What Is Slender Man?

slender-manMystic Investigations still has an open research file on the mysterious Slender Man. Some trivialize his existence to reassure themselves all is well.  Unfortunately, Slender Man is a deadly threat for all who cross his paralyzing paranormal path. He has managed to weave his way through the dark shadows of ancient history without much mention until the information age of the 21st century. Slender Man was often mistaken for other supernatural beings the slim number of times his presence is mentioned in paranormal records. Evidence indicates that this apparently immortal creature existed from at least Egyptian times some 5000 years ago. Some claim he’s existed from the dawn of time itself! This doesn’t seem to be the case since he’s clearly confined to the planet Earth. Once the modern era of photographic mass communication took hold, along with the legend of his existence being resurrected, the sightings of this deeply diabolical denizen of darkness have increased exponentially.

There has been a suggestion that there might be multiple Slender Men.  This is definitely not the case since no sightings ever happened at the same time.  Various powerful psychics also agree they feel one dark force when reading his victims and examining the areas he’s previously been in.  The short intervals between some reports clearly indicate he utilizes teleportation as a method of travel.  Certainly, eye witnesses seeing him disappear into thin air back this hypothesis up.  This might explain why some assume he’s more than one person.

The silent Slender Man is known to be a slender white to gray skinned faceless entity of at least seven to nine feet tall with multiple tentacle-like arms that have the ability to stretch to different lengths along with his legs.  He can also appear with just two arms that have long-fingered hands.  When the other tentacle appendages grow forth they normally have blade-like ends rather than hands.  He has been known to skewer people with them if they’re foolish enough to attack him.  He wears a black or gray business suit along with a black tie. Sometimes red just before he commits murder via his mind-controlled proxies. At least this is the case in modern accounts from the 20th century. Earlier accounts indicate dress wear from whatever era he was in. Clearly, for whatever reason, he’s into dressing well when he induces his mental terror, or takes a human life via driving someone violently insane, or compelling a victim to do it. Slenderman is mystically bound by an unknown force to only directly physically engage people if they attack him.

Based on the fact that his height varies, and his arms stretch, he is clearly a shapeshifter of some type. Since his suit seems to grow with his two main arms, and the other appendages appear right out of the solid looking suit, this indicates that his clothing is apart of his body as well.  He’s known for kidnapping children along with terrorizing and murdering adults. Many times he utilizes his extensive mind control powers to make people murder for him by proxy. For whatever reason, he enjoys stalking people for years or even decades causing great mental, and emotional anguish. Slender Man seems to have a great fascination with children and is most often photographed around them.  In fact, the most reported sightings of him are on playgrounds around the world.  Children do possess the magic of innocence which is coveted by many a practitioner of magic. It could be that he feeds off their unique mystic energy. This might be his secret to immortality.  His varying skin colors of white to gray might indicate him in a strengthened or weakened state.  Bright means he’s at full metaphysical power while the rare black coloring, seen once in a blue moon, indicates severe weakness.  This could be his black blood seeping to the surface as his shape begins to lose integrity.

Although he spends most of his time tormenting humans he has run across other paranormal entities. These limited reports indicate that he has power over them as well. Although these were only chance meetings since he’s never shown an interest in other paranormal creatures. Clearly, Slendy prefers easy human targets, and would rather not deal with supernatural beings who might present somewhat of a challenge. A powerful second generation vampire from 17th century France reported he ran across what we think is the Slender Man. The vampire in question, who chooses to remain nameless, claims that he was curious about the mysterious being lurking about the grounds of a mansion. Both Slendy and the vampire were stalking a lovely aristocratic woman inside the large Château. The vampire attacked Slender Man, and when he sunk his teeth into his neck he said that he felt immediately weak, and paralyzed. He fell to the grass with Slender Mans pitch black blood dripping from his mouth. Slender stood over him silently but the vampire could read a plethora of violent, and deeply disturbing psychic thoughts coming from the faceless creature. One of Slender Man’s arms extended down to the vampire’s neck, launching him well over the tree line deep into a forest nearby. The vampire was barely able to crawl away into deep brush cover before the sun rose.

