special sword.  The sword senses the evil, and will create a final death for the Immortal.  His spirit is then absorbed by the other Immortal.  His strength them increases two fold.  Those Immortals who have self-resurrected, and killed an evil Immortal are the most powerful of their kind with two to four times the power of the rest.

The original six appeared on Earth at the dawn of civilization to record history, and act as guardians.  The exact time is unknown.  The appear human but have greatly enhanced physical abilities, senses, and intelligence.  However it seems as if the development of mental, or magical powers has been purposely blocked so they don't ascend to higher dimensions, or become tempted to turn into Gods among men.  Despite this their strength is near that of Demiangels, and Demigods.  They require no food, water, sleep, or anything else humans, or even many supernatural beings would require to survive.  They never get sick, age, or die.  They're nearly indestructible, and are immune to all magics.  They aren't totally invincible as there are beings stronger than them.  Beheading by a special type of sword, or by intensely hot fire will finish them off.  They cannot travel to an afterlife so they have no choice but to self-resurrect.  So in this way they are invincible as they will always return shortly after death.  If their body is totally destroyed it's said they can translate their spirit form directly into a new biological form.  In addition their first death, and resurrection has the added benefit of increasing their strength, speed, agility, and enhanced senses two fold.  All subsequent deaths have no effect.  It's also said that killing themselves, or having someone else kill them on purpose for this reason makes them blink out of existence for eternity.  It must be a legitimate righteous death.

The future of Immortals most likely lies in following us humans to the stars, and galaxies where they will eventually meet their brothers, and sisters on distant planets.  It's said there will be a great Gathering of Immortals at the ends of time, and they will finally meet the Hyper-Omniverse God.  This might indicate a time when humans, and all sentient beings in the Omniverse eventually ascend to Godhood.  No other information is available about the Immortals at this time but we will continue to scour the Earth for ancient texts or even a real live Immortal to tell us more!

Besides the various supernatural beings who can be termed immortal with a lower case "i" there are also some humans, who by genetic fluke, are born immortal without any supernatural parentage.  A simple role of the DNA dice as it were.  A sparse few of these men and women have been walking among the human race for many millennia.   They don't have any special powers other than never aging, and healing perfectly with no scars.  They must eat and sleep like a human.  They can get sick and injured but they heal faster than normal people. They can die by various means including beheading, burning, starvation, drowning, and other means that kill humans as well.  They seem to have an amazing immune system that can quickly fight off normally deadly diseases.  It's unknown if any viruses could kill them such as a flesh eating virus.  These type of immortals can procreate but their offspring are never immortal and don't display any enhanced healing abilities.   These brave immortal humans have suffered greatly over the many centuries working hard to survive, battling untold dangers, surviving deadly plagues, tyrannical regimes, and their ultimate fear of being locked away somewhere to die slowly by starvation which will take far longer to occur than in humans.  Torture is also another concern since they could be kept alive forever in some kind of a hell scenario.

These immortals are often wealthy due to centuries of compound interest, and investments.  They do however tend to get bored, and will often fight crime, or even supernatural beings to give their life meaning, and just for the rush of it.




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