Do Zombies Get Sick?

Despite being walking dead corpses on their way to rotting into dust zombies never get sick! Although, their decaying bodies are definitely any disease’s dream. So you may find a wide array of nasty contagions in the oldest zombies who have traveled the furthest. However, they are only asymptomatic carriers courtesy of the protective paranormal zombie virus that dwells within their dark decay. As asymptomatic carriers, they can’t catch any of the diseases but they can spread them. Normally a dead body would lose the ability to support a number of diseases. Since the zombie is living dead and alive to an extent these bacteria and viruses end up surviving. Thankfully, they are usually in a weaker state than you’d find within a living human.

Can Humans Catch Diseases From The Walking Dead?

Other than the zombie virus itself, It is plausible that a human could catch any number of despicable diseases if they come into close contact with a zombie. This rarely happens since the zombie virus dominates all others along with the aforementioned weaker state of said diseases. Close contact with a zombie often results in being bitten thereby causing the victim to contract the zombie syndrome themselves. Brave Zombie Hunters should always take care to wear protective gear in order to prevent contraction of the supernatural virus along with other potentially deadly diseases lying within these mindless creatures.

The Wayward Weaponization Of Zombies!

Unfortunately, we have sick paranormal puppies like The Plague Doctor who are experimenting with the creation of more pleasant environments for viruses within zombified bodies. In essence, using them as mass delivery biowarfare systems to spread dark disease around the world. The alarming endgame is to create a global pandemic of epic proportions amid an already alarming zombie apocalypse. A horrifying insurance policy to wipe out humankind completely and make room for the new breed of sinister supernatural beings to inherit the Earth!🧟‍♀️

Mystic Investigations Crashes The Plague Doctor’s Pandemic Party!

Despite The Plague Doctor’s embarrassing failure to bring about a true deadly global pandemic via the Coronavirus, and his Zombie Flu, he’s still going on as if he’s making sinister strides. He must uphold the image of being the world’s greatest paranormal purveyor of diseases! Mystic Investigations got wind of The Plague Doctor holding an epic pandemic recruitment party for his cult. The posh parties lure in the downtrodden and disenfranchised in the hopes of inducting them into The Plague Doctor Cult. The Doctor’s Cult serves at their dark diseased Lord’s leisure and aids in his plots to perpetrate pandemics all over the planet. The party also serves to spread vile viruses and blasphemous bacteria to unsuspecting so called Useful Idiots. This particular plague party was held at a huge house in The Hamptons. A magnificent mansion that the Plague Doctor borrowed from the owners who lie dead in the basement!

As the grandfather clock struck Midnight, a group of almost 50 new potential cult members stood in the grand foyer surrounded by watchful full fledged cultists and guards. For two hours before that, they had enjoyed a classy party of top-flight entertainment, refreshments, and booze to make them feel more at ease. At the top of a huge staircase the Doctor Of Death himself, Dr. Darius Maximilian aka The Plague Doctor, stood on the balcony in his complete ceremonial robe and spooky bird beak mask. Next to him was his Lieutenant in catastrophic crime Mary Mallon, aka Typhoid Mary, wearing an old school nurses costume as a mockery against the medical establishment. On the other side of him was a relatively new figure in his organization who recently became third in command. He is known as Doctor Penrose but most simply call him Penrose. A mysterious thirtysomething Epidemiologist and surgeon who usually hides in the shadows. He wore a blue surgeons uniform. The Plague Doctor looked down upon a fearful crowd unsure of what they had gotten themselves into in the name of curiosity and the promise of a far better life. The Doctor then removed his macabre mask to reveal his handsome smiling exterior to the crowd that breathed a brief sigh of relief. He then gave a rousing speech accentuated by his outstanding charisma which is the standard for his cult induction ceremony…

