Meistiensos is a third generation vampire born as a human on the lost continent of Atlantis just before the fateful sinking into the Atlantic. He was a simple farmer ill equipped for the transformation into the living afterlife of vampirism. In fact in some of his rational reflective states he yearns to be the Merman he would have been. Meistiensos was brought across into the dark eternal shadows in 9988 BC by a male Neanderthal vampire named Zuzexxa, an inhabitant Of the lost continent of Lemuria. Zuzexxa was in turn brought across in 68209 BC by a first generation female vampire named Azura who was also a Neanderthal. She was in turn born as a vampire baby from the mating between a Demon named Asakku, 100% possessing a Neanderthal male named Klatu down to the DNA level, and a Neanderthal female named Rossuetta.

From the moment Meistiensos became a vampire his personality radically changed, and he acquired delusions of grandeur, and obsessive tendencies. Controlling obsessions over his offspring, especially his favorite Enheduanna, who locked him away in a sarcophagus within a crypt deep under the Egyptian desert near the Red Sea. He was trapped alive via religious symbols, and artifacts, for 3000 years until an archeological dig freed him. Years of frozen fully conscious incarceration took it’s toll on his mind, and he grew violently diabolical in nature. Now he walks among us plotting his revenge while trying to get back the family he always imagined.

Meistiensos is about six feet tall with dark hair in between black, and brown. His eyes are gray but often glow red with rage. He has extraordinary strength, speed, agility, and telekinetic powers.

He was killed by Drake Alexander in November 2012 but still exists as a ghost who appears as an emotionless apparition, and posts on our forum. Later reanimated to biological form restored as a third generation vampire.

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