After that experience, the vampire had repeated night, and day terrors for centuries, and has stayed in urban areas since Slender Man seems to stick to the rural countryside.  Wooded areas in particular.  He’s also stated that he has never been able to get the wretched taste of Slender Man’s blood from his mouth.  It taints all other blood he drinks.  The vampire has tried to kill himself in order to end his misery but some mental block prevents it.  Perhaps a piece of Slender Man hypnosis to ensure the vampire suffers for eternity for daring to attack him.  Even those who have tried to kill this unfortunate vampire fall under a mental spell, and simply walk away.  This could be the vampire using his own hypnosis against his will due to the Slender Man programming.  Either way this pitiful, yet once magnificent, vampire must be haunted by the specter of the Slender Man for all eternity!

Besides shapeshifting, and mind control powers that allow him to use people as puppets he appears to have powers of invisibility or teleportation abilities that allow him to appear, and disappear instantly at will. There are reports of him appearing to only select people. This would indicate more mind control abilities. Various distortions in up close photos, videos, and audio indicate he gives off a strong electromagnetic field. So he’s got a lot of paranormal juice flowing through his body which is biological based on some reports including the vampire mentioned above. Besides his power to induce psychosis in individuals he can also make them physically ill. In some cases giving them a permanent disease that no scientist can identify.  Cryptozoologists have called it the Slender Man Sickness.  It is unlike any other paranormal disease they’ve seen, and it is a complete mystery as to how it works.  Those stricken with it eventually go insane, and commit suicide!  However, it seems Slender Man can slow down, or halt the illness if he’s using them as his personal puppets.

We have confirmed that the Slender Man is a being from a parallel dimension sent here as a punishment.   It’s unclear if he’s a criminal sent here by an official government, or an enemy sent him to Earth which is now his prison.  A unique energetic inter-dimensional force has been detected using Goddess Gaia’s soul, aka Mother Earth, as a conduit to keep Slender Man tied to Earth.  He can teleport anywhere on the planet but nowhere else.  The force that traps him here also protects him from death yet not injury. It also prevents him from killing people directly which is why he needs proxy puppets.  He appears to fear no one except another of his kind from his dimension sent here to assassinate him.  This individual is known as The Slender Man Assassin.  Apparently only one of his own kind can kill him in defiance of the force that currently protects him in order to maintain his life sentence on Earth. [Twitter]

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The Slender Man Haiku
Silent Woods Once Dark,
Teleporting Beams Burst Brightly,
Slender Has Arrived.

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35 thoughts on “What Is Slender Man?

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  2. You may know about Slender Man, but what know you of the other Fears?
    There’s the Plague Doctor, EAT, The Convocation, the Manufactured Newborn – what do you know?

    • There is some information about the Plague Doctor here: http://thefearmythos.wikia.com/wiki/The_Plague_Doctor. In Medieval times there were many plague doctors who were tasked with treating deadly plague patients. Most died from the deeply contagious deadly diseases. One of these special doctors was actually a serial killer who got off on spreading the plague rather than treating it. Some how he never caught it, and in fact seemed to gain power by killing others. He eventually realized he could be immortal if he kept up his killing spree by disease. He now lives among us today spreading deadly diseases. Some even say he created AIDS. His current whereabouts are unknown. It’s unknown how he attained supernatural status.

  3. Has anyone heard of the Wicked or the Destroyers? I had a dream where the Destroyers were mentioned last night. The Wicked was in a dream I had like two or three years ago. The thing is that the Wicked basically had no face like the Slender Man. There was more than one Wicked though and it seemed to be like a virus with some having mouths, those were the ones that spread it, and ones without a mouth.

