The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor is the premier paranormal purveyor of perplexing pandemics! His was one of many Plague Doctors who came into existence to aid in battling the 14th Century Black Death of the Bubonic Plague. However, he choose to stoke the blasphemous bacteria forth across Europe! His real name is Dr. Darius Maximilian and he was born on Friday, April 13th, 1313 in Rome, Italy. While all the other Plague Doctors died he lived on as an evil superhuman Immortal who gained various unnatural powers including Virokinesis, or the power to manipulate diseases. His eternal supernatural power comes from absorbing the dark metaphysical energies of suffering, diseased and dying individuals. In essence, he is a paranormal parasite who dreams of a global pandemic apocalypse!😷

The Doctor Of Death is aided on his despicable quest by his Cult of sycophantic followers that include his right hand woman Typhoid Mary and third in command Doctor Penrose. The Plague Doctor also worships the Omniverse Personifiers of Pestilence and Death as his dark deities. Two of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. It’s thought they saw an untapped potential in him and aided in his rise to supernatural sickness supremacy!🦠

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