Who Is The Plague Doctor?

The Black Death, also known as the Plague or Bubonic Plague, was the most deadly pandemic in human history.  The devastation of the disease peaked in mid 14th century Europe, and took the lives of up to 200 million people.  Some say the Black Plague was one of the first biological warfare experiments gone horribly wrong.  There are also rumors of supernatural origins.  During these deeply diseased Medieval times there were special doctors known as plague doctors who were tasked with treating deadly plague ridden patients.  They were mainly second rate doctors who were in essence signing up for a death sentence since most of them died while in service to the community.  They wore the distinctive bird beak like masks you see in the photos on this page.  These masks were meant to protect them from putrid air which was seen as the cause of diseases.  They would often place aromatic items within the beak to supposedly protect themselves from sickness.

Most of these plague doctors, throughout the various plagues of the many centuries Black Death Spirit Mortimerpreceding the 19th, died from the deadly contagions in service to society under the direction of their locality.  A rare few lived long enough to die from some other medical condition, injury, or old age.  One however never died.  His name was Dr. Darius Maximilian. Dr. Darius Death, as he later become known, was born on Friday, April 13th, 1313 in Rome, Italy.  He was a Doctor who often took delight in butcher like amputations which were often unnecessary.  He also relished in performing insane medical experiments on unsuspecting patients he lulled into submission!  Later in life he became enamored with the exponentially destructive power of diseases.  Not surprisingly he was a serial killer who reveled in the sheer spectacle of horrific types of death.  Rather than help treat patients he actually spread the disease whenever possible.  We’re not saying he was solely responsible for making the Plague pandemic the worst in history since he was only human at the time as far as we can tell.  However he sure helped it along wherever he would travel.  Unlike the other Plague Doctors who stayed within their local area he traveled about Europe.  Some how he never caught the deadly contagious disease, and there was a point where he didn’t care about getting paid in money by the city.

He began subsisting off the pure dark energy of human suffering.  He soon realized that he gained power through death, and that his aging reversed through this macabre process.  The demented Doctor Of Death realized the fountain of youth, and immortality were his for the taking thanks to the despicable gift of death forced upon another against their will.  There was a point he ceased being human, and he became a self made supernatural entity known as the nefarious Plague Doctor.  How this transition took place is unknown.  We also don’t know for sure if there was some external dark force who aided his transformation into this disease wielding entity of evil.  There is some suggestion that the aromatic items he placed in his beak mask might have been of magical origin given to him by a dark practitioner of magic.  We do know at some time he began worshiping Pestilence, one of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse.  A witness lived to tell the tale of how he sacrificed healthy people on an altar by infecting them with deadly biological toxins as he prayed for Pestilence to arrive on Earth.  Naturally the evil exploits perpetuated by the Plague Doctor yielded great admiration from the deadliest of The Four Horsemen.  Death himself!

He still walks among us in modern times in his trademark black robe, or long trench coat, along with his disturbing bird beak mask which has been seen as white or black in color.  It seems the black mask indicates death is near for a victim.  He is sometimes referred to as The Black Death when he dons the dark mask.  There are indications that he will remove the mask so he can mingle among scientists in various government, and private research labs around the world where deadly viruses, and bacteria are studied.  It’s thought that he had some hand in the creation of the AIDS Virus which was being studied as a form of biological warfare.  There is also evidence that the mask has melded into him, and is now actually his real face.  If this is the case then any appearances without it are the product of a magical glamour, or mass hypnosis among those around him.  Perhaps he’s even gained the power to Shape Shift from a casual acquaintance of his. The sinister Slender Man!  The two have varying agenda’s but it’s rumored the Plague Doctor learned a lot from the Slender Sickness disease. In essence manipulating a victims mind to actually manufacture a real biological disease in their bodies!