“Good Evening my honored guests. It brings me immense joy to witness so many fine men and women ready to work with me in improving humankind’s condition though the sound evolutionary policy that is the Survival Of The Fittest!  My name is Dr. Darius Maximilian and I am the one and only Plague Doctor! I will be your mentor and dare I say savior on the momentous journey ahead of you. By choosing to be here tonight you have already taken the first step toward a future beyond your wildest dreams! Tonight you lie on the cusp of greatness in a time when mediocrity is unfairly commended while the truly talented are rewarded with false hopes that never see the light of day. Our society suffers from a sickness running rampant without an antidote. Thankfully, I have the cure and it lies with everyone here playing a vital role to restore our civilization to greatness. I implore you to join me in my quest to eradicate what ails our once serene species that lived in harmony with Mother Nature once upon a time. Our noble cause needs your considerable cooperation. If you decide to join me and my amazing allies then along the way expect to receive all that you deserve in life. All that was denied you by those inferior to you. Those who had unfair advantages and forced you underfoot for their own ill-gotten gains! The unworthy who stole your rightful destiny like a thief in the night! As we lift humankind to its maximum potential we shall eradicate the ones who destroyed your potential and that of other innocents upon our righteous planet!

The Plague Doctor then placed his mask back on in the silence of excited anticipation and finished his snake oil sermon…Read The Rest On Our Supernatural Short Story Blog…

The Plague Doctor’s 2020-2021 Pandemic

The Plague Doctor engineered the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as explained in our article about the Zombie Flu. The Plague Doctor Cult stole an experimental treatment for the Zombie Virus at the world renowned ZombieCorp, Inc. He then altered it to create the Zombie Flu which he in turn grafted on to the COVID-19 virus he pilfered from a lab in Wuhan, China. The Doctor Of Death had grand plans for an out of control global pandemic to launch his own personal apocalypse of health terror. Fortunately, for us it pretty much turned out to be a dud due to his overestimation of the virus, social distancing, and everyone staying at home. There was also unprecedented mass sanitation efforts set forth by various governments.

Pandemic Contamination Stations And Superspreaders

This despite the Plague Doctors Cultist sickos setting up so called “Contamination Stations” all over the world in places still open to the public. Asymptomatic carriers would cough, spit and sneeze all over the place and on anyone in sight before running off! These sick puppies also contaminate public toilet bowls so unsuspecting people get infected with Covid-19 or other vexing viruses via Toilet Plumes! They’d even go to the trouble of getting jobs in take-out restaurants and other venues in their sad attempt to spread disease. Clearly, food isn’t a strong enough vector so that didn’t fly. We also have sneaky Superspreaders seriously souped up with Covid-19 after recruitment or long term sleeper placement. There’s appears to be nothing sinister about them as they spread the virus to dozens or even hundreds of people! They simply work in a profession that requires them to talk or sing loudly to crowds. Or someone who manages a lot of employees and would need to speak with them all during a set period of time.

Pandemic Plague Parties

The ultimate efforts are put into “Plague Parties” at the Plague Doctor’s various swanky mansions. They are set up to lure in those in awe of the wealthy lifestyle that they can never attain. Often these parties also act as Plague Doctor Cult recruitment opportunities. Those infected with the Coronavirus and Zombie Flu would do their best to perpetuate the plague. Even going so far as to seduce weak willed individuals and then giving them a number of diabolical diseases! These parties continue but they aren’t having the desired effect amid paranormal professionals crashing them and sending the diseased rats scattering!

COVID Parties

In an effort to reach more people there are ground level COVID-19 Parties. A newer low level Useful Idiot in the cult is infected with the Coronavirus or they hack testing locations to find one. If they are a Plague Doctor Cult member then they are promised a higher status in the organization along with riches and lovers. An outsider found through testing databases may be anonymously paid to hold a party or offered induction into an “elite organization” that will get them places in life if they fit the right profile. They’re generally gullible Millennial’s and Generation Z’s who bask in their youth and believe they’re invincible. College level individuals into fraternities and sororities are the best target. They think the pandemic is a hoax by the government and media who want to control their lives. These false ideals are financially supported by various organizations funded by The Plague Doctor who is worth untold billions!

Coronavirus Party Insanity!