  4. Hello Xavier,.. How are you? This story is freaky! 😉 I read the link. So he has followers as well? Great!! I believe that the government invented and deliberately infected people with there Aids virus. Perhaps this Plague Doctor works along side the (government / Illuminati)? It’s bad enough we suffer the way it is.. now we can’t even trust our doctors.. government. I normally take herbs and they work. I’ve seen some horror movies based on that look of the plague doctor. So if you get a chilling feeling under the skin twice? This could mean he’s going to give you a virus? He probably has demons working with him as well. Just a feeling.

    Xavier are you all home now? 😉 I’ve been under the weather with a nasty cold. I was exposed twice while shopping. I’m almost recovered. Eating allot of oranges. Sipping on lemon tea.. Have a good week everyone!

    • Yes we’ve been home for quite a few days now. We have a huge back log of work. Some guy left like a hundred messages swearing at us because he has a snake infestation as a result of a gypsy curse. Every time the exterminator or animal control gets rid of them a whole new batch slides into his house. Rebecca set up a protection spell on his house while Father Tom simultaneously blessed it. This is the first time he didn’t show disdain for her practicing witchcraft. Ashley also set paranormal traps in his yard. Rebecca, Julia, Drake, and I confronted the gypsy in question, and she threatened to curse us as well. Rebecca then screamed,”Curse this bitch!” She then let loose a barrage of force lightening while Julia used her telekinetic powers to lop her around like a rag doll. Rebecca then thrust her in the air with the Mystic Sphere, and then dropped her from 30,000 feet. Drake caught the gypsy woman in his arms, and then showed his fangs, and glowing eyes declaring he was a vampire. She screamed like crazy, and ran away into the woods. Call me crazy but I don’t think we’ll be hearing from her again. Oh yeah I just stood there, and laughed the whole time…LOL! 🙂

      I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering with the cold. You should be taking mega doses of vitamin D, and C along with mass quantities of carrot juice, spinach juice, and grapefruit juice. Of course I’ve never been sick in my life. I wonder how I’d fare against the Plague Doctor? I’ve heard he is one of the few persons that make anyone sick including vampires, and werewolves. To defy demonic DNA takes some major mojo. Ashley, Rebecca, and Drake never get sick due to their supernatural DNA. Zack never gets sick due to his nanobots attacking everything not belonging in his body. Julia is human but has telekinetic powers. However she has gotten sick yet between Rebecca, and Ashley she’s never been sick for more than a day or so. The rest of the humans on our team do have the advantage of a powerful witch, and cryptozoologist ready to administer supernaturopathic healing.

      I’m sure the Plague Doctor has worked with the government. It’s a great instrument of evil for the Illuminati so why not old Plaguey? If you feel a double chilly feeling under your skin they do say that he’s about to infect you with some hellish virus or bacteria strain. I’m not sure if he works with demons. We know religious artifacts don’t repel him. However legend has it that the powerful natural anti-biotic colloidal silver has had some success in repelling him.

  5. supernaturalbeliever:
    Has anyone heard of the Wicked or the Destroyers? I had a dream where the Destroyers were mentioned last night. The Wicked was in a dream I had like two or three years ago. The thing is that the Wicked basically had no face like the Slender Man. There was more than one Wicked though and it seemed to be like a virus with some having mouths, those were the ones that spread it, and ones without a mouth.

    Hey Supernaturalbeliever.. I have seen the very evil in the universe. I don’t exactly know what they are called. I refer to them as the Titans. Super evil beings so old and so evil.. they are the destroyers of worlds and universes. They are in a prison as we speak. They want out! The light put them there. And I intend on keeping them there forever! Only a laser light of haven can keep them there. All I know..

    If they are ever released upon our Earth.. Everything as we know it will be destroyed! Gaia is the one who has to keep them in there dark prison. I don’t exactly understand why the other gods aren’t helping her. Perhaps she’s the one who put them there to begin with. Darkness is trying to give her amnesia then tempt her into siding with them. If she does.. our world will be gone. At least the good world will be no more! I’ll forever stand for the goodness of this world.