In this day, and age he is often thwarted from causing major pandemics thanks the global spread of proper medical information, and supernatural warriors as well.  He jumps at any chance to aid anyone working to create deadly diseases.  In the 20th century he began experimenting with supernatural diseases such as the Zombie Virus.  It’s said that his number one dream is to see global death, and destruction at the hands of a Zombie Pandemic.  For now however he enjoys spreading disease in small quantities.  He also relishes his acquired powers which include inducing mental diseases, hypochondria, mind control, and hellish hallucinations that drive people so mad that they end up believing they have a certain health condition, actually manifesting real physical symptoms, and even killing themselves!  His full range of powers are unknown but they seem to grow with each horrifying human sacrifice he makes.  In recent centuries he has gained the power to make normally disease free paranormal entities ill.  It’s unknown how he chooses his victims but most likely they’re merely random.  Although he does seem to be quite gleeful over the visiting of disaster upon good people.

Who Are The Oath Breakers?
Although a loner at heart, the Plague Doctor realized there was only so much pain, and death he could deliver alone.  He began enlisting the help of evil humans who showed great promise.  He called them his Oath Breakers.  Those who defy the Hippocratic Oath of healing.  These Oath Breakers can be doctors, nurses, scientists, government officials, pharmacists, pharmaceutical executives, and anyone else in a medical related career who wants to gain power through the spread of disease, death, and destruction.  These pathetic individuals can also be involved in the food service industry as well.  It’s said that various E. Coli outbreaks across the world are caused by these sick puppies!  The Plague Doctor lures these people to serve within his dark deceptive web with promises of riches, and even immortal powers.  Ultimately many of them end up dead after their usefulness has come to a close.   As far as we know the Plague Doctor cannot grant someone else powers.  However his promise of riches is easily kept most of the time through theft!

The infamous Typhoid Mary, aka Mary Mallon, is The Plague Doctors chief lieutenant, and right hand woman in epidemic evil.  She is the closest thing to a female Plague Doctor, and has also acquiring immortality through living off the dark metaphysical energies of diseased suffering, and death!  Her feminine wiles are an effective tool in infiltrating affluent homes, and facilities to spread disease.  Even to this day she enjoys posing as a cook which was her profession when she was a human.  Mary is currently in charge of the Oath Breakers under the direct orders of the Plague Doctor.

The current whereabouts of the Plague Doctor, and his ominous oath breaking servants are unknown.  The Doctor Of Deadly Diabolical Disease walks among the sinister shadows stealthy so most likely you will never see him unless it’s Halloween, or there’s some costumed festival taking place where he can mingle with crowds to more easily spread illnesses both physical, and mental.  Don’t let the innocent fun of these events lull you in complacency!  If you spot him then most likely you’re about to enter hell on Earth!  We recommend immediately contacting Mystic Investigations or some other paranormal crime fighting firm.  Then head to the nearest nutritional supplement store to get some Colloidal Silver which is the only known non-magical way to fight any disease he might give you along with possibly repelling him to some extent. Silver has always been known as a powerful Universal antibiotic. Unfortunately the silver will not prevent him from messing with your mind.  In such a case you will need a powerful practitioner of magic to intervene on your behalf.  Just as we called out the Slender Man some years ago to come find us we here at Mystic Investigations call out the Plague Doctor, and his wretched unmerry band of Oath Breakers!  We will not allow you to destroy our home! The Planet Earth! The living embodiment of Goddess Gaia Mother Nature!

The Plague Doctor’s Future Plans?
If the Plague Doctor somehow succeeds in killing everyone on Earth, or turning them into something other than human, such as Zombies, then what’s left for him?  Apparently The Four Horsemen Of Armageddon have promised the despicable Doctor that he will be transported to an Extraterrestrial world to continue his macabre medical madness if all humans expire on Earth!  We can only hope the forces of good prevent this filthy fiend from eternally planet hopping about the Universe exterminating entire sapient species!

Update: The Plague Doctor, Or Some Of His Associates May Have Had A Hand In The Recent Zika Virus Scare!

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