The Covid-19 Coronavirus Parties have an infected individual organize an average party of booze and loud music for the purpose of proving that the disease is a hoax. If they think Covid-19 is real then it’s about showing how tough they are and how they can easily weather the disease.These moronic gatherings are more popular during Lock Down’s and Stay At Home Orders. And especially places where they are specifically banned. Going against authority is an exciting rush for these misguided individuals! Generally, the Corona infected party host is asymptomatic at the time. They gather at the their home or other private venue mingling about mask free as they mockingly knock back some Corona Beers. The infected party host is often the center of attention which is part of the parties allure. They will be asked to blow on people or even kiss them in an act of defiance. Sometimes the parties are secretly recorded for the Plague Doctor’s viewing pleasure! Inevitably some people get seriously sick and even die! These sick puppies will also place bets on who will or won’t get sick. Often the first person to get infected will receive a cash prize or gift.

The Plague Doctors Embarrassing Failure

The Plague Doctor has tried to spread far more serious viral and bacterial diseases but the hardcore contagions are simply too difficult to spread to a large number of the populace. Even with his microbial enhancements he can never get the epidemic or pandemic of his dreams. There’s always top secret members of the government and those of us in the private paranormal community out to stop him! There’s also some level of intervention from the higher dimensional powers that be within the acceptable parameters of The Supernatural Secrecy Pact. We know that Mother Earth Goddess Gaia continues to create new plants that combat every new disease the Doctor comes up with. This is why scientists continue to discover new life despite their long term modern research. Not to mention that the enchanted energy of Mother Nature’s biosphere makes it difficult for unnatural manipulations of nature to take hold! The Goddess also halts the full force of the Plague Doctor’s dark Gods known as Pestilence and Death. They are apart of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse dying to bring Earth to its knees!

The Plutocratic Elites Are Intrigued By The Quarantine

Despite the embarrassment of this Pandemic being rather weak, the Plague Doctor and his cult of Oath Breakers continue their wayward work of disseminating disease. Insider sources say he’s desperately trying to save face among those who follow him. His usual calm demeanor gives way to fits of anger induced by his personal inadequacies and embarrassment. He had been tight with The Illuminati New World Order royal plutocratic elites. However, when some of them got the Coronavirus, and even the Zombie Flu, they cut ties with him in anger. The Plague Doctor’s eagerness to stew up an apocalypse caused him to get reckless and not precision target his efforts. He made amends with the royal elites by quickly curing them via his Virokinesis Disease Manipulation Powers. He also pointed out that Stay At Home orders and shutting down businesses, along with other quarantine tactics, was a great test run for full martial law control of the populace someday. They agreed with glee as they used the entire planet to experiment with how far they could push people before they demanded their freedoms back. This pressure test will serve them well in the future so they don’t release their Terminator robots too soon! Thankfully, those robots are still in the experimental stages and in low quantity thus far!

Have You Spotted Plague Doctor Cult Contamination Specialists?

If you spot suspicious individuals loitering without masks and gloves anywhere then please observe their behavior carefully from afar. If you see them blatantly coughing, spitting , or sneezing then they could be members of the Plague Doctor Cult. Especially if they blow sneezing powder about to get others to sneeze forth contaminated bodily fluids. Corona Coughers are responsible for grocers having to throw away thousands in perishable products. Please immediately contact the US Paranormal Defense Agency, Mystic Investigations, The Plague Doctor Pacifiers, your local Practitioner Of Magic, or other paranormal professionals for help! Do not apprehend these filthy fiends on your own. They are deeply demented and dangerous individuals! If you’ve been contaminated with the Coronavirus then seek medical attention. If you think you have the Zombie Flu then find the nearest Supernatural Sanitation Station. We have one here at Mystic Investigation headquarters. Stay Safe!😷

UPDATE: Plague Doctor operatives have been spotted among the chaotic crowds of civil unrest resulting from the Death Of George Floyd by police knee. The various protests and riots have ironically breathed new life into their pandemic efforts. They will target the maskless first but utilize any and all tactics to infect others with various viruses and bacteria. Syringe injections and skin absorbing compounds. Stay alert as you mill about the crowds and realize sudden waves of distracting violence are when the Plague Doctors Cultists pounce!

Interestingly enough, the PD Cultists are having to navigate among other supernatural factions taking advantage of the situation. Various cults revolving around paranormal beings like the Mardi Gras Joke Cult. Even vampires looking for blood filled victims! All vying for a piece of the people pie!

The Plague Doctor has taken credit for the 2021 Covid-19 Delta Variant.

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