    • Well this is kind of an odd coincidence that I came upon this today. I do remember reading this back in January but I had forgotten about it. But anyway to my point. A couple of nights ago I had a dream, or maybe it was something more, where something was trying to come through from some type of prison. There were people doing a ritual to bring whatever it was into our world. Somehow I knew that there was a critical point where whatever it was would start to emerge and that was the best time to stop it. Well at that time I started to try to push it back in and poured a lot of energy into doing it. I did succeed but I was pretty weak in the dream and I felt weak when I woke up after that. Fortunately it was in the middle of the night and I was able to go back to sleep. Does anyone know if something did try to come through recently?

  6. 😉 yeah’… Silver seems to be the best cure for most anything wicked. I don’t dare try the silver since I am highly allergic to the stuff. It’s not like me to get sick either. Who knows why I got sick. My energy levels have been depleted since the 21’s of Dec. Yeah I feel drained. That’s funny… I’m glad you defeated that gypsy witch! 🙂

    I feel sorry for the person getting all the snakes. I wonder what 2013 is in for! Do you think the number 13 is an unlucky number? I posted something in my forum about this subject. 😉 Peace!

    • 13 is a deeply diabolical number which has great meaning for various forces of evil including the Devil, and his demons along with the Illuminati who are run by 13 families. 2013 could be a year of great evil! Especially the Friday the 13th’s which are always hot zones of havoc.

      As for your illness did you by chance see a guy wearing black with a bird beak mask on? Or maybe it was his actual face. Get well soon!

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  8. Xavier Remington:
    13 is a deeply diabolical number which has great meaning for various forces of evil including the Devil, and his demons along with the Illuminati who are run by 13 families.2013 could be a year of great evil!Especially the Friday the 13th’s which are always hot zones of havoc.

    As for your illness did you by chance see a guy wearing black with a bird beak mask on?Or maybe it was his actual face.Get well soon!

    I honestly don’t see nothing wrong with the Illuminati. it s the way they go about stuff the bothers me.The Illuminati promotes a general knowledge and acceptance of the concept of individual rights and the proper role of government as protector of these rights.

    • The Illuminati is pure evil! Don’t fall for their propaganda! They are in league with the Devil, and his demonic minions along with reptile aliens. They wish to exterminate most of the human populace, and keep a small amount on as slaves. Then they will repopulate the Earth with what they see as their superior bloodlines. In addition biological demons will walk the Earth again, and eradicate all paranormal beings not down with them.

  9. They want to enlighten the human race and bring global peace,something humans alone can’t achieve why? Because human thirst for war and destruction is insurmountable no matter how hard we suppress it, it gets out it ALWAYS gets out. and it will eventually lead to the downfall of the human race.Nationalism is a big cause of war a one world government will easily fix this.

    • Oh my I fear you have been possessed or are under some magical spell. Nationalism, and sovereignty of nations along with the sovereignty of individuals is the key to liberty for humankind. It’s the globalism, corporatism, and imperialism of the Illuminati, and the governments they control that have brought death, destruction, and war to humankind. Once these billionaire serial killers are eradicated only then can humankind work for peace. All these wars are about seizing resources for the Illuminati, and installing their banking cartels as well. We at Mystic Investigations wholeheartedly fight against a one world government. A New World Order. Humankind can have peace as sovereign nations. You never want power in too few hands. We personally know the true intent of the NWO Illuminati, and their Devil worshiping ways. We’ve witnessed it first hand. We pity you now that you’ve fallen prey to the dark side. May God have mercy on your immortal soul!

    • Darn I was hoping to post another “Insert Name” Has Turned Evil alert. It was going to either be Evil Eclipse or the Dark Eclipse.

      There are rumors of an Anti-Illuminati that don’t want the planet destroyed with them being under the thumb of the royal, and banking elite Illuminati. They are self-made billionaires who didn’t come from the mentally deranged inbred 13 families of the Illuminati. They don’t want to play God, and simply want to enjoy their wealth within the current society. They come from various nations around the world, and want to see sovereignty at all levels of government along with true capitalism because they don’t need to cheat through the corrupt corporatist system that keeps the worthless Illuminati in power. They believe in nationalism, capitalism, non-intervention overseas, and the rule of law through Constitutional Republics. Like the Illuminati they have some supernatural beings on their side who like the Earth as it is. Some say they have Earthly God on their side to counter the demons of the Illuminati.

  10. Eclipse9222:
    Carpe lucem,
    I’m lead to believe that your right,
    Mea culpa,estis memores acti prudentes futuri.

    Yes Eclipse.. Xavier is right! Our world is ruled purely by selfish power hungry individuals.. Who are willing to sell there own souls for a piece of the pie! I believe All is One! I only hope we can be a rock and not the stone! Be an individual.. not a slave! I stand for freedom.

  11. 99.9999% of conspiracy theories are false.The Bavarian Illuminati support life, liberty, justly acquired property, and the pursuit of happiness.
    it seems that I have lost my self,something must be influencing my mind.

  12. I guess the dark has always enticed, fascinated me,more than anything,but never this far.haha! I’m starting to think the dark is the way to go it sounds so thrilling!…..Why do you hate the darkness?

    • My God Dark Eclipse why? Why for the love of God have you turned to the dark side? It’s enticing allure will only destroy you in the end once it’s done using you up. Don’t let your Omnimagic powers go to your head. Come back into the light before it’s too late!

  13. Xavier Remington:
    My God Dark Eclipse why?Why for the love of God have you turned to the dark side?It’s enticing allure will only destroy you in the end once it’s done using you up.Don’t let your Omnimagic powers go to your head.Come back into the light before it’s too late!

    Don’t think I’ve been trying to turn back to the light hopefully this weekend will bring about good results.

  14. Hmm it appears that in free from them already?
    thanks to you and some really good anti illuminati music 🙂
    Apparently I don’t know what came over me.
    but I’m free now 😀
    yes yes yes!

  15. The Illuminati were a group of scientists in the time when the Church had power in England. They opposed the theory that God created the Earth, and using science they could prove their theories, and therefore the Church attempted to get rid of them.
    The Illuminati have been shown throughout history as many things. Other organisations have taken the name, most famously the Bavarian Illuminati. The Bavarian Illuminati drew much from Freemasonry, which has also been shown in a bad light through the years but generally is not so.
    These days, they are seen as a group of government billionaires, when in fact they do not exist. The New World Order hype can be linked to the Bilderberg Group.
    A quick Internet search will tell you this:
    “The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, or Bilderberg Club is an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of approximately 120 to 140 guests from North America and Western Europe, most of whom are people of influence. About one-third are from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labour, education and communications. Meetings are closed to the public.”
    This is, perhaps, one of the reasons so many people are worked up about a New World Order. They believe a range of things, and a few are presented below.
    1) The world governments will join together to create a global police state.
    2) Top ranking officials and government members are actually Grey/Reptilian aliens in disguise, steering politics in ways that suit their nefarious plots.
    3) The New World Order is made up of demon-worshipping billionaires.
    4) The members of the New World Order mastermind events and control the music industry to send out the messages they wish to send to the general public, including the young who are impressionable.
    It is some form of psychological need, serving just as horror stories (and in fact all stories) and games do: an escape from reality.
    The reasons people use media texts (including books) are outlined in Blumer and Katz’ Uses and Gratifications Theory, which states the four main reasons we use media texts are:
    1. Escape
    2. To identify with the characters and situations
    3. To interact socially with others
    4. Personal identity.
    So, the rumours of the modern day Illuminati are due to the need for humans to escape from their day to day lives which they see as boring and dull, and not a top secret military supported New World Order, as some conspiracy theorists would have you believe.

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  18. Hello friend. I have a question and an answer. I know the Slender Man and his story. But I have something more impossible to discuss. Something no man dared answer. Can you help me? I will help you in full detail to explain him.

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